One of the most important skills needed when participating in the sport of rugby is knowing how to tackle. If you are able to successfully tackle another player without breaking any of the rules, you will enhance your game significantly.

Rules of Tackling:
  • All players must tackle below the shoulders
  • You are only allowed to tackle another player if they have the ball
  • If you pick up the player during a tackle, you must put him down. This means that you can not simply drop him to the ground, and you must to make sure you are not putting him down on his neck.
  • After tackling another player, it is not uncommon that you get caught at the bottom of the ruck (pile). In this case, you must roll out so that the opposing team can get the ball.
  • If you do not follow these rules, you are risking the possibility of you getting a penalty, yellow card, or red card.
The Tackle:
  • Tackle the other players by going at their legs. Aim to wrap your arms around both of their legs and tighten your arms so that they cannot move. If you are able to do this, the other player will fall to the ground-resulting in a successful tackle.
  • When you are tackling their legs, make sure that your position is “cheek-to-cheek”. This means that your cheek that is directly above the shoulder you are tackling them with is against the players butt cheek.
  • Anyone who has spoken with a professional rugby coach or player would agree that confidence is one of the most important parts of tackling. There is a much higher chance that you could get injured if you go into a tackle and only half-hit the other player. Focus your mind on really knocking them back.
Tackling a Bigger Player:
  • Whether you are one of the smaller players on the team or you happen to play another team that has a very large player, The most important thing to remember is that if you are able to tackle their legs properly then there is no difference between them and any other sized player. Instead of trying to hit them and make them fall back, hit them and fall back with them. If you approach the tackle at an angle and keep a tight grip, you will have no problem when dealing with the bigger players! 

6 Tackling Tips from Rugby Professionals!

  • Get as low as possible!
  • Keep your head to the outside!
  • After you wrap the other player up, drive your body with full force!
  • When tackling, be aware at all times of the position of your head
  • Keep your momentum up when going in for a tackle!
  • Focus on your center of gravity and balance when you are about to tackle

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