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Former nationally ranked athlete with 50 years of competitive experience ready to help you achieve your personal and competitive goals. #1 ranked running coach in California View all coaching experience

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Trial/evaluation Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Phil. 90 minute session length. This is a session for problem solving or analysis and will last 90 minutes. The purpose is to analyze form, gait and mechanics and/or review performance and vid... See More

Session Length: 90 minutes

$80 1 session + applicable fees

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Review/tuneup package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session with Coach Phil. 60 minutes session length. Come review and go over techniques. This is basically a review and fine tuning of skills, drills and techniques

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 session package with Coach Phil. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$200 4 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

6 session package with Coach Phil. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$260 6 sessions ($43/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Phil. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$400 10 sessions ($40/ea) + applicable fees

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Virtual Coaching/training schedule
Online Training for a single athlete

For those athletes who are already accomplished, have time restrictions, and/or are distant, this is a consultative plan with unlimited email access, some phone access and including review of videos and photos where we can... See More

Session Length: 1 week

$112 4 sessions ($28/ea) + applicable fees

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Virtual Coaching/training schedule
Online Training for a single athlete

For those athletes who are already accomplished, have time restrictions, and/or are distant, this is a consultative plan with unlimited email access, some phone access and including review of videos and photos where we can... See More

Session Length: 8 weeks

$200 8 sessions ($25/ea) + applicable fees

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Cross Country Skills package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

This is a group package/camp generally done in 5 consecutive days and must have at least 4 participants. Its focus is on 5 areas that will be reviewed and built upon each day: 1) The body as a machine: Application of phys... See More

Session Length: 90 minutes

$60 5 sessions ($12/ea) + applicable fees

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  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Hurdles, Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Drive Phase, Stride, Pacing, Gait, Form, Breathing


  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Hurdles, Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Drive Phase, Stride, Pacing, Gait, Form, Breathing

More About Coach Phil

Please do not book anything without talking to me first

#1 Ranked CoachUp Running coach in California, 4th Nationally
USA Track and Field Registered and Certified Coach (10 certificates)
including Level 1, Level 2 Sprints, Hurdles, Relays and Cross Country Specialist
USA Track and Field Certified Official
NFHS (CIF) Certified and Accredited Coach, levels 1,2,3, AIC, CIC (4 sports- 25 certificates)
Certified High School USA Football Coach
Safesport Trained
CPR & first Aid Certified

June 2024 just back from the CA State Meet!
30 D1 Boys and Girls to CIF in 13 Events
10 Unified CIF Athletes in 4 events
13CIF Medals, 3 CIF Champions, 1 State Champion
16 School record breaking performances across 10 different events!

Cross Country 2023
28 D1 Boys & Girls to CIF Prelims, 14 to CIF Finals

July 2023 update:
22 HS boys and girls to CIF with 28 qualifications in 15 events, 4 to finals, 3 to State Meet
10 Boys to Unified Championships
3 CIF Champions
Best Marks: Girls LJ, 20-8 CA #1, 100H,15.04 CA Frosh #2, HJ, 6-6 CA #10, Girls 800 2:12.27 CA #12, Boys 800 1:58.24, CA Soph #19, Boys 200, 22.03, Boys 400 49.38, Girls 1600 4:57.70 Girls 3200, 11:09.61
AAU Youth National Champions in Pentathlon, Discus,& Javelin. Runner up in shot put

Cross Country 2022 16 Boys and Girls to CIF, 2 to finals, 1 to State Meet

Update 5/21/22: 14 boys and girls off to CA CIF with, 23 qualifications in 13 events! 4 to Finals, 2 to Masters Meet, 1 to State
6 boys to Unified CA CIF Finals in 5 events
1 Girl to Virginia Indoor & Outdoor State Track Championships
4 school records: HJ 6-8, 100 10.78, 200, 22.04, Girls PV 11-6

Update 12/1/21: 27 D1&2 kids to CIF, 13 in finals, and 3 to State XC finals! Great things keep happening!

Back from Covid 6/1/21: 16 D1 kids off to CIF track in 9 events, CA top 18 ranked in HJ and top 9 ranked in TJ. Last three complete track seasons, 65 boys and girls have qualified in all 10 running events and 5 of 6 field events. No Masters or State this year, but look out for next season! Best of the year: 45-10 TJ, Girls 1600 5:15

11/23/19 update: 12 kids from 7 schools D1, 2 & 5 to CIF, 10 in finals and 1 to State XC finals! Another great fall!

5/27/19 Update: 15 boys and girls in 14 events off to CIF, 1 to state finals in 2 events. Eight school records so far in 100 (3), 200, 400, 4 x100, 100H, 300H. Welcome to May!

11/18/18 Update: 9 kids from 6 schools D 1,2 & 5 to CIF, and 3 to State XC Finals! Great job this fall!

4/30/18 update: I've worked with kids from over 30 IE and OC high schools with 58 high school personal bests in 2018 track alone, and 14 kids going to CIF in 7 different events! Great work this spring!

