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I've been a successful QB from winning a Texas state championship, WAC player of the year at the U of NM, to six years in the NFL and I can help any Quarterback improve skills. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Dallas, TX
  2. Frisco, TX
  3. Southlake, TX

Coach is willing to travel up to 5 miles


Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Stoney. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$125 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Stoney. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$355 3 sessions ($118/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Stoney. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$1150 10 sessions ($115/ea) + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

6 session package with Coach Stoney. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$710 6 sessions ($118/ea) + applicable fees

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  • University of New Mexico (NM)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Wide Receiver

  • Catching, Throwing, Footwork, Pass Defense, Route Running


  • University of New Mexico (NM)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Wide Receiver

  • Catching, Throwing, Footwork, Pass Defense, Route Running

More About Coach Stoney

One of the most important traits a QB needs to have in order to be successful is great mechanics. Unfortunately, not many coaches on the high school, college, and even pro level know how to coach good mechanics. To me, what makes a great QB coach is a coach who has played QB. I've played and been coached on all levels and understand and communicate the importance of great arm and foot mechanics which will improve accuracy and confidence in any QB.

High School--1989 2nd Team All-State (TX) QB
for Odessa Permian (yes, the high school from Friday Night Lights)
--1989 Tx. 5A State Champions and ESPN National Champions

College--4 year starter at QB for the University of New Mexico
--1994 WAC player of the year
--first QB in NCAA Div. 1 history to pass for 9,000 yards and rush for 1,000
-- in 1994 led the NCAA with 33 total TD'S and 3,649 total yards

Professional--1995 3rd round draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals
--Arizona Cardinals 1995-1998
--Baltimore Ravens 1999
--Detroit Lions 2000
--Tampa Bay Storm 2004-2005
--San Jose Sabercats 2006
--Tampa Bay Storm 2007-2008

Each session runs for about an hour and will be tailored to each client based on existing skills. I focus on everything from ball grip and throwing mechanics to footwork for 3, 5, and 7 step drops from under center or in shotgun as well as throwing on the run. I also instruct QB's how to project leadership qualities through confidence in play calls and voice inflection. I guarantee to help improve release, accuracy, mechanics, and arm strength through a wide variety of drills.

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Client Reviews

Willing to work with students from the ground up, awesome coach!

Stoney is very personable and friendly (as well as obviously experienced and knowledgeable). My son loves working with Stoney, and Stoney has the gravitas to relay messages and coaching tips to great effect. If you're lucky enough to get on his schedule, I highly recommend that you do so.

(no details provided)

Coach takes the time to work on the core fundamentals so that the bad habits are not formed.

Great coach booked 3 sessions to start first session was awesome for my son and is excited for more!

Coach Stoney provided a great learning experience. He made a real effort to accommodate our schedule, since we were from out of town. This was the first QB-specific coaching for my son, and over two sessions Stoney was able to diagnose his bad habits quickly and then try and work on those from many angles, without making things too complicated. Drills blended seamlessly, and he also gave my son some exercises to do on his own. We will look forward to booking a follow-up session next time we are in town!

Great coach, very knowledgeable! I learned a lot in the few sessions I booked. I will be booking again when I’m back in Dallas.

Awesome coach. Thanks for helping my son.

Coach Stoney is awesome! My son clicked with him and had a great time. Looking forward to future sessions.

(no details provided)

Due to an arm break and two surgeries, my son had to take a break from football for a year. His first session with Stoney got him pumped up and ready to get back into it. The drills he taught him were helpful and helped boost my son's confidence.

It was a great first session with Coach Stoney. We look forward to the positive results from future sessions.

My daughter and I love to throw the football in our backyard; it’s one of our favorite activities. For the past few months, every night we throw for about 30 minutes. So I thought surprising her with a Christmas present of a formal lesson from a pro would be a fun experience.

I have to say that Coach Stoney exceeded our expectations. Not only did he share more technique and knowledge than we could have imagined, he also provided context and the strategic rationale behind all of his instructions. My daughter came away from the lesson with far more than just a few tips about how to throw better. She now has deeper understanding of the game and significantly more interest and enjoyment from watching games on TV.

I realize that the overwhelming majority of Coach Stoney’s customers are kids that are serious and competitive in high school and collegiate football. However, if you’re considering Coach Stoney for more of a social and enjoyment angle, I can’t recommend him highly enough. He tailored the lesson to what we wanted and delivered an incredible experience.

The best coaching I have seen in years. And he works hard beginning to the end. The mechanics and corrections are the best I have seen anywhere for years.

Tons of experience and the patience to match. Had a great experience with Coach Case.

Great first session
Stoney identified some issues that Chris will work on and he can wait until his next session

My first ever football practice and Coach Stoney made me feel comfortable with what I had. Definitely recommend for anyone who is trying to get better!

