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CU News: CoachUp Competes in Under Armour’s Future Show

CU News: CoachUp Competes in Under Armour’s Future Show

Last week, CoachUp traveled to Under Armour’s global HQ in Baltimore, Maryland for their annual Future Show. Since 2011, UA has held an innovation challenge in order to find out which companies and up-and-coming projects they want to support. We’re incredibly proud to announce that CoachUp was one of the five finalists and that we’ll be integrating Under Armour’s connected fitness tools in the near future.

Out of thousands of entries, CoachUp was selected as one of twelve teams to attend the two-day challenge on-site, which involved a slideshow and a presentation to the Under Armour CEO, Kevin Plank. After day one, those twelve teams were narrowed down to just five finalists. Although we didn’t take home the grand prize, we’re very excited to start working with Under Armour and learning how we can create an even better product and experience for you all.

Check out their recap video and look for John Kelley, our CEO, Jordan Fliegel, our President & Founder, and Ryan Light, our Creative & Marketing Director, at 50 seconds for their killer montage faces.

Brand Channel — At Future Show, Under Armour Casts a Wide Net for Tech Innovation

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