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Since I've coached over 100 swimmers to the U.S. top 16,and mentored 7,000+ students to 3.8 GPA, with over 30K of unique equipment, I can help you reach your goals! Please hire me! View all coaching experience

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Trial Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Steve. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + one-time fee

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

12 session package with Coach Steve. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$1170 12 sessions ($98/ea) + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Steve. 60 minute session dryland and 60 minutes in the water

Session Length: 2 minutes

$950 5 sessions ($190/ea) + one-time fee

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

14 session package with Coach Steve. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$1300 14 sessions ($93/ea) + one-time fee

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Land and Water
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Each session is two hours: One hour of dryland training, video analysis, motivational and goal setting and the top swim specific weight room in America and one hour in the water with underwater video and hands on improveme... See More

Session Length: 2 hours

$1900 10 sessions ($190/ea) + one-time fee

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OnLine Video Coaching
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Send me a video of your meet or practice and I'll give you feedback including comparison with ideal drills and strokes, turns, etc. and a prescription for excellence! I'm an expert biomechanist with over 100 top ten athlet... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + one-time fee

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  • California State University--Fullerton (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Distance Freestyle, Individual Medley, Open Water, Sprint Freestyle

  • Flip Turns, Kicking, Open Turns, Pacing, Pulling, Relays, Sprinting, Starts, Technique


  • California State University--Fullerton (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Distance Freestyle, Individual Medley, Open Water, Sprint Freestyle

  • Flip Turns, Kicking, Open Turns, Pacing, Pulling, Relays, Sprinting, Starts, Technique

More About Coach Steve

After forty years of coaching and teaching at all levels of USA Swimming, High School, College, and lessons, I began mentoring and writing books, publishing DVD's and software for swimming and academic mentored education. I also speak and run workshops at ASCA, the Olympic Training Center, the Canadian High Performance Coaches Convention, etc. I am now President of Tropical Penguin, Inc. and CompetitiveSwimmer.com. I invent and sell new specialized training equipment for swimmers. In private lessons I get in the water, video, and show you what to improve. I require you use an EyeSwim for personal stroke video between sessions and that you stay in touch with me by e-mail giving me your workouts and success stories. I also require you complete a goal card. I'll send you the Excel interactive format by e-mail. My goal has been to be the most effective one-on-one coach in the world and I strive to improve in every way. I'm not for the casual swimmer or average student, but you don't have to be elite to be treated that way. I also have one of the best dryland facilities in the sport right here in California and we sell equipment to the top Universities and other teams and individuals around the world. I believe that swimming faster and stronger is fun! I admire my client/swimmers/academic students of all ages and abilities. If you have a passion to improve I can't wait to work with you. With a great foundation, and only with a great foundation, will you reach your potential. But you will need to be coached as a whole person so I am prepared and trained to help you in all areas from time management to spiritual growth, from strength and prehab, to fitness and flexibility. You will be called a genius, in or out of the water. You and I will know it's simply spark and deep passionate practice that makes you the champion you will become.

I competed in many sports, from running to soccer on the forth best team in the NCAA, to baseball and basketball. But swimming is my true love as a coach. The fact that no one can take your success from you -- that an improvement in time or stroke length and fitness is personal and your place on the victory stand is less important than your success as a person -- that's exciting and controllable. As a biomechanist I find it simple to solve problems quickly and with fun. I have coached over 100 swimmers who learned with me (not recruited from other teams) who rose to the National top 16. I have coached swimmers who have reached world rankings who learned to read the pace clock from me. Over a dozen swimmers became leaders and team captains of their college teams and now many are doctors, teachers, engineers and scientists, etc. Most still swim as do their children.

