Basketball Shooting Games: Knockout

Knockout is a great basketball drill where you can practice your basketball fundamentals in an exciting and competitive way. By honing your ability to hit killer free throws and layups like the next Michael Jordan, knockout is a great opportunity to perfect your shooting while having fun with friends!

What you need:

  • Two basketballs
  • A basketball hoop (not even necessarily a full court!)
  • At least two players (but the more the merrier!)

The rules

  • Form a single file line handing the balls to the first two players in the line. The first player will shoot, once they have gotten their shot off , the player behind them may shoot.
  • Everybody’s first shot must be taken from a determined distance away from the hoop (typically the free-throw line)
  • If the first shooter makes a basket before the second, they hand the ball to the next person in line.
  • If the second shooter makes a basket before the first, the first shooter is eliminated. The balls are then handed to the next two players in line and play resumes.
  • The order of the players can never change during the game.
  • The game continues until all but one player has been knocked out. This one talented player is the winner!

Mix it up (optional rules):

  • Bring a little more competition to the game and allow the two shooters to literally knock their opponent’s basketballs out of the way giving them more time to make a shot.
  • Each time a player is eliminated, move the starting line back a foot.
  • In another version called “ultimate”, which is never ending, a previously knocked out player is allowed back in the game once their “killer” has been knocked out. This version is a great way to practice your shots since it never ends, giving you more time to perfect those layups!

Grab a couple balls, a couple friends, and put the “fun” back in fundamentals of basketball! For more tips to improve your basketball game check out CoachUp’s other basketball resource articles.

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