Checklist For Selecting A Personal Coach

Deciding to get your child a personal coach can seem like a daunting task. Will they like the coach? Will the coach be good? Will he improve my child?

It’s intimidating, surely, especially if you’ve never had experience with it before. The following is a guideline and checklist for parents to follow when selecting a private football instructor. These basic ideals and thoughts can be extended over every sport, athlete, and goal, don’t forget!

Remember, this is a team effort! As a family, visit what areas of instruction you would like to have emphasized. Sports are often complex, multi-level activities and the more specific you can be, the better. This will assist the instructor when formulating a teaching plan. After you’ve registered for a session with CoachUp, have a detailed conversation with the instructor. In addition to creating a plan together, this will allow both parties a chance to get to know each other prior to the first session. It’s also the beginning of a working relationship, which is so important in allowing these sessions to be successful.


  • Discuss what you as a family would like to accomplish. Make sure there is an agreement on what the focus will be. It’s a waste of time and money if the athlete spends the first fifteen minutes of the session stretching. There’s a major difference between conditioning and teaching proper technique specific to that sport — so make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • It’s recommended that parents attend sessions. However, understand you have hired this instructor to coach your athlete. If you’re dissatisfied with the progress that is being made, discuss it with the instructor in private and not in proximity of your athlete.
  • Attempt to always select the instructor who is an expert at the position you are seeking instruction in. Don’t select a pitching coach when you want base-running help! Don’t select a quarterback coach if you’re looking for route running tips!
  • Don’t hesitate from getting individual instruction during the season. The coach will not contradict what the athlete’s coaches are telling them. Also, this is a great way to fine tune skills that can deteriorate during the grind of the season.
  • It’s strongly advised that you contact the athlete’s coach and inform him that you’re hiring a private coach. It is imperative that your family, the coach, and the instructor are on the same page.
  • Remember, it’s never too young or too late to begin instruction. If you’re starting the athlete at a young age, instill in them the need to focus for the entire 60-75 minutes.
  • Note: Playing experience does not necessarily translate into being a great instructor. While selecting instructors: do your research!
  • Always ask your athlete what they learned during a session. If the answer is unsatisfactory, follow up with the instructor.
  • Ask the instructor for a periodical written evaluation focusing on the progress being made, positives and negatives, continued emphasis, and client attitude.
  • Observe whether the instructor is professional + positive in his instruction. There is no need for negative coaching and foul language.

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Huddle Up

Private coaching is identical to requesting additional assistance for your child in school. Be professional with the instructor and remember to always keep the child’s best interests in mind. At the end of the day, you’re looking into hiring a private instructor to make your child happier — so listen to them! If they don’t like it, or they become uncomfortable, it’s crucial that you’re willing to understand and compromise. Feel free to print this out and hang it up on your fridge for handy reference!

Be prepared for the biggest moments by mastering the small ones off the field. 

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