I've been a life long athlete and played almost every sport. I found that I wanted to give back and help others enjoy the experience, so over the past 30 years I've coached sports whenever asked or if my kids played. This includes Ayso and Select soccer, little league and high school baseball, middle school softball and my passion, middle school and high school cross country and track. Well my kids are all grown and with 50 years of competitive running under my belt, I get asked a lot for help and guidance and love to help people of all ages excel... whether it be their personal bests, or preparing for state and national competitions. You will benefit from my experience, because I've been there myself, and also because I've probably made just about every mistake there is at some point in my own running. But I've also done it entirely drug free and mostly injury free.

I have a very detailed eye and am very technically proficient. I understand and can relate the physiology, biology, technique, form, mechanics and physics involved in the different events.

Nationally ranked Upland High School runner under Coach Bob Loney with 17 post season race appearances including CIF, State and National Championships in cross country and track ( 12 x top 10 finish).
4:12 high school miler, 3:55 1500m, 14:29 3 mile, 33:10 10k at age 15
3rd fastest time in nation, Distance Medley Relay team, 1981

4 year NCAA Division 1 (USAFA & UCLA) cross country and track athlete,1981-1985 under coaches Ernie Cunliff, Jim Bush and Bob Larsen 2mile, 3000m steeplechase, 5000m track, 4 mile & 10,000m cross country

Sub 16:20 5k road racer for 33 years from 1977-2009 (age 14-47) with post collegiate PR of 14:50 and 10K PR of 31:49, at age 35
1st half marathon at age 45, 1:18
Longest run of 29 miles with 7000 foot climb at Yosemite
Competed in over 45 different events 100m up, including all meet and distance carnival relays, high jump, long jump, pole vault, discus and javelin.
Lifetime veteran of 500 cross country, indoor/outdoor track & road races including over 50 age group, school, course and meet records.
Nearly 100 top-three road race finishes in last 20 years with 34 overall wins
20 hour finish, Hood to Coast 196 mile relay team

I believe you can't run fast unless you practice running fast, and you can't run far unless you practice running far. So after an initial assessment of where you are and where you want to go, we will develop a plan of endurance, strength and speed work with appropriate recoveries to move you towards your goals of running faster and farther incrementally. This will be based on the established principles of sports science as practiced by USA Track and Field, the parent organization of our national teams. Integrated with this will be the all important work on form & mechanics, relaxation, diet and rest. And of course specific strength or cross training work might be added to the mix. And while running is work, it should first and foremost be fun. If it stops being fun, something needs to change.

But most of all, people differ and their goals differ, so their workouts need to as well. An 18 year-old is generally faster than a 30 year-old, but usually not stronger or smarter, so they would have different workouts for the same goals. 40's, 50's, 60's etc is a different ball game, but you can still reach your goals, typically with fewer hard days and more recovery. I can help you with those different particulars. And I haven't said enough about form and technique. I can help you improve that.... and your times almost immediately.

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Client Reviews

Amazing coach with excellent expertise

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Phil was excellent. He was very flexible in giving my son his time. They talked about phases and physics of his run and provided some valuable feedback for improvement. My son looks forward to working with Coach Orr again. Much appreciated!

Great experience. Coach Phil is very knowledgeable.

Coach Phil is very approachable. He responds to every question and inquiry you have. He is very knowledgable with what he does. This is my first time having him as an online coach and its only been a few session but this really helped me build confidence and at the same time build mileage 😊

Coach Phil has been great! It was evident in the very beginning that he absolutely knows what he is doing. He goes far beyond and dives into the science of WHY certain things are done certain ways. Our son thinks analytically and this helped him greatly in knowing certain things were done certain ways. The initial meeting felt like an information overload making it hard to remember what all was said, but sure enough he followed up with a very detailed message covering everything that was said. His is very responsive and we would definitely recommend his training.

Coach Phil is very knowledgeable and relates well with my son who is a high school athlete. My son is excited to learn from him in his future training sessions.

Coach Phil made my daughter feel comfortable while she learned. She said he explained everything and why it is important. She signed up for additional training and looks forward to meeting with him this week. He gave valuable insight on his training and what he saw during session and what she needs to do to continue down her path!

Very knowledgeable.

Very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

Coach Phil,

Has been great! From the first coaching session to checking your progress he his there every step of the way. If you are looking to improve your running coach Phil is the best for the job.

Coach Phil offers important details like you've never seen before. He covers all points of technique. We got a detailed summary the day after training...

Coach Phil analyzed my son's running form and immediately identified and suggested improvements. We are both excited to continue working with Coach Phil and realize the benefits this cross-country season.

Coach Phil is an amazing gentleman, extremely knowledgeable and a subject matter expert. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve on their running and endurance journey.

A scientist.

This is an interesting review for me to write because I booked this session for my son but I definitely feel compelled to give my own testimony on impact as well.

My son gained a great deal of knowledge and insight after just one session. I’ve been coaching hurdles and basketball (more ball than hurdles) for the better part of 15 years and currently coach my son.

Spending a session with Coach Orr was an eye opening and humbling experience. His knowledge of “how” and “why” is so technically sound and based on not only experience but also science it makes me as a coach realize I need to do more to catch up after intermittent breaks from coaching over the years. It’s easy to get comfortable and complacent when complimented as a coach by parents and athletes and after seeing the depth of Coach Orrs knowledge and dedication to the craft, I easily saw that I had not continued to seek out the self improvement we expect our athletes to.

