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I am a professional NFL/CFL football player. Most recently played with the Denver Broncos & I have coached 100s of athletes to take their game to the next level. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Marcus. 60 minute training session. Single Athlete Group Training Session. (Max up to 10 athletes) Training

Session Length: 1 hour

$50 1 session + one-time fee

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Monthly Training Skills Camp (Weekdays)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Here's everything you can expect during your monthly training with me. This monthly training is for all grade school and high school athletes. All football positions are welcome. If you don't play football, you are welcome... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$450 15 sessions ($30/ea) + one-time fee

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Monthly Training Skills Camp ( Weekends )
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Here's everything you can expect during your monthly training with me. This monthly training is for all grade school and high school athletes. All football positions are welcome. If you don't play football, you are welcome... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 10 sessions ($30/ea) + one-time fee

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  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Line, Defensive Back

  • Tackling, Special Teams, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching, Blocking


  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Line, Defensive Back

  • Tackling, Special Teams, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching, Blocking

More About Coach Marcus

Hi I'm Marcus Rios, professional NFL and CFL player. On ESPN's Top 10 Plays and recipient of the UCLA Athletic's Courage and Character Award, I've been featured in the L.A. Times, PAC-12 Network's The Drive, Sports Illustrated and more. Through my coaching, athletes excel from taking my exact experience from on the field to off the field and integrate these skills into their daily lives to rise above the competition. Over the years I’ve coached hundreds of football athletes.

I’ll teach you everything that helped me land 20+ full-ride football scholarship offers and play professional football in the NFL and CFL through my coaching.

Professional Teams:
(NFL) Denver Broncos 2017-2019
(CFL) Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2019-2020
- 2019 CFL Grey Cup Champion

College: UCLA 2012-2016
- 2015 Honorable mention All-Pac-12 Conference selection
- 2016 UCLA Rose Gilbert Courage Award Winner

High School: Cosumnes Oaks High School (Sacramento,CA)
- Played Varsity All 4 Years
- 4-Year Team Captain
- Earned over 20+ Division 1 offers (Oregon, Nebraska, UCLA, Notre Dame, and more!)
- Graduated high school a year early and enrolled at UCLA
-Invited To Nike Opening (Top 200 Players In The Nation)
-Invited To Gridiron Kings All-American Camp (Top 64 Players In The Nation)

Coached by Ryan Gomez ... Four star recruit on Rivals.com and the #21 cornerback in the Nation ... #32 recruit in California on Rivals.com ... Scout.com four-star recruit and the #19-ranked cornerback in the nation ... A SuperPrep All-American rated as the No. 32 defensive back in the nation ... Rated as the #29 prospect in the CA/NV/HI region by SuperPrep ... ESPN three-star recruit, #25 cornerback in the nation and #47 prospect in California ... Named first-team MaxPreps Sacramento-Joaquin Section team ... First-team All-Metro selection by Sacramento Bee

60 Minute Training Sessions With Marcus Rios

1. Warm-Ups & Movement Preparation
2. Drill Training (Speed, Conditioning, & Strength)
3. Football Position Specific Training
4. Bonus Workout Circuit
5. Cool Down Recovery Stretch Routine

Speed & Conditioning:
Learn drills to be faster, bigger and stronger to set yourself apart from the competition. Once you master these skills in your training- You’ll dominate on the field.

Strength Training:
Build Strength and muscle without any weights. Learn the right exercises (and which ones to avoid) when working out and understand the correct form with each and every movement.

Position specific Training:
Master the correct techniques for movements, muscle memory, quick twitch reaction, and body control to elevate your football skillset. Learn position specific training to maximize and perfect your skills.





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Client Reviews

I was very pleased and more importantly my son had a spark in his eye that he had not had in awhile regarding football.

Marcus is a great Coach! We had great conversation alongside some great drills. It was cool to experience working with someone that has played at every level. Can’t wait to take my game to the next level with his expertise behind me. Definitely worth booking!

Coach Marcus is terrific. Homes in on key points. Made corrections. And kept it fun.

Great coach! Definitely going to sign up for more sessions!

Good work. Recommend it

Marcus was prompt, professional, and very organized. His expertise goes without saying. What I appreciated was that my 11-year old son resonated with him. Thankful to have my son learn from him.

(no details provided)

He's a great coach, he knows what he is talking about and he has lived and executed this at the highest level and knows how to teach and coach at all levels

