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Jenni Nettik, Denver Coach, owner of Mercuria Running, 30+ years of experience works w/ runners of all abilities in distances from the 5k to marathon to ultras to Olympic Trials. View all coaching experience

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

First Session: 1 coaching session with Coach Jenni. Every session is tailored to the individual. A typical first session includes: -Running strength assessment with emailed results & exercises -Overview of the require... See More

Session Length: 75 minutes

$150 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Jenni.

Session Length: 1 hour

$375 3 sessions ($125/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Discounted packages can only be purchased after a first session. 5 session package with Coach Jenni. Every session is tailored to the individual. Coaching includes: -Running strength, mobility, balance & coordination -... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$600 5 sessions ($120/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Discounted packages can only be purchased after a first session. 10 session package with Coach Jenni. Every session is tailored to the individual. Coaching includes: -Running strength, mobility, balance & coordination... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$1150 10 sessions ($115/ea) + applicable fees

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Training Plan (1 month w/online coaching)
Online Training for a single athlete

Coach Jenni will design a one-month personalized training plan to help you reach your goals. Training plan includes online coaching. After you purchase, Coach Jenni will follow-up with a questionnaire. Training plan includ... See More

Session Length: 1 minute

$200 1 session + applicable fees

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Training Plan (4 months)
Online Training for a single athlete

Coach Jenni will design a training plan of up to 4-months in length designed to help you reach your goals. Training plans are ideal for runners training for an ultra, marathon, half marathon, or race series. Pair training ... See More

Session Length: 1 minute

$199 4 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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Training Plan (6 months)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Coach Jenni will design a training plan of up to 6-months in length designed to help you reach your goals. Training plans are ideal for runners training for an ultra, marathon, half marathon, or race series. Pair training ... See More

Session Length: 1 minute

$299 6 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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Online Coaching (1 month)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Online coaching must be paired with a training plan (4 or 6 months in length). Rate is per month of training plan, and includes 2-3 check-ins per week via the training plan.

Session Length: 1 minute

$150 1 session + applicable fees

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Video Assessment
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Coach Jenni will film you from the front, side and back. Videos will be made into an I-movie and shared with coach observations.

Session Length: 1 minute

$150 1 session + applicable fees

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Video Assessment (online)
Online Training for a single athlete

Coach Jenni will send you directions explaining how to film yourself. Coach will assemble videos into an i-movie and share with coach observations.

Session Length: 1 minute

$150 1 session + applicable fees

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Phone Coaching (1 month, 4 phone calls)
Online Training for a single athlete

Check-in with coach Jenni weekly via the phone to set goals, discuss training, and reflect on performance. 1 month of phone coaching = 4 phone calls.

Session Length: 15 minutes

$150 4 sessions ($38/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Carnegie Mellon University (PA)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Marathon, Cross Country, Middle Distance

  • Breathing, Drive Phase, Gait, Pacing, Stride, Form


  • Carnegie Mellon University (PA)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Marathon, Cross Country, Middle Distance

  • Breathing, Drive Phase, Gait, Pacing, Stride, Form

More About Coach Jenni

Mercuria Running, Owner & Coach -- As a coach, I specialize in form coaching, training plans, and online coaching. My coaching style is based on 35+ years of running, 10+ years of coaching, and 10 years as an educator. My number one goal is to keep you healthy! I creatively approach training, running and racing in a way that builds fitness and confidence, while valuing your other life priorities. Together, we'll dream big, have fun & reach your goals!

As a runner, I've been running since first grade, when I beat all the boys at recess! Since then, I've enjoyed running for fun, fitness, and a little competition. I love challenging myself in races, but I find the most joy in running adventures! If I invite you to join me -- I promise you won't get bored, just be sure to bring lots of snacks! I'm happily a road & trail runner, and love sharing my passion for both with my athletes! If I had to pick one distance to run for the rest of my life, I'd choose the marathon! My goal is to run my entire life!

I'm the owner of Mercuria Running based in Denver, Colorado. I offer in-person and video sessions, as well as online coaching & training plans. I work with all levels of runners from beginners to pros, at distances ranging from the 5k to half marathon, to marathon & ultras!

