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World Athletics Academy Elite Coach. Key responsibilities are to develop/evaluate athlete performance and gauge their readiness to determine if performance is at optimal level. View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Herb. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$150 1 session + applicable fees

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3 session package with Coach Herb. 60 minute session length

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1 session package with Coach Herb. 60 minute session length

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  • Fordham University (NY)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Jumps, Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Decathlon, Triple Jump, High Jump, Long Jump, Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Form, Baton Handoffs


  • Fordham University (NY)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Jumps, Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Decathlon, Triple Jump, High Jump, Long Jump, Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Form, Baton Handoffs

More About Coach Herb

CoachUp Private Athletic Coach (Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Throws, Long and Middle Distance) (Strength and Development Training)
MYIA Emerging Elite Athlete Youth Camp/Clinic and Showcase organizer coach
Lanier High School Coach (Hurdles, Middle and Endurance Distances)
Mills College former Assistant Track & Field Coach (Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Long and Middle Distance)
Sacramento High School former Head Track & Field Coach (Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Long and Middle Distance)
Jesse Bethel High School former Assistant Track & Field Coach (Middle and Endurance Distances)
Illinois State University Wrestling team member (1 year)
Lincoln Senior High School Track team member (3 years - competed in the 440, 880, 1 mile, 2 mile and Sprint/Distance Medley Relays - still own School Records in both the Mile / Two mile runs and awarded Letterman status)
Lincoln Senior High Cross Country team member (3 years - Team Captain, School record holder and Letterman)
Lincoln Senior High School Wrestling team member (2 years - Letterman and competed at World Games)
Hughes Quinn Junior High School Track & Field team member (3 years - competed in hurdle, relay and jump events)

World Athletics Level 5/USA Track and Field [USATF] Coaching Education Level 3-Endurance
IAAF Level 5/USA Track and Field [USATF] Coaching Education Level 3-Sprints, Hurdles, Relays
IAAF Level 5/USA Track and Field [USATF] Coaching Education Level 3-Youth Specialist
USATF Coaching Education Level 2-Jumps
USATF Coaching Education Level 2-Endurance
USATF Coaching Education Level 2-Sprints, Hurdles, Relays
USATF Coaching Education Level 1-Sprints, Hurdles, Relays
Team USA SafeSport
U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) Sprint, Hurdle & Relay Events
U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) Track & Field Technical Coaching
CPR (Georgia State Defense Force)
First Aid (Georgia State Defense Force and Georgia High School Sports Association)
Georgia High School Sports Association Community Lay Coach (Track & Field)

Herb became involved with the sport of track and field as a student-athlete at both Hughes Quinn Junior High School and Lincoln Senior High School in E. St. Louis, Illinois. After graduating high school, Herb left home to attend college on a wrestling scholarship prior to joining the United States Navy. Upon transfer with the Navy to the San Francisco Bay area in California in 2006, he took a job working as an assistant track & field coach at Jesse Bethel High School in Vallejo, California. During his time at Jesse Bethel High School, he successfully coached the first-ever female Solano County Athletic Conference (SCAC) 800-meter track league champion. Upon leaving the coaching job at Jesse Bethel in 2008, Herb accepted a position as the Sprints, Jumps and Hurdles coach at Mills College in Oakland, California where all his collegiate scholar-athletes became very successful in setting both personal and season best records in multiple events.

Later, Herb accepted an Assistant Track & Field coaching position at Sacramento High School in Sacramento, California where in 2009, all of his scholar-athletes became very successful in setting both personal and season best records in multiple events. As well, he successfully coached several of his Sac High student-athletes to the title of 2009 Metro League champion, and one of his female student-athletes to a 2009 adidas 50th Anniversary Golden West first place win and a qualification to participate in the 2009 USATF National Junior Olympic Championships. This type of success led to Herb being interviewed, selected and offered the Head Track & Field coaching job at Sacramento High School in 2010.

