When athletes sign up to attend a sports camp it is recommended that they have the right equipment to play safely and successfully. Like in most sports with player contact, field hockey requires players to wear special safety equipment during practices and games. Athletes attending a field hockey camp need to make sure they bring proper equipment in order to be able to play.

 The first category of equipment players need to make sure they bring to their field hockey camp is the equipment they actually play with. This type of equipment includes their stick, usually an extra stick in case the first one breaks or shatters, and a ball. Players should also check to have the right type of cleats for either outdoor or indoor use. Obviously without these pieces of equipment a player cannot participate on the field.


The second category of equipment players need to bring is safety equipment. All players are required to wear shin guards to protect their legs. Unlike soccer shin guards, field hockey guards wrap all the way around the shin in order to protect them from all sides. Players are also mandated to wear mouth guards during play. Some field hockey camps even require their athletes to wear goggles to protect the players’ eyes. These goggles have a caged front in order to protect the eyes and upper cheeks without obstructing the player’s vision.

Lastly, players should bring additional gear like gloves to use during play. It is one of the main pieces of equipment that is not required for play but helps the players during the game. Gloves allow players to get a better grip on their sticks while also protecting them from injury. Typically gloves come with special padding to protect bones from being jammed or broken. Many players also buy special headbands to hold the hair out of their face and maintain clear vision while they play.

When signing an athlete up for field hockey camps, it is important they have all the right playing gear to ensure their safety and optimal playing performance. Though some of the gear may vary from player to player, the most important thing is they are safe the moment they step onto the field and are ready to play at their best.

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