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2:42 Marathoner, 1:15 Half, former Division I Varsity XC and Track & Field athlete at Brown University, former New Balance Panama Elite, currently racing for the Prado Racing Team. View all coaching experience

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  • Brown University (RI)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Middle Distance, Marathon, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Sprinting, Passing, Pacing, Form


  • Brown University (RI)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Middle Distance, Marathon, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Sprinting, Passing, Pacing, Form

More About Coach Elizabeth

I've been a competitive runner since middle school, when I started competing in USATF Junior Olympic XC Nationals. I ran Division I Varsity XC and Track & Field at Brown University. From 2013-2016, I competed for the Greater Boston Track Club at both the local New England and nation level. While working for the Smithsonian Institute in Panama in 2015, I was sponsored by New Balance. In 2016 I moved to San Diego, and now compete for the Prado Racing Team and continue to coach, while I pursue my PhD at UCSD. I draw from my Division I collegiate and personal training experiences for my coaching philosophy, which includes strength and core training.

While in Boston I coached a track club in Cambridge, Community Running. I have also coached at a variety of running camps in both Vermont and Colorado. And I enjoy working with athletes of all ages and levels.

I also raced 30 times last year, so if you need a recommendation for a local race, I can definitely give you a few great options!

Marathon PR of 2:42 at the 2018 Califoria International Marathon (Olympic Trials Standard)
USATF-San Diego Female Long Distance Runner of the Year, 2018
First place, and 2:45, at the 2016 Hartford Marathon
23rd woman at the 2016 Boston Marathon (6th American)
22nd woman at the 2015 Boston Marathon (10th American)
A sponsored athlete for Prado Racing Team from 2016-Present.
Elite Runner for New Balance Panama while working for the Smithsonian in 2015
A sponsored athlete for Greater Boston Track Club from 2013-2016.
Margaret Bradley Award Recipient (Greater Boston Track Club), 2014
Competed in Division I Varsity Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track while at Brown University. 2008-2013.

Featured in various television, magazine and social media campaigns while running for New Balance Panama.

High School: 12 seasons of Varsity High School running at Farmington High School, CT. Captain of Varsity Cross Country or Track and Field for 5 seasons.

I specialize in the 3k/5k/10k on the track, and all distances from the mile to the 50k on the roads and trails.

I would be happy to meet you at the UCSD outdoor track in La Jolla. We can also use the roads around campus if you are not interested in track workouts.

I strongly believe in running a variety of paces and terrains every week. If you are training for a marathon, we will still incorporate 200s and strides to work on your athleticism. Similarly, different training surface provides their own benefits, whether speed (track and road) or strengthening stability muscles and preventing certain injuries (soft surface).

I will tailor each session to the individual athlete, based on their running experience, current conditioning, and training or racing goals. That being said, the above philosophy is the fundamental framework of my training methodology. My workout sessions often include dynamic warmup exercises, speed drills, interval style speed work and active stretching. These are all essential to a successful track workout. I like to teach the proper form for these exercises so when we are finished you are ready to incorporate them into all of your runs. For those who can't meet for individual sessions because of busy schedules, I can provide comprehensive training plans and virtual coaching (phone, text, e-mail, Skype).

Even if we meet only for workouts, I am happy to offer guidance outside of workout plans, such as the proper pacing for your "easy" or "recovery runs", how to execute a tempo run to gain the most fitness and how to incorporate hills and strength into your training plan. Also, I am an avid believer in cross training. I think a real weakness of runners is saving cross training for when they are injured and can no longer run. Doing these preventative cross training sessions when you are healthy, while rare amongst running "purists", is extremely helpful for remaining injury free.

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Client Reviews

Coach Elizabeth was great! After the training session she gave Alex a very detailed plan on what to work on during her track season. It was a huge help. We will be back once track season is over.