I specialize in:
-Form Coaching
-Video Assessment
-Injury Prevention
-Runner Strength, Mobility & Balance Development
-Personalized Training Plans

Best Race Performance:
Winner of the 2012 Napa Valley Trail Half Marathon

Marathon PR:
3:12:11, Chicago Marathon, 2016 (Top 1% of women, top 5% of all runners)

Boston Marathon PR:
3:17:16, Boston Marathon, 2015 (Top 6% of all women)

Marathon Pacing Experience:
3:40 Beast Pacer for Aspen Valley Marathon, 2016

Partial Racing Experience:
Boston Marathon 2017
Chicago Marathon 2016
Aspen Valley Marathon (3:40 pacer) 2016
Boston Marathon, 2016
Boston Marathon, 2015
Santa Rosa Marathon, 2014
Aspen Backcountry Trail Marathon, 2014
Platte River Half Marathon, 2013
Xterra Mission Gorge Trail Run, 15K, San Diego, CA 2013
Golden Leaf Half Marathon, Aspen, CO 2012
Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon, Georgetown, CO, 2012
La Sportiva Vail Half Marathon, Vail, CO, 2012
Leadville Heavy Half Marathon, Leadville, CO 2012
Colfax Marathon, Relay, Denver, C0, 2011, 2012, 2013 (open women's 2nd place), 2014 (open women's 2nd place)
Napa Valley Trail Half Marathon, Calistoga, CA 2012 (1st place female)
Denver Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon, Denver, CO 2011, 2014
Arkansas River Bluegrass Half Marathon, Salida CO 2011
Crossroads Half Marathon, Fort Collins, CO 2010
Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Marathon, Las Vegas, NV, 2010
Teva Vail Half, Vail, CO 2008
Wild West Relay, Fort Collins to Steamboat, CO, 2008
Vermont City Marathon, Burlington, MA 2006
Run to Remember Half Marathon, Boston, MA, 2006
Various 5k, 4mile, 10k road races around the US 1985-current

Colfax Marathon Ambassador, 2014

Every session is tailored to the individual.
A typical first session includes:
-Running strength assessment with emailed results & exercises
-Overview of the requirements needed to run efficiently
-Introduction to the efficient running cues
-Easy coach-directed run with immediate feedback
-Demonstration of running specific strength & balance exercises to build strength and prevent injury
-Discussion of goals, injury prevention, and training plans
-Session review emailed

Future sessions are designed with your personal goals in mind and include mobility assessments, form drills & workshops that develop running arms, hip extension, controlled foot fall, cadence, etc.

Personalized training plans, video assessment and online coaching are also available.

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Client Reviews

Coach Jenni is a great coach. I have been working with her for almost a year. I had a 3 minute PR to my 10k time. I would recommend her to anybody.

Coach Jenni is awesome! She is extremely well informed and has an excellent method for training. I was gifted a session with her from my wife because I am training for my first marathon. Jenni had tons of wonderful advice about nutrition, preparation for long runs, and improving form. She also made clear that I could contact her with questions at any time. I'm definitely planning to follow up with her for more sessions!

My first session with Jenni was nothing short of AMAZING! She is so attentive to your words and in coaching you. She holds nothing back when giving you information. She is a wealth of knowledge and I am so unbelievably impressed with her. I will most definitely be seeing her again!

(no details provided)

Jenni was a great coach. She identified the asymmetry in my run and is helping me get back to normal. I look forward to my next session.

I had a great time during my session with Coach Jenni. She took the time to find out about my goals, history, and lifestyle. She provided constructive and positive feedback about my form and offered suggestions regarding specific exercises to help. I will be buying an online package with training plan as I feel her input will get me to where I want to go.

Through only 1 session, I am already learning and applying tips to my everyday running. She is truly a running guru and knows exactly how to help improve form, pace and breathing!

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My daughter, Paige, has been running for several years. However, recently she had become discouraged because she wasn't improving as much as she had hoped. Her high school coach rarely had suggestions for Paige, and on occasion even told her not to work so hard. Paige started having trouble with shin splints and grew even more frustrated. In just one session, Jenni analyzed my daughters running style and made suggestions for improvement. She suggested some strengthening exercises to minimize injury and to help with her shin splints. They talked about training strategies, nutrition, and long term goals. Paige is excited about running again. Now Paige knows exactly what she needs to do to improve and how to minimize injury during her training. Thanks Jenni!

Coach Jenni is amazing, she was willing to work with a small group of us and put together a custom package for us, her communication leading up to the first session was outstanding. She reached out to each individual to get an idea of weaknesses and pain points and provided exercises for us based on our individual needs. This was still before the session even started. During our session she was able to identify problems and weakness quickly. She then provided us practical easy to follow ques to correct our form. I look forward to working with Coach Jenni again, and would recommend to anyone that wants to take the pain out of running.

