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I am a retired professional soccer player that can make you faster, quicker, stronger, and sharpen your instincts through weightless speed, strength and agility training View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  1. Elkins Park, Philadelphia, PA

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Jeremiah. 75 minute session length

Session Length: 75 minutes

$100 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Jeremiah. 75 minute session length

Session Length: 75 minutes

$350 3 sessions ($117/ea) + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Jeremiah. 75 minute session length

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$510 5 sessions ($102/ea) + applicable fees

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10 session package with Coach Jeremiah. 75 minute session length

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$1000 10 sessions ($100/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Wake Forest University (NC)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Nutrition, Weight Loss

  • Lower body strength, Upper Body Strength, Flexibility


  • Wake Forest University (NC)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Nutrition, Weight Loss

  • Lower body strength, Upper Body Strength, Flexibility

More About Coach Jeremiah

I am a retired internationally accomplished professional athlete. My career has spanned six countries across three continents, including time within the MLS and the USA Mens National Team. I was a three time All-American at Wake Forest University where I was a four-year starter, and the soccer program's first ever ACC Player of the Year. I was a three time All-American during high school, and subsequently one the most highly recruited players in the country. Currently I play in a highly competitive former professionals men's league that competes nationally.

My coaching experience includes young player development with small team and individualized sessions, as well as young adult player development, with the intention of playing in college or professionally. I have had the opportunity to coach while playing in Denmark, France, and in the Middle East.

I have also coached at YSC Sports, Lower Merion Soccer Club, and for My personal Training academy.

Professional Record:

Year(s) Club/Country
2012 New England Revolution
2010 Belchatow/Poland
2010 Al-Ettifaq/Saudi Arabia
2007-09 AGF/Denmark
2005-07 FC Gueugnon/France
2004-05 Panserraikos/Greece
2004 OFK Beograd/Serbia

2003 Ocean City Barons/USA

National Team:
• First Call-in, January 2008
• First cap, 1/19/2008 versus Sweden
• Called into Camp Vs Mexico
• Player Pool for US Men’s National Team 2010 World Cup Qualifiers
• Selected for the 2009 Gold Cup

Accomplishments: Team of the Week in France x 3, Team of the week in
Denmark x 7

Collegiate & Youth Achievements:
• Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year 2003
• 1st Team All-American, Wake Forest University, 2000-2003
• 3rd All-time points, Wake Forest University, with 37 goals & 19 assists
• 1st Team All-American, The Haverford School, 1999
• Two-time Youth National Champion with club team, FC Delco

Speed, strength and agility are critical for the modern athlete.

My speed, strength and agility trainings include:

-Ladder work
-Body weight strength exercises
-Core work
-Coordination and rhythmic exercises
-Resistance training
-Reaction training

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Client Reviews

(no details provided)

Great session, great personality !

Very good technical instructions!

Our initial session with Jeremiah went great. He was able to really draw out the competitor in my son. And I could see him trying to build his confidence at the same time. Unfortunately due to logistics we aren’t able to book further sessions but would of if we could.

Great coach lasting impact on my players

Coach Jeremiah has a positive approach. My daughter had a great session with him.

Coach Jeremiah is amazing! My son loves him and he’s really helped him improve. I highly recommend!!

Great coach and experience!!! Definitely offered our daughter a perspective of the game with techniques she can definitely apply!!! We can’t wait to have our next session.

(no details provided)

Jeremiah is a very knowledgeable coach, and provides a great combination of rigor and fun in his session. He focuses on all aspects of the game including skills, movement off the ball and balance. My 11 yo really enjoyed working with Jeremiah and we look forward to more sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Jeremiah is great! He helped our son clean up gaps in fundamentals of the game. He teaches great drills, and has an overall great attitude which has been super motivating. If you need a coach to bring your child to the next level, I would definitely recommend Jeremiah.

(no details provided)

Jeremiah was great with my daughter. She wasn’t sure what to expect and was pretty nervous, even though she told him she wasn’t. He made her feel comfortable and was able to relate to her on her level and help her relax. He gave her positive/negative feedback, which was great for her to hear. He told her what she needed to work on between sessions. She’s definitely excited to go back and train with him!!!

My grandson enjoyed his first session with Coach Jeremiah. He was challenged and had some great take always. Will definitely continue training. We also appreciate the conversation and the advice that was given. Thanks A Million.

