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Every athlete has the potential to succeed in their Sport. I am a Certified Speed & Explosion Specialist who's been helping athletes succeed in Athletics at every level for 23yrs. View all coaching experience

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3 session package with Coach Darren. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$129 3 sessions ($43/ea) + applicable fees

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Session Length: 1 minute

$35 1 session + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Darren. 90 minute session length

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  • University of Central Oklahoma (OK)

  • 23 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Jumps

  • Triple Jump, Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, Form, Baton Handoffs


  • University of Central Oklahoma (OK)

  • 23 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Jumps

  • Triple Jump, Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, Form, Baton Handoffs

More About Coach Darrin

22 plus yrs. Coaching and Training – Speed and Athletic Development and Strength and Conditioning(Personal, Team and Camp Coaching), Track and Field Event Specific (Sprints, Long and Triple Jump and Relays), Team Coaching(US Army Developing Athletes, College, High School and Club, Sports Specific Athlete Development(Camps and Classes)
College Head Coach – 3yrs NAIA
College Assistant Coach – 4yrs NCAA Division II and NAIA
High School Head and Assistant Coach - 11yrs
US Army Developing Athletes and Club Track and Field – 11yrs
Camp/Class Coaching – 15 times
Plainview HS Football – Speed Development and Conditioning Coach summer 2009
Steilacoom HS Cross Country- Strength Training 1 season 2004
Coached All-Americans, All-Conference Performers/Marks College and High School, Team Champions College High School and Club, State Champions High School, USATF National Champions Sprints and Jumps, National Qualifiers
USATF Certified Track and Field Coach Level I
USATF Certified Track and Field Coach Level II Jumps
NASE (National Assoc. of Speed& Explosion) Certified Speed and Explosion Specialist Level II

Youth Contributor of the Year, Pacific Northwest Track and Field Association, Tacoma, WA 2001
Military Outstanding Volunteer service Medal (award for exemplary service for work with Youth in the Dupont-Tacoma-Seattle Wa area) US Army
NAIA All-American 400m dash (indoor), 1990
Junior College All-American 400m dash, 4x400m relay, 1989
3-time State Runner-up Class B 400m dash, 1985-1987
4-time All-State Class B Okla. High School Track and Field, 1984-1987

Training session will vary, depending on what the athlete and parents thinks he/she needs and what is determine that is needed from our first initial assessment. Assessment are usually 1hr to 1:15min at 45.00 for non-clients, and 25.00 for clients. Generally, team and individual sports athletes, not including track and field athletes need overall playing speed improvement and athletic development for their sport. We will focus on these skills but are not limited to these skills: Change of Direction, acceleration and deceleration, running/movement mechanics, flexibility and mental training, neuromuscular training, speed-strength usage and training. Track and field athletes in the sprints, jumps and/or Multi-event athletes looking for speed development, event specific and long jump training. We will focus on running mechanics and training, flexibility, racing, acceleration, neuromuscular training and mental training. No matter what group you fall under, we will develop or enhance these skills through varies drills, technology and running exercises. All training is governed by the principles of biomechanics, kinesiology and the laws of Physics.
I promote long-term training plans and training relationship between coach and athlete. I will conduct training sessions of whatever amount your looking for but the absolute best training results, come through a long-term commitment. I offer many different packages. Rates vary according to the type of session with the highest rate being 1-on-1 speed and athletic development sessions. If you don't see a package that you’re interested in on my page, then contact me and we will custom design something that fits your needs.

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Client Reviews

Coach Prince is a great teacher with a wealth of experience to share with athletes. In just a couple sessions so far, I can see my daughter improving her sprint technique by applying the knowledge gained. Looking forward to her continued progression as we help her develop into the best athlete she can possibly be on the track and on the soccer field.

Great sessions and feedback!

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Coach Darrin is an excellent coach. My son has never ran track but coach has been patient with him. It has been two sessions and my son is already bragging about how fast he's about to be. He's also been telling me that my form is all wrong and correcting my running posture. I love the changes I am seeing in him and can't wait to continue his journey under coach Darrin's leadership.

Coach Darrin was great as usual. Great techniques
Magnificent direction

Coach Darrin is a true professional who knows his craft. He took his time to train and also explained the reason for every drill. My son feels lucky to be under his tutelage. This is just the first session, I look forward to the rest.

Coach is great and you learn so much about little things.definitely would recommend

Our first session was excellent! Coach Darrin is exactly what I want as a coach for my son…sound, fundamentals based training. And importantly, he explains the “why” of the training, to be sure the athlete understands the purpose behind the drills. He has our wholehearted recommendation!

Coach Darrin did an excellent job coaching my son through fundamentals to improve his speed and agility.

Very friendly and good coach

Coach Darrin does an incredible job enhancing the running techniques of runners in order to maximize the their speed. I brought my grade school son to him and have seen a significant improvement of my son’s pace and agility on the sports field. Coach Darrin’s coaching is definitely benefiting him. I recommend Coach Darrin if you’re looking to improve your child’s speed, explosiveness, and agility.

