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I am NFL Alumni. I focus on creating elite athletes based on my experience and knowledge from being a high school, college, and professional football player and champion. View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Jaquel Pitts. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$10000 1 session + one-time fee

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Group package with Coach Jaquel Pitts. Max 10 athletes. 60 minute session length.

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  • Mayville State University (ND)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Quarterback, Linebacker, Defensive Back

  • Pass Defense, Special Teams, Hand Placement, Throwing, Route Running, Footwork, Catching


  • Mayville State University (ND)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Quarterback, Linebacker, Defensive Back

  • Pass Defense, Special Teams, Hand Placement, Throwing, Route Running, Footwork, Catching

More About Coach Jaquel

I am NFL Alumni. I have coached 7 years of football. I am also a speaker at annual NFL camps. I have coached high school, college, and I have trained professional athletes. I enjoy coaching athletes and enhancing their abilities.I have a certificate in athletic coaching. I have a certificate in Business. I have coached at the Nike Elite 11 Football Camp. I have also coached at the Nike Sparq Combine. I was a volunteer coach on the 2018 Varsity Football CIF State Southern Regional Championship Team .

I am NFL Alumni. I played high school, college, and professional football as a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, defensive back, and kick returner. I only played college football at the four year level, never the community college level. I have never been on a active roster of a community college football program. During my college football career I was always on a active roster of a four year college football program. I earned various honors and most notable; academic all american honors during my time in college. I was invited and played in the 2014 East Preps National Bowl at Florida International University in front of NFL scouts. I was invited and played in the 2019 HBCU Spirit of America Bowl at Salem Football Stadium; in Salem, Virginia in front of NFL Scouts. I am a member of the 2011 Ceres Classic Championship Team, 2015 Arenabowl Championship Team, 2017 American Mountain League Championship Team, 2018 Varsity Football CIF State Southern Regional Championship Team .

I am NFL Alumni.

Age/Skill-Set- I am looking to coach anywhere from elementary school aged to high school aged kids and adults. There is no initial skill set required, just a passion to work hard everyday.

Training- The workouts I design will be based on whatever football position that the player desires to get better at. They will be fun, yet demanding. I expect each player to bring a good attitude everyday along with a willingness to accept coaching, a thirst for getting better, and a passion for football.
• Speed work
• Agility work
• Individual position work
• Different types of strength training
• Tackling/Catching drills
• Cone drills
• Ladder work
• Pre/Post workout stretches

What My Client Will Gain- These workouts will guarantee better overall football performance on the field. This experience will provide the player with one-on-one training that will develop their individual skills. My goal is to focus on helping the player get the added edge they will need to stand out. They will gain better knowledge of the game, which in turn will make for a smarter football player. Moreover, I will provide specific workouts that NFL players use daily that will test their skill level and physicality.

If you can not keep your session time I need a notice within 24 hours of the initial intended scheduled session.

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Client Reviews

Coach Jaquel is reliable, motivating and easy to communicate with. He works hard to provide my son with variety and support and assesses his skill level well. Definitely going to work with him through the season.

Updated 9/20/2019: He is not NFL Alumni!! He didn’t even get playing time in a community college! I used to think he’s just not good but now obviously there’s something wrong with his characteristics!

What a liar! Do not train with him!

Doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Arrived late and postponed the session for an hour an half.

Told him what I want to work on, ignored me. Spent a long time on warm up although I told him I am already warmed since I arrived early. Took me through some drills that’s doesn’t really translate into the game. Towards the end I ask him to do some football workout he said times up. waste of my time and money, learned absolutely nothing.

Overall Jaquel isn’t really a good coach for HS kids because he doesn’t really know much. If you’re in high school I do not recommend working with him

Also bugged me for 3 days to write him a review, although I already did it on the day of our session.

Great first private session with coach Pitts. My son learned a lot, way more than from his usual team practices. We will definitely book more time with coach Pitts.

My son Joaquin just had his first football session with coach Pitts and it was a great first session. He was able to correct his football stance, his footwork, and give him pointers on proper running technique. Joaquin is already asking when his next session with coach Pitts is going to be. I highly recommend coach Pitts to anyone who is trying to give their son or daughter an edge.

First of, Coach Pitts was very professional. I’ve been around a lot of football in my 39 years. I immediately saw that he knew his stuff. I have two sons in High School who are pretty good at football so I saw how Coach Pitts knew how to tailor the training to my son’s skill set which is high level high school training to moderate college training. Secondly, Coach Pitts had a great attitude, he knew when to encourage and when to provide more emphasis so my son could focus. Lastly, Coach Pitts was very punctual with the whole session, understanding in my questions as a parent, and most of all my son enjoyed the training. I would highly recommend Coach Pitts and we will be booking future sessions with him.