Coach Elizabeth has been wonderful. With her guidance I have successfully run my longest distances and my fastest times without getting injured. Most importantly, she has taught me so much about running and different aspects of fitness. There is so much more I want to learn from her, but I definitely feel like I can run on my own now and not feel so lost or unfocused. Coach Elizabeth was the best decision I have made for myself in a long time!

Had a great first session with Elizabeth excited to go back for more.

(no details provided)

I am a "hobby jogger" who has seen some success with figuring out my own training (going from barely being able to run a mile to breaking 4 hours in the marathon). I've been feeling that I might be able to go a little faster and a little easier, and that's where I went to Coach Liz with the hopes that she could evaluate my current running form and provide actionable tips for improvement. She definitely delivered! On top of that, she is personable, inspiring, and very helpful. She met me at my current ability level and was very motivating for my forthcoming training. I would recommend Coach Liz without question if you're looking for any guidance at any level. I feel awed and confident with her great experience as both a collegiate D1 and sponsored runner. Prior to developing a program for me, she analyzed my running form in-person. She asked thoughtful questions regarding my goals, schedule and upcoming races, and immediately provided me with a useful, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement plan. Coach Liz's training program for me skillfully incorporates periodization and includes fartleks, tempo runs, longer runs, strength training, cross-training, and rest periods. The biggest value for me is in not having to figure out what will work for me, and with the combination of her support, experience and ability to modify my plan as I progress, I feel that I can focus much more on just knocking out the miles in the most effective way possible without injury.

Thank you, Coach Liz!

I've been working with Coach Liz for several months while training for two marathons that were only one month apart. Her coaching has been fantastic! The in-person track workouts were such a great help, I've really learned how to figure out my pace. My goal for working with a coach was to run a PR. Not only did I PR in the first of the two marathons, but I beat my old marathon best time by almost 6 minutes! I also felt recovered and ready to run the second marathon. I highly recommend Liz to anyone looking to improve their times!

Aside being a great athlete, understands training and has excellent intuition to develop a training regiment for my specific goals, including prepping for both a 5K and a marathon.

Also, provides the supplemental tools for training, including strength/core workouts and feedback for training and race preparation.

Basically, enjoys coaching.

Most importantly, listens to what you have to say and adjusts training accordingly. She pays attention to her athletes.

Finally, with her coaching and training, I was able to improve my recent marathon time from a 3:44:00 for the Santa Rosa Marathon, August 27th, 2017, to a 3:23:43 for the LA Marathon, March 18th, 2018, in spite of getting food poisoning the week of the race. I am back into Boston and you can't beat results!

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(no details provided)

Coach Elizabeth is AMAZING! She has helped me improve my form, which has already made me faster, and has put me on a path to a sub-1:30 half marathon. I'm looking forward to our continued partnership and training!

Coach Elizabeth has been very inspirational to my daughter. She is very professional and has offered my daughter very helpful tips to improve her running talent.

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(no details provided)

Coach Elizabeth is awesome! I truly believe she will help me achieve my running-goals.

(no details provided)

Off to a good start working with my 9 yo son. Elizabeth is prepared, knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.

Coach Elizabeth is the best!!!
She is punctual, super nice, a great motivator and a great techer.
I would recomend her 100 %

Elizabeth is great. She is super friendly and knowledgeable. She analyzed my gait and was able to help me plan for my next race.

(no details provided)

Coach Liz did an excellent job with our 15 year old daughter to get her ready for her Cross Country season. My daughter did weekly track sessions this Summer with Liz to supplement distance runs. Liz was organized, prepared and spent time talking with and getting to know my daughter. The communication and feed back were great. Best of all, my daughter enjoyed the sessions, and improved greatly.

Responsive, flexible and very experienced

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I just started working with Liz and could not be more pleased. She had a good plan for me once she knew my goals, explained the reasons for what we were doing in an understandable manner and made it fun! I look forward to continuing to work with Liz to achieve my goals together.