I had high hopes in meeting up with Jenni, especially with all of her experience. What I didn’t expect was to have my form evaluated AND corrected in a single session! I have just recently gotten back into running but have been suffering extreme shin tightness and had to stop after only a couple of miles every time I laced up. Jenni was able to show me how to properly activate the correct muscles and change my form. After our session, which included about a 2 mile run, I had zero pain or tightness. Zero. Jenni unquestionably knows her stuff. And she has a great personality and was wonderful to work with. I recommend her 100%!

Coach Jenni is extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide me with amazing feedback to help my form. With less effort and less impact on my body I was able to run faster and more efficient within minutes of the session. The session was so individualized that after giving Coach Jenni some feedback regarding ongoing injuries and issues, she provided me with specific exercises and stretches to help assist me in my training goals. I highly recommend Coach Jenni.

Coach Jenni is extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide me with amazing feedback to help my form. With less effort and less impact on my body I was able to run faster and more efficient within minutes of the session. The session was so individualized that after giving Coach Jenni some feedback regarding ongoing injuries and issues, she provided me with specific exercises and stretches to help assist me in my training goals. I highly recommend Coach Jenni.

Coach Jenni is incredible! At our first session, she thoroughly analyzed my form and provided me with a detailed plan to address my deficits. She far exceeded my expectations and what I have received from other coaches in the past. She is the link that has been missing in my training. Thank you Coach Jenni!

(no details provided)

Coach Jenni gave me a ton of information to help me stay uninjured and train to qualify for the Boston Marathon, including strength, balance, mobility, and form advice. I've never worked with a coach before, but she made you feel comfortable and capable. I appreciate the help, Jenni!

I highly recommend a one-on-one, in-person session with Coach Jenni! She was very thorough and provided detailed explanations about every technique she recommended. She seemed to be able to hone in on my weak areas really quickly and I found that amazing because that's complicated stuff! She also has a great enthusiastic energy about her that makes her really fun to work with! I'm looking forward to our next session after I've been practicing her suggestions.

(no details provided)

Coach Jenni was very helpful. I came to her with some specific concerns about why I am not not making progress in my marathon times and she immediately identified some running mechanics and fueling issues for me to work on prior to my next race. Her suggestions made complete sense with what I was experiencing in my training and races, but I don't think I would have ever come to those conclusions on my own. I am excited to see if I can get my Boston qualifying time after I put Jenni's suggestions and training plan into practice!

At the age of 57, I am getting back into running after many years on the side lines. Getting up there in age, the fear of injury is looming more than when I was younger. Someone suggested that I get a running coach. I have never had a running coach before and was a little apprehensive at the thought of someone watching me run. Jenni was very professional and made me feel very at ease and relaxed. Her enthusiasm and encouragement made this an incredibly fun experience. She was able to immediately identify areas that I could make adjustments that are already making a significant difference in my running. Jenni really took the time to explain the mechanics and to break everything down to insure that I didn't feel overwhelmed. I came away from the first session feeling much more confident in my abilities and with "homework" that I am excited to dive into! After meeting with her, I know I can do this! I am really looking forward to working with her on a regular basis. Thanks Jenni!

Jenni is a terrific coach! I have never taken a running lesson before and she provided me with clear, simple pointers throughout. Jenni highlighted several easy techniques that I have begun to use immediately and offered me several exercises to build strength, as well. Even better, she followed up our training with a wonderful summary of things to think about, techniques to try and exercises to practice. Thanks! I really feel like I will be able to improve with this guidance.

(no details provided)

Very timely in responding and passionate about what she does! I knew from our first conversation that she is 100% committed to creating the best plan for you and your goals, and goes above and beyond to help make sure you get there. The plan encompasses every aspect of training you could think of. Will continue to book with Jenni!

Coach Jennie has been working with my 14 year old son for 4 sessions now. He is not a runner, but is interested in joining a cross country team in high school. Jennie has been such a great thing for him. She teaches and motivates him so much. She has a great way of working with him. He looks forward to his sessions with her and wants to continue seeing her for a longer period of time.

Jenni was great with my daughter, very relaxed and yet motivating. My daughter learned a number of new things that will help in her running and the upcoming summer months of training for next season and the beginning of high school. If things work out we intend to continue training throughout the summer and fall!

Coach Jenni seems to be knowledgeable and personable and listens well. Met our needs and expectations.

Coach Jenni is first class, I was running lighter on my feet after my first session and I am getting better each week. She brings real tips and practice techniques to each session so I can change my habits quicky. Two thumbs up.