Herb's coaching philosophy is centered on being mentally focused because "hard work always pays off". Herb teaches the fundamental principles necessary to be successful in the sport. He incorporates strength and conditioning training methods that he learned from attending an USATF Level 1 coaching class, from coaching student-athletes over the years and from competing as an athlete himself.

Herb designs an annual training plan for his student-athletes that is based on the concept of periodization. The plan is simple (inclusive of macro, meso and microcycles) and has flexible content that is modified to meet the athlete where they are and help them to maintain a rate of progress that allows for them to stay injury free.

Herb's training sessions for athletes include... jogging, dynamic warm up stretching, plyometric conditioning, running, jumping and hurdle mechanics, and a static stretching / jogging cool down period.

Herb is committed to creating a safe and positive training environment in which student-athletes want to work hard, improve their physical, mental and spiritual development.

Herb teaches the art of self-discipline, respectful sportsmanship, the value of working hard to meet set goals. He helps the student-athlete understand what it means to become a better citizen of society-at-large by giving a great effort on the track and in the field.

Coach Herb Jones attained athletic stardom status at Lincoln Senior High School in East Saint Louis, Illinois. He was an all-metro student-athlete in the sports of track & field, cross country and wrestling.

Start the session with a 1 - 2 lap jogging (5 - 10 minutes of warmup)
Dynamic stretching and Plyometric exercise (15 - 20 minutes for warmup)
Event assessment testing and running mechanics evaluation (20 - 50 minutes) (focus on improving technical start
Cool down / static stretching / jogging (10 mins)
*In addition, I offer strength and conditioning training, how to obtain an academic and athletic collegiate scholarship and specific details on what nutritional plans work best for both male and female athletes.

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Client Reviews

Coach Herb was great with our son! Coach is very knowledgable and patient. In just one session, my son received valuable advice, feedback, and training to set him up for success with hurdles. We are looking forward to our next session! Thanks Coach!

Coach Herb was great to work with. My daughter can't wait until our next session. I can see the inprovement after the first session. Thank you so much Coach.

(no details provided)

My daughter had a great experience. By the end of our session things started to click.

(no details provided)

Coach Herb took my athlete from a place where he had never jumped before to long jumping 21 feet in less than 5 sessions. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient with my young athlete. My son enjoys his time training with Coach Herb and gains valuable instruction.

Coach Herb was amazing! My very active 7 year old son is a budding track athlete and coach taught him some excellent techniques in our very first session. He was extremely patient and my son responded well to his coaching tips. We can't wait to book another session. Thanks again Coach!

Candice & Carey

Coach Herb is an exceptional coach! He has helped me build my skills. I continue to grow as an athlete under his guidance!

(no details provided)

Coach Herb was very knowledgeable, informative, and detail oriented during our first meeting. Our daughter's engagememt remained high at all times as he worked to improve her form and mechanics throughout the session. Coach Herb began making plans for future sessions and training before we concluded for the day, which showed that he is a true Coach indeed, that takes his mentoring with sincerity to support our daughter's growth. We are excited to continue working with Coach Herb as his level of commitment and dedication was evident within our first encounter.

I was very encouraged after the first session for my 12-year old soccer player. Coach Herb analyzed his run form and and began the process of reworking his mechanics to increase his speed. Coach Herb's communication, patience, and attention to detail are clearly strengths. He took the time to explain every concept and then periodically reviewed what was being taught by sitting my son down and asking him questions. He also used video playback to show weaknesses and improvements after instruction and repetition. Coach is definitely knowledgeable in the field and spoke with insight about the necessary mindset and commitment of a high-level athlete. My impression was that Coach wants to be a teacher and resource committed to the athlete's development, and not just focused on his time and bottom line.

Coach Herb is very knowledgeable. Learned so much even in the first session. Looking forward to more sessions.