My son had a great first practice with Coach Stoney. He was organized and was quick to gather exactly what skills needed to be worked on for immediate improvement. Coach Stoney broke down the mechanics behind passing the ball in a way my son grasped easily. He offered positive constructive feedback to my son and was patient when teaching and explaining directions.
Already, his coaches see improvement in his throwing. The lesson was thorough and my son is looking forward to another coaching session.

Fantastic coach who gave my son great advice and new skills

(no details provided)

I appreciate how Coach Stoney is able to tailor his instruction to meet the immediate need(s) for his players!

Coach Stoney is extremely knowledgeable and runs an efficient training. My son learned so much in an hour session. Stoney is very direct with feedback and holds the kids accountable. Great experience, well worth the investment.

(no details provided)

My student-athlete felt he worked to understand him from the inside out and how he thought as an athlete during the session. Worked hard at preventing overthinking, didn't try to destroy his mechanics but improve them, and provided a post-session assessment which is rare. We will engage this coach again.

Coach Stoney is exactly what my son and I were looking to get my boy throwing skills to the next level...

Exactly what my son needed!

Excellent 1st session with coach Case. Coach Case was very efficient in identifying poor habits and implementing correctional drills. Coach Case was very patient and observant on how to best approach instruction with a first time athlete.

Great 1st session with Coach Case. Felt like he had been working with my son all along.

(no details provided)

Straight to the point and very systematic. Couldn’t have been better.

Coach Stoney was terrific during his first session with my 10 year old son! We will definitely be booking more sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Case was absolutely amazing in our session. My son (12yrs old) has never played QB and came away with a great foundation of mechanics and detailed instructions on what to work on. We are going to stick with Coach Case on this new journey my son wanted to embark on.

(no details provided)

Very thorough, easy to get along with, easy going and unique teaching style. My son has gone to two sessions and we can already see him improving. Definitely will keep working with Stoney!

Stoney was great! Very patient but intentional with his lessons. Helps out the individual and not just run em through drills. Keeps it productive and my 9 year old son enjoyed the session from start to finish. Amazing job keeping his focus. Thanks.

Great first session! My son learned plenty for homework...Looking forward to next sessions.

Coach Stoney is amazing and his focus on the teaching the right Mechanics is spot on! Luca, my son, has already made dramatic improvements in his game. I would highly recommend Coach Stoney and I am excited about our next sessions.

Thank you Coach Stoney!

(no details provided)

Coach Stoney has a love of the game of football that is very infectious. I learned more in the first five minutes than I’ve learned in many years. What’s even better is he has a way of connecting with young kids that makes them strive to keep getting better each session. He teaches my son something new every session. His throwing motion, footwork, strength and accuracy have improved dramatically. Great coach!

Coach Case was awesome! My 11 year old learned so much in just one session!

(no details provided)

Coach Stoney was really great and super patient with my 2 boys just starting with QB'ing. They learned a ton their first session!

My 9 year old just had a session with Coach Stoney. He took so much from one lesson that we are excited to start more sessions and watch his development grow! Coach Stoney maximized every minute of the session and tweaked my son’s mechanics and he’s already better! He even taught my husband a few things to take with him and work on for homework.

He’s very nice coach.

My 8 year old loves working with Stoney... He's great with kids and obviously an expert in his craft...

Great first lesson. Attention to detail was a plus. Can’t wait to get more work in.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great session. Coach Stoney is friendly and very enthusiastic about what he does. If quarterback coaching is what you want he is definitely what your looking for. Highly recommended!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great practice, connects very well with my 6 year old son. Spotted his weaknesses and focused on them. Will definitely schedule more.

My son loved Coach Stoney! He gave a lot of feedback during the training session, a lot of instruction to want he was doing incorrect and let him know when he did well. We saw some improvement in his mobility after one session so we will Definitely booking again.

(no details provided)

Coach Stoney is AWESOME! He was very responsive and flexible when I was setting up my son’s first session. He came prepared. He introduced himself and asked a couple of questions and got right to work. My son learned a great deal in his very first session. Looking forward to more sessions with Coach Stoney!!

(no details provided)

Great with my kid and awesome communication before, during, and after the trial workout. Really looking forward to watching my son grow under coach Case’s tutelage. I’ve already recommended coach Case to a friend. Anyone looking for elite coaching should reach out to coach Case.

Coach Stoney does a great job instructing my son. He is extremely knowledgable and is fun to work with.

Coach Stoney is a great coach! We've been working with Stoney for a short time but I have already noticed my son's improvement and he really enjoyes his coaching. If your looking for one of the best QB coaches around, Stoney is the man.

My son has been playing tackle and 7 on 7 football since he was 5 years old, at the QB position. Coach Case has corrected many of his bad habits (side arm, bad footwork etc...) in just 3 sessions. I look forward to more sessions as my son has improved immensely after every workout. Coach Case stresses proper mechanics, and keeps my son engaged for the full hour.

