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  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher, Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning


  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher, Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning

More About Coach Dillon

Growing up in a huge Baseball town (Poway CA) I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best baseball coaches in San Diego county. I was a walk on LHP my senior year at Poway High (top 10 in the nation at the time) where I learned how to effectively train as an individual, in small groups, and as a team. I wanted to learn everything my coaches had to offer from their experience competing in the Minors, College, and MLB. From their training I got to see my teammates work hard and achieve their dreams through effective training daily. That was when I realized competitive baseball is a lifestyle. The faster you find your ideal training routine, the easier it will be to crush your long term and short term goals.

After high school I continued to play high level +18 wood bat leagues and tournaments for fun. At 20 years old I played for the semi professional team called the San Diego Samurai, which was a team that helped Japanese players gain exposure in the US, and US players get seen by scouts in Japan. Meeting these high level Japanese prospects showed me a different style of training that I found extremely interesting and felt the results from adding these workouts and drills to my routine. This got me signed with and agent and gave me the opportunity to play in the Shikoku Island Winter League Plus. It was an amazing experience that took my training to the next level.

When I got back to the US I traveled the west coast trying out for multiple independent leagues and tournaments. I would always look for a team that had a high level training program so I could continue my growth and knowledge as a player.

In 2014 I interned for a Sports Agency in San Diego while playing for the Samurai. I got to see the other side of baseball that helps players get scholarships for college, and college players get drafted or signed overseas. My job was to connect high school players with college scouts and coaches, interview players for showcases, build player profiles to track growth on a monthly basis, and schedule tryouts for professional baseball.

In 2015 I was offered by a scout I met in Japan to go to Toronto to pitch for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I accepted and received a plane ticket to leave that week. Pitching in that league I got to experience first hand what it was like to pitch in a hitters league. The fences on most of the fields were well under 400 ft making it a fun challenge to keep the ball down and let your defense do the work. I enjoyed the challenge of having to go after hitters and grow accustom to pitching to contact and attacking the strikezone early. I gained a significant amount of knowledge from competing multiple games per week starting and relieving in the IBL.

I moved to Oregon after the season ended and created a workout program to hit the gym hard in the off season. It was my first time lifting heavy in my adult life, and I switched from long distance running to sprints when I worked cardio. Adding this to my daily routine along with throwing long toss daily I got my weight from 165lbs to 202lbs, and my fastball from 85mph to 91mph. Experiencing the difference the weights, stretching, sprints, and diet made on my pitching gave me supreme confidence on the mound.

I returned to Toronto the next season in significantly better shape and tore it up on the mound all through Spring Training. But it didn’t last long. I was unable to continue lifting in the gym during the season since I was not a Canadian citizen. I felt the difference on the mound as the season went on and felt my fastball drop into the 80’s again.

From 2016 to current day I have been grinding training with athletes from the ages of 7-39 years old in Albuquerque NM sharing everything I’ve learned first hand. I assess each player individually and help them come up with an ideal arm care routine, injury prevention, how to maintain gains throughout the season, making each repetition effective, and condition the player to throw fast and accurate with a healthy arm.

I am very passionate about Baseball, and I love teaching all age groups and skill levels. Throughout the many years of experience in this sport I can help streamline the training routine to get the max benefit out of each session.

If you’ve made it to the end of this, I truly appreciate you for your time! I hope to get in contact with you soon so we can get to work asap and crush your goals!

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Poway High School Walk On 2010
San Diego 2010-2014(Premier Baseball League)
Japan 2013 (Shikoku Island Winter League Plus)
San Diego 2013-2014(Western Baseball Association)
Toronto 2015-2016 (Intercounty Baseball League)
NABA Tournaments 2010-2021(San Diego Sluggos)
Pecos League 2022(Roswell Invaders)
MABL 2022(Duke City Angels)MVP

Start off with a Player Assessment. This will allow me to identify strengths and weaknesses in the athletes throwing mechanics through video analysis, record average velocity and max velocity, and create a custom training plan for the athlete. Every athlete I work with has a custom training plan based on skill level, location, and training availability. If you have an ideal location to train, I would be willing to travel if we can align schedules and plan in advance. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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Client Reviews

Coach Dillion is a great coach,he is very patient with my son and has taught him so much in a sort amount of time. We are very impressed with the skills he has to tech and how passionate he is about what he does. We are excited to continue to work with him.

Coach Dillon is super friendly and welcoming. You can tell that he loves baseball and loves coaching kids even more. My son has a great time during our first assessment with him and can’t wait to go back.

Great approach working with my 12 year old son. Within 30 mins into the first session, had my son throwing the hardest he’s ever thrown.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We had a great first lesson, my son is excited to go back and feels like he learned a lot just in the first lesson.

Coach Dillon is a good trainer, he helps with getting me good at pitching and throwing hard. He’s honestly the best at what he does and I think he’s awesome and I like working with him. He helps me think about what I’m doing and helps me do it the right way so I don’t get hurt. I hope I can be really good like coach Dillon someday. I can’t wait to work with him some more.

Dillon is awesome to work with! He’s knowledgeable, encouraging and has gotten me very excited to see the improvements I’m capable of. I would recommend his coaching to anyone playing baseball.

Thanks Dillon!

Coach Dillion is awesome! I especially appreciate his positive reinforcement as his students progress to the next level.