Jenni is a fantastic coach. In just a few sessions I am already make great strides improving areas that needed work. She offers great feedback during sessions and the exercises she gives me to work on at home have already helped to improve my strength.

I had my first session with Coach Jenni today! I booked a second one immediately. She is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and patient. I reached out to her to help me improve my running capacity, as it has seemed to plateau over the past couple years, and in the first session with Jenni, she gave me a few small points to work that helped immediately. She will be sending me a full recap on our session so I can work on my homework, and I look forward to hearing her feedback on my work at our session next week. Thank you, Jenni!!

Coach Jenni is very personable and extremely informative. She didn't waste a minute of my session, but she made all my goals seem attainable. I came to our first session with a muscle strain in my ankle. She immediately evaluated my running to determine what I needed. She gave me several relevant items to work on, but not so much that it was overwhelming. I look forward to working with her again soon and wish I could do it permanently!

Jenni is amazing! In our first session she took the time to listen to all of my concerns and goals before performing a full assessment during a run. The suggestions she made were incredibly helpful and I experienced (and felt!) immediate results.

From there, Jenni built a comprehensive training program including pre and post workouts to help address my core issues. Her observations and recommendations are always clearly explained both in-person and in an email recap. Thanks to her style and approach, not only have I improved my running in a short period of time with measurable results, but I have a good understanding of -why- things have improved. This foundational knowledge is motivating and empowering beyond words.

Jenni is supportive, insightful, and extremely knowledgeable. It is obvious she loves what she does and cares deeply about seeing her clients develop and improve.

Awesome! I've been injured from running a couple times and was looking for a way to avoid more running injuries. Jenni had a lot of great tips as far as exercises and running form.

Jenni is a great coach. She's flexible, personable, and easy to work with. She's extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. I highly recommend working with her.

I workout regularly but felt I was not improving. So I hired coach Jenni. I'm so glad I did because I've learned a lot about fitness and am a better athlete because of coach Jenni. Coach Jenni taught me about stretching, recovery, core strength, nutrition, mental toughness, smarter training. Her experience and knowledge are impressive. I whole heartedly recommend coach Jenni for all your coaching needs.

Coach Jenny is working with my daughter to recover from injury. Her individualized plan includes working on her problem areas. My daughter has learned lots from just two sessions.


Coach Jenni is great! She was able to zone into my problem with running during our first meeting and we are developing a plan. She is knowledgeable and very energetic and motivated to help. She is very responsive with follow up and I appreciate her expertise. Thank you Jenni

Really enjoyed my session with Jenni. She covered every part of running I could think of- exercises, stretching, technique, eating, breathing... everything I wanted to know. She has an obvious love of running and knows how to pass it on. Her response time and online communications are also excellent and if I'm looking for further instruction she's the first one I'll contact.

(no details provided)

Jenni was great to work with. On top of being a great communicator before our actual session, she was excellent to work with during the coaching session itself. She came very prepared and made every minute count during our time working together. I left our first session with a clear idea of what I needed to do to improve my stride and gait and look forward to continuing to work to improve with her. I'll be going back to her soon and would recommend her to others without hesitation.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Jenni is very knowledgable and is great at explaining things. I highly recommend her. She adjust her training to your needs and really knows how to get you going. Wonderful teacher and trainer.

Jenni was fantastic at our first session. She was so thorough and really made sure she got a good running history from me. Everything she went over was helpful and her video analysis really helped me see what I need to be doing. I can't wait to have my next session and continue to become a better runner as I come off injury.

Jenni is a great coach - after my first session I feel as if I have a much clearer vision of what my running strengths and weaknesses are and how I can improve. She has a great ability to listen to her runner and provide just the right amount of details in her explanations to give a complete picture of the methodology behind her guidance. I would recommend her without reservation.

Coach Jenni and I had our first session last Thursday. She was fabulous !! Very encouraging, very informative and very fun ! I cannot wait for our next session ! I want to improve my running form and I know I will !

Jenni is an amazing running coach! My husband and I hired her to help us with form and improve our strength and time in some upcoming half marathons. In just one session, we both fixed a major flaw in our form and saw vast improvement. After each session she also sends you an awesome review of your progress and what to work on.

Coach Jenni was awesome! My husband and I learned a lot in just one session. We are looking forward to continuing with her to advance our running skills!

Jenni is wonderful! I felt very comfortable and encouraged during our session. I can't wait to work with her again!

