Coach Spotlight Interview: Three Sport Coach Pierre B.

c65d9a9f9d57077a9a24f24a61719bea33615b74Meet Coach Pierre B.! Pierre is an Olympic track and field star who has experience coaching football and baseball. He coaches all three sports on CoachUp and is based outside Atlanta, GA. He is passionate about helping other athletes reach another level.

Tell us about your athletic career.

I competed in track and field in 3 Olympic games: Sydney, Athens, and Beijing. I competed in the 100M. I was an 8 time All-American in college and won a Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Why did you decide to become a private coach?

I became a private coach to help and educate people that want to improve their athletic ability. I believe that, for athletes, knowledge is the key to better performances and injury prevention.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

The thing I enjoy the most about coaching is watching the athlete improve. You can see this growth on a daily basis. It’s kind of like watching a baby learn how to walk. Going from point A to Point B. It’s a journey.

What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

When clients sign up to train with me, they can expect to become focused, not only to work hard but to hone their craft and understand the focus of each workout.

What is your coaching style or philosophy?

My coaching style is based in strength and conditioning. I train clients in a special way; it’s kind of like making a painting. I include a variety of workouts that blend together to make the finished product.

What is your favorite moment in your athletic career?

I have two favorite moments in my athletic career. One is the first time I broke 21.00 seconds in the indoor 200m. I was a freshman right out of high school competing at the SEC championships. my other favorite moment is when I won a bronze medal. It was the 100M final after 3 rounds of fast running. Even though I was tired from a long season, I managed to pull it together and finish in the top three at the international level.

What’s your mantra or favorite saying?

“Take care of business or business will take care of you”.

Which teams do you root for most enthusiastically? The Tampa Bay Bucs and The Miami Dolphins Coach Pierre is booking track and field, football, and baseball sessions now! Click here to check out his profile.

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