He’s great! My son loves doing lessons with coach Dillon. He’s always very responsive to messages and on time. Highly recommend.

Very pleased with the first session, Coach Dillon was professional, communicative, and showed great knowledge on the skills taught. Our son was very responsive to his coaching. We are looking forward to the work he will put in to support our son.

Coach Dillon was very knowledgeable and professional. He tailored my son's training session to suit his skill level and helped him work towards sharpening his skills. He was excellent and my son really enjoyed working with him. I would definitely recommend coach Dillon for athletes of any age.

In the first 3 sessions with coach Dillon we have already seen great improvement. His knowledge and technique are exceptional. His patience through the learning process is impressive. Best coach for our son hands down.

(no details provided)

Coach Dillon is such a patient, knowledgeable and amazing coach! My son is very comfortable and happy with him. Looking forward to many more coaching sessions!

Dillon is very personable and easy to work with.

Great coach very attentive to the players. My son will be better because of his coaching.

Great knowledge of all aspects of baseball with a focus on pitching. From form,to arm position, release and finish. He breaks it down and shows you. Very patient and encouraging attitude, he truly wants you to succeed and wants to be kept in the loop on the progress. Highly recommend Dillon as your pitching coach!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Dillon is an exceptional pitching and arm are coach! I was lucky enough to have coach Dillon work with my team on several occasions. I have seen tremendous improvement of each of the kids he has worked with.

My son in particular was having some pain in his elbow due to the way he was throwing. Dillon has worked with him in multiple sessions to correct his throwing and rehab his arm.

Coach Dillon works with 9 year olds up to high school age kids. All of my kids on my team look up to him and want to work with him when he’s around. If you want a great throwing/pitching coach, look no further!

(no details provided)

My son is loving the instruction and support that Coach Dillon gives.

Dillion is quite the mentor. He understands the kids and every workout is athlete specific. Highly recommend Dillion and his arm program.

(no details provided)

Tristin had a blast with Coach Dillion. He gave him excellent feedback that he could incorporate during the lesson in addition to things he could work on at home.

So glad I met coach Dillon, stand up guy really knows his stuff. After training my 14 y/o boy who just started playing in two sessions we’ve seen major improvements already.
He’s awesome and if anyone is looking for a baseball coach look no further, Dillon is THE MAN !

(no details provided)

Coach Dillon is a great coach. He’s patient with the kids and they are amazed at his talent. Thank you coach!

Very impressed! In one session Dillion reignited a passion in my son that I have not seen in a while. Very knowledgeable and passionate with great attention to detail. He provides insight and feedback in a very positive manner. Highly recommended!

Ayden has had 10 sessions with coach Dillon and he has improved in many areas after each session. Coach Dillon is encouraging and supportive of all of Ayden's efforts in becoming a better ball player. I would highly recommend this program and Dillon to all players who want to improve their skills.

Awesome very excited to have Christian learn from Dillon

Coach Dillon has worked with my son on several different occasions. Dillon is very skilled and knowledgeable. He has been able to connect with my son and get him to work harder then any other coach that has worked with him before. He has gone the extra mile to work with not just my son but my entire team. I am the coach of a 13u travel baseball team. Saying that I have had an amazing group of boys for several years and Dillon has maid my entire team a better baseball squad. He has worked one on ones with them and he has also worked with the whole team as a group. My boys are lucky to have coach Dillon and we will continue to have him work with our boys.

(no details provided)

Dillon has been an awesome coach so far! He's extremely patient and has so much to offer players of all ages become better at the game. He recognizes their strengths and builds on it, and where a player needs help he has great trainings/workouts to help develop their skills. We are excited to have our son continue working with Dillon and see all he can accomplish!

I highly recommend Coach Dillon with his many years of experience. I have seen huge improvements in my son’s baseball skills, and his confidence has grown substantially. Coach Dillon always has new ideas that keeps my son interested and focused. He is amazing!

Coach Dillon is extremely optimistic and excited to see you progress. As an older player, it’s hard to imagine improving at my age. However, Coach Dillon created a great plan for me and makes me excited to get to work! Impressed by his attitude and spirit to instill knowledge in students and fellow players.

Coach Dillon has been great his arm strength program has been great and I highly recommend using of his services. My son went from being so uncertain about continuing his pursuit to play the game to gleaming of confidence. He not only builds the strength he builds the character.

Coach Dillon is very motivated to teach and train. He’s also very positive and my son always looks forward to the next training session.

Our son is a fairly new player to the game and wanted to find someone who could provide him extra practice outside of his team practices. We reached out to Coach Dillon who we found while researching online, let me just say, he completely blew our expectations out of the park. Our son just hit a week working with Coach, and in just this short time we have not only seen great physical improvements, but tremendous knowledge in the game. We are now fully committed to working weekly with Coach Dillon as we can see the passion behind his coaching program. Our son truly enjoys and looks forward to attending his sessions and has become more excited with his future in baseball. Coach Dillon's dedication, knowledge, commitment, communication, passion, and coaching methods are highly professional, and greatly impactful to players who love the game. As a parent who wants to give their child the best guidance and support in the game they love, we would highly recommend Coach Dillon for ANY and ALL baseball needs. We are truly grateful for the hard work he puts in every session!
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