Basketball Training: Train Like an All-Star


Anyone that tells you basketball isn’t a contact sport hasn’t played the game of basketball before. Now, basketball players aren’t smashing into each other at high speeds wearing pads the same way football or hockey players do. But when the big guys get into it underneath the basket, they’re not having a tea party under there; they’re pushing and shoving trying to get in the best position to attack the basketball. So when you are basketball training you need to prepare your mind and your body to be able to take a physical beating on the court.

As you continue reading you will discover basketball training tips and videos from NBA All-Stars Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin. There might not be a player in the NBA crazier than Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. Garnett has never shied away from showing his emotions on the court and one thing is for certain, when KG is talking, everyone is listening. Garnett expects a lot out of his teammates but even more out of himself, and says he “will never ask a teammate to do something that he hasn’t done before.”

To be a leader on your team you have to be the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. In Garnett’s case, no one beats him to the beach in the off-season. 

Dwight Howard is another NBA All-Star who takes his basketball training very seriously. There are very few “true centers” left in the NBA and when he is on top of his game and healthy, there is no question that Dwight Howard is one of the best in the league. One thing that is apparent when you see Howard is that he is a physical freak. You can see muscles on Dwight that you never even knew existed. The following video features how Dwight implements resistance training and core strength moves that translate to improved skills on the basketball court.


When you are thinking the most exciting young players in the NBA today, Blake Griffin has to be the first player that comes to mind. There may not be another player in the NBA that can “throw down” quite like Blake Griffin. Aside from rattling the rim, coming down with offensive and defensive rebounds is a big part of Blake’s game. Anytime you can limit second chance opportunities for the opposition, or give your team an extra possession, you’ve done your job as a big man. Check out the following video where Griffin displays a simple yet effective rebounding drill.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed all of our basketball training tips from these dedicated NBA All-Stars.  Remember it’s not always about being the most skilled or talented player.  It’s about willing to do what you know your opposition will not. Even if that means 5 AM runs on the beach, or grueling workouts in the gym. 

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