(no details provided)

My son really enjoyed Coach Jeremiah's training. Coach Jeremiah really listened to what my son wanted to improve on and had a very challenging session. Will definitely be seeing him again


Jeremiah is great and we hope to continue working with him. At the first session he doled out great advice to our son. Real talk about what he needs to do to achieve his goals. Currently our son is recovering from fractures in his ankle and leg, so we haven’t been able to up his practice time as quickly as our son would like. Nevertheless we have a sound plan thanks to Jeremiah which we are working towards. He’s a great coach who keeps it real.

Coach Jeremiah was excellent and I would highly recommend him for motivated players of all ages.

I found him extremely knowledgeable and helpful in a couple of key ways

1) Helping me as a parent - We spent about 30 minutes at the beginning of the session discussing my goals for my daughter as well as my daughter’s goals. Jeremiah was balanced and specific in his advice. He has a well thought through point of view on player development, which was not the ‘canned’ messages that you get from a club. And his views resonate a lot with me.

He also relied a lot on his own experience as a parent with his son. I found this very helpful. This was above what I was expecting when I signed up for this session.

2) Athlete training session - He ran a very good session with my daughter. The drills were focused on individual development. He kept her motivated and she was excited to continue to work with him.

Coach Jeremiah is a top notch coach. His experience & knowledge is second to none. He listens to you & formulates a plan immediately. My daughter feels very comfortable training with him and is already looking forward to the next session. Nothing but good to say!

Great session for my 2 girls (9 and 13). Can quickly observe talent level during 1 session, and then adjust drills and intensity of the workout accordingly.
He also seems like a good person and interacted easily with myself and my kids. Definitely recommend.

Very personable, extremely talented. Had a fantastic rapport with my 8yo son. He is exactly what we had hoped for in a coach. He would have my son repeat the drills to perfect technique. Not letting him cheat or get sloppy. Kept him motivated and encouraged him to push himself. On the drive home my son couldn’t stop talking about the session. He enjoyed it so much and want to get back out there with him as soon as he can. 100% recommend.

Could not have been more pleased with my sons 1st session. Jeremiah knew just how much to push him yet not discourage him. Looking forward to continuing training!

Very good.

(no details provided)

This was my son's first training session with Coach Jeremiah. Coach Jeremiah worked very well with my son. He was able to quickly assess my son's skills and address the areas where my son can improve. Coach Jeremiah also provided my son with advice and drills that he can do on his own free time. Looking forward to booking more sessions.

Jeremiah showed a remarkable ability to connect with our son. Jeremiah was able to set him at ease, get him thinking, motivate him to work, and have him understand why he was working instantaneously. For a coach to accomplish this with a new 11 year old student in such a short amount of time is remarkable. That our son came back from both his subsequent team practices this week excitedly talking about how he was able to utilize those techniques Jeremiah had taught him to is even more revealing! Jeremiah's professional background and experience as an athlete and skill-set, knowledge, and approach as a coach are second to none. As a coach myself, I feel we are extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity for Jeremiah to evaluate and work with our son and look forward to his expertise in the future. He comes with our highest possible recommendation!

Peter H.

Coach Jeremiah is an enthusiastic, energetic and passionate coach. It is obvious he has great knowledge and intelligence for the game; he captivated my son's interest from the start and challenged him in a positive way. I would definitely recommend Coach Jeremiah to everyone, he is a people person and he cares so much for the game.

My daughters have worked with Jeremiah in and off for that past year or so, he's great at honi g their skills.

Jeremiah is a fantastic trainer. His experience from playing professionally and coaching is a real asset. He is very quickly able to determine the areas your soccer player needs improvement in and help them make those adjustments. I would highly recommend him.

Very good Trainer

I am really impressed by coach Jeremiah. He is a very accomplished soccer player who had a very successful professional career, and I am pretty sure that he does not need to meet 11 year old girls early on a Sunday morning for training sessions, but that is when we were available. We had a great session. He quickly identified some weaknesses in my daughter's fundamentals that we immediately were able to work on and improve. He also established a good rapport with my daughter. More important to me, however, is that he thinks bigger than soccer. He understands that lessons on the soccer field can shape someone for life, and he approaches his training this way. I recommend coach Jeremiah very highly.

(no details provided)

Coach Jeremiah was amazing! He improved our sons footwork and technical skills in one lesson. He is so knowledgeable and has so much experience in the game. My son can't wait to see him again. So worth the investment with Coach Jeremiah!!

First session was good. Did lots of great drills. Looking forward to our next session. Too bad first session was cut short because we had to change locations.

Coach Jeremiah is not only an incredible athlete and instructor, he also takes the time to get to know my son and work with him on the mental side of the game. My 14 year old son feels challenged and supported at the same time. I highly recommend Jeremiah as a coach.

