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I have 30+ years experience coaching swim teams, Masters, Upper School and Middle School teams; speed (in swimming), happens when power, strength and efficiency are aligned. View all coaching experience

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6 1-hour swim lessons

Session Length: 1 hour

$690 6 sessions ($115/ea) + applicable fees

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6 45 minute lessons

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  • Ohio State University--Columbus (OH)

  • 28 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Distance Freestyle, Individual Medley, Open Water, Sprint Freestyle

  • Technique, Flip Turns, Kicking, Open Turns, Pacing, Pulling, Relays, Sprinting, Starts


  • Ohio State University--Columbus (OH)

  • 28 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Distance Freestyle, Individual Medley, Open Water, Sprint Freestyle

  • Technique, Flip Turns, Kicking, Open Turns, Pacing, Pulling, Relays, Sprinting, Starts

More About Coach Erica

I have 30+ years experience coaching swim teams, Masters, Upper School and Middle School swim teams. My athletes range from novice to athletes competing at their conference, state and national level championships. I have helped USA swimmers improve from B to TAGS in less than one year, with several placing top three at TAGS.

I work with all age groups, levels of experience including Triathletes. My youngest clients have been 8-12 months, my oldest 95 years old.

I am a Houston girl who grew up swimming for The Dad's Club competing at the National Championships and Olympic Trials. I went on to swim for Ohio State. After college, I took a few years away from swimming, but like any true passion, I was able to return to the water as my career. I have worked in Aquatics for 30+ years in addition to coaching an Upper School and Middle School team for 20 years.

Teaching and coaching swimming is my passion. I teach all ages and all levels. For the competitive swimmer, I focus in on technique changes that will result in speed and power changes. For beginners, classes begin with a focus on water safety and gaining an understanding of how to balance in water environment. From there swimmers learn all of the competitive strokes, turns and starts. From there, someone can progress all the way to highly competitive levels with the latest techniques being utilized.

At swim lessons, we will discuss and try several technique changes. As I take swimmers through progressions, an explanation of why each step is important, what someone should feel and what results are expected are reviewed. At the end of a lesson, progressions are reviewed and a swimmers is given ideas of what to work on at swim practices.

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Client Reviews

Coach Erica is an amazing coach! She helped my daughter with her push off start, turns, dives, and minor details in order to gain speed and be efficient in the water. My daughter was happy that she was able to learn those techniques with a one-on-one professional coach. We can't wait for our next sessions with her, and see the improvement with her time in the next swim meet. She is very knowledgeable and passionate coaching the swimmer. She responded to our email/text in a timely manner. I highly recommend her. Thank you Coach :)

My 16 yo son really enjoyed his session with Coach Erica. She gave him specific pointers with each stroke that he can take back to practices and implement immediately. I could see immediate changes and improvements in his technique. Highly recommend!

She has a gift. Beyond her knowledge and experience, she has an amazing way of connecting and communicating, helping the swimmer understand the "why" behind the technique. First lesson and she gave my daughter unique and valuable advice that will have a lasting and positive impact on her strokes. We'll be back and my daughter is so excited for the next lesson.

Coach Erica is amazing! She watched my son swim and knew exactly what was going on and how to fix it. Within 10 minutes, she had already improved his swimming technique!! I’m very happy that I booked with Coach Erica. If you have a child that needs some help with stroke techniques, don’t think twice. You’re in good hands with Coach Erica.

My daughter had a wonderful session with Coach Erica. She began to address a lot of the problem areas that have been lingering. Looking forward to making more progress in future sessions!

We hired Erica look over our children’s stroke and suggest things to correct. They are all BB swimmers and looking for specific stroke technique to improve. She gave specific pointers to help them develop and areas they need to work on, I would recommend her to other clients.

My 15-yr. old son was looking for coach that could help fine-tune his techniques in competitive level swim. It was quite a challenge to find someone that could help, as all the coaches we contacted said they could help with competition level swim, but they were really more on the entry/intermediate level coaches. What an hour spent with Coach Erica did for my son! He definitely noticed the difference in his performance based on her feedback and coaching. We highly recommend Coach Erica for advanced level swim coaching!

My daughter, Lilli (age 11), has been swimming for many years and wanted to improve her technique. Per Lilli, Coach Erica is amazing and has taught her proper technique for all of her strokes and helpful tips that really work. We highly recommend!

Coach Erica was amazing and 1st session was really insightful based on the attention to details that she's able to get to, for my daughter's technique. Would recommend Coach Erica to anyone who is looking to improve on technique and get feedback regarding a swimmer's journey

Coach Erica was great! I'm 37 and starting casual triathlon training. I was having trouble breathing and panicking during freestyle and Erica helped me a lot with my fundamentals and took me through some drills and breathing exercises. I already have a lot more confidence in the water. Highly recommend!

