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My aim is to provide great set of exercises and help motivate others in reaching their strength , conditioning and weight goals. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Milica. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$950 5 sessions ($190/ea) + applicable fees

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Milica. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$200 1 session + applicable fees

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Group Lesson(Two Students)
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Two students package. 1hr session.

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 1 session + applicable fees

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Three students. 1 hour lesson. Note: Additional 100/student above 3.

Session Length: 1 hour

$420 1 session + applicable fees

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10 session package with Coach Milica. 60 minute session length

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$1800 10 sessions ($180/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Rockhurst University (MO)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Aerobic, Conditioning, Cross Training, Spinning, CrossFit, Weight Loss

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Explosiveness, Core Conditioning, Bench Press


  • Rockhurst University (MO)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Aerobic, Conditioning, Cross Training, Spinning, CrossFit, Weight Loss

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Explosiveness, Core Conditioning, Bench Press

More About Coach Milica

I served as a head women's volleyball coach at City College of New York for one year. Previously I coached the Fashion Institute of Technology volleyball team and Avenues the World School. Before that, I coached Huki volleyball team in Jyvaskyla, Finland.
I graduated from Rockhurst University in Kansas City majoring in Sport Sciences. I finished my Master’s degree program at the University of Jyvaskyla in a highly ranked research center in the field of Health Sciences. I was majoring in the Biology of Physical Activity and my Master’s thesis addresses changes in body composition in previously untrained men and women over 24 weeks of training. I supervised the participants throughout the course of their 24 weeks in the study and I have devoted over 480 hours to working on this research project. The data for my research is based on the results of these previously untrained subjects after 24 weeks of training. Throughout my research, I have gained competency in working with subjects, performing various types of strength and endurance training, analyzing data from pre/mid/post measurements, taking blood samples, measuring blood pressure and heart rate, using RPE, and acute loading.

I coach all levels, both professional and amateur. I worked in Finland and in The United States. I work with the 6 to 30 age group. I am both CPR and First Aid trained.

I played for a club team in Montenegro for 10 years. I played for the Montenegrin National Team. I earned full ride scholarships at the Mineral Area College and Rockhurst University. I earned All Region in 2008 at Mineral Area College. I competed in NCAA division II at Rockhurst University.
I served as a head women's volleyball coach at City College of New York.

Great set of exercises, with correct technique and body position. The main focus is to work on the fitness level, improve strength and endurance level and condition. Arm exercise. Performing Interesting and great exercise for improving health. observe the client as he exercises and correct any improper techniques, maintain equipment, administer first-aid if necessary and, in some cases, advise the client in improving lifestyle and diet choices. Fast-paced, quick-footed drills. Then let the athlete running for 10 minutes (fast pace ) Then, do the exercise: squat exercise, push-ups, chest presses, biceps curls, running, cycling, squats, forward lunges, rotating lunges, situp, lateral dumbbell raises, side bends, lateral band steps, side shuffling, twists, medicine ball twists, rotating chest presses and rotating rows. Show the correct way of doing it. Stretching in the end.

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Client Reviews

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Coach Milica was excellent with my teenager in getting her season-ready. We would highly recommend her.

Coach Milica is such a nice person. My daughter is really just a beginner and she helped her feel comfortable and did several drills that were suited to her level. She's also flexible with scheduling. What a wonderful experience with her and with using coachup for the first time!

My daughter and her friend had a great session with Coach Milica. She responded to our inquiry right away and made time for us on short notice to prepare for a team tryout. We are very grateful! Highly, highly recommend!

Love her personality, and how well she communicates with my daughter.

Very nice and knowledgeable Coach! Just too far of a drive for us. Recommend!!

(no details provided)

Milica is an amazing coach but most importantly, her approach with kids who are just starting and learning the game is outstanding. She does fantastic job explaining fundamentals, has tremendous patience and she is able to connect with young players. Highly recommend Milica, exceptional coach for improving players skills, teaching confidence and motivating.

She was amazing. Helped out so much. 10/10 definitely recommend.

