In the popular show Deadliest Warrior, Season 1 Episode 3 “Spartan vs. Ninja”, the Spartan weapons expert, a former Green Beret, stated that the main advantage the Spartan had was that he really only had 4 weapons and each weapon was designed for a very specific purpose. This gave the Spartan a distinct advantage over the Ninja because the Spartan didn’t hesitate while trying to figure out which weapon to use. The Spartan knew that in a specific situation he had only one weapon choice and he learned to apply that weapon with instant decisiveness.

Well, the same is true for self-defense. When you’re life is in danger, you don’t have time to think or hesitate. Just like the Spartan, you need to be instantly (instinctively) effective.

And, contrary to what most martial-arts teachers will tell you, you actually only need 7 techniques (combined with a proper mindset and repetitive training) to defend yourself effectively. But, martial arts and combat sports fill your head with hundreds of techniques (while emptying your wallet of thousands of dollars). While you may be able to perform their fancy, intricate techniques with willing partners in a well-lit room with padded floors, in the real world you simply do not have time to react: you only have 1/4 second to identify a threat and neutralize it.

So what are the 7 techniques you will learn in your sessions?

1. Edge of hand
2. Heel of hand
3. Hammer fist
4. Foot Stomp
5. Driving knee
6. Low Front kick
7. Low Side kick

And the best part is that this handful of techniques is simple to learn, doesn’t require a lot of time to master and makes use of your core strength (they’ve also been proven to work in the shortest amount of time and under severe stress). Combined with the right tactics and training, these techniques will be the mainstay of your arsenal. No fancy movements, no mumbo-jumbo… just what works, plain and simple.

Stay safe – Train hard!