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I really love what I do and providing intense, dynamic, proper technique, sports specific training session to prepare the athlete for success. View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Rich. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$99 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Rich. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$297 3 sessions ($99/ea) + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Rich. 60 minute session length

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  • San Francisco State University (CA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Nutrition, Cross Training, Conditioning, Boot Camp, Bodybuilding, Aerobic

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Rehabilitation, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Bench Press, Balance, Back Squat


  • San Francisco State University (CA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Nutrition, Cross Training, Conditioning, Boot Camp, Bodybuilding, Aerobic

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Rehabilitation, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Bench Press, Balance, Back Squat

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I coached at the colleges, middle and high school levels and various track clubs. I have also worked in gyms, taught aerobics, line dancing, body sculpting, and boot camps. I really enjoy working with families and supporting mothers who are single with kids. In my years as a fitness trainer Kids love to train in the presence of their parents.
Coaching comes easy for me for its what I love to do and when my clients see the passion and my experience they excel and it becomes a win-win. I love learning so often times I will ask customers questions about what transpired. Once they are able to articulate they become more aware of what was asked of them to do. Its also a great way to assess talents.

I have worked in the fitness industry for 20 years at major fitness clubs, College Division 1 athletes, AAU sports teams and clients ranging from children to adults. Also, I take pride in turning fitness into something that is fun and safe for individuals, groups and families. I have participated in track and field at the high school level. I have been fortunate to run at the national level for 4 years and 3 years as a collegiate athlete. My biggest award is staying in shape and practicing what I say. With all the awards I have received over my track career what I enjoy more is teaching and watching athletes succeed.

Customers can expect that I will be on time and provide the best customer service to their liking. Becoming aware of the client physical ability or fitness level is the first thing I would do. A 6-8 minute warm up and then a fitness routine developed based on whatever their fitness goals are. I have trained people in weight loss, body sculpting, strength conditioning and cardio fitness. Each person can expect that the session will be tailored to whatever their needs are. I have trained seniors, people new to fitness, college and high school athletes clients.

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Coach Rich taught my daughter so much for her build on in our first session. Fantastic technique work that really will increase speed and endurance. He also asked questions along the way to ensure she understood and locked in the info. She's thrilled. Will see him again soon!

I'm giving coach Rich 5 star. He is very knowledgeable and worked well with my son. He kept the session fun yet challenging. The benefit of his training from a single session was dramatic and exceeded our expectations. Thank you coach. My son is looking forward to more training sessions with you.

Amazing first session with Coach Rich. My goal was to for our kids to acquire the basic mechanics of running, and have them realize that good posture and technique are as important as endurance. Mission accomplished. Looking forward to the next practices!

Excellent coach!

Rich has an eye for the technical and is a pleasure to be around; very helpful.

Coach Rich made my daughter's first session fun and informative. Her smile said it all. She can't wait for her next session.

After 3 sessions with Coach Rich I feel much better about my running form -- amazing how much less stress I feel in my knees and shins. He is extremely knowledgeable and open, and was patient with all of my beginner questions.

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Coach Rich was excellent in conveying the fundamentals of sprinting to my 10 year-old boy. I won't hesitate in recommending him to anyone regardless of skill or experience level!

Coach Harper has been a massive store of knowledge and insight. As a college freshman, I saw marked improvement in my form and speed after only one session. He is friendly and communicative, and I'm looking forward to working with him through to next season!

I enjoyed training with him because it felt like my first ever real professional track practice.

So helpful. My daughter was 15% faster in one session.

Really was able to engage my eleven year old!

Coach Rich is very positive and professional. He made the session super fun and knows how to motivate the kid. The drills he designed helped my daughter improve her speed and form right away after a few tries. I'd highly recommend coach Rick and we'll certainly be having more time with him.

We had a great session with Coach Rich for my son. He's kind, positive and very professional. He made the session super engaging and quickly identified the areas for improvement and designed drills to target those areas. I'd highly recommend and we'll certainly be having more time with Coach.

Coach Rich is excellent - personable, supportive, and extremely knowledgable. I would recommend Coach Rich to anyone looking to take their own/their kid's skills to the next level. Five stars!

Rich is a great guy, and has been very helpful in working with my daughter to improve her speed.