His drive is unmatched. His endurance is inspiring. His testimony of overcoming health issues will change lives. He has a heart for serving others and is truly invested in seeing his community impacted on a positive level. ​ I know the youth especially will be transformed by his mentorship and guidance. He's definitely someone you want in your corner if you truly need assistance in reaching both your athletic and personal goals.
One thing that I can say about Marcus is that he is one of the hardest workers in the room on and off the field. The adversity that I've seen him overcome has manifested into the man you see today. The work ethic, perseverance, and attention to detail has made him a great athlete and a great man. For him to share that insight with athletes to come is the true definition of paying it forward.
When you think of relentless effort and hard work, Marcus comes to mind. He is not only a good player that knows his craft, he has also knows how to face adversity which takes a certain mindset. I remember when he got sick in the hospital and came back like a beast healthier than ever. That takes determination. Dedicating his time on the field after practice, staying late, back pedaling, running extra sprints after the sprints. Marcus did all that and has proven himself and it shows!
Personally knowing Marcus I joke about his arms being like the 'SpongeBob Blow Up Arms' in real life, but at one point in time we saw each other everyday and I started to see why his arms were so big. This guy never skipped a rep and was always there to lend a hand. Marcus is a great guy and honestly the best person in terms of being able to get you in the type of shape you want to be in. Also, he's a very humble guy who’s passionate about the things he does. I know whatever he does in life will work because he’ll put in the work.
Marcus was one of the first teammates I met at UCLA, as we both enrolled early and participated in spring practice as 'seniors in high school.' We immediately clicked as we both showed signs of wanting to go above and beyond when it came time to putting in extra work on and off the field -whether it be spending extra time studying film, constantly being the last ones off the field after a practice (and being kicked off the field by maintenance staff as they wanted to shut off the lights and lock the gates to the field), or working out at the recreation center in our off hours. Marcus showed signs from his first steps on campus that he wanted to be great and perfect his craft in every aspect. Just when you begin to think you're working hard, Marcus will push you, motivate you and inspire you to put in more time, more work and more effort. And if that weren’t enough, to make his story better, he has had to overcome more than anyone I’ve ever played with when being diagnosed with a rare fungal infection, which led to several surgeries and time away from football. Most would call it quits, but not Marcus. He took the proper steps to get his health back to speed so he could get right back to outworking the rest of us. ​ I truly never thought I would meet someone who would outwork me, but I can honestly say Marcus proved me wrong. And I am proud to say I was teammates with someone with that kind of work effort, drive and determination.
Rios is one the hardest working dudes I’ve met. Just look at his arms - tell me you know another defensive back that jacked?! Dude is also one heck of a guy, off the field and out of the weight room. He’s a good friend and has great character.
Marcus always gives 110% in the weight room, classroom and on the field. Not working with him would be crazy!
We came together early on during college recruiting and high school training days to both making it to UCLA. I personally have witnessed him overcome adversity with every obstacle thrown his way. He’s never counted himself out. In fact, there was a time during his college career where sports and his ability to be active in the slightest ways were taken away from him in an instant due to a medical condition that he was fighting. He had multiple surgeries and overcame it all. As roommates with Marcus, I used to watch him struggle through this night in and night out. He didn’t let it get him down mentally at all. His bounce back was just a testament to the way that he is built mentally. He attacks everything with a purpose and you have to respect it. I remember during his illness he managed to create his own regimented workouts and built himself back into shape, overcame the illness twice through multiple operations and earned himself a spot on the back on field. Two years later he’s in the NFL adding more to his story and continuing to strive. That is what is different about him. He’s always been fully invested in himself. He carries himself in a way that you have to respect and he holds that respect for everyone he encounters. Marcus is great role model and mentor for the youth. His story speaks volumes and it’s only going to continue to grow.
The work ethic and determination that Marcus puts into everything is a testament to the person he is. Every little thing he does is treated as if it were an important task. ​ That’s why Marcus Rios will be remembered far beyond than just being a football player.
I can say without hesitation that Marcus Rios is the hardest working person I’ve ever crossed paths with in my life. ​ As a teammate, he always went above and beyond the required, and faced situations that most people would not be able to overcome or work through. His perseverance combined with his work ethic is one of the most inspiring things I’ve got to witness in my sports career. Character-wise Marcus is second to none, pure class and one of the most respectable and honest people you’ll meet. He’s someone that I if I have kids one day, I would love for them to learn from him and see firsthand how to carry themselves and the importance of having high character.
Marcus Rios is a very hard worker - he sets goals and does everything he can to reach them. Even his story and what he went through in college speaks to his fight and character! He will motivate and push you.
I had the pleasure of coaching Marcus throughout his high school career. ​ Having spent thousands of hours with him, I can attest to his incredible character and the fact that he is one of the hardest working, most determined young men I have ever seen. ​ His tremendous willpower, fortitude, and drive are unparalleled in my 27 years in the game of football as a player and coach. ​ I can say with 100% certainty that he will be an outstanding teacher and mentor for young athletes striving to become the best they can possibly be. ​ Marcus' lead-by-example mindset and his clear ability to communicate and teach helps bring out the best in any athletes under his tutelage.
Rios is one of the hardest working athletes I've been around. It doesn't matter what phase it is. Recovery, strength and conditioning, or on the field he's always willing to take it to the next level. Honestly, there's no way seeing around it. We call him 'Biceps' for a reason!
Marcus is an awesome individual. He’s very smart and has tremendous work ethic. I respect his approach to training because he takes his time to make sure he is maximizing each session. He’s had to overcome a tremendous amount of adversity which is why he is so successful today. Anyone looking to work with Marcus can trust that they will get elite training. ​ If you’re looking to get pushed, if you're looking to increase your competitive juices, and if you’re ultimately looking to accomplish goals then Marcus is the guy for you to work with!
I've known Marcus for years and he has always been a team-first and family-first guy. He’s one of the hardest workers I know, and just one of those dudes that constantly gets better and is consistent with his approach. It’s a pleasure to get to work with him.
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