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Sprinting is a skill, it can be taught. I have trained and coached multiple state and national qualifiers. I can teach and train you to run faster. View all coaching experience

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Written training plan for coaches, under-trained athletes to supplement training or for self-trained athletes who need expert guidance.

Session Length: 1 week

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  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Hurdles, Middle Distance, Jumps

  • High Jump, Pacing, Sprinting, Baton Handoffs, Form, Running the Curve, Long Jump


  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Hurdles, Middle Distance, Jumps

  • High Jump, Pacing, Sprinting, Baton Handoffs, Form, Running the Curve, Long Jump

More About Coach Phil

I am a certified track and field coach, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, with a B.A. in Psychology. I have over 13 years of experience coaching and training track and field athletes. My experience includes coaching and training youth for a USA Track and Field (USATF) member track club, as well as coaching and training high school track and field athletes. I have a USATF Level 1 coaching certification, and two USATF Level 2 coaching certifications, one for sprints, hurdles and relays, and one for combined events. I was approved for the USATF Coaches Registry in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 2017, 2018, and 2019.

As a high school coach, I have trained and coached a sprinter who placed sixth at the indoor state meet in 2017, who also competed at the Indoor New Balance Nationals and the Outdoor Midwest Meet of Champions in 2017. Additionally, I have trained and coached two indoor state qualifiers and a New Balance Indoor Nationals qualifier. As a private coach and trainer, I have trained and coached two outdoor state qualifiers, and two indoor state qualifiers who made the podium. I have also trained and coached several youth athletes who have qualified for the USATF Outdoor Junior Olympic National Championships.

Additionally, as a coach for a summer track club, I have trained and coached two USATF Outdoor Junior Olympic regional champions. I currently coach youth athletes for a USATF member track club. I also coach sprints, hurdles and relays for a Division 1 high school track program.

I am the owner and founder of Athletix Ultra, a private training and coaching service focused on motivating, encouraging, and supporting athletes in helping them achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

NOTICE: I coach sprints and hurdles for a division 1 high school in central Ohio. Accordingly, because of conflict of interest issues, I am not available for sprints and hurdles coaching for other division 1 athletes in central Ohio during the official outdoor track and field season for my school.

I am available for other events and for non division 1 sprinters and hurdlers during the official season. I am also available for strength and conditioning for all athletes during the official season as well as the off season.

I am currently an active USATF masters track and field athlete. At the 2014 NCC World Masters Athletics Championships in Costa Rica, I was a silver medalist in the M40 4x400 relay, and a bronze medalist in the M40 400 meter dash and M40 800 meter run. I was a bronze medalist in the M40 400 meter run at the USATF Masters Track and Field Championships in 2012. Additionally, I was a USATF Masters All-American in the M40 400 meter dash in 2011.

While I attended college, I competed as an unattached athlete. As a high school athlete, I qualified for, and competed at, the Ohio High School Athletic Association State Track and Field Championships in 1988. Additionally, as a high school athlete, I was a district champion in the high jump in 1988.

My sessions include a general warm up routine using dynamic warm up exercises, a progression of running technique drills, and specific skill training. Depending on the session and the athlete's current progress, some sessions will include plyometric and/or general strength and conditioning training. Each session concludes with a cool down session with foam rolling and/or static stretching.

Individual periodized training plans and video analysis are also available.

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Client Reviews

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Phil is extremely knowledgable and takes a very professional approach to his coaching sessions.

Very good, i wish he could stay long for more sessions

(no details provided)

Coach Phil was kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. My daughter lacked the basics and he not only laid a foundation but did it with grace and kindness. His workout is not for the weary but helped to identify gaps, opportunities for improvement, and strengths. I am very thankful for having found Coach Phil and am looking forward to continuing to work with him.

Coach Phil is a great trainer. He immediately figured out what my daughter needed to work on to fix her hurdles time. I wish we would have found him a couple years ago.

Coach Phil took the time to not only help with my daughters conditioning but to explain why each exercise is important. He also explained how consistency is key to success. It was a great experience and we are thankful we found coach Phil!

My son is had a great experience training with Coach Phil. He is very knowledgeable and has a teaching orientation. He provided specific, relevant, and individualized feedback about areas to work on between sessions. Highly recommend.

We have work with Coach Phil in a number of sessions with our son. Very knowledgeable, great approach, and our son loves working with him.

(no details provided)

Solid session with Coach Phil. He listened to our needs with a focus on sprint drills to improve mobility, flexibility and ankle strength. Real time coaching and explanation of purpose behind every drill and movement. My daughter and I learned very specific adjustments that were needed during video analysis at the time of session. Highly recommend.