The first thing we do is look at the goals you set for yourself. If you're already a competitive swimmer, we set goals in every event, even if just for training and balance. Then we get in the water and video. We count your strokes for the length of the pool. We might test 100 flutter kick, for example, to see where you are and give you an idea of how to clarify your goals and make your dreams come to reality. I ask a lot of questions to help you with the process of giving yourself and me feedback.
If you're not a competitive swimmer, or aim to reach college level academics before most people, I might be overkill, but a lot of people enjoy having a passionate expert teaching them to leap into a new level of what they love. Either way, we start where you are and progress at your rate. You can't do this in a big group. Thirty swimmers on a team or class means 2 minutes each per hour and most of that time your eyes and ears are in the water. One session with me is often equal to months of interaction in a traditional coaching or teaching environment.

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Client Reviews

The best cure for a long time competitive swimmers plateau is Coach Steve!! He has invented and utilizes advanced swim specific equipment designed to build speed and perfect stroke. Coach Steve formulates velocity based training, pace charts, bodyline and balance. He mathematically analyzes stroke time and effort percentages in order to achieve desired time cuts. Coach Steve has a keen eye for swim. He immediately saw needed corrections on my sons stoke from watching one short iPhone recording I made while standing on the side lines of a race. He’s the best!

We are so glad that we found Coach Steve, his knowledge in swimming is incredible, we were able to see improvement with our daughter after just one session. Very few coach would be willing to go into the water with a camera, the swimmer gets to see the video right away to see if changes have been made, that’s a great help.

Can’t wait for our next session.

Thank you Coach Steve

Steve is an excellent swim coach. From his detailed breakdown of professional swim skills on the big screen to his hands-on patient guidance in the pool, he zeroes in on your particular needs and works tirelessly to improve your skills.

His world-class approach to training takes in not only the physical aspect but the mental toughness required to compete at your highest level.

I improved within a single session. I look forward to more improvements in my skills and abilities in future training sessions with Steve.

I highly recommend him.

Coach Steve is simply amazing. He puts you at ease and meets you where you are. I am excited to learn more. I have more confidence even after only my first session. I can't thank him enough for putting me at ease from the start. I'm ready to face a long standing fear from childhood and truly learn to swim with confidence. Thanks Coach Steve!!!

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We are all in. My daughter had one session and I can see a change in her attitude. She was encouraged and now has the confidence and desire to become a great swimmer. Coach Steve is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about swimming. He really enjoys what he does. I highly recommend him as swim coach.

Steve is a great coach which we were looking for, He knows what my son’s goals and how to help him to getting better and better, we looking forward to working with him on next step, Thank you!

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Just finished a session with coach Steve for my son Ario. Coach Steve is simply the best. Period.

Steve is a great coach. He encouraged my daughter to outline clear goals and to take ownership for working towards these using a data driven approach. Steve was very effective in using underwater video in communicating areas for improvement . Look forward to working with him.
Raj M

Coach Steve is extremely knowledgeable and an outstanding teacher. We have had our 3rd session and my daughter is already improving as a whole person and is now thinking about what she needs to do and be in order to be an outstanding swimmer. What I really like about Steve is he coaches from the heart and is extreme passionate about his trade. I would call him an expert in his field. Steve is results oriented. Times and numbers tell a story. He also has a sense of humor so it brings fun to the already intense sport. I would call him a serious coach and very dedicated to what he does. He also exudes confidence and intensity so if your someone that needs help in this area in the sport of swim he can help develop this as well. There are so many mental aspects of swim not just physical and as his resume says he coaches the “whole person.”My daughter has big swimming goals and dreams this year so we look forward to continue to work with Steve to achieve those.

Coach Steve is very knowledgeable and patience with my boy. Leander said he already improved after his first lesson on breathing. Leander is a beginner and with wanting to tryout for his swimming team at school. Saturday noon was our initial lesson with Coach Steve, even though it was one short hour, we went to LA Fitness to practice more after our initial training with Coach Steve. Leander went from 2 laps with hard to catch up with breathing to 6 laps without feeling tired. thank you Coach!

What makes Coach Steve stand out is that he teaches with his heart and a lot of passion and these, combined with his skills, set new standards for coaching. Thank you for caring and inspiring the swimmers beyond our expectations, Coach!