Milica was such a great coach!!

Coach Milica was great! Easy to talk with, very encouraging and provided really helpful drills and tips.

I would hands-on recommend Coach Milica! Apart from her coaching on volleyball game techniques, play strategy and warm-up/cool-down routines, Milica was extremely responsive and professional. As soon as we confirmed our sessions on CoachUp, Milica reached out within minutes listing possible times and venues for training. Milica remained communicative throughout our training months, even reminding us of one yet-to-used session due to our re-scheduling.
Coach Milica is everything you'd want in a volleyball coach and a professional trainer!
Thank you for your time and support, Coach Milica!

Best Coach I’ve had.

(no details provided)

Coach Milica was great. Encouraging and fun but with some high quality teaching and feedback. We look forwArd to future sessions.

Milica was perfect for introducing the game of volleyball to my girls age 12 & 13. Her temperament and learning technique seemed to be well-suited for all levels as we witnessed in her prior session.

My daughter loves the lesson. Milica went over everything. There’s an immediate noticeable difference.

Milica is great!. My teenage daughter felt that Milica taught her a lot of skills for different positions and honed in on the areas she needed to work on more.

Coach Milica is great. Very professional and knowledgeable. Absolutely recommend!

Coach Milica is simply excellent. My daughter is new to volleyball and was questioning herself after taking a camp with more experienced players.

In a single 1-on-1 session Coach Milica not only put her at ease but got her so into it that my daughter now hounds me to book the next sessions.

Great coach!! Very knowledgeable, friendly and patient!

An excellent couch! I wanted to prepare for a volleyball league and had very little prior experience. After just a couple of sessions the difference in my game was night and day. I feel much more confident.

Coach Milica is great! I was looking for some formal training after having played casually for a few times, and you can tell she knows her stuff from having competed and coached at the highest levels. Having been an experienced athlete myself, she understood all the nuances to my questions, and I was able to get so much out of my first lesson! I have no doubt if you are a novice in volleyball and/or sports, she would be able to guide you as well. Totally worth the money if you are looking for someone that will fast track you to a higher volley ball level. Patient, friendly, knowledgeable, and competitive.

Coach Milica was great! after a few minutes we were able to find key specific areas to work on to improve my game.

Milica was fantastic. She understood what we are looking for and she had a great practice with our daughter. The group of exercises she gave were challenging but great for a swimmer. She also provided us with a follow up exercises she has to do until the next session. Besides being great on what she does I have to highlight that Milica has been great communicating with us and following up. We highly recommend her. Great coach and a very pleasant person that makes exercise fun

(no details provided)

Coach Milica was a great coach! The exercises she had me do were excellent and she really pushed me to work hard on everything we did. I look forward to booking more sessions with her.

Coach Milica helped me improved a lot. She helped me technically and physically in order for me to play better on the volleyball court. Not only was the improvement quick, but the sessions were fun, challenging, and educational!!

Coach Milica is a great coach! Just had 2 sessions and already see a difference.

(no details provided)

Fantastic lesson! Milica was super professional and fun. She created a great atmosphere for learning. I highly recommend her.

Coach Milica is a real professional - she is organized, prepared, easy to connect with. My daughter really clicked with her, taking her advice and she learned a lot in just one hour. We are definitely booking more sessions! Thanks Milica!!

Coach Milica was excellent! Towards the end of the first session i could already see improvement in my daughter. My daughter enjoyed working with her very much. She was very knowledgeable and explained each step. Her warm up and drills were fantastic. As soon as were we down we signed up for more sessions.

Coach Milica showed me the basic skills in volleyball, and I found extremely helpful the level of detail that she provided at each step. From her excellent instruction and feedback, I was able to progressively gain better control of the ball until I was able to pass the ball back to her with great accuracy, regardless of whether I was receiving a pass, serve, or spike. I enjoyed that she adapted the level of difficulty of the drills to match my skill level which allowed me to leave with a great sense of accomplishment and eagerness to play in my next game.

