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American Record Holder, World Champion gold medalist, 2012 US Olympic Trials finalist, with over 20 years of experience in the pool. I coach youth, adults and seniors. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Pasadena, CA
  2. Beverly Hills, CA
  3. Arcadia, CA

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles

  • University of Southern California (CA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprint Freestyle, Individual Medley, Distance Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke

  • Technique, Starts, Sprinting, Relays, Pulling, Pacing, Open Turns, Kicking, Flip Turns


  • University of Southern California (CA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprint Freestyle, Individual Medley, Distance Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke

  • Technique, Starts, Sprinting, Relays, Pulling, Pacing, Open Turns, Kicking, Flip Turns

More About Coach Jasmine

*** 2023
The swimmer must provide a pool, backyard or facility. If it is a facility, please call the facility to see if outside coaching is allowed.
Please mention where you are located/where the pool is located and your availability. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you!


I’m Jasmine Tosky, former US National Team member and USC student-athlete. My coaching style is influenced on my experience as a well-rounded athlete, qualifying for Olympic Trials in all strokes and lengths and competing on the international stage for consecutive years. I’ve swam under and worked with Olympic coaches during my competitive time at Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics, University of Southern California, and both on the US Junior National Team and US National Team. At PASA I coached and learned under former 2004 US Olympian Diana Kirk. While training as a student-athlete at USC, I coached and swam under legendary coaches Dave Salo and Jon Urbanchek. I worked with competitive swimmers at Salo Swim Camps and helped evolve USC’s outreach program at Bethune Middle School. Aside from working with competitive swimmers, I’ve taught 3+ year old toddlers how to swim and be water safe, as well as casual swimmers of all ages during my time at the Jonathan Club and Immaculate Heart High School.

My role as a coach isn’t just to tell you what you need to do in the water, but help you understand why a technique or muscle group works a certain way. My goal is to help you learn intuitively how to swim, to understand solutions vs. memorize answers. To do so I’ll join you in the water as needed and suggest gym, drylands, and/or rehab exercises to supplement your swimming.

I have privately coach abroad in Manila, Philippines and Hong Kong. If you reside in Manila, myself or my co-coach are around the Makati/ BGC area a few months out of each year to coach.

If you have any questions please reach out!

Jasmine Tosky

International Swimming awards representing Team USA
* 2013 University Games Kazan, Russia
* 2012 Short Course FINA World Championships (1st-4x200FR relay) Istanbul, Turkey
* 2011 Long Course FINA World Championships (1st-4x200FR relay) Shanghai, China
* 2010 Short Course FINA World Championships (1st-4x200 FR relay (American Record)) Dubai, UAE

Swimming Top World Rankings:
- 2012 (21st-200FLY / 53rd-100FLY / 60th-200IM)
- 2011 (27th-200FLY / 62nd-400IM / 42nd-200IM / 62nd-100FLY / 63rd-100FR)
- 2010 (26th-200FLY / 28th-200IM / 31st-200FR / 36th-400IM / 46th-100FLY / 52nd-100FR)

USA Swimming Competition Awards
* 2013 US Nationals (6th- 200 FLY / 7th-200 IM)
* 2012 US Olympic Trials (7th-200 IM)
* 2012 LC US Open (2nd-200 FLY / 3rd-100FLY / 5th-200FR)
* 2012 SC Nationals (1st-200FLY / 1st-4x50FR relay / 2nd-4x100IM relay / 3rd-200FR relay / 3rd-400FR relay / 5th-100FLY / 6th-200IM)
* 2011 LC Nationals (7th-4x200FR relay / 8th-4x100FR relay / 8th-4x100IM relay)
* 2011 SC Nationals (2nd-200FLY / 5th-100FLY)
* 2010 LC Nationals (2nd-4x100FR relay / 3rd-4x200FR relay / 5th-200FLY / 8th-4x100IM relay)
* 2010 SC Nationals (5th-200FLY / 2nd-100FR / 3rd-4x50FR relay / 3rd-4x100FR relay / 5th-4x100IM relay / 6th-400IM / 7th-200IM / 9th-4x50IM relay)

