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Over 25 years of experience as a shooting coach. View all coaching experience

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Bob. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Bob. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$171 3 sessions ($57/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Bob. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$270 5 sessions ($54/ea) + applicable fees

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10 session package with Coach Bob. 60 minute session length

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$540 10 sessions ($54/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for up to 2 athletes

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A team shooting clinic for 2 hours.

Session Length: 2 hours

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One-hour team session
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Instruction, drills and individual assessments.

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Calvin College (MI)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Post Moves, Shooting


  • Calvin College (MI)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Post Moves, Shooting

More About Coach Bob

I have been a shooting coach for over 25 years, leading shooting camps for Shot Doctor Basketball, USA since 1997, and offering private lessons on basketball shooting and offensive skills. I have coached individuals and teams in middle school, high school, community college and semi-pro/post-college levels. I have led camps for Shot Doctor in 15 states, but I base out of Annapolis, MD. My private sessions are usually with one player, but I have trained two at a time (a bit less expensive) as well as team shooting training sessions.

I have a personal best in consecutive free throws made of 142. My practice free throw percentage in the past five years is 91%. My scholastic playing days were decades ago and did not have any big distinction.

A typical session begins with a brief ball-handling warmup, followed by form shooting from about seven feet away. In a first session, I can have an idea about what shooting flaws to address in less than ten shots. From there, the session is tailored to individual needs. As desired, I can help players extend their range, develop triple threat and dribble moves, and work on shots within the context of team offense.

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Client Reviews

Bob did an exceptional job improving my sons’ shooting.

Coach Bob is a great coach. Coach gave written instructions on what we are working on. Coach took time to asses the dynamics of shooting and what are the pitfalls and how to overcome those pitfalls with greater accuracy.

Bob is an amazing basketball coach! He is very good with my son and we are seeing results with his BB skills, as well as his confidence and attitude. Thank you Bob!

Coach was an amazing Coach to work with. He was quick in responding to my request. He also worked around my son’s busy schedule during his college break. The feedback I received from my son was extremely positive and gave him recommendations, explained what he was doing wrong with his shot and worked with him to get his form back and shots falling. I will definitely use Coach Bob for every break. His pricing is also very reasonable. Happy and satisfied customer.

Detailed/ Tailored coaching to your needs!

Bob took time to work with my kids on improving a variety of aspects of their game.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Bob has a very methodical way of teaching kids how to shoot the basketball with precision. My Son has been with him for 10 sessions and his shooting from all areas of the court has drastically improved.

I would recommend Bob for anyone whose child has a passion for basketball and takes the game seriously.

(no details provided)

Coach Bob Topp is an outstanding, fundamental shooting coach. His attention to detail is amazing and his ability to communicate the adjustments needed are unbelievable. Our son has thoroughly enjoyed and highly benefited from the sessions with Coach Bob. We highly recommend!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very helpful in explaining how the shot should look. He sees the slight corrections needed and explains what my son should focus on when practicing.

Coach Bob is patient and provides practical insight & guidance to the players. My sons have benefitted tremendously from the sessions.j

Coach Bob is a very skilled and professional coach.
He immediately made an impact on my son’s game.
He quickly assessed some areas to develop and gave him actionable advice to practice. He is also flexible and responsive. Great experience!

Coach Bob was awesome. He is extremely detailed and can spot the not so obvious. My son made a major improvement in just his first session. I really like the way Coach Bob makes sure that my son understands the Why is saying what he is instructing and teaching. I am praying this will be a long journey with Coach Bob to help my son and I meet his college goal for Division 1 Basketball and beyond. God is good!

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(no details provided)

My Daughter has had 3 sessions and with each session she
has improved her shooting technique and regain
her confidence to shoot the 3 pointer.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Knowledgeable and valuable feedback.

I will be honest been you many shooting coaches in the DMV and by far Coach Topp was the best coach I’ve seen because his attention to detail and my some thoughts post workout outs. I can see that coming consistently that my son game will develop but as the parent paying Coach Topp is worth the price

Coach Bob was great. In my sons first session he made substantial changes to his shooting technique. His confidence improved. We signed up for future sessions.

Coach Bob was attentive and helpful with our 10-year old daughter in her first one-on-one lesson. He also followed up soon after with some great, specific shooting tips for her. We’re excited for follow-on sessions. Thanks, Coach Bob!

Our son Josh came home after the first session so pumped and loving all the healthy criticism and tips that coach Bob gave him! He can’t wait for another session! Thanks coach Bob

(no details provided)

My stepdaughter was so pleased with Coach Bob’s shooting tips that we bought a package. She has been playing basketball for over 5 years and said that Bob taught her new techniques which will really improve her game and confidence on the court.

Good Evening Coach Bob!

Logan worked out with you the past Monday at Crofton Middle School. I was wondering in we can do the same time this Monday coming or when we can schedule the next session?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!


