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Using my international, college and professional playing experience to train and develop athletes to be their very best with energy, passion and dedication. View all coaching experience

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Strength and Conditioning
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Discuss multiple sessions package with coach after first practice.

Session Length: 1 hour

$65 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Liberty University (VA)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Nutrition, Conditioning, Aerobic

  • Upper Body Strength, Thera-Band, Speed/ Agility, Rehabilitation, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Core Conditioning, Balance


  • Liberty University (VA)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Nutrition, Conditioning, Aerobic

  • Upper Body Strength, Thera-Band, Speed/ Agility, Rehabilitation, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Core Conditioning, Balance

More About Coach Uriah

Fredericksburg FC: 2016
Athens Drive High School: August 2014 – November 2014
Coastal Christian High School: August 2013 – February 2014
YMCA Wilmington: May 2013 – February 2014
Lynchburg Soccer Mania Official: November 2009 – January 2013

Caribbean Club Champion 2015
Drafted by MLS team Philadelphia Union
CFU Olympic Qualifiers 2011
FIFA CONCACAF U-20 World Cup Qualifiers 2009 Trinidad
Under 20 World Championship, Egypt

Central FC (T&T) — December 2014 - May 2015
Carolina Railhawks (USA) — March 2014 - November 2014
Wilmington Hammerheads (USA)— March 2013 - August 2013
Trinidad and Tobago Under 23 National Soccer Team— December 2010 - 2012
LU Men's Soccer (USA)— October 2009 - 2012
Joe Public (T&T)— August 2008 - January 2011
Trinidad and Tobago Under 20 National Soccer Team— August 2008 - October 2009

Brazil, Cyprus, Turkey, England, Korea, Venezuela, Egypt

2015 Senior National Team member
2013 - Drafted by Philadelphia Union of the MLS
2010 - 2012 Big South All-Conference team
2011 Big South Defensive Player of the week for Sept 21
2009 - 2012 Big South Presidential Honor Roll
2010 VaSID All-State first team
2010 National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)/Performance Subaru South Atlantic Region team

My goal is to execute high quality drills to enhance players' endurance and strength skills while keeping sessions fun and enjoyable! A typical session consists of:
-Warm-up (functional jog and stretch to prepare the body for maximum output)
-Plyometrics (quick feet exercises to help improve balance, coordination, foot speed, speed of thought)
-Technical work (moderate to high repetitions to improve proper posture and techniques)
-Review (feedback, questions and ideas to improve future sessions)

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Client Reviews

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Coach Uriah is very knowledgeable and patient with the players. Highly recommend him as a trainer!

Coach Uriah was fantastic. My son was here for summer and he said he learned so much. He kept wanting to do more practices. We will definitely be using him again. He really knows what he is doing and ensures the training sessions are structured and challenging.

Amazing coach!

(no details provided)

Coach Uriah is great! like all the other reviews state he builds confidence in the kids and they enjoy it. He has a special way of getting the kids focused and completing the goal at hand. My son is 5 years old and I can't wait to see where he will be after attending a lot more sessions.

Very good coach

He is awesome

Excellent, skill focused training tailored to fit what my son’s individual needs are. Coach Uriah seems to know exactly when and how hard to push. We are impressed and will be back.

Excellent Coach!!!!!!

Coach Uriah was great! He was so kind and willing to really get to know my son. His words and knowledge about soccer are so helpful and encouraging. I would highly recommend him!

he was fine

Great session. Coach Uriah is very thorough and will push you through the work hard.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very good session. My son is looking forward to his next session with Coach Uriah. We are looking forward to him getting to the next level.

Coach Uriah is the best! I am preparing my 14 year old daughter who has been playing rec soccer for college scholarships. In each session, he was able to motivate her with supportive, informative statements regarding taking her game to the next level. During his sessions, he effectively points out what went well, specific areas where she needed improvement and always ended each session with positive and supportive comments.

Great coach

It was a top notch, challenging and fun training session for our son!

Coach Uriah, did an outstanding job in his first training session with my daughter. I highly recommend parents book sessions for their children. Your child will benefit immediately. G.T.

