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Former collegiate/semi-pro Javelin thrower who has over 10 years of throws coaching experience at the high school, college and master's level for all throwing events. View all coaching experience

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  • Keene State College (NH)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Throws

  • Hammer Throw, Discus, Shot Put, Sprinting, Form, Javelin


  • Keene State College (NH)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Throws

  • Hammer Throw, Discus, Shot Put, Sprinting, Form, Javelin

More About Coach Daniel

I am an experienced thrower who has competed in the National Level for NJCAA Division 1, NAIA and NCAA Division III in the javelin throw. One of my most proud achievements was throwing the Javelin 65.18 meters (213'10) resulting in being ranked number 1 in the nation for NCAA Division III at Keene State College. I was also an All-American Javelin thrower at Allen County Community College in Iola, Kansas for NJCAA Division I. In addition, I placed 1st in the 2012 Club National Championships in Omaha, Nebraska.

My 10 years of coaching experience include leading the throws programs at Johns Hopkins University, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Keene State College. I worked closely with Rich DeStefano, who is a two time U.S. Olympic Trial Qualifier in the javelin throw and Meg Stone who was an Olympian in the shot put and discus throw. As a coach I believe in continual growth for my athletes and personal coaching knowledge.
Currently, I am the throws coach at University of Maine at Farmington where I manage 12 throwers in all throws events including the shot put, discus, javelin, hammer and weight throw. As a CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach I develop the strength program for the entire throws squad.
My goal is to customize each throwers technique and strength program to maximize their potential. Each individual thrower has different strengths which must be closely analyzed and catered to. I look closely into style vs. mechanics meaning their is a foundation of movements to execute a great throw but the movement patterns in which the thrower gets into the positions will vary. Their is no blueprint for the style in which you throw or strength program. The beautiful part of coaching throwers is that each athlete will have different strengths and areas to improve on. Through film, drills and training movement patterns my throwers will be able to express themselves as a thrower in competition and leader in life. Below are a portion of my throwers and their marks in the javelin, shot put, discus and hammer on the high school and collegiate level.

Glenn Guilmette: 66.38 meters - 217-9 feet (Javelin - Keene State College)
Bryan Kolacz: 63.85 - 209-5 feet (Hammer - Keene State College)
Zachary Jacobson - 49.09 meters - 161-06 (Discus - Johns Hopkins University)
Thomas Boucher: 59.92 meters - 196-7 feet (Javelin - Johns Hopkins University)
Veronica Montane: 44.45 meters - 145-83 feet (Javelin - Johns Hopkins University)
Mikayla Bisignani: 44.29 meters - 145-4 feet (Discus - Johns Hopkins University)
Dominic Hill: 15.80 meters - 52-10 feet (Shot Put - Mount Vernon High School)

I began my Javelin throwing career for Mt. Ararat High School in Topsham, ME where I became the Maine State Champion in 2004. Following my successful high school career I earned a scholarship in the Javelin throw at Allen County Community College in Kansas. I had the opportunity to compete against Canadian Javelin Record Holder Scott Russell and many other great Javelin throwers. I earned my spot as NJCAA Division I All-American Javelin thrower.
I spent a year training at East Tennessee State University where I worked closely with Meg Stone who was an Olympic Medalist in the Shot Put and Discus Throw. I gained great knowledge on the Olympic lifts, throws specific training and strength program design.
I spent my last 2 years at Keene State College where I immediately made an impact. My two years attending Keene State College, I accomplished breaking the 20 year old Javelin record by over 5 meters marking 65.18 meters (213.10). I was ranked 1st in the nation in the Javelin throw for NCAA Division III and remained nationally ranked and respected my 2nd year.

In 2012 I earned 1st place in the USATF Track and Field Club National Championships in Omaha, Nebraska as well as top 8 finishes in the shot put and discus throw. I currently still train with hopes of qualifying for the U.S Olympic Trials.

A typical session with me consists of developing a strong knowledge of how to throw then implementing it on the circle or javelin runway . I will accommodate for each individual athlete in which the manner that I coach depending on their experience,athletic ability, and knowledge. I place a strong emphasis on technique as well as building the throwers confidence in the specific throwing event. All of the drills and weight training will be throwing specific.
I specifically emphasize throwing from the ground up, patience, core strength and flexibility. I am a strong believer in mental preparation as well as training hard but smart. I love the art and complexities of all the throws and my athletes will see it the second we meet.