Great coach

My 10yo son had a session with Coach Rich for soccer specific sprint training. Coach Rich made the session fun and engaging. By the end of session, my son’s stride and speed increased through the coaching provided by Rich. The recap of the items taught was a perfect end to session.

We have signed for more sessions to continue the training.

Coach Rich has been teaching my daughters the basic technique of sprinting. He is approachable, explains well what he is doing and gives the girls confidence in their abilities. They are making good progress.

Coach Rich is just fantastic. He is encouraging, thoughtful regarding an athlete's potential, and delivers results for students incredibly quickly. Rich, in particular, knows how to inspire students with a friendly and supportive coaching style. My middle-school-aged son enjoys working with Coach Rich a lot and always looks forward to the sessions with him. He's gotten much faster with his times in just a few sessions, and the credit for this goes to Rich!

Coach Rich is a rare find in the Bay Area. My daughter showed significant improvement in technique, speed, and confidence after just a few sessions with Rich. Rich’s coaching style is very thoughtful and methodical. With Rich, will really get the technical right and understand the why behind every technique. Rich’s training is quality over quantity. With Rich, my daughter learned how to practice on her own more effectively and is seeing good improvements consistently.

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Coach Rich has been a wonderful coach for my 8th grade son. My son says that he is the best coach in any sport he has ever experienced! He knows his stuff, is able to recommend short and longer term training strategies, and is supportive and also very clear about what to work on. I highly recommend Coach Rich!

I learned so much in just one session and his teaching style was so fun, training with him built up my confidence and gave me lots of hope and enthusiasm for my season.

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Terrific first session with Coach Rich! He really helped identify issues with my running form, and my speed increased significantly during the session. I'm convinced that Rich will help me reach my goals.

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Coach Rich is a very positive coach, and I love how he was uplifting during the session. It helped me get a better performance. He is motivative and trustworthy as a coach, and I’m glad I had a session with him. He is a great guy who helped me learn so much in just an hour.

Coach Rich was great! In just one session he managed to make a couple of mechanical changes to my son and increased his speed. His ability to explain not only the what, but the why, has been very beneficial. My son cannot wait until the next session.

Coach Rich is such a great professional coach. My son's running form is much improved with only one session, and I'm so exciting the coming sessions with him. He is fantastic, kind, and energetic. Thanks, Coach.

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Good instructions to my 9 year old

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Great coach, very chill and laid-back, but explains and coaches witha lot of detail

Ryan had a great time. He loved the workout- exactly what he was looking for as a 400 m sprinter with hopes to run in college.

Coach Rich was great with my 12 year old and gave him solid actionable feedback in a really positive way. We look forward to booking again.

Coach Rich is great. Enthusiastic, good technical knowledge, and good drills. My son really enjoys working with him.

Coach Rich was a great coach! He really listened to my needs and evaluated small tweaks to work on during my weekly training to help make me faster . I look forward to working with coach Rich and improving each session. I would definitely recommend Coach Rich to other athletes who want to improve speed and running mechanics.

Only our first session with Coach Rich and Melanie has improved so much! We look forward to working with him longtime. Welcome to our Family Coach!

We have been working with Coach Rich for a few months now and he has been such a great coach and my kid has finally been able to run!. My kid is a high school senior and a swimmer and wants to apply to the military academies for college. The entrance fitness test involves a shuttle run and mile run. As fit as a swimmer she is she could not run one lap without stopping. Coach Rich has discussed her goals and a few months later she is surpassing her goals and is now a confident runner and we will continue to work with Coach Rich as he is not only training her on how to be a successful runner for life but also works with her on confidence, attitude and warmup/cool down techniques.
We are very fortunate to have found such a great coach and I would highly recommend Coach Rich, thanks Coach!

Rich Harper is such an amazing professional coach. We will continue to used him for the future of our boys in sports. Thank you coach Rich

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Our son had a fantastic first session with Coach Rich! He is energetic, encouraging and fun. Our som is a baseball player and Coach Rich definitely customized the hour towards baseball movements and situations. We all definitely saw improvement within the first hour. I noticed our son walking around the house practicing his arm form later that day…he is super motivated to get faster and we look forward to working with Coach Rich to make that happen!