* 2011 LC Jr Nationals (1st-400IM relay / 1st-100BR / 1st-100FLY / 1st-4x200FR relay / 1st-4x100FR relay / 4th-50FR)
* 2010 Jr Pan Pacific Championships (1st-200IM / 1st-4x200FR relay / 2nd-200FR / 3rd-100FLY ;/ 3rd-100FR / 6th-200FR
* 2010 Jr Nationals (1st-100FLY / 1st-200FLY / 1st-200IM / 1st-200FR / 1st-4x100FR relay / 1st-400IM / 1st-4x100IM relay / 1st-4x200FR relay / 3rd-100FR / 3rd - 50FR)

College Swimming Awards
* Five-time All-American
* 2014 NCAA (4th-800 free relay / 5th-200 relay)
* 2013 NCAA (5th-200 FLY / 6th-4x200 FR relay)
* 2013 PAC12 (2nd-4x50 FR relay / 3rd-200 FLY)
* PAC12 Conference Swimmer of the Month
* ESPN mention and Female athlete of the week

High School Swimming Awards
* 2009-2012 CCS 12 time champion
* 2012 Top High School Female recruit
* Broke oldest High School record, 100FLY - by Misty Hyman
* 2012 Swimming World Female Swimmer of the Year
* 2011 San Jose Sports Hall of Fame- Female High School Athlete of the Year
* 2011 Mercury News Female Swimmer of the Year
* 2009-2012 High School Most Valuable Swimmer

The Session Plan is created between myself and the swimmer/parent and is tailored to the needs and goals of the athlete. Together we discuss the swimmer's strength's and weaknesses, progress and goals to create productive and creative swim sessions.

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Client Reviews

Jasmine was very knowledgeable and great with answering questions.

(no details provided)

Coach Jasmine was awesome! My girl is 9 and she was able to engage with her and make it a fun call while going over what she needs to concentrate on the next two weeks! We can’t wait to meet with her again.

Coach Jasmine was excellent! She watched all the videos of my daughter in the pool and was able to give her very specific feedback to improve performance. My daughter is a competitive swimmer and was looking for ways to shave time off her races. Coach Jasmine gave her excellent tips that my daughter practiced and she could instantly feel the difference. Her swim coach in fact noticed and commented that her dives looked much better!
I admit I wasn’t expecting much from this experience, but figured it was worth a shot. Both my daughter and I were blown away with how great it was! Coach Jasmine is lovely, helpful, encouraging, and gave excellent technical advice. I would recommend this coaching service (and coach Jasmine!) to anyone.

Jasmine was patient and took the time to get to know my daughter. I was looking for a coach who can relate to her challenges and successes in being a competitive swimmer. I would highly recommend her!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Jasmine provided such a valuable help for my kid! It is obvious that she is extremely knowledgeable yet she understands the challenges young swimmers face in practice and competition. Those specific details are so critically important. Thank you, Jasmine, for your work!

Love this coach! She is kind and thorough and relates with young athletes well. We couldn’t be happier with her amazing feedback and support!

(no details provided)

Jasmine connected with my 13yo daughter immediately and gave her some great tips about getting back into the pool after a 3-month hiatus due to the pandemic.

Coach Jasmine took her time with our daughter going over every stroke in detail. She pointed out all the deficiencies that she needed to improve on and how to get it there. She also gave her a very good recap that she printed at home to go over. We plan to schedule more sessions with her on a regular basis.

(no details provided)

Coach Jasmine is really patient and understanding with you. My first session with her helped me get back in the water and regain familiarity with everything swimming related. She also gives great tips to ensure that your stroke form helps you achieve as much speed as you can with the most efficiency. No matter what your goal is, she will be sure to generate a thorough plan that will help you achieve it!

(no details provided)

It was a very positive experience for my daughter... Coach Jasmine first talked to her about her swimming goals... She was with her in the water. Watch and video her.. work on techniques. She is very patient and very supportive...my daughter is excited and looking forward for the next training... She also send is some feedback and what to donon practices everyday... cant wait for the result.... Thank you coach...

coach Jasmine was absolutely fantastic. She gave my14 year old son great technical advice and was in the pool training with them for the entire session. He is preparing to join the swim team in high school in the Fall and with Coach Jasmine help I'm sure he'll have no problem. We are were currently working on her specific program tailored for my son and will see coach Jasmine for additional session. Thanks coach, Ryan and Scott.

