Be a Complete Player + Know Your ABCs!

Be a Complete Player + Know Your ABCs!

I've been around thousands of basketball players in my life. As a player, and now as a coach, I've seen good players, bad players, talented players, highly-skilled players, strictly shooters, simply rebounders, just dunkers, players that just play defense, and players that can only dribble. However, the complete player is what all players should strive to be. The basketball ABCs is a simple, yet descriptive breakdown on the makeup of the complete players.  

Let's begin with the A. The attitude of a player has to want to get better daily. Players must want to be coached and accept the criticism and direction they're given. As a coach, the attitude of a player is the first thing I look at in evaluating a player. A bad attitude can and will lead to dysfunction within a team and, over time, will destroy a team's chemistry.

The B in the Basketball ABCs is the simplest in the attributes of a complete player -- it's their basketball skills, of course. Shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, and defense are the five primary skills of a complete player. Players such as LeBron James, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, and Michael Jordan are all players that demonstrated a very high basketball skill set. These skills can be developed by putting in the time in the gym working on them -- which is important to remember. You can be super talented and come up short because you weren't willing to work hard -- nothing comes easy!

The last of the basketball ABCs is the C -- which is their conditioningconfidence. Let's talk about conditioning first, as that's the ability to compete at a high level without tiring out, something that most elite athletes don't consider in their training. Being strong and well-conditioned allows players to maximize their talent and skills throughout a game.

As for confidence, players of all ages and at all levels struggle with this one. Confidence is the most important because it could affect everything if it wavers. Confidence could make a good player great and a great player just average -- it is the final missing ingredient. Believe in yourself. Believe in your preparation. Believe in the time you have put in the gym.  

If you focus on fulfilling these traits -- your attitude, basketball skills, conditioning, and confidence -- then the sky's the limit for you! Now go learn your ABCs!

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