I will undoubtedly ensure my son gets back to see him as much as I can and recommend others do too. Your athlete WILL improve under his guidance. My only negative is that I can’t just hang out on his hip and pick up knowledge myself.

Thanks Coach.

Very knowledgeable.

Very knowledgeable.

Coach Phil has helped our son tremendously in Cross Country and Track. He is very good at breaking things down and explaining them. He is really passionate about the sport and his athletes. My son appreciates his knowledge and loves to hear the stories that he shares. As a parent, I instantly saw results in my son’s performance and results. Furthermore, Coach Phil reached out on his own to check on my son’s progress. I highly recommend him. We will continue working with Coach Phil.

1st session with Coach Orr today. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of running and spent a good deal of time explaining it to my 15 year old. Looking forward to more sessions, I think he can help us. My son agrees by the way.

My goals are to qualify for the Boston Marathon and run a sub 3 hour marathon. After 2 months of training with Phil, I am more confident than ever that I will achieve these results. That is because I trust Phil and I admire how he coaches. His advice and wisdom are exactly what I need to keep forging a path forward. And at the age of 40, I'm blessed to have someone who knows exactly what my body is going through, but also what it can handle. Thanks Coach Phil!!!

Coach Orr is the best. His knowledge and coaching are superior. His sense of humor and musical tastes, a bonus.

Coach Phil is a great coach with years of coaching experience behind him! After one session my daughter and I knew we had the right coach! He is the best kept secret and we can’t hardly wait for our next session!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I learned so much in my first session with Coach Phil! He is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of sprinting - from form and technique, to training routines, to rest, to nutrition, to advice on how to structure practice with competition. And he provided really helpful information on the science behind the technique that gave me a context to help me understand and retain more. Also, he was very generous with his time and a kind person - I highly recommend working with him!!

When looking for a coach, I was hoping to find someone who could connect with my son on a level that he would appreciate and keep him interested. Phil proved to be more than that. He is extremely knowledgeable and and a great coach. My son (and even I) learned a lot and he is excited for the next meeting. I would highly recommend Phil for an athlete on any level.

(no details provided)

I sons have learned a great deal from Coach Phil. Awesome

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly!!

We signed up for the sessions to help my son work on his speed and explosiveness for basketball. We've had four sessions with Coach Phil, and we like his process. He does a great job teaching my son the fundamentals of sprinting. He takes the time to explain how things work while working on the mechanics. It's been cool hearing my son tell me about his sessions and what he'll be doing on his own before his next one during our drive home. My son wants to get into track and field now.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Phil was great, very knowledgeable and patient with my 13 year old kid. He didn’t just give my son work to do, he actually explained the science and reason behind his methods. I recommend Coach Phil!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

In just our 2nd session my son form has changed 100% for the better. He is excited to continue learning.

(no details provided)

My son has had one lesson/ practice with Coach Phil. I'm impressed how much he covered and how much son learned. We are looking forward to more sessions in the near future.

Coach Phil was very helpful and informative when it comes to the fundamental/mechanics of running. On just the first day my daughter was excited on what she learn and how it will help her improve on the soccer field. She insure me that she wants to continue to work with Coach Phil to better herself

After meeting coach Phil and explaining to him what we want my son to accomplish, he was quick to explain what we needed to do to improve his running abilities.
We're really happy with his coaching.

Coach Phil was exactly what I hoped I would be paying for when I decided to learn running fundamentals. For starters, punctual. In our initial 90 minute assessment, he spent 2 hours with me. Great attention to detail. I personally spent 10 years as a fitness and health coach and have trained pro athletes, doctors and more. With that experience, I have a high expectation when I decide I am going to pay somebody money to teach me. Phil is worth every penny. He checks every box of what I want in a coach.

Coach Phil is an awesome coach! My son left the lesson with more clarity and understanding than ever before.

Coach Phil has been my go to person for running since last 3 years.

I was not able to run even half a mile when I started and have managed to finish a few half marathon distances now. This was all because of Coach Phil’s expert advise, regular feedback and a positive attitude. With his support, I am aiming for a full marathon distance now and will update my review again.

Happy to endorse him to everyone who wants to get into the sport or improve their performance.

Coach Phil's,
He was professional and friendly. He also explains the sport.
I'll rebook him again.

Coach Phil was very informative and broke down some of the issues I had with not only my running form but also a holistic understanding behind the physics of running in general. This makes it easier to keep in mind how I can work on my running as a whole rather than simply following generic advice or training plans on the internet that tell you to simply “run faster” or go a certain distance when they don’t take into account of different peoples’ fitness levels. Seeing a personal trainer is ideal and whether you are experienced or just starting out, Coach Phil is definitely one I would suggest.

Coach Phi l is very knowlegeable. I appreciate all of the thorough feedback and analysis I received from him.

Just a few sessions helped me place top 6 in a National's Master's meet! Coach Phil is timely and very knowledgeable. All you need to do is show up, listen and put what he says into practice! God has blessed me with the ability and you have helped me learn how to tap in to it! Thanks Coach, so appreciated!!

(no details provided)

Coach Orr is very technical and detail oriented. He explains the importance of the physics behind proper jump form. He provides immediate, valuable feedback.

First time out, high level athlete enjoyed it.

