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If you are looking to improve your speed and get in the best physical condition ever than I am your coach; will improve your 40 time by at least 2 tenths of a second. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Bruce. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$65 1 session + one-time fee

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Bruce. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$186 3 sessions ($62/ea) + one-time fee

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Elite Package
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10 session package with Coach Bruce. 90 minute session length

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$580 10 sessions ($58/ea) + one-time fee

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5 session package with Coach Bruce. 90 minute session length

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$300 5 sessions ($60/ea) + one-time fee

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  • Springfield College (MA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Marathon, Cross Country, Middle Distance, Sprints, Hurdles, Long Distance, Jumps, Throws

  • Pacing, Sprinting, Baton Handoffs, Shot Put, Passing, Form, Running the Curve, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump


  • Springfield College (MA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Marathon, Cross Country, Middle Distance, Sprints, Hurdles, Long Distance, Jumps, Throws

  • Pacing, Sprinting, Baton Handoffs, Shot Put, Passing, Form, Running the Curve, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump

More About Coach Bruce

I have been the track and field coach for both boys and girls teams at Hollywood Hills High School for 6 years. I have also been the head junior varsity football coach at the same high school. I have also coached optimist football and senior little league baseball in the state of Maine and I have also coached football in Baltimore with ex NFL player Johnny Unitas. I have been a personal trainer working out several division 1 and 2 college football players, as well as 2 NFL players. I have coached and trained athletes from the ages of 5 - 75 and every age between. I have been a very successful trainer for handicapped athlete and first time runners. I am a state certified coach for track/field and football and also certified personal trainer.

I started playing little league baseball and Pop Warner football at the age of six and have since been an athlete all of my life. I was defensive captain of my high school football team (Brewer High School). We won the state class A football championship which today is still considered the best football team ever in the state of Maine. I was named to the all-state football team as a defensive back. I was also a sprinter and jumper for the track and field team which also won the county championship three straight years. I was also a member of the school record setting 4x100 relay team. I got a football scholarship to Bridgton Academy, where I played football and earned a scholarship to Springfield College, the number one physical education school in the country. I was captain on every team that I was on, highlighting my leadership abilities in sports at Springfield College. I played football and ran on the track and field teams which one the eastern regional championship all four years that I ran. I was also captain of the track team my senior year and broke the school record for the 4x100 relay team. After graduating I continued playing sports such as mens softball, rugby, track and field, and road running.

I call my sessions power workouts. They are hard, fast and powerful. We start with light jogging followed by stretching that including all muscle groups. Then we move on to some speed and power drills such as plyometric jumping, high knees, and leg extensions. We then go to the major part of the workout which is speed or distance workouts depending on the training the athlete is ready for. A good speed workout includes a sprint ladder on the football field followed by intervals such as 100 meter, 200 meter, 300 meter, and 400 meter. The interval amount and recovery time is determined by the condition of the athlete. A good distance workout would include intervals such as several 800 meter runs and 1 mile runs. Once a week all runners run 400s until they cannot do anymore as 400s help get you in great shape. Improve speed by building up base miles and 400s with ongoing training.

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Client Reviews

My son had his first session with Coach Bruce. Coach completed a detailed evaluation of him and ran him through a great workout. My son enjoyed what he learned so much, while on the car ride home he asked if he could do this every week.

Coach Bruce did amazing with my son. We truly felt he walked away learning something. We will definitely be seeing him next weekend. For both my boys.

(no details provided)

Coach Bruce was a great coach. We look forward to working with him again.

Coach Bruce understood our needs when we booked our track session and he was able to get right to
work with our daughter as soon we showed up at the track field. Thanks for your time Coach Bruce.

Coach Bruce is awesome! I learned so much from him about the mechanics of running and how to train more efficiently. Even after one session I feel more confident about my running. Can’t wait to work with him again.

Great coach. really know his stuff. fun, friendly and you will have a great time

Ordered one session with Coach to improve speed. Found him friendly, likable, and most importantly, knowledgeable. Will definitely work with him again.

