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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Soccer Players

From big-time movie stars to musicians and everything in between, check out these 10 celebrities who were soccer players growing up. You’ll be surprised who is on the list!

[metaslider id=4901] 1. Tom Cruise: Although notable for his action movies, Tom Cruise was a soccer player in his youth, and enjoys following his favorite team, Real Madrid. 2. Jon Stewart: Before his TV personality days, Jon Stewart played on his collegiate soccer team at William & Mary, and even had stints as a youth soccer coach. 3. Chef Gordon Ramsay: Prior to opening up his world-famous restaurants, Gordon Ramsay was a soccer player in his youth, even playing for Warwickshire before injuries derailed his soccer career. 4. Antonio Banderas: Well known for his work as Zorro, Antonio Banderas once aspired to be a professional soccer player until he broke his foot at 14. He continues to be a passionate soccer fan, and loves the physical demands of the sport. 5. Bob Marley: Most notable for his reggae music, Bob Marley was actually a fantastic soccer player, and an avid soccer fan. He routinely played in soccer games while on tour and enjoyed watching soccer games whenever he could. 6. Jessica Biel: Before launching her acting career and marrying Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel played club soccer throughout her high school years. Her idol growing up was even the great soccer star, Mia Hamm. 7. Rod Stewart: One of the most famous music artists of all time, Rod Stewart was a talented soccer player growing up, and even tried out for a professional team in England before pursuing his music career. 8. Channing Tatum: Voted “Most Athletic” in high school, Channing Tatum grew up playing soccer, and his skills are on display in the movie, “She’s the Man.” 9. Jason Statham: Notable for his work in a variety of action-packed movies, Jason Statham was a talented soccer player in his youth, and continues to play at Hollywood charity events. 10. Steve Nash: Although he is a 2-time NBA MVP, Steve Nash played soccer before going out for the basketball team. He continues to play soccer in the off-season, and even owns a professional soccer team. You don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy the many benefits of playing soccer. Whether you’re just getting started in the sport, or already playing at a high level, grab a ball, find a great coach, and perfect your skills to take your game to #AnotherLevel.

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