Jenni is so awesome and easy to talk to! She's also very thorough and maps out exactly what needs practice, but also let's me know what my strong points are.

After just one session with Coach Jenni, I already feel such a difference in my running. I could not believe how comprehensive our first session was, and I walked away with TONS of valuable tips and running cues that I could easily focus on immediately. I was also so relieved by how easy Jenni was to talk to. She made the whole experience extremely comfortable and fun. Can't wait to continue working with her!

I am a Physical Therapist working with runners all the time and personally needed someone else’s input on my own running. I found Jenni to be positive, intuitive and very knowledgeable on performance issues. She gave immediate verbal feedback and followed up with a comprehensive written review with detailed instructions on areas for improvement. I am thrilled to have found such a valuable resource and wonderful person to move my running to the next level!

I am very excited to train with Coach Jenni for my upcoming marathon. One session has already had an impact on my training, I look forward to the next one. Her skills, expertise, professionalism, communication and encouragement are more than I expected. I am so glad I found her through CoachUp and highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their running skills.

I didn't take up running until my mid forties and Jenni helped me not only become a better runner but helped me believe I could really BE a runner.

I have spent the last 4 months training for a half-marathon with Jenni, and I could not have had a better experience. She is extremely knowledgable, supportive and fun to train with. She has helped me become more than ready for my race!

Jenni is incredible, motivating, complete and extensive in her review and recommendation's. Great personality and fun to work with on my training. HIGHLY recommend her for your coaching.

Jenni is a knowledgeable and skilled coach. She has recommended tips that have helped my son with his efficiency. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing guidance on running.

Jenni pays close attention to detail and provides, clear, explicit direction and tips to improve your running. My goals were to increase speed and prevent injury. She dramatically improved everything about my running from form, to cadence, to posture, to the exercises I needed to strengthen the areas where I was weak and reduce the likelihood of injury. She delivered tremendous value. Not only will I refer her to anyone that runs, I plan to use her services again in the future!!

Coach Jenni is great with my son. Within an hour, she was able to give him tips on his running to help with his cross country race the same day, exercises to help with his ankle pain and engage him and n a way that made him want to schedule again. Not easy with a teenager! Thanks Jenni!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My husband and I have only had one session with Coach Jenni so far, but she was already so helpful in working with us on our forms and letting us know what exactly to focus on. It seems that it would be really easy to get bogged down in a lot of little changes but Coach Jenni helped us pick the biggest areas to focus on and is really encouraging! We are really looking forward to our next session with her.

Jenni - thank you so much for my session this morning. Your training has made all the difference. You've given me the confidence to keep pushing and persevering and I'm so grateful for that. You're an inspiration and I look forward to working with you again soon.

(no details provided)

Coach Jenni was amazing and understanding. She was very skilled at helping me improve greatly while teaching me how to prevent injuries and great technique. She was very supportive, and even attended my first 5k with me.

After just one session with Coach Jenni, I can tell she is everything I have been looking for. I have put this off for quite some time but she put my mind at ease with her ability to answer my questions and concerns with confidence and tons of running knowledge. Can not wait for the next session. I would recumbent Jenni to all of my friends!!

Coach Jenni is very patient and knowledgeable.
Hoping with her help to make my time and distance goals this year.
Strongly recommended for new runners

Coach Jennie is amazing, she is energetic, tentative, and has an excellent way of understanding what you want to get out of running and making it a reality for you. She also gives you a lot of information and exercises that help you better yourself as a runner. I would highly recommend her for any athlete at whatever stage you are in, from beginner to advanced level!!!

Working with Jenni was great! She is very personable and really took her time to help me in getting the basics in reaching my goals. I am training for my first half marathon and I am not a very experienced runner. Jenni helped me with my form and other things personalized to what I had told her that I needed help with or wanted to work on. I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking to improve their running.