Coach Bruce was excellent in the handling of my 7 year old grandson. He was able to easily communicate the techniques & manage to keep my kid’s focus.
Max enjoyed it s lot and wants to do more

Coach Bruce was extremely helpful with my running. He gives useful advice and exercises to increase endurance and speed, which is what I was looking for. Very knowledgeable guy that really cares about his students most of all. I have already seen lots of progress after just a few classes. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who's struggling with their running.

Coach Bruce was fantastic. I am a hobby runner with no formal training, so I booked him for a trial session. Wow! I wasn't expecting to feel the difference after one session, but I sure did. Coach fine-tuned the session to my needs and was very good at guiding me throughout the session. If you are serious about becoming a better runner in any aspect, look no further than Coach Bruce.

Had a really good coaching session for
track and field with coach Bruce with my 8 year old son and eleven year old day daughter. He was very patient when needed and pushed where they needed improvement. He understood their specific needs, my daughter needed improvement with her start and my son needed work with his track form. I was very happy with the session.

My first session with coach Bruce was awesome. I am not a good runner and I don’t like running very much. However, after one session I feel a big difference from my stretching, to different running techniques to cooling down. I highly recommend him as he is very knowledgeable and wants to help his trainees.

Coach Bruce is very upbeat and encouraging. Good work out and advice for my son!!

(no details provided)

Coach Bruce was EXACTLY what we were looking for, he has the knowledge and techniques that are going to make all the difference. We went into this session desperate and a little defeated because we have tried SO many different methods to help with shin splints- from doctors, to orthotics, literally have followed every single video and forum for the last year to no avail. One session with Bruce and finally we feel like the possibility isn’t so impossible. After one session... we couldn’t feel more confident in his methods and can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’re booking a package deal and continuing through with this. If you’re looking for “old school” methods , with science that backs it- and a guy with a plan... he’s your guy.

Coach Bruce was fantastic and very focused on understanding my goals and setting me on a solid path to meet those goals. At 49 I was amazed at what “I didn’t know” and how much I had to learn. My objectives were straight forward, I don’t want to run a marathon, but I do want to learn how to run and train properly. I also don’t want to get hurt and drop running after two weeks. I want to lose weight, increase my stamina and most importantly have fun running.

After our session, I felt well prepared to take up the sport for the long term utilizing the tools he taught me. The running plan he gave me was very achievable and I’ll be able to scale the plan easily as time goes on. The sessions are well worth the time and money and they are totally legitimate. Your going to work and work hard but you’ll be 100% better for when you’re done.

Well done coach!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Bruce is a great coach. Truly knowledgeable and an expert in his craft. I recommend him for not only long distant running but ant track work.

Bruce is a great coach that believes in you. He is very knowledgeable regarding running. He has great training workouts for improving your speed, pace, and e durance. He is very easy going and wants you to achieve your goals.

Training with Coach Bruce is an experience! One learns more about themselves to push for their goals and techniques to improve each skills.

COach Bruce preparing for an upcoming physical fitness exam. The exam includes 4 events which. He ustraining well in each event.

Very professional, and has a very warm vibe. Cant wait for our next session!!

My son already had his first practice today with coach Bruce. He was amazing, my son is excited to schedule his next session

(no details provided)

Awesome time! Learned so much and his friendly, and warm demeanor made the experience so much better. I am really happy I chose him. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get better and learn some new tricks!

(no details provided)

Coach Bruce is a very good coach , very patient and understanding. He help me jump and feel better jumping in one day compared to my other coaches that I have been training with for weeks.

(no details provided)

Great coach. Very hands on and he really pushes you

Coach Bruce is an incredible coach that uses years of experience to tailor each session to every individual athlete. He pushes you, supports your goals, and gives you the training guidance to improve yourself into the best athlete possible. I would definitely recommend Coach Bruce no matter what your individual goals are.

Very knowledgeable and straight to the point. Coach Bruce knows what he's doing and has tons of experience. Highly recommended, can't wait for our next sessions.

Coach Bruce is excellent! Very knowledgeable and motivating. Will continue to work with him to reach my goals.