(no details provided)

I came to Coach Herb with a struggling rising senior and I was let down by his coaches who coached him for years! After our first session, my son felt like we had found someone who simply cared. He’s an expert at this. I am happy about where we’re going and I’m excited about this relationship that I know will continue to grow. Thank you so much Coach Herb!

Very knowledgeable about the sport.

Very pleased with our first session. Plan on making this a more permanent situation!!

Coach Herb has worked with my son so far for two sessions and in just two sessions my son has a significant understanding on the technique of his race. He showed him his step count in getting to and over the hurdle and he taught him in two sessions it doesn't matter what leg gets to the hurdle first as long as you understand the step pattern. He teaches in a way that is simple and allows the athlete to conceptualize what they need to do. I cannot wait to see where he takes my son as we continue his training sessions.

My son has just started training classes with Coach Herb. Coach Herb is very patient and very thorough. My son really likes working with him! I can see that he is an expert in his field and I look forward to my son training with him over long term. Well worth it!

Coach Herb has a vast knowledge and love for the sport. He cares about shaping the individual, as well as their athletic prowess. He’s flexible with scheduling, he’s easy to communicate with, and he cares about getting you better. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him to get faster.


Coach Jones has been amazing to work with. He is a true gentleman and an awesome coach. He has help my son rework his running mechanics from the ground up. My son is a lacrosse player and coach Jones worked with us to understand the distance that he would need to cover and then built a plan to get him faster.

My son is currently ranked #1 in the USA (high school) for the decathlon and needed some technical training in 3 events. Coach Jones has gone above and beyond to provide him with detailed instruction and a well thought through training schedule. This coach is clearly in it for the athletes and has so much knowledge and passion to share.

Coach Herb, is training my 7 year old daughter and after her 1st session I’m already seeing a difference. Looking forward to this weeks session.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Had a great session for my 5 year old with Coach Herb.

My boy started teeball this year and was getting thrown out a lot runing the bases.

This last game after the session with Coach Herb MULTIPLE parents commented on how much betyer he was running. He even scored from second base on a hit!

The coach came up to us the parking lot to tell mt son how good he did running.

Couldn't be happier!

Coach Herb is an amazing coach. I am in Army ROTC at my college and I need help getting my run time down for my next PT test. I did one session with Coach Herb so far that focused more so on my form and breathing and already I am running faster with more ease. I use to hate my run days now I am looking forward to them! Can’t wait for my next session !

More than a coach, appreciate the honorable man Coach Herb has proven to be, and the strong mentor he is to my son who very much looks up to him. As an added bonus, Coach Herb is a phenomenal hurdles coach committed to developing the “whole athlete” ... mind, body and spirit. A true professional whose technical knowledge of the sport is undeniable. Look forward to many more years of my son learning, developing and connecting with Coach Herb.

Coach Herb Jones was a great coach for my eight year old grandson. His gentle, soft spoken and overall kindness was just what my grandson needed. He’s looking forward to doing well under his direction. Coach gets a 10. I would highly recommend Coach Jones.

Absolutely an amazing person from ' hello '. Within the introductory conversation he asked questions specific to my athlete that let me know he was aligning himself with her for her complete benefit, enhancement and growth. Making me very comfortable in knowing that she's in good care.
I would more then recommend for long term goals for your athlete.

First lesson for my son Alex was amazing! Coach was professional, knowledgeable and had a positive attitude. Very inspiring! Highly recommend 👌

Coach Herb is an amazing coach. He is extremely knowledgeable, motivational and a joy to train with. I hope to continue training extensively with coach Herb. I would recommend him as a coach to anyone thats working towards achieving a goal.

My experience with Coach Jones was great. Coach broke down and made me understand sprinting and jumping mechanics to become a better sprinter/ long jumper . The drills and workout we did that session overall made me also feel more confident. Many more sessions to come

My daughter tried the long jump twice - once for her one and only middle school meet and for another meet outside of school. She decided to pick it back up now that she's in high school. She's doing indoor and didn't know if they do it indoor. Long story short, found out they do. Did a search for a coach to help get her started. And this site popped up.

