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Placed over 900 kickers and punters in many FBS/FCS Division I schools. Over 300 others in DII and other divisions, as well as having worked with over 20 current/former NFL players View all coaching experience

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  • University of Notre Dame (IN)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Punter, Kicker

  • Route Running, Catching, Throwing, Special Teams, Punting, Kicking


  • University of Notre Dame (IN)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Punter, Kicker

  • Route Running, Catching, Throwing, Special Teams, Punting, Kicking

More About Coach Marc

Longest serving ACTIVE kicking/punting in the US. 48th year of coaching experience with kickers and punters, and nearly every kicker or punter has at one time or another used one of the 100 plus workout drills I have personally developed I also built the first ever Coaching On Demand software and player portal whereby kickers and punters can seek instruction through biomechanical software designed to increase a kickers awareness.

Over these 48 years, have been able to help over 945 punters and kicking specialists play at the NEXT LEVEL" of D1, D1-AA, D2, D3, NAIA and Juco level as well as having others who have kicked (or currently kicking) at Auburn University, University of Alabama, UAB, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Georgia Southern, University of Florida, University of Tennessee, Clemson University, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Akron, Toledo, Elon, Illinois, Air ForceAcademy, West Point (Army), University of Notre Dame, The Naval Academy, Texas A&M, Stony Brook University, Middle Tennessee State, East Carolina, Western Kentucky, Troy State, Vanderbilt, Maine, Dartmouth, Widener University, Penn, Savannah State, At the NFL level have worked with over 30 kicking specialists.

My private lesson plans vary based on the skill set of the kicker/punter and are more designed to provide the best feedback possible for each age group, since there are many different types of kickers and punters- that no cookie cutter approach-or one size fits all works.
Also, we are the first kicking organization EVER to have written a best selling ebook entitled; "The Journey. A Proven Roadmap For Every Football Kicking Specialist and Their Parents" and can be purchased through Kindle or over 40 different book outlets.

We have designed the only kicking and punter framework which breaks down a kicking and punting "devotional" set of drills to be worked on both in season and out of season. This new framework is designed with the HS kicking and punting specialist who receives little to no coaching or instruction from the coaching staff. This framework series over has been updated from our orginal training manual that we developed for many of the current high school, college and NFL kickers and punters.
There is also a Strength and Conditioning devotional that was designed by the current and ONLY 9 time Mr. Universe and 5 time Mr. USA holder Mr. Al Vaughan.
Finally, Coach Nolan also has trademark on Punt/Golf, which he designed to help Punters during the past 36 years, and is used throughout the US at all levels.

Former D1 punter/kicker NFLFA with The Philadelphia Eagles. Currently (2023) have over 47 D1 kickers/punters playing on Saturday, that I personally trained and not who just attended a ranking camp, and many for multiple years, as well, as athletes playing soccer, track and field, and baseball.

Also, on our staff is Durant Brooks who played at Georgia Tech was the Ray Guy Award winner in 2007 and played with the Washington Redskins in the NFL, as well as Collin Barber who was a four year starting punter for The University of Georgia, Marshall Morgan, a four year starting kicker at UGA, and Ty Frix a four year starter at UGA who handles our long snappers.

We also have built the first biomechanical software designed wholly for the kicking specialist that allows true video analysis (with voice) and a player portal to upload and download these videos. No other company offers this.

Our "Coaching on Demand" software portal is designed to assist those kicking specialists who may need some coaching outside of the traditional "live" one on one training sessions, and allows a kicking specialists to see (and hear) first hand what they are doing, and can review this analysis as many times as they like from their home PC or from the "device". They can also send these video clips to college coaches, as well as linking them to any of their social media sites

With coaching Specialists, there is no cookie cutter approach to kickers and punters. While there are some basics that both specialists must have, it is up to a coach who can identify the strengths of the specialists and build upon them, as well as breaking down the small areas that most coaches don't know how to see or train on fixing. The job of training and working "specialists" is one that should ONLY be completed by a coach who has in fact, kicked and punted at not just the highest levels, but who can train alongside them. In addition, a kicking coach needs to have the network of the people who are considered the "ranking gods" and also can help the kicking specialist (and their parents) know how kickers are placed in at the college (and even NFL levels)

The first session is more about who the kicker is and who (if anyone) has been working with them. We also (in advance) look at any of the camps they have attended (Kohl's, Chris Sailer, NCS, One on SOME, Ray Guy, etc...) and review the profile.. We work with many of the national camp coaches who we have known personally to review their feedback, and still recommend them to their "ranking camps" when we believe they are ready and not before then.

