Preparing for the Recruiting Race

The college recruiting process is a marathon, not a sprint. Just as there are different stages when running a race, there are different phases in the college recruiting process. Therefore, it’s important to understand each step of recruiting to navigate it successfully. Each phase has checkpoints or tasks you must complete before reaching the finish line, which in this case, means you are a college bound student-athlete. The goal is to find the school that will provide you with the best college experience academically, athletically, and personally.

Whenever we enter a new stage in life, there is so much excitement that we may sprint out of the gate. We’re anxious for how the journey will change us for the better and we’re excited to get there as fast as we can. We often try to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, and in the college recruiting process, that seemingly positive tendency could in fact hurt us.

When you decide to run a marathon, you have to prepare and train for the race. It’s not a spur of the moment decision. The recruiting process is similar. You don’t wake up one morning and say, “I think I want to be a college athlete.”  For most, that dream is something they must work towards for a long time. You need to prepare for the process, invest the time, and commit to the work.  

Creating a Game Plan

You need to develop a plan on how you will attack the process. What are the things you need to know before you start? What are the things you need to do? Once you have created your plan, you need to schedule time dedicated to your college search and recruiting process. I recommend blocking 30-60 minutes a week.

“GFS provides a curricular and organized plan to help student-athletes stay focused from the time they decide they want to play. It works for freshmen to seniors who are active in the recruiting process and the ones who are most engaged and involved in their process succeed.” – Tom Gosselin, Assistant Coach PSU Berks, Staff Coach at Westmont United

Start early (3-6 months prior to first contact date) in order to educate yourself, research schools, and contact coaches. As you learn how the process works behind the scenes, you can form your game plan. Promote your academic and athletic achievements to successfully attract coaches and schools you are interested in. The college search process is a journey full of adventure and be sure to explore all options. Keep an open mind. Do your homework and seek out the appropriate help to find the answers you need. It’s your future, and you’re worth it.

Are You Ready to Start Designing Your Pathway to College Sports? 

Do you aspire to continue your academic and athletic career at the next level? The recruiting process can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have a clear road map to guide you. If you have the burning desire to play in college than there is a school out there that will provide you with the best college experience academically, athletically, and personally. The Designing Your Pathway to College Sports workbook will educate you on what it takes to play at the next level, how the college recruiting process works, and how to be a successful student-athlete. The goal is to engage you in the recruiting process and empower you to do the work to find the best fit.

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About the author: Chris Stack is an expert in college recruiting education, check out his bio to learn more about him and the impact he is making on educating prospective student-athletes about the college recruiting process. 

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