My daughter and I were THOROUGHLY pleased w/ Coach Herb. We'd spoken prior to her session. And I was excited just from the conversation. He provided a lot of helpful warmup drills pre-training and post. And she got a lot of instructional info as far as the techniques go w/ long jump. My daughter vibed with him, which was the most important part. If you're looking to get started or even perfect your jumping craft, book Coach Herb!! She will be return!!

My daughter really enjoyed Coach Herb. We just started working with him but she immediately connected and understood his approach and method- so we plan to work with him and see she develops as an athlete.

My son is senior in high school and have been running track since the age of twelve. My husband and I have been seeking additional training for him and after our initial training session with Coach Herb, I can truly say we have found the perfect coach. My son was very comfortable with Coach Herb. The exact words out of my son’s mouth were, “Mom, this Coach is phenomenal!” Coach Herb, is a man of discipline and integrity who truly cares about the well being of his athletes. It really shows during his training session. My husband and I are super pleased and have already purchased more sessions. My son is eager to train with him again, can’t wait! Thank you Coach Herb.

Coach Herb knows his craft. As importantly, he connects in an informed, caring way with his trainee. This makes his training effective and relevant. My son, Chris, just completed his 2nd club outdoor season after a season of high school track. In our initial session, Coach Herb recommended specific improvements to Chris's warmup, strength training, starting and hurdle technique that, once ingrained, can only serve to push him to the next level. We are looking forward to seeing concrete improvements next track season as a result of working with Coach Herb this offseason. Thanks, Coach Herb!

(no details provided)

My daughter completed her first session with Coach Herb! He appeared professional and seemed to thoroughly enjoy working with my daughter. He patiently explained the various drills to her satisfaction. A family affair; it was impressive how he incorporated her younger siblings into the training session. We [parents] are currently waiting on our daughter to determine her level of commitment before booking her next sessions. ~ Keenan & Teresa R.

Coach Herb did a great job with my 17 year old son! He is knowledgeable and my son is looking forward to start training with Coach Herb!

Great Coach! Very personable, encouraging to the athlete, and more importantly enjoys his job! I will continue to use Coach Herb for AS LONG AS IT IS NEEDED! Thank you!!!

Wow! The guidance and direction Coach gave my 15 yr old daughter was invaluble. He focused on the mechanics of running, worked with her on drills to increase her speed. He also addressed nutrition and rest, all important factors for any athlete. He taught her how to run her races (strategy) and worked with her on coming out of the blocks. He's a total professional and has the greatest disposition. We plan to work with him again prior to track season. Well worth the drive for us, coming from Stockbridge. You nor will your child be disappointed.

Awesome first session niece had a great learning experience. I liked that Coach was very specific with her about every little detail. Would definitely book again!

Met with Coach Herb for the first time to see if my son, who would be doing the training, would like him. He loved him. Like Coach's attitude, demeanor and knowledge. Looking forward to working with him for awhile. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Awesome first session!! Coach Herb knows his stuff - he's the real deal. I'm looking forward to my next training session. I would highly recommend!!

My daughter enjoyed her first session with Coach Herb and feel as though she can see herself moving forward with her track and field skills.

My son Andrew (a sixteen-year-old sprinter) and I had the opportunity to meet with Coach Herb earlier today. Coach Herb had a calm, methodical, focused, and patient approach to his training and developed a quick rapport with my son. Clearly, a Coach with experience and we are hopeful we will get the opportunity to continue to work with Coach Herb and with his assistance improve our son's skills and results on the track.

Coach Jones is awesome! He helped me improve my sprints, hurdles, and jumps. Definitely recommend him as a coach.