I like the way Coach Steve trains. He uses video which I think is a must for swimmers of all ages. It is much easier to understand what a coach is saying by looking at video as well as for a coach to really see what us going on). In my experience, few swim coaches do this. Also working with kids re goals is important.

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Extremely knowledgeable coach with all the tools to coach the whole child. Coach Steve is passionate and enthusiastic about helping kids succeed not only in athletics but in all disciplines of life.

Coach Steve knows everything about swimming!

Coach Steve is awesome, I needed a personal trainer to get me on track to achieve my goal as an ocean lifeguard in Orange County, he has setup a strict workout plan for me and declared that when I pass the tryouts he will help me by sitting on a mock interview, and he is also a super nice guy!

(no details provided)

All I say is “Wow”. Coach Steve is a great coach. Great motivator. I would recommend Coach Steve to anyone.

Great coach. Looking forward to working with him.

My 13-year-old daughter had her first session with Coach Steve. She was nervous at first but Steve's approach immediately calmed her nerves. He quickly gained her trust and began some helpful tips on how to approach her swim meets and training methodology. He used a variety of tools to demonstrate correct techniques and how to improve her weaknesses. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of all aspects of swimming as well as the approach to improving her mental toughness. The value of information was worth far more than the cost of the session. I would recommend Coach Steve for the novice to the expert swimmer and we will be back again for more sessions.

Update 8/5/17 - Olivia competed in the OCSC Swim Finals the day after her first session with Steve. She shaved off 3.5 seconds in the 100 Freestyle and 2.5 seconds in the 50 Freestyle. Recorded her best times yet. Placed 2nd in each event.

(no details provided)

Coach Steve has been a tremendous help to my daughter. She is stronger both mentally and physically. Especially helpful has been video recording her underwater and reviewing areas in need of improvement but also areas of strength. Coach Steve encourages her to work hard and always finds ways to point out what she is doing well, thus boosting her confidence. My daughter is responding very favorably to Coach Steve and his coaching style. We highly recommend him.

Without a doubt, Coach Steve is a GOLD standard coach. I really enjoy his coaching which is very easy to understand and follow. He has an unique coaching style. He breaks down his instruction into distinct steps. He catches whatever error in your swimming and teaches an easy way to improve and excel the technique. He makes you feel confident, comfortable and motivated at any level you are (from beginning level to competitive athletic level). Only with one lesson with him, I completely knew how to backstroke, back float and improve my freestyle. I could learn and acquire necessary safety and swimming skills from 2 lessons. My confidence in the water is highly uplifted. I love and enjoy what skills I have acquired and I have a high expectation on my future level when I work with him. I can't wait to see what new things I could learn from him next lesson. I feel lucky to work with a great coach like him. He coaches Olympic swimmers so his coaching skills and techniques are outstanding and powerful. Not only do I think swimming is a great exercise but getting to know how to swim should be also a great and enjoyable experience for every leaner. And ALLl you need is hiring coach Steve!

Coach Steve radiates energy, passion for and knowledge about swim. He challenges the athlete to pursue excellence and discipline in swimming and in academics. He requires the athlete to send him their daily swim practices which is useful for him to evaluate but is also a good exercise in discipline for the athlete. In addition, he works on the psychological aspect of swimming to help the athlete break mental barriers. Coach Steve also uses various means to teach technical skills in swimming including videotaping the athlete and reviewing it frame by frame and then using comparison videos of world class Olympians to drive the point home. There is no room to wonder if the technique he is trying to teach is effective or not when you watch those Olympians! Finally, he has a workout gym with specialized swim equipment that most swim clubs do not have. Training with Coach Steve is really a well-rounded approach to the whole "system" - the athlete's swim technique, the mindset of a champion, the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life and complementary dryland training on specialized equipment designed specially for swimmers. Overall, an excellent experience!

My son had first lesson last weekend with Coach Steve. The way Steve trained and taught about swimming, wow! It was an eye opening for both my son and myself. We are looking forward to the next lesson.

