I studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past ten years. Originally my parents signed me up for my martial arts class so I could stay active and have something to do after school. I was really excited to have an outlet to be aggressive and fight like any young boy would want to. My expectations were off base and I was slightly upset when the teacher started the first class by saying this is not about fighting. But the melancholy feeling quickly dissipated. The martial arts class would soon become my closest friends. The weekly meetings were what I looked forward to the most. It was not just a social gathering; it truly was a class because of the valuable teachings it provided.

Martial arts taught me more about myself then any other sport I have done. I became disciplined with my actions. I was not the kid looking to pick fights anymore but the one who broke them up. I was more careful of my actions and overall became more personable. I have respect for people now in a way that can only be taught by someone in the martial arts field. The lessons learned in my martial arts class have helped me become the well-rounded individual I am today.

I may have not chosen martial arts as a professional athletic endeavor, but I have excelled in the sport. It was great cross training for my other sports, as well as making me overall a better athlete. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workout is the hardest workout I have ever done. When my parents signed me up for a martial arts class my life started on a new track. My eyes have been opened up to the many outlets Martial Arts provides. There are so many different forms and new ones are always arising. It is a life sport, unlike other sports where your body starts to shut down after reaching your prime. Martial arts is now how I relax and release stress at the same time. It is my passion, and I hope to continue on with the sport for the rest of my life.