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Client Reviews

Coach Daniel was great! He had a plan for the session and gave my son some great advice and things to work on before the next our next session. My son was jacked about the session and the coaching he got. He is looking forward to more work with Coach Daniel.

Tremendous first session with Coach Daniel! Knowledgeable. Motivating. And super helpful. Looking forward to the next session and seeing the impact of his coaching this coming outdoor season.

We hired Coach Dan for our 13 year old son who has been throwing shot put, discus and (turbo) javelin for the past 2 years in Middle School. Our son has never had formal training and we were learning by watching YouTube videos which led to alot of frustration. Coach Dan taught our son so many things in such a short amount of time. Two weeks after our first lesson he improved all his PR's by a lot. Increased his discus throw by 14' and shot put by almost 2'! Danny has a great way of getting our son to work hard while remaining positive and encouraging. His knowledge is extensive and very detailed. We feel very fortunate to have a college coach teaching our middle school kid. We drive 3 hrs. round trip for our lessons and it's worth every minute in the car! We will continue training with Coach Dan and can't wait to see where our son is at this time next year. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone looking for professional throws training especially where it's so hard to find here in Maine.

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Coach Daniel is amazing! He helped my son so much in just one session. We are excited for more sessions!

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Dan is very accommodating, personable, and knowledgeable!

The individual time Coach Daniel spends with my son is so much more beneficial than his time spent with the track team. Expert in his field and looking forward to working with him over my son's high school/college career. Improvement in technique by the end of the first session. Would definitely recommend Coach Daniel

Daniel was just about the greatest coach I've ever had. I'm 75 years old and have just taken up throwing the Javelin. I've been at it, on my own, for about six months and will be competing in the National Senior Games this May. I booked a three hour training session with Danny this past weekend. In those three hours, I learned more than I could hope to in all of the prior six months. Danny's approach was thoughtful, knowledgeable, doable, and tremendously helpful in correcting some of my "bad" habits and getting me to much better understand what I needed to do to correct the others. Even though it's a two hour ride to get to the training facility, I'll be booking another three hour session, this coming weekend, before heading off to the Senior Games. I'm so thankful for Daniel's approach to training to perform well. Thanks Daniel. You're the best!!

Coach Danny has been working with my daughter for a few months now. He has made a huge impact on her form and distance. He is a stellar teacher with an extremely positive attitude that my daughter and I enjoy.

(no details provided)

Coach Daniel G.O.A.T!!! What an amazing COACH!!! A Techician to the mechanics of Speed and Agility. Not only did Coach Daniel breakdown every aspect of speed and agility he taught my son serious life skills as well. He taught my son how to be a better person than being an elite athlete, how to use his athleticism to change the world, how to treat people with dignity and respect, and how hard work will improve and change his approach to life. A TRUE INSPIRATION!!! Coach Daniel is simply the BEST!!! my son's confidence went through the roof!! 10 STAR RATING!!!!

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Coach Daniel has thoroughly assessed my daughters throwing technique and has made adjustments to enhance her performance. He breaks down these adjustments in easy to understand, small steps. His enthusiasm is engaging and his positive attitude is extremely encouraging. My daughter looks forward to each session.

Coach Danny has been great to work with so far! After only 3 sessions, my son is improving his form and distance in shot put. Danny is very knowledgable and does a good job of breaking down and explaining proper technique. He has also been easy to work with as far as scheduling mutually convenient times/locations for both of us.

Just awesome! He’s a start and a coaching talent. My son is completely jazzed and reinvigorated about his field events and specifically shot put. Coach Daniel breaks things down efficiently, intuitively, and relates well to his students. This process alone makes time with Coach Daniel valuable, but when students also in turn are able to make quick gains, well that’s what make it awesome.

(no details provided)

Our first lesson with Daniel was great. He provided the detail instructions on how to improve my son skill set, customized the lesson for him and we’ve already book several more.

First session went great! Coach Daniel worked on different drills to best fit my son’s needs. He’s very positive and patient. My son is looking forward to continuing his sessions with Coach Daniel!

Coach Daniel is a fantastic throwing coach. He knew how to connect with my son and get him throwing in a much more efficient manner that also protected his joints from overuse. After only a few sessions, my son qualified for nationals on his first try. Highly recommend Daniel as a coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Danny is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. After one session, I definitely noticed the differences in my throws during practice in the following week. He definitely knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about. Danny is very nice and respectful, but most of all he is very encouraging. No matter what I’m feeling, he always tells me I can do it and to keep trying. Truly an amazing coach.