Liz is an amazing coach! I am grateful that I met her and feel very confident for my first marathon that she helped train me for. She gave me the right tools and tips to make sure I succeeded. I could tell that she genuinely wanted to help me. I would highly recommend Liz as a running coach!!

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(no details provided)

I'm really looking forward to working with Coach Elizabeth. We've only had one session together but she was very well-prepared and I'm sure it leads to a great working relationship. She was also very open minded, friendly and had my goals foremost in her thoughts. I'd highly recommend working with Coach Elizabeth!

(no details provided)

Coach Elizabeth is fantastic!! I am not training for anything in particular, but wanted an overall assessment on my running form, which she provided, as well as some ways to improve it.

To summarize the session, we did some dynamic stretching, 10 minute warmup, track workout, and cooldown. Elizabeth made some recommendations for my form, and training strategies for an upcoming 10K. This was exactly what I was looking for, and I came away with some great advice. Not to mention she is very nice and easy to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Coach Elizabeth was wonderful! I've been unable to run for quite a few months because of hip tendonitis, and I was worried about my first session. Every time I've tried to run on my own, I've ended up with hip pain. After my first session with Elizabeth, however, my hip wasn't bothering me at all. She gave me a great combination of short distance running and hip stretches/exercises. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to improve their running!

Working with Liz was great - she is supportive and encouraging. I am a novice runner training for my first half marathon and she helped break me out of my training rut with ideas for new workouts and advice on my form. She is very easy to work with and I would definitely recommend her as a coach!

Liz is a great coach. She knows her stuff, everything from running form to how to structure an intense workout. I've been a 9-minute mile jogger for the last few months and decided to incorporate more intense track workouts into my routine. Liz was great in introducing me how to properly workout on the track. Plus I had fun and she was supportive and encouraging.

Liz was great! I wanted help mapping out a training program for my first 1/2 marathon. Liz is really easy to work with and has competed at a high level but always makes you feel like no question is a stupid question. She isn't arrogant or condescending and made me feel really good about the approach I was taking to the race. I'd highly recommend Liz!

Coach Liz is awesome. From the moment you start talking to her, it is obvious that she knows her stuff and the best way to help you. My track session with her was catered for my specific training goals and I left with not only a plan, but the confidence I need to make those goals happen. In short, I highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve.

Coach Liz is an amazing coach! She really helped me design a training program adapted to my needs for me to match my running goals. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Elizabeth was great! I just wanted some general advice on running form, and an introduction to track workouts. She gave me some great warm up tips and evaluated my form in 4x400 sprints. I left with some new, and easy to incorporate things, as well as the confidence that I can, indeed, run faster, not just farther.

Coach Liz is wonderful! I cannot rave enough about her, she is very knowledgeable and is pleasant to work it. I myself was looking for a routine more outside of the box and she was willing to help me even though it was not your basic training. She made a very detailed routine and set up meets to make sure I understand what she listed. She comes with experience and is very easy to talk to which makes it a wonderful experience when working with a coach. I will continue to use her services and hope to achieve my goals under her great guidance.

(no details provided)

I love working with Liz! She is a great listener and really understands the best way to help me get to my half marathon goals. Even though I meet with her for 1-on-1track workouts once a week, she also provides me with an additional plan of what to do on other days of the week. She's also a great communicator, making sure I understand the workout entirely (including it's broader purpose) before we get started. She has also taught me a ton of great drills and warmup exercises specific to areas I've had injuries in the past (hips/hamstrings).
Liz is truly a uniquely knowledgeable and supportive coach. She trained me when I was getting ready to race a road 5k, and further along, a road 10k. Her extensive knowledge about the most effective track workouts, combined with her years of running competitively was a great asset to my own training. She also introduced me to a warmup routine that has I now use before all of my runs. She took me to the gym, a place I try to avoid, and helped me with my weight lifting form, which has definitely made me an all-around more balanced and efficient runner. I'm a big fan, can't wait to see what she does next!
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