Coach Steve is a great coach, he went above and beyond our expectations. My son enjoyed the session had had with Steve.
Steve made it so interesting and exciting with his knowledge in all departments. I would totally recommend Steve to other athletes.

My son really enjoys the session with Coach Steve. My son learns quite a few things from Coach Steve, and he's very excited to future sessions. In talking with Steve, we found him very passionate about sharing his knowledge in swimming. He also gave great motivation talks to my son. We're looking forward to a fast, strong swimming future with Coach Steve.

My kids began going to coach Steve in April. I never new I could meet someone who talked more than me LOL :-) He is so unbelievably awesome with the kids. I have a 15 year old and a 8 year old training with Steve. I am one of those mom's who always want to be involved, but with swimming Steve takes over. It is obvious that his mind and passion is swimming and enjoys producing winners. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Alter only the second session I can see improvement in my kids. Cant wait until they start dropping those times and passing up the competition. But most exciting they are even more excited about it as well!

Finding Coach Steve was like hitting the jack pot. He is a mad scientist inventor who has built the most comprehensive gym in his own garage. He's very passionate and focused which inspires me to go further. I need every bit of it as I plan to swim the Catalina Channel with hardly any prior experience. Having Coach Steve, though, I feel gives me the best shot at beating the odds. He's an absolute character as well, never a dull moment. I highly, highly recommend you include Coach Steve if you plan to be a great swimmer.

My daughter (12) has over 4 years of competitive swimming experience and had participated and won top spots in JAG, WAG, JO's, Club Championships, and few other prestigious meets. She had numerous coaches in the past, but was totally blown away when she met Coach Steve. Coach Steve views swimming as both art and science and has designed and improvised myriads of tools/machines to help swimmers improve on their techniques and muscle strengths. In addition to swimming, he also have swimmers set academic goals, so they will be able to excel both in sports and school and become a better person. I would recommend Coach Steve to anyone who is serious about swimming.

Steve Friederang has been a constant source of knowledge and challenge for me with my coaching and training over an extended period of time. His ability to think outside the box and challenge the status quo and improve the coaching concepts of those fortunate enough to know him is well recognized by those who know him. Regards, Bill Sweetenham -- Former Australian Swimming and Great Britain Swimming Olympic Coach and National Team Director
Hi Steve. You have lead a life of creative innovation on many fronts in the swim coaching industry which have been real winners in the full range of an athlete and coaches careers. This is just another example of your lateral thinking and real determination to support modern coaching and improved athletic performances. Well done. Bill. Ps use this with liberal abandon." Bill Sweetenham -- Coach of more Olympians than anyone in history; former Head Coach of Australian and British National and Olympic Teams, author and worldwide speaker and tutor. Sent from my iPad
Hi Steve. You have lead a life of creative innovation on many fronts in the swim coaching industry which have been real winners in the full range of an athlete and coaches careers. This is just another example of your lateral thinking and real determination to support modern coaching and improved athletic performances. Well done." Bill Sweetenham (Coach Sweetenaham as Head coach of Australian and British Swimming has produced more Olympians than any other coach and has sent coaches to Steve for training). Steve is one of the most innovative coaches in the world." Dr. Ernie Maglischo, author of Swimming Faster, and coach of NCAA Championship teams.
Steve, you need to start coaching again," Gregg Troy, USA Olympic Coach from London during the 2012 Olympics. Steve is a multiple time winner of the Counsilman Creative Coaching Award," Bob Steel, former Coach Education Director, USA Swimming. I have used your videos and products to help my swimmers reach their potential." Dr. Ernest Maglischo, author Swimming Faster series and NCAA champion coach and world renown technical researcher. I use Cool Coach, Steve's software. It's far advanced and uses some of my own research." Dr. Richard Sharp, former director of the International Center for Aquatic Research. Steve changed our lives -- he didn't just coach swimming. He had more influence on me than anyone else and I attribute much of my professional and personal success to his coaching me in my formative years. I went from not being able to make a flip turn to a full scholarship and beyond under his instruction as did many of my teammates." Emmett Clark
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