Jenni is a great running coach and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their running efficiency. She is also a great coach for beginners. She knows her business. Chris

I went to Coach Jenni to help me qualify for Boston, break 1:40 in the half marathon, and stay injury free. Needless to say, her training plan has done just that. I ran a 3:26 marathon, qualifying me for Boston, and just ran a 1:33:50 half marathon! All without injury. I'll definitely be using her expertise to help me train in the future!
Coach Jenni helped me find my speed again. After one assessment & less than a month of working on my form and stretching on my own, I took my 3-mile hilly run from a pace of 10+ min/mi to 9 min/mi to 7:26 min/mi. It feels good to run fast again. Coach Jenni determined my hips were too tight & I wasn’t getting the full range of motion. She showed me several stretches to do daily to loosen my hips & then gave me a number of items to focus on while running including cadence, soft feet, power, engaging my glutes, etc. Now when I get tired & my form would normally fall apart at mile 4 or 5, I know what's happening & what to focus on. I was a good runner in my younger years, but after two kids & a running buddy moving away my motivation & my speed had left me. I knew my hips were tight, but I didn’t realize how much that was affecting my running. I’m shocked at how quickly some stretches & a couple tweaks to my form improved my runs.
I found Jenni through google and it was an amazing experience. At the time, I felt like I wasn't getting any faster even though I was doing speed intervals and my fitness increased through cross-training. I felt like my gait was off and I didn't know how to fix it. Friends and trainers in the gym gave me a few tips here and there, but nothing compared to working with Jenni. I'm the type that needs to see to learn and understand what's going on. On the first session, Jenni was the most bubbly and friendly person I met. She made me feel comfortable as we jogged around the park. She took videos, analyzed it and talked about my stride & body position. The follow-up email was thorough, informational and was a reminder about what we worked on. Although I'm not in Denver currently, I have referred her to my brother and friends, and even out of town friends who will be visiting Denver. I know I still have to work on my running technique but Jenni gave me the skills and reinvigorated my love for running. You should definitely shoot Jenni a message and work with her to improve your speed, work on your form or if you just want to get excited about running again!
Even if you don’t think you need a running coach, you need Jenni. And if you are looking for a running coach, you won’t find anyone better than Jenni. She radiates so much enthusiasm, encouragement and positive energy, that you will always leave a session feeling happy, more inspired and confident about reaching your goals. And it doesn’t stop with the session. Afterwards, she sends you a detailed recap of everything that was covered and more, including a review of your strengths and areas for improvement, written descriptions of all the stretches and exercises she taught you, and ideas for how to incorporate them into your daily routine. Her joy in running is infectious, and she has a wealth of knowledge on every aspect, not just fitness,form, and training, but also shoes, equipment, nutrition, fueling, etc. She will help you practice how to improve your mental strength and use positive self-talk to get to the next level. I’m so glad I found her, and if you decide to meet with her, you will immediately understand why, and no doubt become a fan yourself!
I consider myself a novice runner I started running about 5 years ago and I’ve completed a few half marathons. I started running to get into shape and learn that I liked/hated pounding the pavement it wasn’t until I had time to work with Jenni and I learned some techniques to make it truly enjoyable. I am now able to go almost twice the distance with the same amount of effort and this is due to what I learned in one short session her I would recommend her as a running coach to anyone wanting to reach the next level whether that be from a novice runner or a expert just trying to shave a few seconds of their time. I’m looking forward to having my family work with her so my children can get the most out of there runs
Jenni is inclusive of all runners and will provide a running experience that is both challenging as well as rewarding.
Jenni is an amazing coach. I joined her run club a few years ago, and while I never defined myself as a 'runner' Jenni has helped me to transform my image of myself. Not only does she help with the intricacies of the actual sport, but she pushes you to believe in yourself (not judge yourself off of others) and celebrate your triumphs when they occur.
Jenni possess a love of running that is infectious. Throughout the year, she sets multiple goals for herself which makes her a great coach. She understands the benefits of setting goals - - both big and small - - and celebrating the achievement of each.
Jenni is a very knowledgeable runner and motivating coach who always stays positive and shares helpful tips and encouragement. She helped me build my endurance to complete a 10K, and I increased my mileage and speed while training more than I thought I could do because I was having fun and had learned more about running.
Jenni makes running fun. She's got this ridiculous recipe that goes a little something like this: she's welcome, warm, and inviting so that any activity--even running--sounds fun. She adds to that knowledge, great technique, personal experience, and athletic physiques which help inspire you to get to where she is. To top it off, she wants to share this passion with others and will go out of her way to help you achieve what it is that you want. Voila!
Over the past year, Coach Jenni has shown me the benefits of hill and group training. Prior to joining her, my running performance had plateaued and frankly, I was a bit bored. Training with her provided a team environment that promoted much needed growth. She opened my eyes toward trail running in the front range and have challenged me to accomplish things I never thought possible.
I've really enjoyed the positive outlook and energy that Coach Jenni brings to group workouts!
Jenni Nettik is about removing the barriers of intimidation and excuses. Through encouragement and friendly group runs I've been able to find adventure, joy and fun in my running.
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