Coach Phil is incredible. He has a lot of experience and a professional runner himself as well as coaching different group. We had an intro session and he was able to give me a wholesome understanding of the details around running and even details around the physiology. He’s also just overall a great guy!

I would recommend Coach Phil every single time. Book him now!

Coach Phil is exceptionally knowledgeable, and was able to patiently and thoroughly diagnose some of the mechanical issues I'm having with my running.

Coach Phil is a great coach. He really helped me with my form and helped me separate each dynamic - shoulders, arms, knees, balance, and lean. And then to put all of these things back together. It was great working with him!

Phil is extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful. He taught me more about throwing the javelin in one hour than I learned in a lifetime. I can’t wait for my next lesson.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil is not only an great coach and runner, he is also a phenomenal teacher. In my first 90 minute session with Phil, we discussed the science behind running (biology & physics) in order to emphasis proper running form and establish a goal-oriented routine. We also practiced a variety of exercises during the session that helped identify and prove what good form is. I really appreciated his attention to detail during the coaching session, and his follow up summary of what we discussed during the session was very helpful.

Whether you're looking for a coach to help you train for personal goals or for competition, I'm certain that Coach Phil will not disappoint you.

Coach Phil has to be one of the best when it comes to running and teaching the sport. His knowledge and understanding of the sport left me in shock at how complex it is and how it relates to my athletic performance. Coach Phil gave me a greater understanding of these things as well as provided me with very useful running techniques to correct my specific running issues so that I may further my goals. If anyone is looking to improve their running at any level, be it complete beginner or advanced athlete, Coach Phil is one to go to. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience.

Coach Phil was wonderful and helped break down everything for my fairly inexperienced runner which helped her understand. He’s very thorough with his philosophy which is to not only improve a runner's speed but also reduce injury. We look forward to continuing my daughter’s training with him!

Coach Phil is a very knowledgeable and detail oriented coach. He is patient and takes the time to explain to my children on what and how they should improve. I will definitely recommend Coach Phil to any one interested in improving their track skills.

Coach Phil has been phenomenal in my latest quest to get fit. I signed up for the online training course and he has made time to constantly check up on me, encourage me and give me great advice. I wish I lived closer so I could take in person classes with him. All those 5 stars that he has are really because he is such a great coach.
I will work with him again once my little one is more manageable. Thank you so much for your help Coach Phil

Coach Phil is a wonderful coach. He is very knowledgeable and detailed oriented. He is very patient and takes the time to explain to my children on what and how they should improve. I will definitely recommend Coach Phil to any one interested in improving their track skills.

An amazing coach Trent is a Stan State commit for track and field now, thanks to you coach.

Put together a nice run plan for where I currently am
to a reasonably farther place toward my goal for the next month. He’s good about responding to messages and giving feedback. I would recommend Coach Orr to anyone because I think he’s flexible and will help you stay focused with your goal and plan.

(no details provided)

A great coach, extremely knowledgeable and has a great understanding of the mechanical techniques a runner needs to improve.

Very good coach! Goes through all the mechanics in a scientific way and helps you understand why you're doing what you're doing.

Coach Phil has been everything I was searching for in a running coach and more! I'm a virtual student and Coach Phil takes all the guess work out of my training schedule. His guidance has allowed me to focus on the "work" and gives me the confidence that no effort is being wasted! He is always very prompt to answer any questions I might have and always take the time to explain the why behind training concepts and methods.

No matter the skill level, Coach Phil can accurately assess your situation and put you on the path to success.

Overall, I am very pleased and look forward to continuing my training under his instruction!

Although Coach Phil is on the other side of the country from us he was able to do a comprehensive review of my 16 year old granddaughter’s sprint start through a review of videos. He provided step by step information on how she could improve, complete with diagrams on still photos of her positions. In addition he explained the “why” behind the mechanics of sprint starts. Coach Phil was always quick to respond to my questions and we look forward to working with him on the various phases of a sprint. He obviously has a great deal of knowledge and knows how to break down a complex process into understandable segments.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Phil was great! Very thorough in his review of my daughter and her running form. He took the time to explain the mechanics behind her form, and after the first session, she could already see significant performance. You can tell he likes working with youth, and he knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend Coach Phil!

Coach Phil was timely and personable. He has a keen eye for the sport of running and what changes need to be made in an athlete in order to maximize proper execution. I am confident he will be able to help my daughter reach her potential in track and field/XC.

A pleasure to work with and always extremely prompt when it comes to communication.

Coach Phil was great! He was very knowledgeable and walked me through the science of running. His perspective influences my views on how to drive change in my approach to running. He seemed to really care about me learning the fundamentals. I think this is a good session for amateur to advanced runners who have run for some time and are looking to improve or fix some bad habits

Coach Orr is very patient and takes time to go in details. He has a lot of experience. He was able to bring me to speed in one session with running skills. He very intuitively helps me to improve in my running form, and breathing.
The best so far!!!!

I was with my son at our first lesson. I am deeply impressed by the depth of knowledge coach Phil has on running. He explained the SCIENCE behind running. He demonstrated the correct running form and the physic behind each move. His lesson is interactive, he asked us questions and made us think, then he gave answer. Now I understand why we should move the way he taught us. I am confident that my son's performance in the upcoming track season is going to be great. Coach Phil deserves a Ph.D. in running!

