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"How do I improve my jump shot?"

Tiffany, This is a general question that has many facets to it. Here are some basic principles. Pay attention to your misses; they tell you how to correct. If you miss short or long, left or right, that gives you information on how to adjust your shot. The basics of good shooting are to lift in one smooth, quick motion and to release the ball with one hand, not two. Freezing your follow through up high until the ball contacts the basket helps your arc and decreases the chances of missing short.
Bob Topp

Bob T.

Basketball | Annapolis, MD

May 26, 2016
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Hi Tiffany

I think one of the most difficult things to do when improving your shooting is having the same form everytime you shoot.  It's so important to be comfortable and find a rhythm when shooting.  I think some basic fundamentals will certainly help like making sure your elbows are parallel and you follow through with your shooting hand while the non-shooting hand is guiding the ball.  Your footwork is also important trying to make sure your feet are about shoulder width apart and square to the basket.  If you practice a lot and take a lot of shots while focusing on some technique and find your own rhythm, your shot will absolutely improve!

Coach Anthony

Anthony C.

Basketball | Boylston, MA

May 26, 2016
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Here is an answer I gave to a similiar question recently:

Be honest with yourself about your strength level. If your current strength level suggest you stay within 10 - 18 feet of the basket, do so. Don't venture out for long distance shots just because you see your friends or a High School, College or WNBA player do so. They have the strength to put it up from long distances with good form. Only put up long shots if your strength level dictates you can do so with good form. And proper form is one of the things that counts when shooting jump shots.
I would have you go to a wall. We would determine what is a comfortable stance for you and where your shooting pocket is. To be a great jump shooter the ball must go to your shooting pocket first before bringing it up to let it go. I would have you practice shooting against the wall, hitting a specific target. This enables us to work on stance, foot and body positioning, proper hand eye elbow technique and mental muscle memory without the stress of trying to make a basket. Once I determine you are ready, and it may not be in one session, then we would go to an actual basket to shoot. We would not go at game speed or worry about missing shots in the beginning. The most important things are the alignment of your body, elbow, hands and fingers, follow through and pulling from your shooting pocket.
Now I would explain the importance of "Feeding the basket and taking a cookie for yourself." See, the basket is very hungry. The only way to satisfy its hunger is to put the ball in the basket. Therefore everytime you score, you are feeding the basket!! Also under the basket attached to the rim is a basket of your favorite cookies. Therefore when you shoot you have to reach up high over the rim and dip your hand down to take a cookie. This helps you with the proper height of your shot and your follow through.
If you make a game out of it, you will enjoy going out and practicing as much as you can to become a better shooter.
Victor H.
Basketball | Modesto, CA
June 10, 2016
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Victor H.

Basketball | New York, NY

June 10, 2016
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All of these answers are great, but the easiest adjustment you can make is to simply get every jump shot and free throw to travel one basketball higher than the top of the backboard. Doing so causes you to shoot on the way up and finish high. There's a lot more to the shooting technique I teach, but that will get you started.

Rod Mosby

Basketball | Augusta, AR

June 18, 2016
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