Then we focus on the longer term plans of the kicker/punter as to what they are seeking and to let them know the real commitments (and the parents) of what they will need to do. Setting proper expectations up-front helps all of us ensure we are doing our part. The parents are encouraged to listen in on this instruction.

The rest of the first session is focused on the basic functions they are doing. We also film the session (which we were the first kicking company to provide way back in 1983) and provide the instant feedback as we say, "the camera does not lie".

The student and parent also walk away with very specific drill work that they will need to do, and at the end of the session we lay out a game plan (depending on the time of the season) as to when and where we continue to start the process.

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Client Reviews

Coach Marc is fantastic! My son learned so much in his first and second lessons. Obviously, Coach has many years of experience. We would highly recommend him to anyone!

Coach Nolan is super knowledgeable and fun to work with. We felt an immediate impact from a first lesson.

Marc was very knowledgeable and explained everything to my son so he could understand. The training was very helpful and I would recommend Marc.

Coach Marc today worked with my son a high school junior on punting and kickoffs. We have have worked with a number of top coaches and instructors over the years and Marc's attention to detail and knowledge is at the very top. He is very positive with his instruction and that leads to confidence. I could see him working with all levels from beginners to advanced players. I definitely recommend Marc both both punting and kicking.

Coach Marc did a fantastic job with my son. He helped him work out his steps, recommended better gear, and was patient with him even when he was messing up, and cheered him on when he was getting it. Great tips. My son improved in this session.

This was a great learning session for both my 9 year old son and myself. My son is the type who beats himself up if he is not perfect from the very start, and yesterday’s session was no different. Coach Marc was very honest with him, very patient, and most of all, very encouraging to my son. In one session it was obvious that my son was kicking better and was more enthusiastic about kicking. What more could we ask for? Coach Nolan is a true professional who gave my son an excellent base to start kicking properly, and how to go home and practice the right way so that he can contribute even more to his team from being a better kicker. I would recommend Coach Nolan to anyone, any age, who wants to be a better kicker. We will be back soon, and will be hammering these proper techniques into our muscle memories. Thanks so much, Coach!!

Coach Marc did a great job introducing my son to punting. In our initial lesson he learned exactly what he needed to understand in order to start working as a kicker. He was also excited to see immediate progress in his punting from the session and is excited to come back and work on it more.

Coach Marc was AMAZING with our son. I cannot say enough good things about him. Jack came off a season where he sat on the bench not only during games, but also during practice. Despite dedicating hours of his time every week, always showing up at practice and wanting to contribute, he never really got a chance to learn or improve his skills. He loved the sport, but was starting to feel like he couldn't offer anything to the team and shouldn't be there at all.

We reached out to Coach Marc about getting Jack in for a couple of lessons before he gave up the sport completely. Coach Marc had a full schedule, but managed to fit is into the rotation by allowing us to take spots where other athletes were out with injuries or other commitments, until he could work us in full time.

After just one lesson Jack was like a new person. Coach Marc is so positive and so full of energy. He lets the athletes start the lesson by kicking the way they want, encouraging them to keep it up and keep going, even though they may need work. Then he breaks down every step of the process and every aspect of their form. He focuses on specific drills they can use to improve, grow and develop, as opposed to just focusing on what was done wrong. Not once did he say something was "wrong" without an explanation, and motivation, on how to make it right.

Jack is like a new person now. He is full or passion and has the knowledge and direction to work on improving himself and his skillset at home in between lessons and he is SO excited for every lesson with Coach Marc. Most importantly though, he no longer feels like he has nothing to offer to his team.

(no details provided)

Coach Mark is an outstanding coach and in just one session my sons kicking is improved. He takes his time and teaches the fundamentals of kicking and punting.

Had an amazing session with Coach Nolan. He taught me a lot about the fundamentals of punting. He was able to help me fix my mistakes. I was able to learn a lot in just one hour of training. 5 out of 5!

Great first session and definitely learned a lot and luckily he was able to fix my mistakes i was making. Definitely learned more in an hour with him then i did in my 2 years of playing football for my school. I learned a lot of new tactics and drills to use and will help me moving on. I will be looking forward to train more with him down the line at some future date.

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(no details provided)

Coach Nolan is amazing! My son has played soccer for years but never kicked a football. In our very first session, coach Nolan taught him the fundamentals of field goals and kickoffs. My son’s improvement in just minutes was incredible to see. I can’t recommend coach Nolan enough.