This was our first lesson with Coach Erica. My son is in competition swimming but needed some more lessons on his technique. Coach Eric in just the first lesson was very positive and my son is only going to improve under her guidance. Yes I can say this in just one lesson as she is a special teacher that has patience with kids.

Great coach learned more about swimming in 1 hour with her then ever before.

Coach Erica provided great tips on how to improve stroke technique. She observes you from above the water and also analyzes you underwater. She takes the necessary time to provide detail instruction on how to make adjustments.
I was so impressed with her teaching.

Coach Erica far exceeded my expectations. Within the first session she was able to make small adjustments which had immediate positive impacts on my daughters strokes. I am looking forward to seeing what we can a achieve with her help!

Coach Erica was great! She has a keen eye for noticing subtle flaws in stroke technique and was quickly able to teach my daughter how to correct these. She took the time to explain and demonstrate techniques and gave my daughter helpful tips to help with power and speed to apply to her practices. Looking forward to her next coaching session with Coach Erica!

Erica did a great job. She was very insightful, patient, and immediately helped me swim faster and with better form! She’s great!!

Coach Erica was awesome. After our first lesson, I feel that she can be instrumental in helping my daughter achieve her swim goals for the short course and beyond. She took her time to explain her methods to my daughter and thoroughly reviewed her strokes/turns. My daughter felt comfortable with her advice and her recommendations. We look forward to seeing her again.

Coach Erica is a consummate professional. What a pleasure it was working with her on my first session, I look forward to many more as she helps me to become a better and proficient swimmer. She is also full of ideas for routines that use a water workout for the body without the harsh impact of dry land. I am grateful to be her student and am thankful to have come across her through "coachup". Give her a try- you won't regret it.

Great coaching session. On the first day my son is excited about all the feedback!

My son has been a competitive swimmer for about 4 years, but has never officially had one on one lessons. He is so excited that we found coach Erica. She gave him so many great tips and feedback about all his strokes, he can't wait to go to practice and try them out. He is very excited to continue to work with her and improve for all his swim meets.

Coach Erica evaluated my daughter and made great corrections very quickly. She was positive and very motivating. We look forward to signing up for more sessions. I would recommend Coach Erica Meyer!

Coach Erica was so informative and attentive. She recognized issues with each stroke my daughter could improve upon. Coach Erica easily relayed technique and tips to implement in daily practice. We are ready to book more session to further enhance our swimming goals - I wish we had done this sooner! Thanks so much Coach Erica!

Coach Erica was awesome!! After the first hour, I was able to identify that she would be able to assist my son with perfecting his strokes. She was very attentive and provided great feedback. He is looking forward to working with her.

Super Knowledgeable! She has a great eye for the details that make speed. In just a few session Erica has helped my 14 daughter make major time improvements across all disciplines.

Coach Erica is great! She’s very knowledgeable, and her passion for swimming is evident. My 16 year old son has over 9 years experience swimming competitively and she was able to help him. I highly recommend.

Coach Erica was simply amazing. It didn't take her long at all to tell me what to tweak to fix an issue. I would swim 25 yards and she would know exactly what was wrong, down to the most minute detail. At the end of the session, she made me recite everything I had learned throughout the lesson. I will definitely be going back to her again soon!

Coach Erica was amazing! I highly recommend her. I’d like to say a huge thank you! And next time we are in Houston we will definitely be back!

Thank you Erica! I had a great session, lots to think about but some clear tips that I can remember which will help improve my technique when I practice. Having you in the water with me and providing feedback after each exercise was really beneficial. Looking forward to my next session.

My daughter’s strokes are looking smoother after a few lessons from coach Erica. Thank you!

I was blown away by all of the helpful tips Coach Erica gave my daughter in her first swim session! She was so knowledgeable about everything from her starts to her turns to her body alignment in the different strokes. She was also so positive and encouraging the entire time. My daughter was so happy after the lesson and definitely wants to continue with the sessions. We highly recommend Coach Erica!

I highly recommend Coach Erica. She worked with my son and we were both very impressed with her. She has keen observation skills and cuts right to the chase, in a very supportive and friendly way.

My boy took a lot away from his session with her and we'll be requesting her again. Top-notch training, delivered in understandable chunks. She also requested that he consider emailing her to describe some of the things he learned tonight. Great way to reinforce learning.


I just completed my first session with Erica and it was great!! She’s very helpful. I learned a lot and can’t wait until my next session!

Coach Erica is excellent. She is patient, very experienced, and immediately hones in on areas for improvement. She is also very positive and encouraging. I truly enjoyed our lesson, and I believe that she will speed up my swim times. She gets in the water with her students, which is a huge advantage. Would recommend her to anyone!