Great coach!

My son just had a great first session with Coach Darrin. He made sure to understand my son's athletic history, concerns and desired objectives and then explained how he would tailor a plan specific to him with a focus on soccer. The session dedicated a lot of time to proper stretching, warm up and running mechanics which is exactly what I was looking for. My son agreed Coach Darrin was a great fit for him so I've scheduled a series of future sessions.

(no details provided)

My son hasn't met with Coach much but I truly believe he will be a great positive and effective impact on him. He is greatly knowledgeable and can articulate his insights and training modifications in a way that doesn't make you feel...dumb. I am seeing the desire for running coming back in my child just from the couple sessions he has had so far. I'm excited for what's to come!

I highly recommend Coach Darrin. I came from knowing little about track. I was able to improve my running form and speed with the techniques from Coach Darrin. What I’ve learned will help me become a better athlete for the sports I play. I’m an older athlete and felt comfortable knowing my concerns were heard. I plan to implement everything I’ve learned. Thanks coach Darrin!

(no details provided)

Coach Darrin is a great coach. We have had 2 sessions and the experience has been amazing. We would definitely be having more sessions. I recommend Coach Darrin to everyone - he is professional and works well with children.

(no details provided)

Great instructional information and easy to understand for a 13 year old.

Coach P is a fantastic coach! My son has been working with him for a few weeks now on long jump and sprints and has really learned a lot!

Two successful online sessions so far to improve starts and accelerations, in addition to some top speed. We received actionable advice that was very helpful. We provided video for him to review prior to the session. Looking forward to our first in person session in the near future!

Coach Prince was awesome, we are continuing to work with him to get Harvey moving quicker.

He is a great coach and teacher. My son enjoyed it being his first sport he will be playing. If u are looking for a good coach he is the guy for the job.

Coach Darrin is awesome with the kids! He meets them where they are and develops a focused plan for them to improve. They look forward to the workouts and have felt more confident!

(no details provided)

Anyone that needs an AMAZING Coach look no further. Coach Darrin is simply FLAWLESS. After my son had his first session with Coach he felt the difference instantly. He was able to let me know everything that my son needed to work on in order to become a better athlete in track. My son is so grateful to be working with such an GREAT Coach.

Coach Darrin is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. He works great with the kids.

Coach Darrin is very skilled and knowledgeable in techniques and methods in building endurance and strength. My son is 8 years old and had a great time, and is engaged during training sessions. I definitely recommend Coach Darrin.

(no details provided)

Coach Darrin is a great coach!! I really appreciate the time and instruction he provides to help my daughter get ready for the new season. He gives her the push and motivation she needs to reach a new level.

Coach Darrin was amazing. We just relocated to Texas from California right before the Junior Olympics and my son needed coaching 2 weeks prior to competing to help achieve specific goals. We found coach Darrin here on CoachUp and we couldn't be any more happier. He is very detail-oriented, knowledgeable and personable while also extremely professional and prompt. He helped in many areas and my son has learned so much from working with him which has made him better. Everything was tailored to his specific needs and for us that was huge. In addition, coach Darrin's feedback is constructive and his praise is genuine. I am so glad we found him. Can't wait to see how well my son does tomorrow competing at the Junior Olympics. We definitely appreciate his support and family oriented team.

Thank You Coach Darrin

(no details provided)

We have had two sessions so far with my teen daughter. Coach Darrin is giving her great feedback on the proper form for running and teaching her the mechanics of running her races (800 and 1500). Even though we are in a group session she is getting personal feedback that I believe will help her races. Coach Darrin is knowledgeable, approachable and I am looking forward to more training sessions already. Would definitely recommend him to everyone.

(no details provided)

From the moment he exited his truck to the moment the session was over, I was impressed with Coach Darrin. My 12 year old daughter has a problem intoeing as she walks and runs. Since she has recently started playing basketball, I didn't want the problem to interfere with her playing. Over the years we have been to numerous doctors and did a whole lot of physical therapy and her issues have continued. I thought that if I found someone to teach her 'how to run' that it might help. Well I am so glad I made the call. He understood the issue, has dealt with it in the past and went right to work.

My daughter was pleased with the initial lesson and gladly signed off for additional lessons. As a father, I loved how he interacted with her, coached her and encouraged her each step of the way. His experience showed through as he coached her and I have already signed up for 5 more lessons. Regardless of your goals, I would highly recommend Coach Darrin not just because of his extensive experience but because of his professional and encouraging coaching style.

(no details provided)

Coach Darrin was very explicit in describing techniques to my son. He had ample one on one time as well as some group work. He really paid attention to every detail of his technique, explain corrections and then my son was able to execute. Great coach and we’ll be back!!!

Coach Darrin was was prepared, on time, and very good at communicating. My son enjoyed his session and wants to go back. He sees the benefit of the training.

My daughter had her first session and she loved it! Coach Darrin is very knowledgeable and my daughter was able to apply everything he was telling her. Looking forward to her next session!