Having worked with Coach Daniel twice a week for the past five weeks, I can tell that I am making tremendous progress! Coach Daniel is a master at designing effective programming and planning long-term exercise progressions. His spreadsheet savvy and level of organization are remarkable. I am appropriately challenged by the circuits he designs and receive encouragement and helpful feedback as I learn new motor patterns. I really enjoy training with Coach Daniel and am developing into a better athlete under his mentorship.

He is awesome and works with you till you get it perfect

(no details provided)

Although it is too early to evaluate the increase in the length/results, first four sessions provided a great release of any shoulder pressure that young athlete may feel by throwing with a wrong Technic. We feel that the chance of the potential injury has been minimized with the Technic improvement and that is already the investment paid off. My son is no longer utilizing his shoulder muscles as much as coach Daniel was able to teach my son how to utilize the entire body and many muscles in succession.
My son throws look better, his injury potential is reduced and we confident that results will come within time and more practice. We will continue work with coach Daniel. My son enjoys it and coach leads him and motivates him very well. I would recommend coach Daniel.

1st class coach. Very attentive to the athletes needs. Explains all drills in depth and then shows them

Coach Daniel's upbeat coaching style is very encouraging to my son and has increased his eagerness to train to be the best he can be. I would recommend Coach Daniel for young developing athletes.

Coach Daniel is an incredible coach! He is patient, enthusiastic, and motivating. 100% recommend him. He's been working with my 6th grade son. Coach Daniel is top notch.

(no details provided)

Coach Colina's workouts are challenging and effective. On top of that, he is extremely helpful, friendly, and has a quick response time.

Our first lesson with Daniel was great. He really listened to my son’s needs, customized the lesson for him and we’ve already book several more.

(no details provided)

My daughter just had her first ever shot put lesson, and Coach Daniel was fantastic. He has a great demeanor--engaging and at an appropriate level for her age. I was especially impressed with the way he was able to easily break down the technique and offer explanations for why things are done the way they are. He gently made corrections while also being enthusiastic and positive where things were going well. Daniel made it fun and interesting, and thanks to him my daughter is eager to learn more!

(no details provided)

Coach Daniel is a top notch coach. He has great energy and provides great technique and motivation to my son. My son is motivated to get great based on Coach Daniel's style. We look forward to continued sessions.

I had my first session with Coach Dan. He was knowledgeable, asked good questions, and was easy to learn from. He gave me some excellent drills to help me improve my throwing. Being a masters level athlete, it was nice to work with a coach who didn't minimize my training goals due to my age. I feel much more confident about my ability to improve after working with Coach Dan.

(no details provided)

Great coach. I will definitely be booking another session with Coach Colina.

(no details provided)

I signed up seeking to build strength and improve my sprinting times. I consider myself more of a 'long distance' runner, but I have seen improvements just after a few sessions. I am more comfortable on the track and sprinting no longer seems like a daunting task. Coach Dan is very personable, caters to your needs, answers questions promptly (via email), and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to every session. Glad I chose him!

Coach Daniel is simply the best!

My son is a high school thrower who will be competing at the next level in college. He wanted to try javelin, as one of the college recruiters felt he would make a great javelin thrower.

Coach Daniel responded to my request within the same day and we were able to schedule a practice session that same week. Not only do I admire his professionalism, I really appreciate how passionate Coach Daniel is about throwing. He has a wealth of knowledge about all the throwing events, and it showed by simply talking to him during our initial session.

Coach Daniel is great at all levels of throwing, whether you are a beginner, novice, or expert. My son cannot wait until the next session!

Dan is an outstanding coach in every respect. When I began lessons about 10 months ago, I did not even know which end of the javelin was the front. Last week, after working with Dan several times a month, I was throwing my javelin across the Potomac River from Mount Vernon! Well, maybe not quite that far, but the point is he can work with any athlete at any level with great skill, patience, humor, and dedication -- and get great results. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Great Coach honestly. Very encouraging and sincere about helping athletes meet their goals. Would have given up after 2weeks had it not been for his great personality. Definitely worth a 5 star rating.

Awesome, awesome, awesome coach. Really breaks down each individual step and focuses on technique, which is vital to a beginner learning the sport. I plan on continuing to work with Coach, and am excited to see how I perform.

Coach Daniel has been working with my son since the summer of 2017 and has developed him from a high school state qualifying to a national qualifying shotput thrower in the 2017 indoor T&F field season achieving a PR of 51' 7", setting a new school record.

