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Are You Willing to Invest Money for Coaching with a Big Payoff?

Last fall I was contacted by Loretta.  She was about to begin her senior year in high school, and she wanted to, “run track & field at a Division I School”. 

It was September when she decided to enroll with my coaching service. The problem was that Loretta wasn’t very good. Her performance levels were not on the radar of any Division I universities for their recruitment standards. She had only had minimal success at that point, but she believed she could get better. She felt she needed to streamline her learning curve.

Loretta met with me for 3 months in the fall from September to late November. Her indoor high school season was scheduled to commence in early December.

Fall training is a must if an athlete wants to make changes in their skills and conditioning in order to improve to the level they strive to be at in track and field events. 

Loretta paid me $1,500.00 all in all over the fall term. We trained multiple times per week. I wrote “on your own” workouts for her to do in addition to our track sessions that were in-person. 

Was the money she spent on me worth it? Consider this…

Her long jump her junior year was only 16’8. After fall training it went up a foot the first meet, and eventually she got to 18’7 — nearly a 2 foot improvement.  Her 55m Dash time dropped by .3 and her 100m time dropped nearly a half of a second. And…division I colleges started contacting Loretta.

She wound up with a $25,000.00 per year athletic scholarship at a D-I school – not a full ride, but around 3/4. When considering that athletic grants in aid are multiple year contracts she will receive 25,000 x 4 years = $100,000.00 in athletic aid, all for a $1,500.00 investment. 

Will she be an Olympic athlete? Likely not. Will she win an NCAA Championship in the long jump? Very doubtful.

However Loretta will not be in huge debt when she’s finishes her bachelor degree program – she’s set to graduate college in 2022 – and she will reach her goal of putting on a uniform at a Division I university to compete against the nation’s best. She doesn’t have to finance college with outlandish loans, nor work a night job to survive the college life. With the combo of academic aid, athletic aid, and federal & state financial aid package she’s basically on a full ride.  

Private track coaches are not miracle workers. A lot of your potential in the sport is genetic. You CAN however improve, and there are plenty of spots on rosters of NCAA schools in all divisions that will be interested in an athlete if they show enough achievement on the high school level. 

Investing in a private track coach is really no different than paying for tutors in mathematics, or taking S.A.T. prep courses which people invest in all the time. Athletic scholarships are money. Money is money, no matter whether it comes in the form of state aid, academic aid, or sports.  

What are your goals? Division III? II? I? Junior college? They can all be rewarding experiences at university.

Figure out where you want to be this upcoming high school season and consider investing in it now. Fall is fast approaching. Meet with a private coach on a consistent basis before formal team practice begins for indoor or spring seasons. You can even enroll in online training if a coach you like doesn’t live near you.  

Loretta is just one story I have. There have been others. You CAN make this happen for yourself just like those others, but you must be willing to invest. 

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