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15 years of Varsity High School Head Coaching Experience View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Willow Glen High School, 2001 Cottle Avenue, San Jose, CA

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles


Football Skill QB (TRIAL WORKOUT)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package. 60 minute session length (TRIAL WORKOUT)

Session Length: 1 hour

$40 1 session + applicable fees

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Football Skill QB
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 session package 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$240 4 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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  • San Jose State University (CA)

  • 21 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Teenagers

  • Quarterback

  • Throwing, Footwork


  • San Jose State University (CA)

  • 21 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Teenagers

  • Quarterback

  • Throwing, Footwork

More About Coach Ron

I was a varsity high school head football coach for 15 years in the Central Coast Section and coached overall for 21 seasons. Our teams were highly successful with 3 league titles and 9 playoff appearances. My area of specialty is training football quarterbacks.

High School Football Quarterback: Gunderson HS in San Jose, CA 1981 to 1983. All-Section in 83, MVP of League in 83, MVP of team in 82 and 83.

Junior College Football Quarterback at San Jose City College in 84 and 85

The most important thing I do initially with each quarterback I work with is an assessment of footwork, drops, and throw mechanics. Based on my evaluation, I devise a specific plan for each client with the goal of achieving a complete QB profile that consists of the following...

- fundamentally sound throwing mechanics, drops, and footwork skills
- knowledge, execution, and efficiency in all of the essential play families (quicks, dropbacks, sprintouts, fast & slow screens, runs, play actions, RPO's, pumps, brokens)
- communication and leadership skills with an emphasis of displaying these qualities in a no huddle/fast tempo offensive format

Being ready to compete for a starting job on Day 1 of your team's pre-season practice camp is something my training style prioritizes highly. To do that, you having a complete set of QB skills is absolutely necessary, and is what my training program emphasizes greatly!

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Client Reviews

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Coach Ron did an excellent job working with my son on speed and agility. It was great getting updates on the progress being made in each session. Would highly recommend working with Coach Ron. Appreciate the amazing support and expertise in training.

Coach Ron is an excellent QB coach. I've learned so much from him already - he's really helped me improve my footwork, throwing and communication skills as he helps prepare me for high school football. I could not be happier with the progress he has helped me make so far and I look forward to continue working with him!

Coach Ron has become an integral part of my son achieving his high school quarterback goals. We are on our second year of working with Coach Ron. His knowledge of offensive and defensive strategy as well as the technical aspects of quarterback skills are top notch. Thanks Coach!

Coach Ron is awesome! My son really enjoyed coaching sessions with Coach Ron and learned a lot that prepared him for high school football. Coach Ron is dedicated, high energy, very thorough and highly motivating coach. I highly recommend Coach Ron!

Coach Ron is what we all need in this day & age. No bullsh&t and he gets out there and shows you how to do every drill before asking you to do it.

Knock the brick wall down and light the match!! Seriously, Coach Ron knows how to get you to run and perform better.

(no details provided)

Great, my son really liked working with him and learned a lot

Very positive and encouraging coaching style. Knows the QB position well.

(no details provided)

Coach Ron is a very passionate and energetic trainer. My 14 year old daughter really enjoyed the training session. Coach Ron brought high energy to the session, and constantly kept encouraging my kid to give her best. I highly recommend Coach Ron.

(no details provided)

Coach Ron was GREAT! He immediately recognized what my athlete was missing and went back to basics. His attention to detail gave the proper foundation for the future success of my athlete. He was encouraging and positive. Well worth the hour drive each way just to train with Ron.

Coach Ron is doing a great job sharing a lot of essential basics for a young quarterback to master. He was keen on any frustrations and tempered them with positive feedback. Looking forward to more sessions for my son.

Excellent coach. My son is very happy with his lessons.

Coach Ron is super knowledgeable and does a great job explaining the subtler points of the decision making process a qb has to go there on every play. His high energy and constant feedback make every session highly valuable.

Thank You so Much Coach Ron!
We appreciate your Wonderful training for our Boys today!
We are looking forward to bring them for the next training,
⭐️Excellent Job⭐️

Coach Ron is top notch. Our son had a great first session with Coach Ron. Not only addressing technical aspects with him but the athletes mindset in playing the position in different scenarios.

you cannot replace greatness, so much positive energy and knowledge. Each session is a real pleasure.

Great first lesson. My son is looking forward to more sessions.

Excellent! Helped my son immensely in the very first session.