Really enjoyed the swimming lesson with Coach Erica. I have recently signed up for a Half Ironman in September, and the swim part is my biggest concern. I've swam all my life, and feel I'm a fair swimmer. However, when I've done other smaller triathlons, I have always struggled with the swim and leave the water for transition fatigued. I felt there must be something I was doing wrong and wanted to get a professional opinion. Coach Erica arrived on time, and promptly began discussing my concerns. She first asked me to get in the pool and swim for her so she could monitor my movements. She then entered the water and began instructing me and showing me the changes I needed to make.
Coach Erica is very knowledgeable, and was quickly able to identify immediate areas that would make big improvements. I'm eager to continue my training with the new techniques.

I have just had a swimming lesson with Erica and now in my mid 40's I have never had any proper swimming lessons over the years, I was pretty nervous and delighted to say that after this lesson Erica has given me confidence to continue. Erica broke the techniques down very well and gave me some areas to practice before the next lesson.

(no details provided)

I really enjoyed my swim coaching session Erica. She actually got in the pool to analyze my stroke above and below the water. She had me focus on 2 crucial areas of my stroke for improvement. We went through a few helpful drills. By the end of the session, I felt like a whole new swimmer, even though I do have some experience. (My point is that she can help beginners as well as those who have competition experience.) I'm sure that if I incorporate what I learned today into my workouts, that will make a significant improvement in my speed. Thanks Erica!

Great to work with, very patient and with just two sessions I have seen dramatic improvements in my swim already

Very pleasent, on point analysis of my form and with few exercises I saw immediate benefit.
I'll definitely take a few more sessions

Our son was very excited following his lesson with Coach Erica. She provided him with corrections to his form by actually observing him in the water! Her teaching method is great for any age group. She clearly knows her stuff. Our son is excited that he has made such good progress in such a short time. We highly recommend Coach Erica.

Coach Erica was great with my son. I love the way she got into the water with him to work with him and he loved the way she talked to him and explained what she wanted from him. I like that she is working on the small things, his technique, with him. As we left his first session he told me that he thought Coach Erica was the best coach he has had. He is very excited for his next session, as am I.

I had a great first lesson with Coach Erica. She gave good instructions and the correction I needed. I definitely recommend her.

We had our first session with Coach Erica today. Both my Husband and I were impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of swimming as a sport. She is definitely hands on. She is the first coach I've in around in a while that actually got in the water! Coach sent my son home with homework! Love it! I am confident that Coach Erica will not only help my Son with his goals, but make him a better athlete and person in general! Truly impressed!!

Coach Erica was awesome! She was extremely helpful and kind with my daughter who is 7. Coach Erica is very knowledgeable of breaking down each stroke is that it is easier to learn. I would recommend Coach Erica to anyone wanting to improve their swimming.

After the first lesson, my daughter keep saying Coach Erica is such a good coach. She taught her a lot of great new techniques and my daughter is improving a lot.

We are so pleased! We had never tried a private coach for our toddler before. 2 yrs at Aquatots amounts to nothing compared to our experience. Coach Erica took my daughter to a new level in less than 30 min after one session. She made the effort to build trust and now my daughter cannot stop talking about her swimming teacher. Before my daughter was too scared to put her head in the water or blow bubbles and by the end of the session Coach Erica and my little one were eating pretend apples and having tea under water!! Good experience. Coach Erica is on the west side of Houston which was good for us from a location perspective. I would gladly recommend Coach Erica to others.

Coach Erica did a great job with my 11 year daughter on her 1st lesson! Coach Erica saw things immediately and worked with my daughter to correct them. She communicated well with my daughter and my daughter liked her. She also asked my daughter to send her an email and write out everything they discussed and then Coach Erica would fill in any details she missed. Restating the lesson is an excellent way to get the athlete to internalize the coaching. We are continuing with more lessons for my daughter and we are looking forward to seeing the results.

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In just one session Coach Erica tweaked a few things in my posture and balance. This week I noticed I am faster and less fatigued when I swim laps. One of my pool mates remarked how smooth my stroke looks now. I am just so impressed at how quickly she zeroed in on what I could work on, and the results were almost immediate!

Coach Erica was a great coach! After one session my son already get a lot. She is not only good at techniques, but also express very well - definitely top notch. I would ask her as my son's long term private coach. I would recommend Coach Erica to anyone.

(no details provided)

Coach Erica is a great coach. First session already point out some technique problems. She is a five star swim coach.

Coach Erica is a very knowledgable Swim Coach. She has improved my Son's Swim Stroke and enhanced his mental preperation for Meets. I am glad we have the opportunity to work with her.

Coach Erica did a thorough assessment of all four of my daughter's strokes, and was actually in the water. She identified areas that need work while maintaining a positive environment. She was active in the lesson review process and spoke to the mental thought process necessary at the competitive level. I drove almost an hour for this lesson and would do it again anytime because my daughter found it so beneficial. Great Coach, definately worth the time and money!
Coach Meyer, I have not received the survey yet, but I really want to say thank you for your great help! Yesterday, on the way home, Lauren keep saying coach Erica is such a good coah and helped me a lot today. We are looking forward to our next lesson.
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