Great coach ! It was my first day and we got to know each other very well. The first day we just went over basic block work and I learned a lot. I hope to keep training with him to improve my speed and endurance. I would recommend this coach to anyone

Saw great improvement after only two sessions. Coach Bruce is legit, and extremely helpful. I would recommend Coach Bruce to anyone looking to improve their running.

Excellent, were off to a great start.

(no details provided)

Bruce is a great coach. I am competing at top dog agility events, but running and ‘human’ sports are new to me. Not just my fitness and conditioning, but also my course time and reactions dramatically improved because of my training. My confidence on difficult courses is much higher now because Bruce helped me to ‘drill’ and develop the endurance and course routine. My dog and I run consistently faster since he is catching my energy. I also incorporated some concepts from my sessions to my dog sport (such as interval training with my dog, long days...) and it also improved the conditioning and power of my 4-legged teammate.
Bruce finds the solution to very unusual athletes, such as me and my speedy little doggie.

Coach Bruce is great... My daughter has improved a lot working Coach Bruce and she enjoys working with him.

What a great session for my daughter with Coach Bruce. Coach Bruce kept her focus and made things simple for her to understand. By the end of session her technique and throwing distance had improved greatly. I would recommend Coach Bruce because his training session give you results.

My daughter learned many new running techniques in just one session, highly recommend. Cannot wait for our next session.

Coach Bruce is an excellent instructor. His coaching style is unique and manages to get good results in a short period of time. I will continue to use him for my kids and would highly recommend him to others.

A very nice and pleasant man. Learned something new on the first day. Will book again.

Coach Bruce is a great coach, his training and techniques are excellent!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Bruce is great, he motivates and pushes in a very positive way. Very involved with the kids he trains.

Coach Bruce is a very Exceptional coach when training for sprinting events. He gave me a new and successful technique for exploding out of the blocks and naturally transitioning into my drive phase. Exceptional coach!

Coach Bruce very informative. After one training session with my daughter, a beginner to track and field events, Coach Bruce introduced her to events that interested her, and she learned a lot in two hours. We will use him again. Thanks Coach Bruce!

Coach Bruce is a great coach and really does a great job of getting you into top shape for whatever you want to do

Coach Bruce was very knowledgeable and provided great tips on my first session. I would definitely recommend him to others.
Thanks Coach Bruce

Coach Bruce help me a lot in my long jump aproach, and triple jump technique.
He give me small advices that help me a lot!
Very profetional, punctual and kind
Definetly recomend him

Coach Bruce Wasvery helpful and very knowledgeable, I now have a better understanding of how to train and he seem to know very well how to work with people at every level .

Great Job! Looking forward to the next session.

Very impressed with our initial session with Coach Bruce. He is extremely knowledgable and in a matter of minutes I saw a huge improvement in my sons take off. Looking forward to see what more lessons can do!! Would definitely recommend!!!!

Coach Bruce was able evaluate, recommend adjustments, and provide drills at our first session.

Great coach, he knows the sport inside out... my boys really learned and improved after their first session, would recommend him to anyone, and i definitely will be taking my boys back.

Coach Bruce is an excellent Coach. He is a true professional. When I picked a Coach I was looking for someone to help train my son. He was transitioning from high school dross country to track. Coach Bruce came fully prepared to the first session with a plan. He thoroughly evaluated my son's condition, immediately started with training and after the only the first session, gave him several things to work on. Coach Bruce was 100% focused on training during our session and gave all the time needed to complete his prepared training session. I would highly recommend Coach Bruce for anyone, as he will tailor his program to the needs of the runner. We are very pleased to have Coach Bruce as our Coach.

I would recommend Coach Bruce to anyone! – I've already seen significant improvements in my endurance, form, strength, and speed. Coach Bruce has a natural gift for coaching. After every session, I feel motivated and encouraged. His passion for running is contagious, and his ability to customize a plan for any type of runner is uncommon. Trust me, Coach Bruce will take you to the next level ... while keeping you healthy ... while keeping you inspired ... and while helping you reach (and exceed) your goals.

Real good guy. Unfortunately his work more so suited distance runners and not sprinters like he mentioned in his Bio

Thanks a lot coach Bruce, you really helped me with my speed and conditioning. Thank you!
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