Very good

Great session

Coach Ron is excellent. He is friendly knowledgeable and his training is very effective.

Coach Ron is competent and thorough. My son has improved in only two sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Ron is a high energy, dedicated coach. I found him subject matter expert and thorough in his training, I will sign up with him, just to avail his contagious energy and motivation. Thanks Coach Ron!

(no details provided)

Enjoyed our 1st session …. My son absolutely loves Coach and we booked continuous training … thank you Coach!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Ron knows football, great fundamentals and drills. He is always critiqued and pushing my son to get better. And his high energy and enthusiasm keep my son motivated. Great Job Coach Ron!

(no details provided)

Awesome coach great experience
This coach works with the kids and gives very good and clear instruction. We are Booking him again; my son will gain a lot from his lessons. I recommend this Coach.

(no details provided)

First session for my daughter, who is recovering from an acl injury, was nothing short of my high expectations. He ran drills specific to what my daughter and i were expecting when we signed up. I firmly believe Coach Ron will be able to help her improve on her speed, agility and mentally prepare to play in the collegiate level.

(no details provided)

My son just had his first session with Ron and he really enjoyed it! Ron is really patient and kept the perfect pace to keep my son engaged and having fun. Will definitely continue with coach Ron!

Coach Ron was great in showing my son the fundamentals of playing QB and presenting them in way that was easy for him to understand and digest. Very positive and encouraging; never condescending. Highly recommended.

(no details provided)

Great coach!! Very Happy with the training my son has received. My 10 yr old son has been with Coach Ron for a few weeks and I have already noticed great improvements, in accuracy, footwork and overall mental development.

(no details provided)

Coach Ron as made a big impact with my son. He has learn and enjoyed every training session so far and is eager for for the next session. According to my son, he says Coach Ron is very knowledgeable and nice. All in all, we praise and are extremely pleased with Coach Ron.

Loved Mastering My Craft With Ron. Can't wait for More !

Coach Ron is really patient and positive when it comes to teaching my 9 year old son. He offers great sessions with useful tips and great football skills and techniques. My son is making good progress and feels more confident with each session. Thank you Coach Ron!

Coach Ron is a great Coach! My son just started with him and I can already see the improvement. He takes the time to explain how to do things and encourages him to achieve his goals! I highly recommend him.

Coach Ron was great! He really knows his stuff and our 9 year old son really likes him. We are looking forward to continuing our training with Ron and seeing the improvements in Quarterbacking with our son.

(no details provided)

Coach Ron is a really good coach. He definetly knows what he's doing when it comes to improving a player. He helps with both the physical and mental aspects of football.

My son Dylan is so happy having Coach Ron as his trainer. He is already learning new concepts and is taking the experience to full heart.

Nathan enjoyed is coaching session. He said he felt that the exercises he did would benefit him, and he definitely wants to continue. Thank you.

My son, Domenic did NOT make his school's Freshman Football Team without the help of Coach Capurso. Domenic came to Coach C with 6 years of competitive gymnastics experience where strength and agility were mandatory. Even with this unique athletic back ground, it was VERY clear that Coach C was able to improve Dom's agility, running mechanics, and overall explosiveness within a few sessions. As a coach myself for many years, I would strongly recommend Coach C to anyone (young or old) that wants to improve coordination, speed, strength, and technique. Thanks Coach C!
Coach Capurso does an outstanding job with the athletes. As the head coach at Live Oak High, I wanted to give our football players a workout different from what they were used to. Coach Capurso went above and beyond what I expected. My players are now faster and in better shape from the workouts they got. Coach motivated our players and coached them up everyday. You can see Coach Capurso's passion for helping and inspiring young athletes. My team wants to thank Coach Capurso for helping make them better athletes. We look forward to working more with Coach Capurso next off season.
Ron has been an incredible motivator and trainer for our sophomore high school son. We sought out Ron several months ago to work with our son on skill development and conditioning for football. With his many years of experience, Ron brings an incredible commitment and innovative approach to how he trains, taking a “whole athlete” approach to his training. Our son has improved his speed and agility, learned skills to take his game to the next level and has become a stronger competitor. Ron is extremely positive in his approach and connects in a way that he both challenges and brings out the best in those that he trains.
I have known Ron Capurso for a number of years. He personally has trained my baseball team at San Jose State for four years. Not only is Ron knowledgeable about his subject matter, his motivational skills and coaching instincts are tremendous. He has that rare ability to get someone to change their behavior for the better. That is what coaching is all about.
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