Coach Phil is a great motivator for my son! He needed a jump start in his summer training and this is just what he needed to get him up and out!

Great training and keeps kids attention and intensity

Highly recommend

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the sport. My daughter enjoys doing the work and you can’t just make someone enjoy hard work - there’s got to be a good rapport established between coach and athlete and Coach Phil has done a great job of that,

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very knowledgeable in the sport and experienced in coaching. Gives great cues. He clearly loves what he is doing and does it excellently.

(no details provided)

Just had our first session with Coach Phil and it was terrific. He is very knowledgeable about the sport and science behind it! He breaks down all the drills so you know why you are doing certain drills! Super positive and uplifting personality! Absolutely would recommend.

Coach Wright worked with our daughter on form and training techniques. He was professional and personable. Highly recommended!

(no details provided)

Coach Phil is very knowledgeable and professional. I had him work with my son on his running form, speed and agility. We saw fantastic results in a very short time. We will definitely be meeting up with him again during the off-season.

(no details provided)

Great coach!

Coach Phil is excellent - extremely knowledgeable, patient, and takes time to explain the details and make sure the kid gets it right. Fantastic - so glad we found him!

Coach Phil was so great we booked another session! I appreciated how explained why he was doing each drill and he spent extra time beyond our session to help my daughter. He has a lot of knowledge and was also quick to respond with any questions I had before we even booked the first time! Thanks Coach Phil!

Coach Phil is very knowledgeable and works well with high school athletes. My son enjoys working with him and is already seeing improvement in strength and form. He is easy to communicate with and quick to get back if you have questions.

Coach Phil takes the time to explain what he is doing and why. He has been very thorough with his instruction. He is professional in his approach and he offers immediate feedback throughout the session. I would recommend Coach Phil to other sprinters and hurdlers.

My son is who is 17 learned more in one session then he had in his previous 4 years of being a sprinter. Being able to diagnose body weaknesses and technical form was key in getting started with Coach Phil. We have plenty of work ahead of us but it is nice to know we have an expert helping us.

Excellent coach ,picks up on every detail highly recommended

My son really enjoyed working out with Coach Phil. Coach Phil is extremely knowledgeable, and did a great job of communicating with my son. I would definitely recommend Coach Phil to anyone who is looking to improve as a sprinter.

Good first session.

(no details provided)

Amazing coach ! Helped my son train for hurdles and helped with his technique in only 4 sessions and he was able to drop his time by a significant amount making him very happy and proud, we look forward to having many more session very very soon !

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son had his first session with Coach Phil last week and loved it! He’s excited for his upcoming sessions and to have Coach Phil to help him reach his personal goals.

Coach Phil is an excellent coach. He is extremely knowledgeable with this sport, from technique and training to physiology of how the body functions during running. My daughter stated, "worth every cent". She learned quite a bit from a few sessions and already cut down her time.

Coach Phil is a great coach who is working at fine tuning my hurdling technique. The drills he has taught me have been beneficial in developing my strength, speed and agility. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise. I look forward to future sessions with him.
Paige Gavin

Coach Phil has really brought Charlotte along. Looking forward to more sessions.

Coach Phil is an excellent Coach who has a no-nonsense approach to training.
He is conscientious and caring, wanting to bring the best out of each athlete he works with.

Coach Phil is the total package: knowledgeable, caring, patient, and serious about moving athletes to the next level. I drive my daughter about two hours one way and would be willing to travel farther. Coach Phil is outstanding, and I feel very fortunate to have found such a fine personal coach.

Coach Phil is very knowledgeable about preparing athletes to compete. He wants to develop the whole athlete, which is important for teens. My daughter is looking forward to more sessions.

Great coach, works well with the students.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Just completed our first session with Coach Phil and I’m very convinced he has the knowledge, experience and DESIRE to help my son reach his athletic goals! Really like this guy and will continue our work with him...

(no details provided)

My daughter had a great first training session with coach Phil. She has been running track for 3 years, but learned many new things her first visit!

Great start!

(no details provided)

So I am happy to have him coach phil as my trainer he is all what I was looking for and I thank him

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My daughter absolutely loves working with Coach Phil! I highly recommend him as a coach and couldn't be happier with the improvements that my daughter has made! Thank you Coach Phil!!

I have seen great improvement in my sons form which has made this well worth it!