Great session. My daughter loved how he explained everything to her in detail and spent the time making sure she was doing things correctly.

Coach Darrin was great. He was very patient and professional when working with my son. He was knowledgeable and my son form started to change for the better right before my eyes! Amazing

My daughter really enjoyed her training

My son just attended his second session with Coach Prince, and I am very delighted. He provides explanations and technical instructions with his teaching which helps my son fully comprehend proper running mechanics. I would most definitely recommend him to others, because he is very knowledgeable and experienced.

Coach Darrin was great. My son learned so much in just one session. We will continue to use Coach Darrin.

Coach Darrin was exactly what we needed. He brings a combination of patience, experience, and science. We'll be back.

Darrin did a great job with my son. He is a football player working on straight line speed. Definitely coming back to get more work and learn how to sprint using great mechanics.

Coach Darrin is a very good coach. He really stresses and works on the athlete’s technique. My daughter went to her first group session this weekend, and is feeling very confident about this coach and his abilities. From what I witnessed, he is incredibly knowledgeable of the sport and cares deeply about each athletes individual progress.

We enjoyed our trial coaching session! Coach Prince evaluated my son's running, led him through a series of stretches, warm up exercises, showed him some correct form pointers, and worked on a series of sprints followed by a lap around the track. He was thorough, expedient and encouraging. He has 25 years of experience coaching athletes of various ages and backgrounds. My son and I both liked his coaching style and personality and look forward to working with Coach Prince to improve my son's running style, speed and overall athleticism over time.

We really loved Coach Darrin!!! My son improved immensely in just one training session!! I really appreciated the effort he put into my son. He explained everything to him and really encouraged him!
My son went home and wanted to keep practicing!!

My son improved since the first lesson! He is very patient and knowledgeable. We are very happy with him.

We had our first session with coach Darrin today. He is very professional and very patient with our boy. He worked tirelessly throughout the session, showing the moves and explaining the mechanics. He is the best coach you can ever find! We will continue working with him for sure!

I’m very impressed with the progress my son has made in the first two lessons. Coach Prince has a program and knows how to teach young athletes. We went to Coach to correct numerous running flaws with the hopes of improving overall speed and burst. My son was a flat foot runner with little explosion or push in his stride (I’m not an expert here, just describing in my own way). The difference is remarkable and he already runs more just for fun. I highly recommend Coach Prince.

Coach Darrin is great. He customized my daughter's speed training for her sport (softball) and needs (quick out of the box and lowering her home to 1st speed). We look forward to our next lesson.

(no details provided)

Coach Darren is an excellent coach. Takes his time and has a process. very valuable to me because i'm not a traditional client. He knows what he is doing and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting better.

Coach Darren is extremey knowledgeable. He shares his knowledge and expertise with trainee and parents to ensure atlhlete success. I see an improvement of confidence and in skill in my daughter after one session. We look forward to continuing to train with Coach Darren.

If you are looking for a coach that can train your athlete on technique and form, Coach Darren is amazing. My daughter had one session with him and I could immediately see improvement in her running style and speed. Her timing decreased almost by 2 second in her sprinting for the 200 mm.
Coach Darren was very calm and professional while explaining the mechanics of running. He explained that in running and in life “ we must always strive for better each time. This is call progression” I loved the motivation he gave her!
Please note; I only wrote this review because I wanted others to know how terrific he is , how blessed my daughter was to find him, and to highly recommend him to others. Sincerely, it was truly a wonderful experience!!
Kind regards,

(no details provided)

Darren has done a great job coaching my son and he enjoyed the session a lot. Thank you so much Darren!

(no details provided)

My son has never ran track before and Coach Darren took the time to really explain and show him the fundamentals and why each thing is important. I am excited to see how he progresses with Coach Darren.

Coach Darren really worked with me on my first day. He took his time and explained the drills and the science behind what we were doing. He was also very encouraging and an overall great coach.

Coach Darren was awesome man! Let’s work!

(no details provided)

He was great. After a long break from track my daughter got back to basics which is a good thing

Coach Darren, is a great coach for my 10yr old twin tornados. He showed knowledge, excitement and best of all patience. We will without question return for additional coaching.

Coach Darren was a great coach.Like the one on one attention he showed. He knew what he was talking about.highly recommend

We met Coach Prince during my daughter's hs senior year when she decided that she wanted to add jumping to her resume. From the beginning, my daughter felt comfortable with and encouraged by Coach Prince. He spent timing making sure my daughter understood the technique of jumping and the skills that would lead to her success. He is extremely patient, kind and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, due to injuries my daughter was only able to jump in 2 meets. By her second meet she jumped 16-11.5. Had she continued jumping, we are confident she would easily surpassed 17 or 18 feet. I only wish Coach Prince had more time to work with her and develop her jumping skills. Even though my daughter stopped jumping, Coach Prince continued to make himself available to us both to answer track questions and get her ready to run in college. We feel truly fortunate to have had a very short but meaningful experience with Coach Prince.
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