Coach Herb has been working with my daughter for just four weeks and she has made significant improvements already. Especially with her form. Thanks Coach Herb for your dedication! Regards, Sophie

Coach Herb seems to know a lot about track and the things you need to do to become faster. Great coach!

Works well with learning strengthens and weakness while keeping you determine to be better than your last

Coach Herb clearly knew what he was doing, and is a very experienced track coach. Can't wait to see where my progress is after the program.

My daughter really enjoyed her time with Coach Herb and looking forward to more session with him. He is very knowledgeable of the sport and is willing to give the athlete all the tools to succeed.

Coach Herb was an awesome coach! He is positive and full of knowledge. I only worked with him for a short period of time due to college but I will definitely work with him in the future. I highly recommend Coach Herb.

(no details provided)

Coach Herb, did an outstanding job in my son's first session. He was very thorough in his instructions and very professional! I'm looking forward to the next 9 sessions.

Stan L. Sims Sr.

Coach herb is a great coach, a few sessions in i saw my sons improvment. And now that I have been with him for a good while my son has been PR like every meet. I love coach Herbs coaching style it's really suitable

(no details provided)

Coach Herb is extremely professional and definitely has a passion for track and field. I look forward to more training sessions.

Coach I'm going to sign up for the 10 session packet once I get a little more cash.

(no details provided)

Coach Herb is helping my son on his sprinting mechanics. He is taking a step by step approach to introduce interrelated coordination of muscle groups over time with consistent repetition to positively influence long term muscle memory. I really appreciate his approach!

I recommend Coach Herb to other parents looking for a track coach. He's knowledgeable and highly motivated person when training the athlete. He makes sure the athlete understands the fundamentals of track running. After one training session, my son was able to finish first in the 400m.

Coach Herb is patience with the athlete by explaining the scientific techniques about each fundamental form in running. My son enjoys working with Coach Herb and sees the value in his training techniques.

I would recommend Coach Herb to any parent looking for someone that will take the time to teach your child how to execute each event with confidence and knowledge!! I love that he incorporated little things that my daughter could relate to such as remember the mannequin challenge!! Simply the best!!!!!

Coach Herb is outstanding. Not only did he coach me but he took the time to explain in detail everything he showed me. He training sessions are very informative, and he is very patient. Coach Herb is very knowledgeable and motivated me to be successful in achieving my goals. Looking forward to future sessions.

Excellent Coach. He is very patient and cares about his athletes. He trained my son who is now in college and he is currently coaching my daughter.

Coach Herb and his team are amazing. For the past couple of weeks my children ages 16 and 13 are so motivated to exercise and to a better athletes.

Coach did a great job working with my daughter. Very knowledgeable, patient and does it right. Thanks coach!

Coach Herb is very through and attentive. I am happy with the choice we made.

Coach Herb is a wonderful coach. He is willing to help you reach your top potential while also having a good time. I I have only trained for a few weeks and have had a lot of improvements.

Coach Herb is an awesome coach. He demonstrates knowledge of track and field and keeps his athletes well informed of the areas in which they need to develop. He sets goals in hopes that all athletes will reach their fullest potential. I will recommend Coach Herb to everyone. Way to go!!

Coach Herb did a great job with my son - explaining the fundamentals of hurdles and helping him get much better and confident in just the first lesson. plan on having many more

Coach Herb was a great coach. My son had one session so far and walked away with some new drills and techniques. He even gave my son a handout on hurdles and difficult starts. I would recommend Coach Herb

Coach Herb is a great coach. His workouts are extremely helpful for speed, and he doesn't overlook the small things that matter in a competition. He will also have you try out different events to see if it's right for you. Coach Herb sees where you are at the beginning and then pushes you from there. I recommend him to anyone interested in sprints and in hurdles.

Coach Jones was great! He is always on time and he is patient in his coaching style and he provides materials for the athlete to engage and enrich their mind. Coach Jones also takes time to know what makes the athlete tick. I highly recommend Coach Jones.
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