Me & my wife had sessions with Coach Phil regarding the stance and energy transfer to run better. Coach Phil is insanely knowledgeable and we drove from Orange County to river side for the session. We feel the drive was worth 😀

We look forward to schedule more sessions with coach Phil.

Coach Phil was amazing during our session! One thing that really spoke to me was he wasn't just telling me all these different things I needed to start doing, but he also explain the science of it and why it worked so well. Since then iv been applying things I learned and can already feel improvement and a difference in my mechanics. Once I feel more comfortable with the drills and and overall ideas I most definitely plan on booking more sessions.

If I had to summarize coach Phil in 1 word, it would be WOW! I have had 1 session and his knowledge and experience are like none I have ever seen. He explains everything! I now know the why of certain body movements and have the new knowledge of how to do the movements correctly. Can't wait for my next session. :)

Coach Phil was very knowledgeable and professional at our first meetup and is a wealth of information. He definitely has the tools necessary to help you improve as a runner (even a non-athlete mom). I am excited to reach my goals with his help and guidance.

Coach Phil is thorough and detailed. He is not exaggerating when he states he leans heavily on the physics on running to lead his athletes to success. The evaluation is worth it. We are now signing up for 3 lessons.

Coach Phil is thorough and detailed. He is not exaggerating when he states he leans heavily on the physics on running to lead his athletes to success. The evaluation is worth it. We are now signing up for 3 lessons.

Coach Phil, not only has the biomechanics and physics inter- relaying into running information, he patient and thinks outside of the box . I would highly recommend novice or experienced runners interested in his “intelligent” coaching techniques and expertise to the next level.

Phil was great and took extra time to help discuss my form. Will definitely be looking to book with him again!!!

(no details provided)

Phil is a great coach. Super knowledgeable. As a 50 year old guy, I needed someone that understands the affects of aging on a guy used to being so much faster.

I appreciate his willingness to get into the details on workouts and customizing things for me. Also, he is super responsive and diligent with his follow up.

It’s always great to work Coach Phil. He definitely knows the mechanics of running & sprinting and how to make you better and take you to the next level. He helped me SO much during my high school season, words can express. But I know to progress further in track this next season that Coach Phil can get me there.

Coach Phil uses fundamentals in physics to emphasize efficient running forms and when to transition from one to the other, dependent on characteristics of surface. He has patience in explaining and demonstrating good running form. It is a pleasure working with him.
Francisco & Jared

After only three training sessions, coach Phil has done an excellent job with helping my daughter improve upon her running technique. She has quickly realized the importance of using her arms and breathing properly during her races. We are looking forward to continuing our training with him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I have been looking for a coach for awhile to get me ready for my first senior games I found the CoachUp site and spent a great deal of time reviewing the profiles of the coaches on that site. I chose Coach Phil based on the experience in his profile. I emailed Coach Phil, and he responded quickly. He asked what my goals are, what my experience has been and what I wanted to improve upon. I had my first training session today and I could not be happier. I am certain I made the right decision. He has tremendous expertise in motion and technique. He explained (in very simple terms) the mechanics of running and the impact running has on your body when not done properly. We also worked on drills to improve my speed and posture Most informative was videotaping me as I ran a lap, then playing the video to show me how I can improve my technique. I like that his training approach is specific to me, at my own pace, based on my skill set now, with a solid path of what we are going to work on to improve going forward. I actually noticed some improvement on the very first session. I can't wait for my next session. With Coach Phil, I am confident I will be ready for my first meet in February.
I give Coach Phil my highest recommendation.

Coach Phil is an amazing coach. I hired him to help my daughter with her distance running. She is a freshman in high school and new to cross country and track. Coach Phil set up a training plan to fit our needs and explained the physics behind good form and how to run efficiently. After each session, he would send an email to recap the information provided. He provided A LOT of great information. I strongly believe his training will help her grow into a great runner for the team.

Coach Phil is an incredible high jump coach! My daughter learned so much from him in just their first meeting! She left that first session feeling really confident in herself. We definitely plan to meet with coach again!!

Coach Bill was awesome, he was very patient explaining and going over the different techniques. My daughter is looking forward to the next session. He also gave A print out of things to work on.

(no details provided)

My son is responding really well to his coaching style.

Very informative and great for all the needs of the athlete. Definitely recommend this coach. And your site thank you

Phil is a great resource for older athletes trying to conquer new athletic goals. Very knowledgeable and helpful in creating a training plan

Excellent coach. He explained very well and what he taught me helped after just one session. I highly recommend him.

My son Had a great session with coach phil. He's definitely improving my son's running mechanics.

Amazing coach!!

After one session I can tell that Coach Phil is going to be a good fit for my son. You can tell that he coaches up runners because he truely loves the sport. Very knowledgeable and explains the important fundamentals of how to run properly and more efficient. He takes the time to get to know his student, their running history, goals and potential. My son and I are looking forward to meeting up again for more sessions with Coach Phil.

Coach Phil is great! He really took the time to work with my son and identify where he can improve.

I'm a forty-something novice female runner who wanted a solid foundation, as well as guidance to improve speed and avoid (or cope with) injuries while preparing for races. Coach Phil provided exactly that and more. I had no idea how much physics applied to the sport. Very fascinating. He is a very experienced, knowledgeable and patient teacher. I'm sure he's great with high school kids, but adults could benefit from his coaching as well.