(no details provided)

Coach Uriah is the real deal. He was friendly and professional. Not a moment of time was wasted during my son’s first session. Not only did he run him through many different skill drills but he provided feedback the entire time. Looking forward to many more sessions with this outstanding coach!

Coach Uriah’s approach to training and instilling confidence in his players is top notch ! After one session with my son I saw significant improvement in his skills overall and his confidence. Coach pays close attention to areas that need improvement and zeros in with positive constructive feedback and training. Five Stars.

Coach Uriah had a great session with my son. He worked hard and is motivated for the results that we know Coach Uriah can bring to the table.

(no details provided)

Coach Uriah was awesome! Very professional and pushed my son in a positive way. After session 1 I could already see improvement.

The best coach my daughter has ever had. I would highly recommend him.

Coach Uriah was personable, professional and very knowledgeable of the game. Highly recommend

(no details provided)

Excellent coaching and genuine care and concern for all his players.

Coach Uriah is a great coach. My 12 year old son took an immediate liking to him. Not only due to his obvious skills but also due to his very outgoing personality. My son really benefited from working with Uriah regarding his skills and his confidence when playing. I look forward to more sessions.

Excellent Coach. After only 5 minutes, no really, after 5 minutes I saw my daughter master a soccer skill that I have tried to teach her for weeks. Before meeting with coach Uriah, I mentioned that my daughter soccer skills were very raw and that he would need to be patient with her. As promised, coach Uriah delivered! During the 45 minutes working with my daughter he exercised tremendous patience and demonstrated a unique style in connecting with my daughter so that she trusted him.

Coach Uriah constantly changed his method of teaching when my daughter experienced difficulty performing a drill. Simply stated, he was flexible and adjusted to my daughter skills set. This was the most impressive part of the session.

I live in Woodbridge and met him in Stafford VA but the drive was well worth it. I asked my daughter in the car how did you like the session. Her response "daddy it was fun and interesting" This sealed the deal for me, I am booking another session ASAP!

Coach Uriah was an amazing coach! He was quick to identify areas for improvement in a positive way and then clearly demonstrated proper technique. He gave ongoing encouragement and made practice fun! He was about positive skill building, which improved not just my daughter's technical skill, but her confidence in her skill.
We would highly recommend Uriah!

Coach Uriah pushes and motivates during the drills and exercises he has you do. I enjoyed working with him in his first session and immediately purchased more sessions after working with him.

Coach Uriah is a outstanding Coach. He takes the time to explain each drill, then he shows the player how to carry out the drill before he has them perform it. As the player performs the drill he'll ask for their input to ensure they understand what they are doing, be it right or wrong.


Coach Uriah is awesome. Very patient and straight to the point when our 7 year old.
Paying close attention I was able to observe coaches techniques, skills and game. Very impressed with his practice structure. Highly recommend!

Coach Uriah demonstrated a great work ethic while creating a friendly and fun environment in which to train my son. He was responsive to my son's cues when he needed an extra rest. My son enjoyed his initial training and liked Coach Uriah's positive encouragement. He stated, "I like that Coach Uriah didn't give up on me and kept pushing me to try." One can tell Coach Uriah enjoys helping athletes sharpen their skills. If you're in need of individual training Coach Uriah is a must try.

Coach Uriah was great! During our initial session Coach Uriah taught my daughter techniques she hadn't learned her 5 years of playing soccer. He was very attentive and challenged her to work harder to maximize her potential. I look forward to working with Coach Uriah to build on my daughter's skills and make her a major competitor on the soccer field.

Coach Uriah was everything that I hoped he would be and more! Hayden was super nervous on the way there, but Coach Uriah put her at ease immediately. It was like he had coached her forever! He kept her active and engaged the entire session. Hayden can't wait to train with him again so we booked an 8 session package as soon as we got home. I would highly recommend him and look forward to watching her progress over the summer.

My son and I had an excellent time meeting and training with Uriah. He was focused on making sure my son enjoyed himself. Coach Uriah showed great patience, very knowledgeable and we're excited to continue working with Uriah's guidance! The many drills he used my son enjoyed and has been practicing on them nonstop.

