12 New Year's Resolutions for the Sports Parent

Christmas is over, and now it is time to reflect on this year, while looking to a new year. All of us serve many different roles in our lives. One of my most enjoyable roles is being a sports parent. It combines my love of my kids and my love of sports. I'm hoping the New Year will bring more enjoyment for me and my kids with sports.

I encourage you to spend some time reflecting on 2013, and begin to set some goals and resolutions for 2014. Below are some great articles from myself and the other sports parents here on Coach Up.

You can use this list for your New Year's resolutions, while reading some pretty good articles that will help take your sports parenting game to the next level. Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

  1. Have fun.
  2. Show and teach sportsmanship.
  3. Don't annoy other sports parents.
  4. Cherish the privilege of coaching youth sports.
  5. Teach your kids the importance of good nutrition.
  6. Make sure your kids are good students.
  7. Find balance.
  8. Embrace competition.
  9. Don't over think.
  10. Believe in your child.
  11. Show love for the game.
  12. Play catch with your kids.
Question: What is one resolution you are making as a sports parent for the new year?

Jackie Bledsoe, Jr. is a sports parent of three, and writes about sports parenting. He has played sports for over 30 years, including the collegiate level, and coached youth sports for the past eight years.

photo credit: potomacu11soccer via photopin cc

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