Great workout with coach Daniel! Coach Daniel is very professional and knowledgeable. He gets to know student's goal and need to tailor the workout for the individual. Very personable coach too. Great experience.

I came to Coach Daniel looking for guidance in building upper body strength for javelin this upcoming season and ended up with a very thorough training program with just the right amount of difficulty! He was incredibly enthusiastic when contacted and he had lots of questions for me before creating a workout program just for me in order to make it perfect for the specific athlete. He is very excited to help his athletes, accommodating when finding times to talk on the phone to check in, and also extremely knowledgeable. He has a super strong understanding of the sport and is very confident with how to build strength in the various muscles needed, as well as understands how to help improve approaches and the throw itself, even when coaching online. He is very easy to get in contact with in case I have any questions throughout the process as well. Overall, my expectations for online training with Coach Dan were surpassed and I'm now even more excited for the upcoming season!

Coach Daniel C. is a very positive competent coach with the ability to tailor a program for a new master thrower. Immediately Daniel C. was focused on my goals taking advantage of my abilities and knowing how to improve my weaknesses. He has flexible times for coaching as I work a full time job.

My son has recently started training with Daniel on the javelin. After only a few weeks, his technique and form have improved, and perhaps most importantly, his confidence and enthusiasm for the sport have grown as well. He looks forward to all of his sessions with Daniel, and we are very grateful to have him working with our son!

Coach Daniel is exactly the kind of coach that I was looking for. Being a two sport athlete my whole life, I thought I understood what it took to excel on the court and the ring but Coach Daniel showed me how much I really didn't know. He carries such a vast wealth of knowledge and puts it all together in a fun and most importantly, safe way of training. He follows you each step of the way and puts in that extra mile to make sure your headed in the right direction. I have never had this kind of attention to detail before. Highly recommended!

Coach Daniel is super fantastic! Very enthusiastic, great personality, flexible, very knowledgeable and I wouldn't have any other coach for my daughter. He has helped not only with her technique, but has boosted her self confidence tremendously. Thanks Coach!

Coach Daniel was great. He is passionate about throwing and made the lesson fun and productive for our daughter who is learning the proper technique for throwing the shot put. He does a great job and we highly recommend him!

My son is a varsity shot put and discus thrower who received excellent initial instruction from his high school coaches. Coach Daniel is a throws expert who is raising his performance to a new level. The one-on-one instruction is integral to his athletic development. These lessons are one of our best investments.

Coach Daniel is doing a great job. My daughter is learning great techniques that will allow her to excel on the high school track team.

Coach Daniel is a great coach! My 16 year old son has been working on his sprinting, specifically speed and technique. Coach Daniel is very knowledgeable in this area. He also is very knowledgeable about fitness, health and specific training programs to help anyone become a better athlete. My son will continue to work with Coach Daniel.

Coach Daniel is an extremely competent and professional source of athletic knowledge. My high school son has noticed improvement in his discus throws after only a few sessions. We plan to continue to use Coach Daniel through the school year and into the next season. Highly recommended!

Coach Daniel has been wonderful teaching the javelin to my high school daughter, who competes in the heptathlon. He has been adaptive to her needs and abilities. He rapidly progressed at times when she handled lessons well and scaled it back for refinement on other occasions. Again, he was always responsive to her needs.

After only 10 lessons, she was able to beat almost every heptathlete, including those who throw regularly for their high school. Javelin is not an allowed event in MD high schools.

Coach Daniel was also extremely flexible with times and locations. I would highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I am a 50+ woman, former HS and college track and field athlete. I hadn't participated in competitive sports for years, until recently I started competing in the Master age group events in Northern Virginia. With the passage of time and a few surgeries later I'm not a kid anymore, and found I needed a personal coach who could help me train within my physical limits but still challenge me and respect my competitive desire.

I found that coach in Daniel. I've worked with him over four sessions now, and found he is a consummate professional. He is always on time, and promptly returns messages. After each session he provides helpful written feedback to you that highlights that day's training, and what to focus on in coming sessions. On a personal level, Daniel has an infectious love of the throwing events particularly the javelin. I appreciate his training style focuses on throwing fundamentals and techniques. He trains you from the ground up, and wants to train you how to do it right, maybe before you can do it well. He's also very conscientious of watching for poor techniques or execution that could hurt your elbow or shoulder if not corrected. Besides being a technical expert he also just makes each session fun. He has a great sense of humor, and smile through each session. I highly recommend Daniel as a personal coach.