Coach Uriah was incredible! In one session, my daughter's skills and technique improved greatly. He was so patient with her and really good at making her feel comfortable. I loved that Coach Uriah would give her instruction as a coach and because is an active footballer himself, was able to also show her what personally helped him master the skill as a player. He was great at balancing the session with a mix of drills that pushed her out of her comfort zone and drills where she is currently more skillful so her confidence stayed up. I can't say enough good things about Coach Uriah. I'm not exaggerating when I say I was CONSTANTLY texting my husband about how impressed I was with his instruction. My daughter is super excited for her next session. I would recommend Coach Uriah to anyone!

My daughter really enjoyed her first session with Coach Uriah and is looking forward to her second. He was able to challenge her physically and mentally.

Very impressed! Coach Uriah is the real deal!!! My son is looking forward to many more sessions with Coach Uriah. He takes time to correct mistakes and encourages the player with a positive attitude. He’s a great coach and mentor! Thank you Coach Uriah!

Coach Uriah did a great job showing my 7 year old some basic soccer skills. He was very attentive and patient with him and my son enjoyed the session very much.

Coach Uriah is amazing, very down to earth and really connects with his players. My personal experience with him was great, and he is very forgoing about helping you reach your goals and pushing you to be the best version of yourself. I highly recommend looking into booking a session with him because of his knowledge of the game and his personal time playing it as well.

Coach Uriah is a true professional. He is passionate and dedicated to assisting players develop skills and confidence on the field. Communicates and executes plans, requests feedback from both parent and player, to effectively assist the player accomplish skills.

My 18 year old daughter loved the training session. I observed her session and she got a first class training and workout. After one training session with Coach Uriah, she is eagerly looking forward for the next session.

Coach Uriah came prepared and ready to train my son. He had great agility and passing drills that were challenging, but fun. My son really enjoyed his training session... .."It was awesome". We are definitely planning to have more training sessions with Coach Uriah.

Just had our first session with Coach Uriah, and as a parent, I was immediately impressed with his positive energy and the instant connection he made with my son! Ace left out of there pretty excited about his future sessions with Uriah and also with a new confidence of feeling he'll be able to get ready for the upcoming soccer season. I left out of there feeling like my son may have a new mentor.

My 8 year old son has been training with Coach Uriah and I have to say he is very professional and his training is better then what my son is getting in his travel league. It is faster and has him going the entire hour. I will continue to have coach Uriah train my son to continue his development! I would highly recommend coach Uriah for anyone looking to have an elite training session.

Great energy and technique. Responsive to each player's needs while instilling a better understanding. My son enjoyed his first session immensely and asked for more as soon as we got into the car.

I had a great session with Coach Uriah he is a very good coach and he takes time and makes me fix my mistakes! He will help you with the things you need to work on Thank you coach Uriah for a great session!

(no details provided)

After just one session my son felt a comfort with Coach Uriah that he sometimes never feels in an entire season. He had my son doing drills that I am positive are going to produce quick and lasting results and helped make conditioning fun. He even gave us an opportunity to condition with them. We definitely picked the right coach and can't wait until the next session!

Coach B, I want to thank you again for your time. I was not sure what to expect using Coach-Up. I feel you bring a great credit the organization. My daughter Emma still speaks of you in high regard and when her coach asks her where she learn her new techniques she proudly says " Coach B " . I would highly recommend Coach Uriah to any one, he was patient with my daughter and took the time to ask questions for a better understanding of her level of soccer skills which in turn impressed me and made for a very fun and productive session. We look forward to booking Coach B again.

Coach Uriah, will push you physically and mentally demanding the best from you each time. Working with him has helped motivate myself more and in only a month my skills, mentality, and physicality have improved drastically. As well as this Uriah is a great friend and truly cares about the improvements I make each week.

Coach Uriah taught me so much in one session. I've never played soccer besides at school and I already learned how to kick the ball the correct way and how to pass the ball. Highly recommend him.

Coach Uriah, will push you physically and mentally demanding the best from you each time. Working with him has helped motivate myself more and in only a month my skills, mentality, and physicality have improved drastically. As well as this Uriah is a great friend and truly cares about the improvements I make each week.
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