Coach bob was great! He really taught my son the fundamentals and the science behind shooting to make the perfect shot. My son learned more in 1 hour than a whole season in basketball. I highly recommend coach bob! 😎

(no details provided)

My son has worked with Coach Topp for two weeks . Within this short amount of time, we've seen an increase in his overall shooting, accuracy and consistency.

To be a successful shooter, you must be detailed oriented, because the little things matter. Coach Topp has a keen eye for the little things, making him a very detailed oriented shooting coach. As a trainer myself, I understand this is where the true value in the service is added.

Coach Topp also challenges my son to think the game. He does a great job of explaining the rationale behind making adjustments and how and where you tie success to the adjustment. By doing this, he's training my son to become is his own real/game-time shooting coach. Once more, this is where the value is added to the service.

My son and I recommend Coach Topp to work with your athlete. In return, they will start to shoot the ball with more accuracy and consistency, producing a more confident and successful player.

(no details provided)

Coach Bob is great, A very in tune coach also listens to his clients and is a very in tuned coach highly recommend him to players that are serious about basketball he will get your shoot better no doubt .

Coach Bob spent time getting to know my daughter and listening to her thoughts on her opportunities for improvement. He gave specific instructions on fundamentals of form and foot work; and was very encouraging while delivering feedback. Overall very positive experience and my daughter looks forward to her next sessions.

My son had his first session with Coach Bob. Coach Bob was great, immediately he identify my son’s shooting weakness and colorectal it. I noticed big improvement with my son’s shot after one session. We will schedule for more session ASAP. Abera

Very knowledgeable and personable. He was able to identify a flaw in my son’s follow through that produced immediate results. He gave explanations/background/purpose not just instructions.

Our first session last week with Coach Bob was great. His patience and focus on the techniques keeps the student engaged. His skillful nature creates a professional relationship for all the parties involved. Thank you!

Was really good, can already see improvement

Today was my son's first session with Coach Bob and we already see a difference in his shot! He has never received such specific direction on improving his shot before. We will definitely be signing up for more sessions!

I don’t think any Coach has grabbed my daughter’s attention as quickly as Coach Bob did. Just great!

Coach Bob was an amazing shooting coach! He taught lots of different strategies and techniques to improve my shooting and basketball skills. I would completely recommend Coach Bob to anyone.

Great response time, great skills training, good with teenagers!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great job. Buying more sessions!!

In my son's session with Coach Topp, he did a great job in addressing his shooting mechanics. In addition to this he provided helpful feedback to improve his over all game.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Bob is a great shooting coach! he really knows how to breakdown shooting to help the player. Money well spent.

Bob Topp’s a very detail oriented coach. He identified several shooting flaws in my sons form. The first session was a excellent one. We’re looking forward to working with coach Bob again.

Bob is very patient and has a great way of teaching the fundamentals of shooting. My daughter has quickly become more aware of the adjustments she needs to make.

Coach Bob was great with my son. He asked him questions about how he misses, long, to the left, short, then had him shoot for about 5 minutes. He made adjustments to my sons shot which I never would have noticed and explained to him what was going on with his shot and why. Very pleased with the method and the results.

Coach Bob has helped my son so much after just two lessons. He is very knowledgeable, kind, and patient. I strongly recommend Coach Bob for anyone trying to improve their game!

Coach Bob has done wonders with my daughter's free throw shot! She's more confident and a better shooter after only 2 sessions!

So far, so good. My nephew is three sessions in with Coach Bob and we just re-upped for another 5 sessions. Looking forward to Bob continuing to work with him on post up moves and modifying his shooting stroke.

Bob is a very good basketball coach/teacher. He is patient and starts with fundamentals. He wants the player to completely understand the whys and hows of shooting so the player can quickly and easily self-correct if their shot is off. We are pleased and my son is totally onboard as a student of the game. Good coach.

Coach Bob, did a good job, very detailed explanation with the kids! Patient as well!

Excellent instructor

My son has improved in both his skills and confidence after training sessions with coach Topp. We plan to continue with additional sessions as a result of the great training.

Coach Bob is a great coach. My daughter struggles with consistent shooting form. Coach Bob has probably been the most effective person to work with her.

Coach Bob has been working with my 12 year old daughter the last few weeks. Coach Bob has worked greatly with her and his shooting techniques has tremendously helped her with her shooting. He's very detailed. Highly recommend coach Bob. Looking forward to watching my daughter grow as a player and applying her training sessions on the court.

Thanks for the feedback Coach!
Greatly Appreciate your knowledge & wisdom!

Our 1st session with Coach Bob was great. He was very knowledgeable with shooting techniques and the game of Basketball. My son, 7th grade, is looking forward to more sessions and perfecting his shot. Thanks Coach Bob!!!

(no details provided)

Really enjoyed this coach, very patient and knowledgeable

This was our first session with Mr Topp. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. It was a pleasure working with him today and we are looking forward to many more sessions.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Bob was great! After a few shots, he was able to see the flaws in my son's shot. Also, he was easily able to explain to him what he needed to do differently and why.