Thoroughly impressed by coach Jasmine!! I'm sure when the time is right for her; she will be a college coach if she chooses....My 12yr old daughter absolutely enjoyed the training session. Jasmine observed her butterfly stroke from both above and underwater, Giving immediate feedback on corrections. Will update any time improvements after first LC meet. Thanks Jasmine🤙🏽

Jasmine is awesome. She was on time to the session, easy to communicate with leading up to the lesson, and most importantly my kid enjoyed the time with her.

She even followed up with a recap of the lesson via text which was great. That shows the lesson doesn’t end after an hour. There is a sense of commitment and care there.

Clearly Jasmine has the credentials, but the connection with the student is critical. And that was instant.

I highly recommend Jasmine for your child.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We arranged for Jasmine to coach our teenage son online as great coaches are in short supply in our area. Jasmine was very responsive. Per her request, we sent her videos of his practice. Then she video-conferenced with him. She gave very specific feedback and sent videos to demonstrate the corrections she wanted him to work on. It was great to have such a qualified coach work with him one on one.

Coach Jasmine is an excellent coach. My daughter has dropped time in freestyle and breaststroke in just one session. She cannot wait to go to her next session to improve more. Thank you Coach Jasmine!

(no details provided)

Coach Jasmie was great with our 8 year old daughter. She helped fine tune issues we were having in breaststroke. Would recommend her to anyone wanting a dedicated coach.

Jasmine was great.
Shocked to have my Daughter ask if she can do that again.

Great Coach!! I took both my kids ages 10 and 11 to Jasmine. I saw great improvement in both my kids in the first session. Jasmine is very detailed, she paid close attention to what they needed help with. I really liked that she would go under water to see how my kids were swimming, many coaches do not do that. I really felt that she goes above and beyond! After practice she even sent me a summary of what my kids should work on, I really recommend her! My kids loved her!

Jasmine is greatly appreciated by the kids and her work is professional. She is reliable and know how to teach to the kids.

For a 1st time user of coach up, we pick a great coach. Jasmine was friendly ease to to communicate with and kept my daughter engaged during the entire session. She provides extra training with a written plan for improvement. I will definitely book with Jasmine again. Thanks CoachUp for provinding this great resource.

Johns Creek

Great coach! Helpful and patient.

Jasmine is wonderful! Not only a patient teacher, but also really points out exactly where the problem areas are and techniques on how to fix it. We saw lots of improvement in just one session and are excited to keep learning and keep training. Highly recommended!

Very impressed with Jasmine! She developed instant rapport with our daughter and quickly identified things to work on. She clearly has a passion for her coaching and want to help kids swim faster, while at the same time, have fun doing it.

Coach Jasmine provided great advice and coaching skills for our 11 year old competitive swimmer over the phone. She reviewed the video of our daughter and provided a list of things to work on. Additionally she offered to send a recap of the conversation for our daughter to have a record of. We are looking forward to our first swim lesson with coach Jasmine.

Coach Jasmine’s athletic achievements and coaching experiences translate to providing valuable swimming techniques that my daughter was able to incorporate into her swimming routine immediately. She connected with my daughter really well and was able to make the session fun and exciting. I’ve highly recommend Coach Jasmine for anyone parents who wants their children to learned the mechanics of each swimming strokes, therefore, would make them excel in their respective swimming team.

Jasmine is a wonderful coach! She took her time to teach my son better technique and kept on him making sure he got it and understood why. She was extremely patient with him and all his energy. We appreciate all her effort and she is definately a world class coach! We will book more sessions with her going forward!!! Can't wait to see his progression going forward.

(no details provided)

Definitely gave me things to work on and my technique has improved tremendously!!

I enjoyed watching you swim during your time at USC. The swimming community is lucky to have you now as a coach. Fight On!
We have worked with Jasmine for the past 3 years. Every time we fly to The States we have our son work with her at her pool or our hotel pool. Even though the hotel pool is small, she finds innovative ways to practice technique and strength. Our son is now placing top 3 in our regional meets in his breaststroke and freestyle.
Coach Jasmine helped my kids (4, 11, and 15) learn how to swim. In just one session they learned much more with her than with other coaches they've had in the past. She creates a fun and interactive atmosphere which makes sessions fly by for my kids. Thank you Jasmine!
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