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Football Tips (Defensive Back): How To Back Pedal

Former New England Patriots Defensive Back and CoachUp Coach Larry Anam shows how to backpedal correctly.

Larry Anam: Hi, I’m Larry Anam. Former New England Patriots defensive back and CoachUp coach. Announcer: Number two Maryland B.C., Danny (inaudible) LOOK OUT for Larry Anam. Larry Anam: And this is back pedaling. Back pedaling after the snap allows you to read the quarterback and the receivers in order for you to cover the play. First, you want to get into the ready position. Shoulders over your knees, flat back, head up, toes parallel to your heels. Ready to go. Once the ball is snapped, pay attention to the quarterback for his three step drop. Once it’s a three step drop, the ball is coming now quickly, then you can react a lot faster if you’re walking out of the back pedal.

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