Coach Bob is wonderful. He adjusts the session based on the athlete's goals and progress, continually working with the athlete for the best results.
Wish we had found him earlier. Highly recommend Coach Bob!

Very detailed coaching. Worked on every aspect of form.

Bob was great! After one session he found several things for my daughter to work on to better her outside shot. Highly recommend Bob for anyone looking to work on their shooting.

(no details provided)

Excellent instructor!!

(no details provided)

Bob has been fantastic with my son. My son is brand new to basketball and we were hoping for him to learn the very basics of shooting and ball handling. Bob's knowledge of the game is top notch and his approach makes players from every skill level comfortable and open to learning.

Coach Bob is an excellent basketball instructor. He has greatly improved my son's shooting mechanics in a very short period of time. He's great at communicating with him and my son looks forward to practicing the techniques that Coach Bob has taught him. We will signing up for more lessons and we HIGHLY recommend him.

Coach Bob knows his stuff. My daughter reacted very well to the way he taught shooting techniques. We would definitely recommend coach Bob and use him in the future.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Bob is a great coach, very educated also easy to understand

In our trial session Coach Topp was able to establish an excellent rapport with my son. This enabled him to have him analyzing his mistakes, so that he can focus on proper form and technique. We look forward to working with Coach Topp in the future.

(no details provided)

Coach Bob was very knowledgeable, patient and flexible. He worked with us to make sure he was giving my daughter the lessons and instructions that would be most useful to her. My husband even improved his shot by listening to Coach Bob's advice from the sidelines! All in all - money well spent. Just wish we would have done it a little earlier!

Coach Bob was great! After just one session Coach Bob was able to transform her shot and correct improper shooting habits. He was able to connect with her in such a way that she understands the why and the what of proper shooting to improve/correct her shooting form. Looking forward to future sessions!

He was a great coach and a fantastic fit for our son!

Coach Bob has a very intuitive approach to help young Shooters learn proper style and accuracy leading to overall confidence in taking the tough shot and making smart decisions on the court. I recommend coach Bob to anyone even remotely thinking about getting a trainer it's well worth the dollar spent and completely changes The Athlete's perspective to the game and personalize it for him this is invaluable for a player to have and Rec Sports

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Awesome job!

(no details provided)

My daughter just completed her second session with Coach Bob. She has enjoyed both sessions and the improvement in her shot is noticeable. More importantly, he has taught her why it's better and how to recognize her mistakes when she makes them. I'm excited to see her continue to improve her shot with Coach Bob's help.

Coach Bob is an excellent teacher he was very good and instructed me the proper form for shooting as well as the pros of using the proper form. He is very patient, observant and knowledgeable in teaching so I have recommended him to my friends.

(no details provided)

It was a great experience for my daughter. I think she will greatly benefit from Coach Bob's training and expertise.

Coach quickly identified our son's area's of improvement and gave him specific details of what to adjust and how to analyze what he needed to improve.

My son really enjoyed his session with Bob. Learned about his shooting. Like the coach Thanks coach bob

Coach Bob was great. Took my two kids to him for help with their shot. Within minutes, he was correcting mechanics and gently directing them throughout the session. Very good experience!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Peyton’s basketball team is practicing Friday evening for the Maryland District 3 AAU championship game that will take place on Saturday. He had a very good weekend shooting the ball last weekend, especially in the semifinals game. Your instruction is really helping, both with his form and with his confidence knowing he is shooting the right way. Thanks! - Mike
Coach Topp has recently been working with my son, a Senior playing basketball locally at Spalding HS, and in a short period of time has helped my son to shoot far more consistently. Coach Topp immediately recognized a couple of very subtle flaws in my son's shot, corrected them and has been able to reinforce proper technique through his many drills. While my son has been fortunate to be coached by many excellent coaches over the years, Coach Topp specializes in shooting and was able to spend the time necessary to really analyze and correct his shot. Even though we are in season, we still try to do a tune up session once in a while to reinforce proper techniques - both physical and mental. I highly recommend Coach Topp. Our only regret is that we did not discover Coach Topp until August before Senior year. Better late than never... Tim Kane
Bob Topp with Shot Doctor Basketball is a skillful and highly effective shooting coach. Bob has worked with my daughter for a number of years and helped her become a technically sound shooter and highly effective and confident basketball player. Bob has a high degree of knowledge about the technical aspects of shooting and effective movement on the court so that a player is able to confidently position themselves for optimal scoring opportunities. He takes a kind and methodical approach to the teaching process and builds a player’s skills from the basic to the highly technical. We have been very pleased with Bob. My daughter is a junior in high school and has played on the varsity team since her freshman year. There are now a number of college coaches and scouts that have contacted my daughter as a prospective college player. Chris H. on December 20, 2015
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