Only one session so far, but I believe he will help my daughter shine next season.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil not only helps with improving my daughter's track skills he motivates her to strive for her best. He provides explicit instruction to her regarding all aspects of her performance so she has a solid understanding of what she needs to do to increase her speed and agility. I feel comfortable having Coach Phil work with my daughter and my daughter feel completely at ease working with Coach Phil.

Coach Phil is Excellent! He has done so much to already to improve my Daughter's technical running form, impoving both speed and endurance. If you have a runner and want to help them take their performance to the next level, Coach Phil is a great choice. You and your runner will be happy you made this choice!

Excellent coach looking forward to continuing to have him train my son. He is very thorough and explains his philosophy and techniques for my son to enable him to continue this training throughout the summer.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil took time to explain the drills, which made them more meaningful. Will definitely book another session.

Exactly what I was looking for!!! Coach Phil is a very positive, motivating, and KNOWLEDGEABLE coach! He quickly assessed my son's areas of strength. and areas that he can help him improve. Keeps the workout very fun while training, and relates to younger athletes very well (my son is 15). I would definitely recommend him, and look forward to more sessions for my son with him!

(no details provided)

Very patient and knowledgeable. My daughter seemed to respond well and wants to continue training with Coach Phil.

Coach Phil is an amazing trainer. My daughter has benefited from his expertise after only 2 sessions. She will definitely continue her training with Coach Phil.

My daughter has had 2 sessions with Coach Phil. She runs 100 and 200m hurdles at the middle school level. He is working on establishing a consistent warmup and cool down routine as well as working on form. I think sessions with him will prove beneficial. He relates well with her and she looks forward to his coaching sessions.

My daughter has worked with Coach Phil in the off season for two seasons. Since working with Phil she has taken 1/2 second off her 100M time and 1 1/2 seconds off her 200M time and made it to outdoor states after the first season of working with him; she qualified for indoor states in both the 60M and 200M and took 6th in the 200M after the second season. She has improved her times significantly with his training technique. During the season, he continues to check on her progress during the season and is truly invested in her success.

Coach Phil is absolutely awesome. Very focused on your goals and what you need to do to acheive. He has been very helpful in all aspects of my training. Would recommend him to anyone!!!

Coach is very good at figuring out weaknesses of the individual athlete and personalizing a program based on that.

Does a very good job give kids lots of time

Coach Phil was very professional and tailored the session/workout to my Son's level of strength and experience. He is using video to analyze form and is encouraging a tailored workout away from structured sessions. My son likes the sessions a lot, Coach Phil is a unique combination of task oriented and a laid back personality that teens can relate to. I have signed up for more sessions and would encourage you to use Coach Phil.

Coach Phil is absolutely wonderful! My son looks forward to working with him weekly! He truly cares about improving the athlete and guides them directly towards their goals. Can't say enough positive words about him, yet very thankful we found him!

(no details provided)

I have known Coach Phil on a personal and professional level for many years. My 11-year old daughter started individual training with him recently. She has no prior experience in running track. With just a few months of training with Coach Phil, I have noticed significant changes in my daughter. Not only is she becoming physically and mentally stronger, she has gained a lot of confidence in her abilities and looks forward to running track on a competitive basis.

Coach Phil pays attention to detail during the training sessions. He readily identifies and recommends opportunities for improvement. Although Coach Phil is always friendly and courteous, his training approach is well balanced. He offers effective direction and instruction while allowing my daughter to feel at ease during constructive feedback. As a parent, I trust Coach Phil's integrity and desire to bring out the best in my athlete. My daughter always looks forward to training with Coach Phil because he keeps it interesting and more challenging each time.

Coach Phil helped me not only to reach my track and field goals but to surpass them. While training with him in the summer, I was able to qualify for the Junior Olympic National Meet in the 100m dash. He also helped me achieve pr's in both the 200m dash, in which I ran 22.5, and the 100m dash, in which i ran 11.3. I also learned workout drills I can do on my own. I was very pleased with Coach Phil's training, and I plan on training with him again this following summer.
In all my almost 20 years of coaching high school track and field as well as other various sports like football and wrestling, I cannot say I have met anyone who just “clicks” with his athletes, understands what motivates them, and prepares them for their road ahead to meet their athletic goals like Coach Wright does. He is truly an outstanding coach, team role model, community leader and great friend and motivational colleague as well as a great athlete himself. I can honestly say that knowing and watching Coach Wright has helped me be a better coach to my athletes, even when I thought I had plateaued in my career, he showed me that there was another peak to attain. He has also helped me become a better person, putting in perspective what things in life are truly the most important and to not sweat the stuff I cannot change.
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