He’s good

Coach Jaquel is a great coach. He is extremely patient and well knowledged on football techniques. My son is looking forward to his next session.

My son is a 9 year old soccer player that we wanted to get to focus more on his body mechanics. We found Jaquel and explained the situation and agreed to train him for track & field. The first session we arrived to the agreed location only to find out that he did not have access to the field. No worries, we found a park nearby. Unfortunately there was little to no communication with my son or us beyond the few emails/txts we exchanged. Once the session started we were impressed. I liked his style and had my son start with some very basic fundamentals which he needed. Again, after the session there was little to no communication other than "he did a good job". I was fine with this at this because my son did take away some useful pointers that he started to use immediately in games and practices. I felt a few more months of training could prove really valuable, however, scheduling was an issue. Early on we let Jaquel know that sundays would work best, and he said wouldn't be a problem. We attempted to schedule a second session and he cancelled. The following week (now week 3) we met up again and my son had a great session. We tried to schedule a 3rd session 2 additional times, 2 weeks in a row and cancelled both times. Overall I think Jaquel has great potential and very knowledgeable but needs to work on his people skill, communication and professionalism. No hard feelings, and I wish him the best.

Coach Jaquel is a magnificent coach !

Coach Jaquel is extremely patient with my son who has coordination issues and is starting from a very low level of playing. He was kind and unrushed as he worked with him and was intuitive to my sons needs.

Coach Jaquel was excellent with my boys. He made sure he listened and understood each of them so he can help them individually improve their weaknesses. They are both happy to have him trained them and we can not wait to schedule our next meeting. Thank you Coach.

First training session with Coach Jaquel was a success. My son really enjoyed his first day. My son can’t wait for the next one

Coach Jaquel was great with my son. It was the first training session. Jaquel taught some core fundamentals of the QB position. As I watched the session, I saw movements that college and pro QBs must've learned as a youth and continue to use. Thanks Jaquel - we'll be booking more trainings.

Coach Jacquel was awesome. Very mythical in his training. I know this is the guy who will take me to the next level. Can’t wait for our next session.

Coach Jaquel is a wonderful coach! He arrived early, he was very professional & stared working with my son immediately. The training looked intense & was very different from the training that my son receives at H.S.
Coach Jaquel seemed to understand how to appropriately train for specific positions in order to produce optimal ergormance.
My son was more excited after the training than before it began & he looks forward to training with Coach Jaquel again!

Coach Pitts was really good. I saw immediate improvements after an hour of training with him. I also noticed that he knew how to coach football and what to do to help my son improve and learn some techniques. My son is looking forward to his next training session.

Coach Pitts is a super positive and knowledgeable trainer who helps you improve at everything you work on with him.

Coach Jaquel is great. He gave my 14 year old son helpful tips and drills to improve his skills at wide reciever. He corrected him when he needed too and gave my son postive encouragement. My son said " I learned how to become an overall great player." My son enjoyed his session with Coach Jaquel and I look foward to continuing my sons training with Coach Jaquel.

Jaquel is all around a great man and coach! He's been working with my 12 yr old son for a while to hone both his qb and wide receiving skills. Jaquel is so positive and encourages my son in so many ways! He's a terrific role model for him, too. I highly recommend Jaquel for coaching any position
Your child plays or wants to play.

Coach Pitts is an excellent coach. He pays a very significant amount to attention to detail coupled with an elite level of experience he can speak to. Coach Pitts is extremely organized with his drills, while custom tailoring sessions depending on what I need to work on. His passion and encouragement coupled with his experience and perfectionist mindset makes him a coach that will elevate your game to a another level. I highly recommend.

(no details provided)

Coach Pitts is a phenomenal coach. He taught me a variety of techniques that enhanced my ability as a football player.
Coach Pitts is one of the main reasons I'm at where I am today. He was able to make me into a much better football player during the two years he was my coach. One of the most knowledgeable coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He knows what it takes to be the best and can speak from experience to get there. A great coach, but even a better man. Without the guidance of Coach Pitts in college, I would have not have been able to get the privilege to play defensive line on the professional level. I owe all of my technique and form that I have to Coach Pitts. - college accolades - *First Team All-League, *League Defensive Player Of The Year, *First Team All-CIF, *Second Team All-State - College accolades - (Freshman year) * Honorable Mention All Conference, * Most Outstanding Defensive Lineman Award for team
Thanks to Coach Jaquel Pitts I have much more knowledge and a better understanding of how to run routes the most efficient and correct way. Jaquel is a technical perfectionist and teaches in a way that is very simple to learn. He spent numerous hours teaching me about the intricacies of the position and the game. Jaquel has a motivating and inspiring attitude which is infectious, I am now confident I can run routes with the best of them. I am definitely coming back to work with Jaquel in the future.
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