Milica was just great! She went above and beyond. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed working with Milica during her first session. Her coaching methods were positive, engaging, challenging and productive.

Milica’s positivity and hard work are infectious. These qualities plus her solid ability to teach the sport enable her to garner fast results. I highly recommend Milica! She’s a fantastic coach.

Coach Milica was great! She gave really helpful instruction to my daughter who is a beginner. They did drills and reviewed the basics. We definitely recommend Milica and will book more sessions with her.

An amazing coach and woman! I strongly recommend giving Mi

Coach Milica is great! Learned so much in just three sessions with her. I can't wait to use my new skills in this weekends upcoming tournament!

(no details provided)

I had an amazing experience training with coach Milica. I’m an absolute beginner who never played before. Her smile, enormous patience and tremendous knowledge of this sport brought me to a level that I have not even hoped for. Milica’s professionalism and attitude is infectious and will make you aim higher in setting your goals. She was able to break down the technique and practice in such a way that it was easy to understand even to a complete beginner (which is not an easy task, by all means). She packed each session with multiple practices – passing, setting, serving, leg work etc, but it wasn’t overwhelming, it was structured just right. It is obvious that Milica knows and Loves what she is doing and she passes it onto her students! Top notch! I’m looking forward to learning more and would recommend Milica to anyone!

We liked everything about milica: her infectious smile, her expertise, her great teaching style (which makes you feel comfortable from the start). Something about her inner confidence and love of the sport made us feel like working extra hard, and also made us feel like we could achieve any goal with her. I highly recommend this coach!

Milica is an excellent coach. I am a beginner player who has only recently embarked on learning to play volleyball. Milica helped me improve my passing, setting and hitting skills in a significant way. Her teaching methods and tips are very effective in quickly learning the new skills. After a few sessions, I am noticing considerable improvement and feel more confident to pass, set, and hit the ball. I would recommend Milica to anyone.

Coach Milica was awesome! I've been casually playing in a few leagues with Zog Sports and needed someone to help me with my technique. We spent the hour running drills to practice proper setting, bumping and serving. Milicia also gave me a rundown of proper positioning in each game. She was extremely encouraging and diligent throughout her lesson. I really loved her style of teaching, always demonstrating and reinforcing it while I was practicing.

Thanks again - I'm off to practice everything you taught me. I'll be booking a session again soon :).

My daughter lives working with Coach Milica! She's knowledgeable and encouraging and packs alot into each session. I highly recommend her.

(no details provided)

Patient, competent with great teaching methods. Training with her is fun and I look forward to my training sessions with her.

(no details provided)

Great coach, extremely friendly and helpful. Puts in the effort to help you improve your skills and form.

Excellent coach, knowledgeable and well rounded!

My daughter had two upcoming college combines. Being that high school volleyball ended and her club team had not started, I needed something to fill the void and keep her fresh and practicing. First I was truly amazed on how fast Coach Milica contacted me after I signed up. My good feeling were further confirmed as I watched my daughters first practice. Coach Milica kept my daughter working for the whole lessons on every aspect of the game and with very regimental drills from passing to serving to spiking and setting. You can tell,Coach Milica has a tremendous knowledge of the game and can break it down and train very well.
My daughter is super pleased, and I feel I GOT more than I EXPECTED. I would recommend coach Milica to anyone that wants a good one on one training to improve aspects of your.game

Coach Milica was extremely helpful and taught me so much in just one session! She breaks down each technique so that you can easily improve on it. I was able to fix some bad playing habits of mine thanks to her, all in just one day. Coach Milica is definitely recommended for anyone interested in volleyball. You will not regret booking her! I look forward to more sessions with Coach Milica.

Coach Milica is great! She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. I strongly recommend coach Milica to anyone.

Carrying the momentum of last year’s impressive 30-win campaign, the Lady Cardinals are looking to reach even greater heights with the first roster recruited exclusively by the current coaching staff. Milica Balandzic return on the outside after finishing among the team leaders in kills.
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