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With about 15 years of coaching experience, my athletes have seen tremendous growth under my direction. My coaching style will inspire you to reach your personal goals. View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Eric. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$40 1 session + one-time fee

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3 session package with Coach Eric. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$115 3 sessions ($38/ea) + one-time fee

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5 session package with Coach Eric. 60 minute session length

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  • Bowling Green State University (OH)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Middle Distance, Sprints, Marathon, Long Distance, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Running the Curve, Passing, Sprinting, Baton Handoffs, Pacing, Form


  • Bowling Green State University (OH)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Middle Distance, Sprints, Marathon, Long Distance, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Running the Curve, Passing, Sprinting, Baton Handoffs, Pacing, Form

More About Coach Eric

With about 15 years of coaching experience, my athletes have seen tremendous growth under my direction. I have coached all levels, from junior high students to senior adults. My coaching style will inspire you to reach your personal goals. As a Road Runners Club of America: Certified Adult Distance Running Coach, Certified USA Track & Field Endurance Level 2, Sprints/Hurdles/Relays Coach Level 2, Youth Specialization Level 2, and Cross Country Specialist Coach, I understand both the art and science of distance running / sprint events. As a competitive runner, I know what defines success: setting a personal best, crossing the finish line, wearing those favorite jeans you wore years ago, or simply getting into the best shape of your life. We will work together to make it happen. Below is a sampling of my success as a coach.

Adult Runners – With successful training plans and sessions, I’ve had individuals qualify for Boston Marathon multiple times. Other successes include:
- half-marathoner dropped over 45 minutes from his personal best.
- marathoner not only met her goal but finished over 15 minutes faster.
- middle age runner set personal records in various distances.

Cross country - I’ve had success building teams and helping individuals reach their goals. In cross country I have coached:
- league runner’s-up and regional qualifier teams.
- teams placing 2nd and 3rd places at invitationals.
- 5K team with five of the boys in the same race all finishing under 18 minutes.
- first year senior boy with 5K time of 16:31.85.
- freshman broke “Freshmen Record” with a 17:27.86.
- 8th grader finished 2 mile in 11:37.4.
- senior girl ran 20:27.6 in 5K.
- five high schoolers (one girl and four boys) qualifying to regionals.

Track – I’ve also had the pleasure of coaching young men and women in both junior high and high school in various events including hurdles, and runs ranging from 100m dash to 3200m. Successes include:
- teams placing 1st and 2nd in invitationals.
- placing 2nd in the league/conference.
- individuals placing at a high level in league/conference, district, regional and state level.
- a boy athlete running 10.94 in 100m, 21.8 in 200m and 47.97 in 400m.
- a girl athlete in hurdles running 15.76 in 100mH and 48.33 in 300mH.
- senior boy running a 39.5 in the 300mH.
- senior boy running 2:01 in the 800m, 4:31.59 in the 1600m, 9:45.77 in 3200m.
- junior girl running 2:38 in the 800m, 5:43.05 in the 1600m, 12:08.10 in 3200m.
- sophomore boy running 2:03.48 in the 800m, 4:32.59 in the 1600m, 9:48.83 in 3200m.
- freshmen boy running 2:17.7 in the 800m and 4:46.82 in the 1600m.
- freshmen girl running 2:27.38 in the 800m and 5:38.60 in the 1600m.
- success with high school relays including 4x400m relay (3:35.02 boys and 4:16.66 girls) and 4×800 relay (8:19.43 boys and 10:15.51 girls).

Placed high in multiple races from 400m to half marathon.

Two person relay marathon. (My time is in parentheses.): 
o In 2003; 2:45:36 (1:22-1:21) 1st place 
o In 2004; 2:42:09 (1:21:20) 1st place 
o In 2005; 2:40:50 (1:17:29) 2nd place 
o In 2006; 2:37:58 (1:17:40) 2nd place 
o In 2007; 2:39:53 (1:17:34) 1st place

Best performance in a 10 mile race, which ranks in the top ten races in the nation. 
o In 2003, 15th Age Group (16-19) 154/6061 Overall Time 60:20 
o In 2004, 3rd Age Group (16-19) 71/6573 Overall Time 58:51 
o In 2005, 9th Age Group (20-24) 52/6714 Overall Time 57:34 
o In 2006, 14th Age Group (20-24) 91/7610 Overall Time 59:16

In 2007 won a half marathon with a time of 1:16:16, and 5 days later ran a track meet 5K time of 16:50.

Education - warm up - drills - workout - cooldown - stretch - instruction - future running plans.

Workouts will vary depending upon where we are in the program that I have designed for you.

My program will focus on distance/sprints training with specified distances based on experience. Workouts are designed with long/short intervals strategically mixed with some speed work to turn over the legs in preparation for race day.

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Client Reviews

Coach Eric instructed me how to improve my form and technique, which resulted in faster times and less knee pain. Coach Eric is very knowledgeable and can create custom plans based on your needs. Highly recommend!