Jeremiah worked well with my 14 yr old son. He met with him once and my son now  has an idea of what he needs to focus on in order to develop his skills. Jeremiah challenged him. He taught him some technique and encouraged him to focus and put forth maximum effort with well thought out intention. My son is looking forward to his next training session with Jeremiah.

We have been through multiple soccer training institutes but Coach Jeremiah is an excellent master of the game. His mastery of technique, the mechanics of movement, strategy and close quarter maneuvers far surpasses anything that we have ever experienced. He connected well with my son and both pushed and nurtured his development in a way that was challenging yet fun. My son was so excited after leaving the session that he could not stop thanking me for bringing him. He continued to talk about Coach Jeremiah as we can't wait to get to our next session. If you want your child to play at another level, while gaining a clear, operational understanding of the science of the game, I highly recommend Coach Jeremiah.

We were impressed with Coach Jeremiah following our first session. My daughter is looking forward to the next session. That alone makes us happy. The work he put in with her will most certainly pay off.

I witnessed the first session that my daughter had with coach Jeremiah and was so impressed with the drills and training techniques that he used. In the 10+ years that she's been playing soccer, she's never experienced the type of in depth training provided by Jeremiah. He can really scrutinize the player's ability. My daughter plays travel soccer and high school soccer and is planning to continue playing through college. I'm confident that Jeremiah will help her reach her full potential in the game of soccer! I'm thrilled that we found Jeremiah and am excited for future sessions!

While cold and windy weather conditions made the session less than optimum, he quickly accessed my son's weaknesses and devoted the time to improving his footwork and coordination. In one of the drills, my son was able to reduce his time from 12 to 9 seconds.

Coach Jeremiah is an outstanding coach. After just one session, he completely changed my son’s game and the way he is “thinking” during the game. In his Saturday game, my son did make more passes than usual, protected more his soccer ball, fell down less than usual, and even scored the only goal of his team!! That’s new!! Coach Jeremiah training and techniques are unique and tremendously helpful. He uses the right words and shows the right thing to do with a soccer ball himself. Definitely, top notch. I would recommend Coach Jeremiah to anyone.

(no details provided)

Transformational- That is is the key word to describe what Coach Jeremiah does. How do you take a player that is good and make them amazing...him. Coach Jeremiah's grasp of player development is unparalleled. To me there is no comparison. He has taken my daughter who has been in front of a ball since she was two and has played competitively for 9 years and made her great. Her level of play has improved immensely and her self confidence is through the roof. Jeremiah has a way of bringing this out in his clients. He has an insane understanding of the game and pin points on deficiencies in a player both in mechanics and fitness to make adjustments that deliver results. These are things that you can not get from clubs or teams unfortunately. We are extremely glad that we get them from him. We view Jeremiah as a long term partner in our daughter's success.

(no details provided)

Jeramiah is a great coach! He gets right to the point and make sure that you get the hang of something before moving to the next task. He doesn't take any short cuts to get to the persons goal, he is all about the hard work. Jeramiah is the type of coach that will help you succeed in whatever your goals are, to him nothing is impossible as long as you work hard and listen to what he says.

Coach Jeremiah is the best thing we did for our family this summer. He has made a real difference in our son's life! He now has the confidence to go back to school with new skills, better conditioning, and a renewed focus on making the varsity team. Thank you!

(no details provided)

Folks we found the perfect coach! It's a work in progress but we see a dramatic improvement with the first 2 sessions. Coach Jeremiah is extremely passionate about this sport and training and my son is absorbing all of the good traits. I would highly recommend coach Jeremiah to anyone looking enhance in this sport or pro level training. That being said we plan on consuming more of his time, so it's best to get him when you can :) it's well worth it. Keep up the great work Coach Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is an experienced coach, with great teaching skills for all ages. He is extremely professional and challenging and at the same time, very caring and listens to his players. My son is 10 years old, and doesn't stop talking about Jeremiah. He connects well with this age group and leaves a lasting impression on them. He is inspirational and creative and keeps their attention!

Jeremiah is fantastic. My boys play at a very high level, and have been coached by several of the leading youth coaches in the country. Jeremiah is right up there with them- he connects, he teaches, he inspires....

Working with Jeremiah is a dynamic experience.  His passion is palpable in everything that he does.  From the soccer field to the board room, Jeremiah delivers a focused intensity that drives those around him to perform at their highest level.
I have known Jerry for fourteen years, first as an outstanding student-athlete at The Haverford School, then during his professional career, and currently as a fellow member of The Haverford School Leadership council. Even among that distinguished group, Jerry stands out. When he speaks, others listen and learn. He is confident and wise beyond his years, and will make any organization or team better with his presence.” 
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