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Coach Rich is a great coach and very experienced. He is fun to work with and I believe I will get much better

Coach Rich is an awesome coach! I loved his enthusiasm, he is passionate you can tell he loves to teach. He taught me a lot of great new techniques and gave many tips. He did all that with a positive attitude and a smile oh his face!

Great guy good coach. Helped me get my mechanics right

My athlete felt very well coached and is looking forward to his next session

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Rich is an excellent technician who immediately improved running performance using drills. Rich also passed on valuable knowledge for everything running- training methods, running form etc. - given his expert understanding of the sport!

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Coach Rich is by far THE BEST speed coach I have ever met and I was a college sprinter.

Coach Rich was awesome! He definitely knows what he is doing and has tons of experience. After just my first session, I already feel like I'm running smoother and more effortlessly. He showed me how to run with proper form and taught me about the importance of technique. Also a very personable guy with great enthusiasm. Highly recommend and will definitely be back for another session.

My son Cedric had an excellent 1st introductory session with Coach Rich. We enjoyed Coach Rich’s coaching style and his methods to teach some of the basic fundamentals of speed and agility. Looking forward to more sessions with him.

Coach Harper is great! I have had many great coaches. Because they moved away, I had to look for a new Sprint coach. I am just a mere beginner and Coach Harper is very patient and explains things in very simple manner and methodologically and systematically. The progress is visible and it sticks.
He is very encouraging seeing the positive even in your downfalls.
He loves coaching and it shows.
I highly recommend him. ... and he is funny!!

Great first session with Coach Rich where we jumped straight in with technical areas for improvement. An easy going manor, great observation and listening skills. Looking forward to more sessions.

Both my son and I came away from his initial session with Coach Rich very impressed! We can’t wait to see the improvement to come

Coach rich is great, in one session I can see how my son is running smoother.

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(no details provided)

Coach Rich is absolutely wonderful. Very thoughtful in his feedback and extremely knowledgeable in sprint techniques.

Amazing coach - Great tips

(no details provided)

Coach Harper is a total pro and very easy to work with. KG

Coach rich helped me a ton with my form and gave me some pointers that I’ve gone on to employ everytime I run

(no details provided)

Rich was terrific. He connected well with my daughter and his knowledge about running is obvious. His enthusiasm and coaching manner is wonderful. I can see why he's been coaching all these years!

Coach Rich was excellent! He made sure technique was superb and exceeded my expectations. He has an eye and will catch right away what is working and what needs to be improved upon. He is a dedicated coach.

My son enjoyed his session with Coach Rich. He was able to run faster after Coach Rich made several adjustments to his form and sprinting technique. He can't wait to attend the next session.

Coach Rich is inspirational, professional, and motivating. After a few sessions, my son had improved his speed and agility and improved his confidence. He pays particular attention to form. We were seeking injury prevention, proper stretching and recovery techniques, and speed training. Coach Rich delivered. I would highly recommend Coach Rich to anyone.

Coach Rich was amazing! Only took one session for me to see huge improvements in my form, technique, and speed. If you're looking to get faster and gain an edge over the competition then Coach Rich is your guy!

We are using Coach Rich to work on explosiveness and proper sprinting technique for my 11 year old son's use in youth soccer. My son (who is not easily impressed) had fun and wants to do more sessions. We started to see improvement in the first session. Additionally, Coach Rich is overwhelmingly positive and constantly giving feedback -- which kept my son engaged for the entire hour. He kept the drills interesting and varied to avoid boredom and uses the stopwatch to establish benchmarks and show improvement. We will use Coach Rich again.

Coach Rich definitely improved my form in one session! I would recommend him to anyone! He is very knowledgeable and kind.

Coach Rich is excellent! He assessed our 5 year old son very well! Showed great coaching in the way he explained things to our son and to my husband and I. He was very knowledgeable and persistent! Also showed great enthusiasm.

We had a great session with Coach Rich and our 8 year old son. Coach Rich was very personable, patient and experienced as evident with the training drills/tools our son performed. We will definitely have a follow up training session with Coach Rich!