Coach Eric worked with my 8th grade daughter and taught her fundamentals in sprints. He was always punctual and ready to teach a new skill. He assisted on her firm and how to use blocks properly. He ran and warmed up with her and was very encouraging. My husband is a decorated sprinter and was impressed with coach Eric’s teaching style and knowledge. My daughter enjoyed learning sessions from him and learned a lot to help with conditioning. I plan on using him again in the future.

(no details provided)

Coach Eric has been motivating, educational, and highly professional in all sessions. His commitment to meet the goals and training plan I was looking for is to be commended. Coach Eric is flexible in scheduling and provides additional support when asked. His patience and encouragement fits the needs of athletes of all ages. If you’re looking for a coach to run alongside of you and to keep you motivated and encouraged, then Coach Eric is your guy.

(no details provided)

We highly recommend Coach Eric to a friend. He is professional, does well coaching and is a very kind and friendly person. We are very satisfied overall with Coach Eric. He is wonderful!
His background and knowledge were vital in the success we were able to achieve this year. He loves working with children and has an exceptional ability to communicate with all age groups. Eric is more than qualified to work in this field. Eric has gained valuable experience thru his work. I appreciate his attention to detail when working. Eric has a passion for working with youth and enjoys watching them develop and grow.
I would have never beat my goal by a minute and a half and got a PR if it wasn't for him!! Thanks so much!!
Eric has an energy and love for running that is infectious. On those very cold Saturdays in January, I could count on coach Eric to provide a great story (to keep my mind off how far we were supposed to run in that weather), throw in some great running tips and provide a pace that soon became comfortable for me to maintain. Every week we were treated to a motivational quote from Eric that would seem to put all the hard work into perspective. If I wanted to reach my personal best, I would have to stay focused, work hard and NEVER GIVE UP. He always made us feel like our goals were important to him and his encouragement and advice was truly appreciated. Eric is a great leader who can motivate any person at any age to accomplish what they set out to do. I have been running for over twenty years and never thought I would ever need a coach or think I could improve my time and learn new skills. I am excited to enter more races and continue running for as long as I can. I thank Eric for being a huge part of this great experience.
Eric provided a good example by having a positive attitude. His personality and sense of humor made the training fun. He made the training personal, running alongside each of us and providing information that we could use to improve our performance. Eric was a pleasure to work with and I would whole-heartedly recommend him as a group running coach and personal running trainer.
His knowledge and consistent, energetic style gave me confidence, and his personality kept it fun through out the entire training process. He was available to us when we had any questions or concerns, always supportive. He is a person with commendable character. I returned to the marathon training program with Eric as my coach for two more marathons, again besting my goal and achieving a Boston qualifying time. Eric is a successful coach with personal style!
Eric was the best! He had a wealth of knowledge regarding training, and he encouraged each of us along the way. His love of running and enthusiasm for the sport carried me through some tough runs. He even helped me finish and meet my goal time by running with me the last mile of my race. I highly recommend Eric for a position of a coach/trainer.
Several key qualities come to mind when I think of Eric and his role as coach. First, he is very knowledgeable in his field. He knows running and he continues to increase his knowledge by staying current with the latest research. This is evident by the articles he shares with his running “students”. It’s obvious he enjoys what he is doing! Another quality of Eric’s that I found helpful, is that he is motivational in his coaching. He knows how to encourage a runner to strive to do their best. And who doesn’t need a little push? He knows the “ins & outs” of goal setting and helping runners achieve their goals. Eric has a very friendly demeanor. He’s easy to be around. He’s a fun guy! Again, it’s quite obvious that Eric has found a niche in being a running coach. He is a talented runner himself. He loves the sport of running and his enthusiasm is contagious. I would highly recommend Eric Lutton to anyone who wishes to improve their personal running skills. Choosing Eric would be the best way to start your running program.
Eric cares so much about all of us and was really there for us. He pushed just the right amount, explained the workouts, offered suggestions and was funny.
I have been running off and on for 30 years but at no time did I ever have any specific coaching. Eric brought a great deal of enthusiasm to every one of our training sessions. We met two times a week as a group and then worked out on our own for the other days that we trained. Eric was always positive and looking for ways to keep each of our session’s fun. Going on a 10 mile run is not something that you call fun, but finding a way to make the time on the trail less boring was always welcome.
He shared expertise to help me improve both my pace and endurance. I would highly recommend him as an encouraging, fun coach who gets results to anyone looking to achieve a personal fitness goal – even a marathon!
As an experienced runner and coach, Eric is a knowledgeable mentor to consult. He understands the physical strains of running short and long distances. No matter our age or ability level, Eric helped us run smart. It was comforting to work with a coach like Eric who knows the math and science of running. Alongside every joke or laugh, Eric had a lesson about lactic acid, nutrition, and rest.
His coaching methods were very effective for me, as I achieved personal records in each of my 3 half-marathons with him. I would recommend Eric as a coach/trainer.
Eric is very knowledgeable in the mechanics of running and able to pass that along easily. He is a very solid person and has a friendly demeanor to him. I find that I like being around him.
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