Coach Nolan is a top-notch training coach. He taught me a ton and he gave me a lot to think about and work on. I look forward to putting the things he taught me into practice and I look forward to working with him this summer after the soccer season.

Coach Mark was awesome! My son learned so much about how many details are involved with kicking. Coach Mark was easy to work with, and was able to adapt the teaching to my son's style so that he got the most out of the lesson. Really enjoyed it and would highly recommend Coach Mark.

Coach Mark: With just one session, my 13-year-old son who is pretty fit because of his rugby background from England felt the difference between Rugby and American Football. Although the session was pretty intense, Coach Mark showed us both the hard and soft side of American football. The mental preparation and psychology employed. This coach has a wealth of experience and wisdom comparable to none we've come across. 'My engagement with Mark was an eye-opener and I love his sense of humour' said my Son. He knows the in and out of the game, he added. He showed a lot of passion and commitment to getting us to achieve our goal. We have since mapped our training plan based on the awesome technics and drills we had with Coach Mark. We shall be sticking with Mark going forward. Mark, please keep up your good works... Much appreciated.

The expectations I had planned going into my first session with Mark was outstandingly exceeded! Not only did I learn the correct techniques of kicking a football, but Mark also connected with me on a personal level. He genuinely wanted me to improve on my craft and gave clear instructions with examples. Today's session was a great experience for myself as an athlete and I can't wait to work with him again!

Coach Mark did an amazing job with our son. We all enjoyed meeting him and seeing him work his magic. He has a special way of sharing his experience and teaching. He made me want to try kicking. Our son had never kicked and is now excited about kicking. Coach Mark may have lit a lifetime 🔥.

I was very impressed with Coach Mark's extensive knowledge. He worked with my son on kicking field goals and he was very thorough and very patient the entire session (which began at 3:30), despite having been working with other kickers since 8am that morning. He taught my son several drills that will help him improve his techniques now and in the future. After our session (Coach Mark worked with my son well beyond our allotted 90 minutes), he sent a detailed evaluation that will be useful to refer back to as my son continues to practice. It was so helpful (and fun!) to have the opportunity to practice with and learn from Coach Mark, we will definitely schedule more sessions.

Coach Nolan was wonderful! He really helped our son begin his transition from the soccer world to the football world. PJ had so much fun. Thank you very much and we look forward to meeting back up with you this summer to prepare for evaluations. Thanks again!

Coach Mark was great to work with. My son is in Junior high school and is a complete beginner and Coach Mark was patient and thorough in his drills. Highly recommend to someone looking for punting lessons.

Our first session with Coach Nolan was extremely beneficial. He clearly demonstrated excellent knowledge and instructional capabilities. My daughter was instantly put at ease with his style and clear, direct communication. We look forward to our next coaching session!

Coach Marc has been working with my son for 3 mos now. Garrison is a club soccer player turned kicker in his freshman year. Not only does Coach have knowledge and technical ability but he also relates well to my son. With vast experience in football, coach also has experience as a soccer coach that allows him to educate and help a player in transition. Along with providing great instruction, he also educates the player on how to talk with their coach and how to set goals. Now that our initial season is done, he has begun to work with my son on punting also. He encourages parents to come out to the session and be involved. He is also a great resource in navigating the kicking landscape and what players need. Cost is more than other coaches on this site, but worth the investment if you think your player has potential. I was very naive about football training with our soccer background and took a leap of faith signing up. Couldn’t be happier with our experience.

Amazed. Coach Nolan is GOOD. My grandson has learned so much in just a few lessons. To watch them together was so entertaining. I was really hesitant booking lessons with a total stranger but after meeting him and watching his techniques the realization hit me that God sent this man to mentor Asa. My husband and I feel like Coach Nolan is part of our family. Just waiting to see how much more we have to learn. Yes, this grandmother was on the field today and having the time of her life.

Coach Mark was awesome in person as well as over text and phone. He helped me work out some of my techniques and followed up and continues to follow up after our lesson. I will definitely meet with coach mark again once spring football is over.

Thank you for the great coaching session. We’ve decided to hold off on future sessions as we progress through spring football training in school. Thanks again

Coach Mark provided an excellent session with my son. His knowledge of the sport as well as his technique teaching the skills are impressive. It's obvious he knows how to get results. I would recommend Coach Mark for any level of kicker. He's not only knowledgable about technique but also the ins and outs of the sport in the current environment.

Coach Marc is wonderful. He spent ample time with my nephew. My nephew had just one lesson but already felt the big improvement, especially on how to position himself and kick with accuracy.