Coach Rich is great! He kept me extremely engaged the whole session helping me fundamentally improve my sprinting and 1500m. After watching me run a lap he discerned my room for improvement. We focused on arm technique, striking the ground, utilizing the turns in the track, technique and more.
Im very happy and will see him next week!

(no details provided)

Coach Rich is engaging and a motivational coach! We wanted honest and constructive feedback as my son has been contemplating switching sports and Coach Rich has done just that. We have booked additional sessions with him and highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

Coach Rich is such an upbeat, optimistic person. He gave my son great encouragement, pointers and feedback. And, according to my son, he really made the sprinting and track so fun.

From the very beginning, I can tell the Coach Rich has a passion for teaching. I have never trained for track & field or sprinting before, he adjusted everything to my level and broke the class down so that I can learn fundamentals. Amazing experience and looking forward to more classes with the coach!

We were looking for expert advise on how to improve my son's 400m time. Coach Rich was excellent. He immediately pointed to a couple of nuanses in my son's technique to be improved. He walked with us through the whole distance highlighting the things to be worked on. Since the session with Coach Rich, my son participated in two track meets, and dropped additional 0.35s from PR. Highly recommend Coach Rich.

Coach Rich was excellent! He was knowledgeable, patient, and enthusiastic! Coach Rich is especially adept at having you provide feedback for yourself so that you begin to feel the differences in your form, rather than just hearing it from him. I felt a good improvement during my first session, and look forward to more.

My son met for his first lesson with Coach Rich last week. The first thing you notice about the coach is his level of enthusiasm. You could tell right away that he knew what he was doing. He worked with my son on improving his posture and using his arms to run faster. I came out after the first lesson very satisfied knowing my son has the right track coach to improve himself.

Coach Rich is a great coach. He helped me improve my sprinting form and starts. I look forward to booking more training sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Rich helped me a lot. He improved my running form greatly and wrote me a new training workout session.

Coach Rich is very knowledgeable and tailored training to my son. After one session I can see great difference in his technique. Coach is very uplifting and encouraging and kept my HS Freshman son engaged the whole session.

I'm extremely excited to work with coach Rich in the upcoming months. My son has been in soccer for many years however he’s never been taught the basic fundamentals of having a proper running technique. Coach Rich assessed my son rather quickly and advised the areas that needed fixing. My son’s old running style was wasting too much energy and speed due to bad posture and mechanics. I didn’t realize the complexity of proper form and balance; however, Coach Rich broke it down in to simple terms that my son could understand and incorporate as his new style. We saw immediate results in our first session! Soccer is a very fast paced game and we want our son to keep up with it. Lastly, and most importantly, after the session was over, my son said to me, “He's a really nice coach.” Besides all his knowledge and years of expertise, he really is a very nice person to work with. I highly recommend Coach Rich!!

Coach Rich is not only extremely knowledgeable, but he also makes the sessions interesting, fun, and results-oriented, which keeps my daughter wanting to come back for more. He already has helped my daughter immensely, and the improvement in her running form and her speed is observable. She feels more confident, because she knows that she is improving.

Coach Rich did a good job with my two boys (ages 13 and 11). He shared a lot of information in a fun training session. I'll book with him again.

(no details provided)

Coach Rich was great with my daughter on her first session. He increased my daughters understanding on techniques and most importantly he made it fun. Thank you Coach Rich.

(no details provided)

Very helpful coach. He gets a little distracted sometimes but overall he knows his stuff and provides some solid insight on my running form.

My son had his first session with Coach Rich last week. Rich has been prompt in all of his communications with me and he gave a wonderful boost of confidence to my son to help him prepare for an upcoming race. Rich analyzed his form and gave him some pointers for improvements to maximize efficiency. He also worked with my son and his teammate to improve relay handoffs. We are looking forward to another session with Rich soon.

Coach Rich has a wealth of knowledge with running techniques. My son really enjoyed his session and wants to keep working with him to improve. Will be seeing him again.

(no details provided)

Coach Rich has been a great encouragement. I had been sedentary for about a year and really out of shape. He really took his time to find out what my current condition was. He managed to give me a great workout without pushing me past my limit. I am confident that with Rich I will be able to get back in shape again!