(no details provided)

Great detail and communication. It is always nice to feel like the teacher genuinely cares about the development of their pupil.

Excellent first session. My son will definitely benefit from training with Stoney on regular basis.

Stoney connected quickly with my 11yr old son. If you are looking for a QB coach this is the guy. He breaks down the basics to small movements and then builds on this through the lesson.

(no details provided)

Coach Stoney was wonderful. He broke down the mechanics of both the quarterback and wide receiver positions in short, concise lessons that made sense to my grandson. Though my grandson has a lot of natural talent, the more intense work on developing good mechanics really made a difference. And my grandson responded very well to Coach Stoney. We are definitely going to schedule more time with him.

Great session with Coach Stoney, very informative and prepared for the session. My son looks forward to working with Coach moving forward.

Coach Case was absolutely great with my son on his first. Immediately got to work and improving his mechanics, footwork and accuracy.

We were immediately comfortable with him. He didn't waste any time either. When we were done with the first session we had plenty of info and plans on what to work on till the next session. Glad we made the choice to match up with Stoney.

Coach Stoney is amazing to work with. His coaching style and training skills are exactly what QB’s need. He not only evaluated the throwing motion and footwork for my son, but he explained why adjustments were needed and how they would make him more accurate and efficient. His drills are effective and reinforce proper mechanics and real football situations.

Coach Stoney was incredible to work with. He immediately saw some minor mechanical issues with my sons throwing motion and his positive approach really resonated with me and my son. Highly Recommend!

I highly recommend Coach Stoney! My son is training with him and his coaching is having a big effect on my son's throwing performance. Terrific help on his passing technique and style. Coach Stoney's obviously has the expert QB skills from the NFL, and he is able to teach it. He has the personality that is effective for coaching a young athlete.

Coach Stoney was an incredible mentor to a young athlete. Very prompt and engaging. My son came away with technique and drill advice from genuine nice guy.

Coach Stoney was great with my son. It is great working with someone who is not only highly knowledgeable but who also knows how to patiently work with my teenage son.

Coach Stoney was a terrific coach! His training and techniques are like none we have seen before-definitely top notch. We would recommend Coach Stoney to anyone. What a great coach!!

Coach Stoney was great! He was very knowledgeable and very patient with my son. We were very impressed with his experience and his ability to translate that to my son. We look forward to scheduling more sessions with him in the future.
Thanks coach Stoney

Stoney was great and gave great practice tips. We are looking forward to continuing coaching with him!

Coach Stoney was awesome. My son Jake improved greatly in just one session. Looking forward to more.

My son really enjoyed his first session and is looking forward to further sessions with Coach Stoney

Coach Stoney is a great coach. My son is already showing lots of improvement after his first session and we will be scheduling more sessions in the future.

Coach Stoney is an amazing coach! His knowledge and experience in football and especially in the quarterback position is not easily matched. It would be nearly impossible if not completely impossible to find another coach with the amount of experience and talent as Coach Stoney. If you are looking for an offensive skill position coach, you will find the best available with Coach Stoney.

I have truly enjoyed the way Stoney has coached my son. He explains everything in a way that my son understands. His ball handling skills and route running have improved! I look forward to more sessions to see more improvement! Money well spent!!!!

Coach Stoney worked with my 10 year old son, and after only one session, he already made changes that have led to a visible improvement. He worked really well with my son, and we will definitely continue to work with Coach Stoney.

Coach Stoney was great with my son. I definitely see improvement after just one lesson. We will definitely be scheduling more training with him. He was very patient and could see exactly what needed to be done with my son's mechanics after just a few minutes. Thanks Stoney!

Coach Stoney is great!! After one session my son has improved his foot work and machines. Looking forward to the next workout!

I am already seeing improvement in Jacob. Coaching with Stoney was the best thing I did. Looking forward to to our following sessions

Unbelievably great coach, taught me things that I thought I was doing right, can't wait to book again.

Coach Stoney does an Awesome job, and his heart's obviously in it. He gives constructive feedback, our son has improved a lot since working with Stoney! Great quarterback coach.

Coach Stoney is a steal! You are truly getting 5+ star training. He is very knowledgeable and is a natural teacher. You WILL improve after training one day with him. He is all about getting it right and will coach you until you do. We enjoy his feedback after each session, he highlights accomplishments and points out what needs to be worked on. We feel lucky to have found him to train our son.

(no details provided)

Definitely feel improvement in my skills. Stoney is very knowledgeable in football and motivating. He will find what you need improvement on and help you perfect it.

(no details provided)

Stoney helped me achieve my goal of getting a scholarship to UTEP. He really improved my mechanics and footwork and I'm thankful for that.
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