(no details provided)

Coach Marc is clearly an elite coach. His knowledge is impressive. His drills are creative, instructive, and obviously proven. His experience is unsurpassed. He is patient and kind and also brings lots of energy to his instruction. He spent a tremendous amount of time with us, over and above our lesson, answering questions we had and talking with us. My son learned a lot and truly enjoyed the experience. We plan to work with Coach Marc more in the future. We highly recommend him!!!

Coach Marc was great! My 7 year old son had only played flag football and missed the training session for his new tackle league. Coach Marc showed him everything he needed to know. Highly recommend.

We just had our first session with Coach Marc. It's hard to believe we could learn so much in just one session. Came away thinking it was worth every penny spent. Coach Marc is top notch. We will definitely be using him from now on.

Greatest coach ever in the world!

Coach Marc is a great coach. He did a great job beginning the process of converting my 13 year old from being a straight on kicker to one with the skills to continue his kicking career into high school and maybe beyond.

From my first lesson with Coach Nolan my senior year in high school to my freshman year at The University of Tennessee I could tell he had a passion for coaching kickers and punters. He used his vast amount of knowledge and experiences to help coach me as an individual and not just the same as every other kicker. Because of that, he took my strengths and weaknesses and improved my kicking tremendously. I did not just improve in my performance, but in the mental aspect as well. He tried to put me in pressured situations while working together to help prepare me for big kicks in games. Apart from training one on one, he used his software to help break down my kicks to study while we were not on the field together, and saved me a lot of time and money while not having to travel back and forth during my hectic college schedule. Lastly, aside from kicking Marc has always taken interest in my life off the field as well and has become a good friend.
As a fellow ND alum, I thought that I was receiving special attention and energy from Coach Nolan as he shared with me skills and techniques to punting. Then I saw him work with some of the local high school kickers and quickly realized that the level of engagement I received was as high as it was with the high school kickers.Marc’s passion for what he does clearly distinguishes him from other instructors I had worked with. You cannot teach or coach passion — you can only exemplify it. Marc combines this passion for helping youth achieve athletic goals with knowledge of skills and techniques better than anyone I’ve worked with. I am better because of my involvement with him”. Eric Maust- Former Starting Punter (2007-2010) The University of Notre Dame
The Life skills and just Coach Nolan’s way he works with all the kids who seek him out is truly a gift. The time he spends with them on the field and the instructional led training he does is just amazing-all the while building their confidence levels up on each kick and with each young man he works with. If you want your son to really understand what it will take to kick at the next level, or to know which is the best kickers’ camp to attend, Coach Nolan is the one you need to ask!
Over ten years ago, I was introduced to Coach Nolan when he came to help the kickers and punters at our high school. I quickly realized that not only could he help me out in high school- but also to help me take my game to the next level. When he started to video tape my steps and show me what I was doing both right and wrong, he gave me some insight that stayed with me during my college playing career. I became a much more dedicated and serious kicker and punter because of Coach Nolan”. Kevin Crosby- Former Georgia Tech Punter
I started working with Coach Nolan my sophomore year of high school and continued to work with him into my college career. I benefited greatly from his coaching, and it was great to have him with me on the sidelines during games. Good kick or bad kick, I always knew that Coach Nolan would keep me focused on the rest of the game. During training, I never felt like he pressured me to change my kicking style- he simply took what I had, made me feel confident about it, and made it better. Apart from giving me some great coaching tips, Coach Nolan made our training sessions fun and I enjoyed seeing my kicking improve in a relaxed environment. I feel that I have a great friend and role model in Coach Nolan. Garrett Jack – 2008 Kicker U.S. Air Force Academy
You have helped me tremendously with kicking/punting throughout these last years. I came to you with little experience and with your help I improved on all my key focus areas in which to kick and punt. With your lessons and training you have brought many opportunities’ my way. If it wasn’t for your coaching and help I can easily say that I wouldn’t be where I am today. The best thing about your coaching is that you don’t try to teach all the kickers/punters the same way, like you said everybody has a different frame or body style, so with that not everybody kicks or punts the same way. You analyze the film and coach us to your best ability and get us better with every lesson. I want to thank you Coach for all you have done for me and I can’t tell you how much i appreciate it. With your years of experience as a punter and coach i believe you have what it takes any “good” kicker/punter to a “Great” one. If it wasn’t for you coach I wouldn’t have a Full Ride Scholarship to the University of Georgia. Thanks so much for all your help. You’re without a doubt the coach to go to! Collin Barber – 2011 #1 Ranked Punter in the US, 2011 Second Team All American, Fall 2012 University of Georgia Commit
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