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What Separates Players to a Soccer Coach or Recruiter

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica over 250 million people play soccer worldwide. With all this competition it is important for athletes looking to get recruited to display specific characteristics that both soccer coaches and recruiters are looking for. In addition to certain traits, what soccer coaches and recruiters look for is the athlete’s ability to be molded and potential to continue evolving in the sport.

Awareness on the field

One important factor recruiters and coaches look for in soccer players is their awareness on the field. Players with the ability to follow the flow of the game can usually predict passes, shots, and change of directions. This capability allows players to place themselves in a better position on the field, making them a greater risk to their opponents. Soccer coaches and recruiters are wary of players who cannot keep track of the game because it suggests an overall lack of aptitude and ability to fulfill their job on the field.

Exhibiting Skills

Players hoping to be recruited should also focus on naturally exhibiting their skills. Though it is understandable not all players bring remarkable talent to the table, recruiters look for certain general traits that indicate the player is a fast and easy learner. For example, players with a delicate touch on the ball are desirable because it makes learning future tricks easier. High level soccer coaches will be more drawn to players who look natural on the field than those who look heavy on their feet or are struggling to make simple actions seem more technically difficult.


A third trait soccer coaches and recruiters seek in players – one that can have the largest impact on the recruiters’ minds – is overall attitude. A player’s attitude can significantly impact both their game performance and how they are perceived on the field. Attitude characteristics such as work ethic and spirit can easily be observed during play. Some recruiters will even approach coaches or parents to see what the player’s commitment or determination is like off the field to gauge how it could be related to and affect on-field play.

With high competition of getting recruited to a top level soccer team, whether it be to a college or club team, it is important for players to stand out on the field. By showing soccer coaches and recruiters particular key traits players can get the bump they need to be selected and recruited. Players who keep their awareness, skills, and attitude in mind will make a large impact on recruiters, and could lead to furthering their soccer career.

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