CoachUp's New Year Resolutions 2017

CoachUp's New Year Resolutions 2017

Believe it or not, 2016 was even better than the last! We saw Stephen Curry become a unanimous MVP, launched our first-ever commercial, and, of course, shot our newest production with the NBA Champion. We reached more athletes, parents, and coaches than ever, ran clinics and camps in every corner of our country, and you've got us looking forward to 2017 and what's next!

Last year, we loved sharing our newest resolutions as they help us keep pushing forward through the winter for you! Whether we're looking to exercise a bit more consistently in 2017 or building a new tool that our coaches will love, picking New Year's Resolutions allows us to be focused and refreshed in the coming months. 

So, without further ado, here are our latest and greatest resolutions -- what are you trying to achieve this year?

"In 2017, I'd like to wake up earlier and drink more water. It's never too early to get to the gym!"
-- Jess Fadale, Marketing Manager

"I'll be doing a DIY project -- build an FPV racing quadcopter, all while coding up the flight controller myself on a Beaglebone Black."
-- Gabe Durazo, Lead Engineer + Co-Founder

"Improve my photography skills, cook at home more, train with a CoachUp coach 3x a week in baseball, basketball, and soccer (starting in the spring… it's cold right now in Boston), stop redditing in bed until 2am on “school nights”, and, finally, don’t take my phone with me to bed."
-- Ryan Light, Creative + Marketing Director

"I'll be reading one book on physics per month."
-- Sam Tharp, Chief Product Officer

"Learning Spanish and finally finishing my MBA! Woo!"
-- Tarah Novak, Email Marketing Manager

"Run 3x a week, do yoga 20x a year, and eat 365 tacos in 2017 -- oh, and no Rocket League after 11:30PM."
-- Ben Nadeau, Content Manager/Editor

"I'd like to learn how play ice hockey at last!"
-- Ani Boyo, Marketing Analyst

"2017 will see me upgrade to a Category 3 USA Cycling Racer."
-- Terrell Brown, Customer Experience Manager

"Eat better and stick to a solid exercise schedule. Less time in front of screens when not working, and more time with artistic endeavors."
-- Shaun Callaghan, Front End Engineer

"Spend less time watching TV, spend more time on other hobbies, and pay off at least half of my student loans (wishful thinking)."
-- Kayla Junkins, Staff Accountant 

"My list is a doozy, here goes: study French at least 5 minutes every day, read 20 books, bulk up to 200 lbs without increasing body fat percentage. Do 18 reps of bench press at 225 -- Todd Gurley did 17 at his combine. I'd also like to deadlift 400 pounds for 4 reps, increase general mobility and flexibility to decrease injuries, and, most importantly, beat Geoff in a 5k!"
-- Bob Cavezza, Software Engineer

"Meditate once a day, train with a CoachUp basketball coach, run 3x a week, and take a dance class."
-- Andrew Brieff, Software Engineer

"In 2017, I will get my 5k pace under 8m/mile, run 1 half marathon per quarter, eat a lot healthier by ordering in once a week max, learn to stop without hitting a wall on ice skates, and take a scotch-tasting class"
-- Julien Zambeaux, Director of Acquisition Marketing

Happy New Year from all your friends at CoachUp! Let's make 2017 our best year yet!

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