Im a long distance runner and after just the first session rich pointed key things I can improve on in my form. He walked through each step on how to do so. Most definitely will recommend him to anyone trying to get faster.

wow is all I can say he is an excellent coach I just had 1 session with him for my daughter who is a freshman in high school and runs the 100-200 meters and he gave us so much information in just 1 session not to mention my daughter really liked him and was talkative and she is very shy I already booked another session with him and plan on doing more I highly recommend coach Rich for any track and field needs

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Rich is friendly and put my boys at ease immediately. He has great knowledge of technique and greatly helped my boys who have been running track and competing at track meets with just a few drills and pointers in just one session. We are having another session with him tomorrow to continue to refine our technical running and would warmly recommend him to anyone who is looking for some individualized instruction.

Coach Rich, is an excellent trainer and very personable my daughter really enjoyed him and learned a great deal in the one hour session. He made the session fun and engaging, I will definitely book him again. If you or children need training in track, he is the best!

Coach Rich was great with our son. After one session he identified things to help improve his running form and ultimately performance. He does a good job communicating with kids and made the workout fun yet challenging.

Awesome first meeting with Coach Rich, he was so inviting and personable, my usually shy 11 yr old was eager to try his drills and his quick corrections and guidance were easily understood and applied. We are looking forward to more sessions soon!

Coach Rich has been great. My son has had two sessions with Coach Rich and the knowledge passed on has increased my sons understanding on the technical foundation he will need to improve his times and stay healthy while training. I will continue sessions with Coach Rich and recommend him to anyone looking to improve in this sport.

Coach Rich is an amazing track coach. I'm a long distance runner, and his run technique has made me more faster with less effort.
Great coach and very positive.

My son Ian had a great first session with Coach Rich. Coach Rich was enthusiastic and positive the entire time. Ian felt that Coach Rich was able to explain why he was doing the things he was doing. Coach Rich is a great communicator and this was very important for Ian. We are signing up for more sessions with Coach Rich

Coach Rich connects with the athlete and he provides excellent technique and strategy instruction at a very individualized level! We highly recommend Coach Rich and are looking forward to working with him in the very near future!

My daughter recently had her first session with Coach Rich and by the end of it was super excited for more. She enjoyed the drills and said that while they were challenging, he still managed to make them fun. She came back confident in his abilities to turn her into a top-notch sprinter. I would highly recommend Coach Rich!

Great Coach and great person to be around. On the First session i really felt some improvement and got some great advice on how to better my Running stride and how to make my hip flexors better. If you really wanna Unlock your inner speed and go beyond what your capable of book Coach Harper. I'm definitely going to be booking him again

Coach Rich is excellent! Very motivating and with great concern for your goals!

Coach Rich is a great coach and has a very positive attitude. He worked on my daughter's running stride and gave her tips on how to improve her speed.

(no details provided)

Great experience with Coach Rich! He improved my daughters running skills and ability in just one meeting. He is clever and focused on specifics that pertain to each individual. My daughter improved her speed and learned to use her body for better form and speed in just one meeting! We are so excited to work with him!

Coach Rich was fun and helpful, my son picked up speed the first session he even had the best time for his age group.
Rich makes it fun but he also put in the serious work, it is worth a dollar you spend we will be booking more sessions for sure.

Coach Rich is an amazing coach. He was able to cut time off speed with one session. Amazing. I am booking him for long term. Thank you coach.

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(no details provided)

I had a session with coach Rich at SFS at 10:00 today and it was great. I was at a high school football csmp 4 weeks ago and my 10 yard time was 1.35 and in 1 session coach Rich brought it down to 0.93! Rich is phenominal at what he does. If youre looking for a conditiong coach this is it.

Coach Rich is a very experienced coach that knows how to get the best out of children in a fun, light hearted, encouraging way. Had my daughters work with him & just in one lesson they improved. We are very pleased to have found him & will do more lessons with him. Thank you so much

Coach Rich did a great job with my son Nick. You can tell he is an experienced track coach. It also helps he ran track at a high level so he understands the challenges runners face. Lastly, he's really good with kids, which is a rarity these days.. !
Thanks Coach Rich

(no details provided)

Wow, my husband and I were very impressed by Coach Rich's expertise!!! I saw another side of my children today. In just one session their motivation and speed increased. We will be booking many more sessions with Coach Rich. We are very pleased and grateful to have found him!!!! THANK YOU Coach Rich and Coach Up!!!!