Coach Phil definitely knows what he’s talking about! He works on all areas of technique and improves the weaknesses and pin points every strong point! I’m looking forward to implementing better form and technique with my long distance running!!

-Tiffanie Sharp

Coach Phil is fantastic! Our son really enjoyed his first session with Phil. His knowledge and expertise really made an impression on our son. He learned alot from Coach and he can’t wait to go back for more sessions to show Coach all he has learned. Thanks Coach Phil!

My daughter just had her first lesson with Coach Phil and loved every moment. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and gets right to the point... Running. My daughter is excited to start incorporating the drills into her daily workout, and learned so much about the bio-mechanics of running. She can't wait until her next lesson, Thank you Coach Phil. We look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Coach Phil is the best! He was able to help out with my running technique to minimize injury and run more efficiently. He is also patient and willing to work with you step by step to get better. Definitely recommend him to anyone who is wanting to improve their running.

(no details provided)

Was able to target problem areas and demonstrate proper form on the first session. Great command of the physics related to body movement, and able to put that in laymen’s terms with relevant examples.

I wrote this review after 5 running sessions with Coach.
Coach Phil is a great running coach. His assessment of my son's running form is fantastic. He technically analyses his form through his knowledge of biomechanics and running physics. My son is learning how to run efficiently through techniques taught by Coach. After every session, he sends us a very thorough assessment of each session and points out what he needs to work on.
He's keen eye identified my son's deficiencies and found ways to correct them through drills. I'm really happy with the way he has coached my son so far.

Great Coach, checks in regularly, and gives great advise.

Coach Phil helped my daughter understand what she needed to do to improve her time through proper mechanics and form. We look forward to her improvement with his help.

Coach Phil was very knowledgeable and taught me so much. He had great technique tips and gave me exercises to work on at home. You can tell he truly loves the sport and wants to help you understand the sport to succeed!

With only one session Coach Phil gave me a lot of information and things to work on. He explains all of the proper form and physics of running, which helps it all make sense! I am excited to continue with him and make running a strength rather than a weakness.

My son was excited about his session with Coach Phil. He said that he really enjoyed the techniques and said Coach was thorough with explaining and showing him what he needs to do. We will definitely booking more sessions with Phil before the season starts to help keep my son improving!!

(no details provided)

My daughter had her second hurdle session with coach Phil today. His explanation, then visually showing what he just explained, then having my daughter practice what ever technique they are working on, works really well for my daughter. She is already moving over the hurdles a little smoother and faster. He gave her a few form drills to work on home to help with her next session.We can't wait to see how much her times start to drop once season starts.

He had a great attitude and is extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to many more sessions.

(no details provided)

Great coach

Coach Phil was a great coach to work with! I went to him wanting help with my form and speed. He taught me much about the mechanics of running and drill suggestions to improve form and increase speed. He was easy to contact and responded to my emails right away. I highly recommend this coach!

Coach Phil is a great coach and is very helpful with his knowledge. I would recommend him for anyone

Coach Phil was incredible and extremely knowledgeable! He didn't waste any time getting down to business and really connecting with my daughter on key concepts that could help her improve. He was very positive and his summary and take-aways were very helpful! We will definitely be back for more coaching!

Coach Phil has been a big help! He checks in with me consistently and gives me training runs and tips for training. Further, he gives me goals that I would never have set for myself b/c I didn't think I could hit the paces. But he believes in me and encourages me. He assures me that I am capable. this make me try my absolute best to try and hit the numbers. And I HAVE!
Coach Phil is very quick in responding and extremely knowledgeable.

Awesome session. Coach Phil is very thorough and professional. Looking forward to our son being mentored by coach.

Coach Phil is awesome!! He’s very thorough and asks questions during training to make sure you understand. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends.

Very knowledgeable and patient. Looking forward to continued sessions.

I cannot say enough good things about Coach Phil. My son had no prior track experience except what he had in his school PE class. He enjoyed short distance sprints but had no techniques. I selected Coach Phil and it certainly has been the best choice. Coach Phil is patient yet firm and he really knows the overall techniques needed to be successful in track and field. In just a few sessions, Coach Phil has given techniques that have improved his running ability already. Coach Phil is detail oriented and observes every detail that will overall help my son. The detailed recaps we receive are very much appreciated I am confident that continual training with Coach Phil will certainly result in my son being successful. Thank you Coach Phil for sharing your passion for running with us. I HIGHLY recommend Coach Phil!

I’ve had coaches for my son in the past, but booking online and for a running coach was a first. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Not only was Phil fair with cost, but his follow up and his breakdown of my sons running firm was truly impressive. I’ve got an in person session to go, but I already feel we’ve received our money’s worth. Phil is an excellent trainer, I’d highly recommend him to anyone.

This review is based on my first/one session with Coach Phil, and I am a novice at running.

He is personable, nice, knowledgeable of both theory and application, and appears to be good at identifying weaknesses and providing drills / exercises to address them. I happily recommend him.

I contacted Coach Phil on behalf of my dad. Coach Phil was quick to respond and very knowledgeable. When he met with my dad, he was attentive and set up a plan of action that catered to my dad's specific training regimen. Very excited to continue training with Coach Phil. We highly recommend him to others.

