Ensuring Qualified Coaches

We connect athletes with private coaches who can help them reach the next level in sports + life. In particular, we look for coaches who are dedicated to our mission: helping kids change the trajectory of their lives through sports.

A Rigorous Vetting Process

Because safety is our top priority, we run annual National Sex Offender Background Checks on all coaches on CoachUp. In addition, all coaches who apply to join us are vetted by our Coach Selection Committee. We require that our coaches have solid experience either competing as athletes or coaching at a high level, to ensure that they are qualified to give outstanding private coaching sessions.

Subsequently, through our proprietary Coach Score™ coach-ranking algorithm, we determine – on the basis of multiple data inputs, including reviews, retention rates, number of sessions completed, experience as a private coach, and much more -- who are the best private coaches for our athletes.

Finding the Right Coach for You

Every athlete is unique, as is every coach. And getting started with the right private coach is extremely important. We’re here to help!

We’ve set up the CoachUp website so that you can search for coaches by price, location, and/or reviews. Alternatively, you can call us at 888-680-4750 for direct referrals from one of our dedicated Athlete Advisors.

Coaches’ profiles on CoachUp typically include the following information:
  • Levels they reached, where they went to college, what ages and types of athletes they coach
  • Their training style -- what level of intensity, amount of conditioning, specific techniques, and training philosophy they use
  • Their specialties -- what positions and particular skills they specialize in coaching
  • Sample session plan – an overview of what a training session is like, although our coaches are generally flexible in their sessions and will work to accommodate your individual needs
What to look for in a coach:
  • A clear, detailed, and complete profile
  • Positive reviews from other athletes
  • Significant experience playing at the next level you are looking to reach or higher, and/or strong experience coaching athletes similar to you
  • Track record of helping athletes discover their potential, steadily improve, and gain confidence
  • The potential to serve as a mentor and a positive role model
  • Relevant certifications or on-going training in coaching
  • Punctuality and responsiveness

"As the father of two young athletes, I'm constantly searching for quality, driven teachers that can help my boys become the best players they can be. CoachUp enables me to find the instructors that have the specialized knowledge to nurture my sons beyond the basic mechanics they receive in youth leagues. My MLB career was all about hard work, determination and the influence of a few private coaches that impacted me along the way. CoachUp makes it easy for outstanding coaches and driven players to find each other and thrive together!"

Gabe Kapler, Former Red Sox star
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