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"When should I aim for the backboard when shooting a shot? "

Any time you shoot a layup, floater or jumper in the painted area.
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Rod Mosby

Basketball | Augusta, AR

July 03, 2016
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I would limit bank shots to layups and short to medium range jumpers at a 45-degree angle to the backboard. I am not a fan of the floater because it makes it difficult to judge the distance to the hoop.

Bob T.

Basketball | Annapolis, MD

August 18, 2016
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The backboard shot can be a deadly asset to add to your arsenal. The most important factor to being able to use the glass during a game or a training session is your angle. Make sure to always have your body in the right angle to be able to shoot off the glass. No matter what distance you are at on the floor, if you have the correct angle to shoot off the glass, you can make the shot. Be aware that distance is always a factor in gauging how high or how much force on your shot should be used when making a bank shot.


Poncho H.

Basketball | West Hollywood, CA

October 22, 2016
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