A few weeks ago I reached out to Coach Phil for some run coaching. He greatly exceeded my expectations. I had been feeling like my 16 year son hadn't been getting the individualized attention he needed to achieve his full potential, running for his large high school cross country and track team. Just after one session I was amazed at how much my son and I learned about the fastest, most efficient, running form. Coach Phil goes the extra mile in making himself available to answer questions over text, talking on the phone, and sends a thorough written summary of what was taught in his session. I have no doubt that Coach Phil's coaching will greatly improve mine and my son's running performance and we can't wait until our next session.

(no details provided)

Very professional, knowledgeable and on time. I would definitely recommend him and look forward to more sessions.

Coach Phil is OUTSTANDING! After searching virtually all of southern California, reading almost 100 profiles and contacting 20 coaches, I booked a session with Coach Phil. Before the session, I told my son we're meeting with a running coach. His response, "that should be interesting." After the session, my son said, "that was AMAZING! Running is so much easier now!" He can't stop talking about it!

Coach Phil followed up with a detailed written recap of the training session and included important reminders to prevent injuries. Coach Phil is the real deal; he knows how to teach, inspire and motivate athletes.

I never knew how much correct mechanics can make a difference in my running abilities! Coach Phil gave a very thorough analysis of what I could improve on. I can't wait to implement them. So far, he's such an awesome, knowledgeable coach!

Coach Phil is great! He has so much technical knowledge, yet makes it very understandable and applicable. I've only had one session, so far, and I'm already confident that my running will greatly improve with his coaching. Thanks Coach Phil!

Coach Orr did a great job with my son. He used physics and other techniques to help my son understand the science behind running. Very interesting and helpful first session. Coach Orr gave my son some tools to take away and a few things to work on before his next session. We look forward to his next session. Thanks coach Orr. Great Job!

What's amazing: during our first session I felt I was going faster and having more fun, but my HR was 15 bpm below what I expected (in spite of being a hot day), just in him adjusting my form. This was fun, educational and I feel his coaching really helps. Also a super friendly person who really seems to care, which is especially important for me as an older adult returning to a running lifestyle after a long hiatus.

Good stuff. Quite amazing how knowledgeable Phil is with all types of running. Phil communicates with my son and daughter in a way that allows them to absorb the information by demonstrating, showing pictures, and using objects to get his point across; always in a soft encouraging tone. Look no further, this is the Coach you want!

After just one session my son's running has improved so much. Coach Phil has a way to talk and work with kids that my son really picks up on what he is teaching him. I highly recommend coach Phil to any parent or athlete that wants to improve.

Thanks coach.

Coach Phil has been working with my 15 year old daughter for a few weeks now and she absolutely loves the way he coaches! Her technique has improved immensely thanks to his knowledgeable critiques on her form. He is not only wise when it comes to his coaching, but he is a genuinely good person as well.

I appreciated learning the "why's" of how changes will make an impact to my running. I'm looking forward to seeing results.

I was looking for a coach to help my daughter with her running form, as this is her first year running track. Coach Phil was great. He really took his time explaining the mechanics of running and was really patient with her. My daughter is a sprinter and he was very knowledgeable in this area. He gave her some things to work on and her very next track meet she ran a PR! We have booked more sessions with Coach Phil and look forward to continuing to work with him. I wish I had him around when I was running track, I would have been a much better athlete because he even taught me things I didn’t know about running! I definitely recommend him as a coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil was fantastic. I have goals to run faster, and will read magazines every once in a while that give tips, but nothing was ever put in context of body mechanics. Coach Phil explained how body mechanics and running position can help increase efficiency: waste less effort and waste less oxygen and I will have more oomph at the end of the race! My next run the following weekend, I tried incorporating a couple elements into the race, and decreased my time about 6 minutes from my previous marathon.

I have already signed up for 10 more sessions. Looking forward to one day making Boston!

Coach Phil has been very helpful helping my son work on his running mechanics and technique. He's very patient and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for running training of all types.

Coach Phil was great! He is very knowledgeable about all types of running and he took the time to explain to me all the physics/science behind running and how to run efficiently and conserve energy. From the first session, he helped me focus on the mechanics and form which made me able to run faster and easier with less effort. I am excited to start my running journey with Coach Phil and recover from a hamstring injury. I would recommend Coach Phil to anyone.

Very knowledgeable coach. My son is 8years old and coach Phil did a good job breaking it down for him to understand. Book your session now

Coach Phil is helping my son improve a lot. He has a very patient approach and during the first few sessions has spent a lot of time on the mechanics of more effective distance running. The imprivement in my sons form is already evident.

Coach Phil squeezed us in, gave relevant information, and left my daughter wanting to learn more.

Very knowledgeable about everything related to running. I had some rough patches and he helped me get through them with his expert advice which I found to be accurate in practice.

I am very happy that I came across Coach Phil when searching online for a local coach. I was very hesitant at first but decided to give it a try. I am very glad I did. Coach Phil is extremely knowledgeable in what he does and explains things very thoroughly. Just from my first session I leaned about the mechanics of proper form, and how to conserve energy while on my run. I immediately notice the difference in my run once I implemented what I had learned in my first session. I am looking forward to working with coach Phil and improving my running distance and time.

