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I’m a coach lead by PURPOSE and PASSION! Founder of nonprofit organization Lifesports Athletics & Mentorship Owner of Vision Driven Training View all coaching experience

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  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defensive Line, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Linebacker, Defensive Back

  • Special Teams, Cutting, Blocking, Tackling, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Catching


  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defensive Line, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Linebacker, Defensive Back

  • Special Teams, Cutting, Blocking, Tackling, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Catching

More About Coach Tyree

I have 10+ years in coaching and training athletes from all ages, from beginners youth to high school athletes. I have coached at youth level, pop warner, AAU, middle school and high school levels. I was an assistant coach in North Carolina at Harnett Central Middle School and defensive assistant coach for Harnett Central High school. I also coached in North Carolina as a assistant coach for Over Hills Middle School and defensive coach for Overhills High school. In 2020 I started a 501(c) where I was the owner of Life Sports Athletics and Mentorship Inc, where we focused on building youth up and teaching them life and sports. I am trained and is certified in USA football.

I played semi pro for 8 years.(Philadelphia panthers in Philadelphia, PA and with Carolina Ducks in Fayetteville, NC. I was 6x defensive captain and team captain.

A session with Coach Ty! Expect high energy and coaching with passion. Also attention to detail on every clients weakness and strengths. Building drills and sessions based on the individual clients position. Very hands on. I won’t just tell the drills, I teach the drill. I show the drill. Explain why the drill will help and improve the client skillset and how the drill will translate to game like situations.

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Client Reviews

Coach Tyree was amazing. My son loved it. He was very encouraging and gave positive motivation. My son can’t wait for his next session.

(no details provided)

Coach Tyree is amazing!!! My son is new to football and started with flag but wants to play tackle next fall. He was very kind and communicated right off the bat what his plan was for my son and what they were going to work on. Watching him coach my son brought a smile to my face. He was so encouraging, correcting his form as they did the drills, hyped him up, and made him feel like a pro! His attention, encouragement, and knowledge of where my son is in his football journey and where he wants him to be was so great. My son talked about how much fun he had with coach Tyree all evening and we look forward to working with him for a long time! Thanks Coach!

Great training with my son (13yr old)

The first comment my son made after the initial session was “Mom, that was so much fun!!! When can I go again and how many times a week?” Coach Ty is encouraging, patient, and takes the time to breakdown the fundamentals which is especially important for our 9 year old. We will book additional sessions and know this will help in our son’s development…on and off the field.

Coach Tyree was awesome! He is the perfect mix between positivity, motivational, and a no-nonsense coach. It was great to see the drills they work on in person. My 12 year old worked hard and was dying at the end but it was worth it!

Coach Tyree has been able to establish rapport and increase confidence in my 9 year old within the first session and continue to grow it further with each additional workout. He individualizes the workout and mixes up the activities for the entire 60 minutes! Great investment in my kid, his abilities, and with a quality Coach.

Awesome coach

Coach Frisby is a rock star. He continues to grow my son’s skills. We look forward to every season each week.

Today was my sons initial football session with Coach Tyree. He was very relatable, knowledgeable, professional and motivating. My sons former football skills will now be enhanced! My son is excited to have future sessions! An, I would certainly recommend this coach!

We are so excited to have coach Tyree help our son! He is motivated, encouraging, and really pays attention to the details. Our son already adores him after just one session!

Coach Tyree did great with my son! Lots of energy and they worked on some great drills. Zane is excited to continue training with Coach Tyree and we are excited about getting our younger son training with him as well.

Coach Tyree was great to work with. He was prepared, on-time, and worked great with my son.

Coach Tyree is good at what he does. My 7 year old son loves every bit of his work out. We booked another session with coach Tyree. Really looking forward to it.

My son just finished his first session with coach Tyree and absolutely loved it. We already booked more sessions!!

Wins and losses today will not determine their character when they are adults but learning how to handle them will.
One day a child walked up to me, he did not say one word to me. Instead of using his words to respond to me, he just shook his head for yes or no. How I was taught, you were to speak when being talked to, especially if its an adult. Later that day we had football practice. I noticed that the same young man was not putting in much effort during practice. I knew thats something had to be going on that he was acting the way he was. The next practice, he was late, I seen him just standing at the gate. I overheard his mother telling him to get off the gate and join his team for practice, practically forcing him to get on the field with to practice. At that point, I knew it was my duty to walk over there to see what the issue was with this young man. As I walked closer, I notice he was still grabbing at the gate and was crying because he did not want to play football. I talked to him and explain to him so many things about life and about Football. After 10 minutes of talking, he joined the rest of the team to practice. It was that very moment, that very day, from that point on this young man came to practice on time. Every practice he worked harder and harder and always gave 100%. There were times were I seen this same young man who at one point didn’t want to play, he begin to talk to other kids on the team, he began to vocalize and interact more with his team. By the end of the season, that same young man who had no motivation to play showed leadership, in which, it led him to be the captain of the defense line. I told him I knew he had it in him all along and was very proud of him. The young mans parents came to me one day and thanked me for coaching him they have seen a total change in him and his behavior. They said that he is a total different person from who he was the beginning of the season and who he is now. His parents also made it known that he’s obedient on and off the field. At home he was honoring his parents by completing chores and being responsible. She stated he was also being more active in school by participating in school activities and vocalizing his opinions, there were also a great improvement in his grades the teacher notice his improvements at school. Who would have known that one conversation, would change ones life? During my 11 years of coaching I’ve won titles and championships but the story and memories like this that goes straight to the heart and is what I do it for. To impact lives like that. That’s the true reward.
You either doing something to prepare to succeed.. Or doing nothing to prepare to fail..
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