Coach Daniel was so patient, kind, and helpful with our two young children, who love track and field. He gave us great tips during our first session and we are looking forward to working with him again.

Daniel Colina is a one-of-a-kind coach. He has a gift to encourage and support his athletes, build confidence and self-esteem, all while providing outstanding athletic training. As a parent, this type of training/coaching is priceless; we will be forever grateful to Coach Daniel for not only training our son but by building him up as a person. Daniel’s sincere enthusiasm is contagious and no matter what type of day my son is having, he leaves every training session energized and determined to get better.
Our son is a shot-put thrower in high school and his dream is to throw in college. Coach Daniel has experience and connections at the collegiate level and helped my son get noticed by the track and field coach at the university he was interested in attending and it worked! My son is excited to continue to train with Daniel this summer to get ready to be a member of the University of Mary Washington Track and Field Team this fall!
Daniel, you are an excellent coach and trainer – we can’t thank you enough for the difference you have made in our son’s life!

Coach Daniel is a patient teacher and coach! He has done an excellent job teaching my son the mechanics of throwing while keeping him encouraged and motivated!

Coach Dan is a wonderful coach!! He is very patient with my son when training him on the discus and javelin. At every practice, he diligently works with my son on improving his technique and footwork and it has made a huge difference. My 13 year old son is now throwing 100+ in the discus and is steadily improving in the javelin. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Coach Daniel is a super enthusiastic guy who can definitely help you improve your throwing.

Coach Daniel was exceptional. He was so patient and encouraging with my son. My son was just interested in learning about throwing events so he isn't anywhere near tge level of some highly competitive junior track/field athlete, but Coach Daniel really sparked his interest. There are lots of coaches who are technically sound, but I was looking for a coach who believes in a philosophy of coaching being an opportunity to be a builder of men/women. Coach Daniel is that. As a parent, it was more important for my child to walk away with a smile and having his confidence boosted. Of course he also learned some valuable training techniques.

(no details provided)

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(no details provided)

Excellent coach. Really focused on fundamentals and injury prevention. Very enthusiastic and my daughter wants to come back for more

Excellent coach and teacher of technique!

Coach Daniel is an incredible coach. He challenges me and pushes me to do my best. He is an experienced and skilled coach.

(no details provided)

Great coach ,lots of patience to teach ,with nice techniques.Will recommend him to any one.

I recommend Coach Dan. He has detailed knowledge and experience throwing Javelin. He works very well with young athletes. My 13 yr old Javelin thrower has increased 10 meters this season with Coach Dan's help.

Thanks and I will work on that.

Coach Daniel was great; he's a very passionate trainer who wants to push you and make you improve.

I have been training with Coach Daniel for about 2 months. Before I left a review, I wanted to have a solid understanding of his coaching method and approach. I have never left a review for anything, but this was important in my decision making. Coach Daniel is very professional and he does his job well. He is super energetic, and LOVES everything about javelin, shot put and discus. His love and passion shows, each time we have met to train. He is punctual, outgoing and ready to have a great day. He is a technical perfectionist. He makes sure you know (and master) that skill component before moving on to the next skill. He is a people person and cares about each of his Athletes. Daniel one of the best Coaches I have had the experience of knowing and working with. I have had the pleasure of working with many Track and Field Coaches over the years. I have been very impressed with Coach Daniel.

Excellent coach for begginers and advance players. Working with Dan you can see his passion for track and field. He cares deeply about his players and their progress.

I'm unsure what a throwing coach is supposed to do or even how their technique works. What I can tell you is Coach Dan worked with my son the first time and it showed results at his very next meet. He really connects with my son's abilities and encourages him to strive for more. Coach Dan is worth every minute!

First session with Coach Daniel was highly productive- I can't wait to learn more.

Coach Dan has been a really big help for me. Personally it was a great experience, he was honest and truthful, had the patients to teach you until you mastered that specific step. Coach Dan made a huge impact on me. I learned so much in such little time. i strongly recommend Coach Dan to anyone who is interested in learned to throw javelin. You will improve in so many ways.

Daniel is an excellent throws coach. He is very patient, and takes a ground up approach. He starts from the basic fundamentals and does not move on till you have mastered proper form, to avoid reenforcing bad habits. If you really want to learn the proper techniques of throwing then he is the coach you want.

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