My daughter Madison appreciates the attention to detail. She was a level 8 gymnast transitioning to track and field. . and coach Phil is doing a great job breaking down the sprint / long jump . . so she can build NEW MUSCLE MEMORY. Thanks Phil

After one session I already noticed a difference in my running. Coach Phil took the time to really break down the mechanics of proper form and gave me useful information that I was able to incorporate immediately. I did not even know I could sprint so fast! I am looking forward to more sessions and to learn more.

I really got a lot out of my session with coach Phil. He asked me a few questions in advance in regards to I want to accomplish with the session and when I showed up he got straight to the point. He was instantly able to pinpoint the flaws in my running mechanics and was able to help me make some major adjustments right on the spot. I really appreciated the way coach Phil used the laws of physics and coorelated that science with football to Give me a better understanding of how to be a more efficient runner allowing me to use more power and be more forceful when running the ball. I will continue to ask questions and I definitely am looking forward to a few more sessions with Coach Phil, I don't think he knows it but just the subtle things he tought me will stick and I will not forget that session because that was exactly what I was looking for. I have only done one session and I'm already car lengths ahead of where I used to be when it comes to running, this is something that will help me take off with my future and I will forever give him thanks. No matter your skill level, I know Coach Phil is definitely knowlegable enough to help you with whatever you are asking for.

And by the way I believe our session lasting a little longer then advertised, he is a genuine guy and I think he likes to do what he is doing.

Coach Phil did an excellent job helping my son with sprinting technique. We covered a huge amount of information in our first session and my son was able to start translating it into action right away. We really appreciated that Coach Phil was very well prepared and had taken the time to look at video of my son ahead of time and came to the session with some specific coaching tips in mind. Highly recommended!

Coach Phil is great for my 9 year old. He is very informative, patient and has lot of passion for running training. I appreciate him taking the time to learn background information about my son before the training session and also gave me feedback after the session. We will book more sessions with him

I've had a great time working with Coach Phil these past couple of months!

As a combat sport athlete, running is important to my overall athletic ability but it is one of many activities that make up my total training, so it was important for me to find a coach who could work within the constraints. Coach Phil understood the demands of my sport right off the bat and designed a program that would get me towards my ambitious running goal without compromising the rest of my training.

The program itself has been very good; the instructions are clear and it has scaled perfectly as my running ability increases. Coach Phil hasn't had to make too many changes along the way, but when it was needed, he adjusted quickly and sensibly. The great thing about him is that though we check in on the progress weekly, he's there if you have questions mid-week.

The best part has been his in-depth knowledge of running biomechanics, which is something I've always wanted to know more about, but never felt like I could find credible sources of information. Phil has a lot of experience as both an athlete and a coach, and I could tell this is an aspect of the training that he really enjoys. I received very detailed feedback and improvements on my running form, which to me was worth the package price alone. Old habits die hard, so I'm still working on getting some of them down, but I know when I do that I will have a powerful and efficient stride.

To sum up - if you want to get better at running and you'd like to give distance coaching a shot, Coach Phil is your man. I'm so glad I booked with him and I will be calling on his services again when I need to adjust my running.

Excellent coaching style. Coach Orr's running and training experience combined with his low key delivery style and highly personalized instruction is impressive. He took the time to research my son's running times and athletic background prior to first training session. Look forward to continue working with coach Orr to help maximize my son's running potential.

Coach Phil is really great! He dedicates a lot of time and personal attention to you, even with online training.

Best ever- could not be happier

Phil Orr is a great coach! Excellent communication and helpful tips. Highly recommend.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil set up a training program based on my busy schedule, was easy to communicate and answer all my questions and concerns right away. He is extremely knowledgeable and offered support and motivation. 3 months ago I could not even run 1 mile now I am close to 10miles,my running has improved drastically in both speed and endurance thanks to Coach Phil.

Coach Phil is definitely knowledgeable and outstanding at what he does. After just one session, my daughter could feel a huge difference in her performance. Not only did coach Phil, take the time to show my daughter proper arm, leg and body motions, he also took the time to look over her eating habits and gave important recommendations to keep her healthy through her teenage and adult life. We look forward in the near future to another session with Coach Phil. We will definitely share our experience with all of our friends and family. I would highly recommend at least one session with Coach Phil.

Super helpful. I can already see where corrections need to be made and I now have great training plans tailored perfectly to help me correct to be a more efficient runner.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil was great with my son. He showed him some good running techniques and related well with him. We are looking forward to continuing to work with him

He has a very good understanding of how the body works. One hour with him and he already taught me exponentially more than anyone else! This man is definitely Worth your while.

My son and I met with Coach Phil to hopefully have him help my son's cross country performance. I was very impressed with his attention to details and pointers from this initial meeting. He took time to 'get to know my son' and made him feel comfortable before proceeding with the evaluation of my son's current level and running form. I will definitely ask Coach Phil to work with my son as much as possible and recommend him to anyone who would like to improve their running.

(no details provided)

Coach Phil really knows how to coach! He taught me better running mechanics/form and stretches to run faster. I am glad I had him coach me.

Coach Phil was very personable and extremely knowledgable! My son is looking forward to continued coaching and believes that Coach Phil will help elevate his running!

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