Mr. Rich is an amazing coach. In four sessions my son's performance has improved tremendously. Coach Rich took the time to explain to my son the fundamentals, techique, and behaviors required to be a professional runner. Something that's rarely taught to athletes on a high school level. His positive coaching style is unlike any I have ever seen before. My son's  confidence in his ability to compete on a higher level has grown so much, that I have no doubt that he will win the state championship this year. Thank you Coach!

(no details provided)

Good session with Coach Rich! Very knowledgeable and focused on technique. I can see myself achieving my sprinting goals over the next few months under his guidance. Highly recommend him.

Great first session / my grandson now looks like sprinter heading from home plate to first base. Coach Rick is the first coach this teach this technique and what a difference / looking forward to the next session

My son and I are extremely impressed with Rich as a coach. He takes the time to help with techniques and makes the sessions fun. My son really enjoyed working with him. We will be booking a lot more sessions.

Great coach! Had a really fun session on an afternoon. The work out in a outside field turned out way better than I expected. I will definitely rebook more sessions!

Coach Rich was excellent. My daughter loves her sessions. He had fun activities to keep her interested. He is very knowledgable and encouraging. A great coach!

Coach Rich was the perfect fit for my 17 year old son conditioning for track. We told him we wanted a session devoted specifically to speed and endurance and he delivered just that. He is extremely educated on what it takes to run at the college level and was more supportive than we could even have hoped for. He trains with the goal of producing a top athlete. Thank you Coach Rich.

Very knowledgable, great listener, understand the needs, flexible, friendly and extremely motivating mobile coach that one can get. Looking forward to sign up more sessions with him.

Coach Rich was very helpful and upbeat! He tailored his workout to fit my goals and helped me to fix my technique. He spent time thinking about how to convey his messages in a way that was easy to understand and helpful for improving myself. He communicated very well and in a timely manner. I look forward to more lessons with him!

Rich is a really awesome coach. His training is catered the the goals I am looking for as an athlete. I also like the way he trains to my fitness level without making me feel like I'm over exerting myself. Combined with my other training, I finally broke my weight loss plateau- LOSING 7 POUNDS this past week. I used he running techniques in my Triathlon today and I felt strong! I am definitely going to stay with him for the duration of the time I am on the west coast!

Coach Rich was real attentive, supportive and really kid friendly. My daughter enjoyed the training and competing with her dad as I helped in the workouts. Looking forward to scheduling more sessions.

Fantastic coach who clearly has knowledge in the fundamentals. Very enthusiastic, but not overly strict. Gives helpful feedback when it comes to mistakes and very willing to help correct those mistakes. Cool guy, as well!

Coach Rich is a wonderful teacher. He's very enthusiastic and technique driven. I learned the proper way to run sprints and take offs within an hour. I highly recommend him and look forward to training with him again.

My son has had about 5 sessions with Rich so far to help with with technique on the hurdles. Rich has been fabulous! He has an incredible positive energy and enthusiasm that inspire both my son and I to keep improving. He definitely knows his stuff and teaches technique well. For example, after just a few minutes of practice on coming out of the starting block, I could see a visible difference and my son could feel it. And Rich goes above and beyond by sending out YouTube links to illustrate techniques and preparing customized workouts.

(no details provided)

He is amazing! My son had so much fun, he was funny, cool, nice, very professional and definitely knew what he was doing. My son is excited and motivated which is hard to do.
Thank You Coach Rich:-)

Coach Rich is a great coach! Had a great first session. Learned a lot in regards to safe and efficient running techniques. He's great at analyzing and critiquing form. Looking forward to working with him!

(no details provided)

Hi! My son is running track and cross country for his high school, and really benefits from outside one on one coaching from Rich. My son truly enjoys his weekly sessions focusing on his technique with undivided attention from Rich, a specialized, experienced track coach. Rich is professional, flexible, an excellent communicator and has a positive, growth oriented relationship that we appreciate. Thank you Rich!

A great motivator and a coach/trainer who demonstrates being patient with me. Linda S.
Since I have been working out with Rich Harper I feel more confident and never under any kind of pressure.
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