The CoachUp Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Many athletes -- and their parents -- are not aware of the really astonishing benefits of private coaching, and don’t know how to get started. We know from long experience how beneficial and influential a private coach can be to an athlete.

Private coaching is simply by far the SINGLE BEST WAY to improve performance. It is truly THE SECRET to reaching the next level in any sport. We are so convinced of this basic truth that we offer a full, 100% money-back guarantee on every private coaching package booked through us.

We know that once you discover what a private coach can do for you, you will be as hooked as we are. We encourage athletes to take the necessary leap to reach that next level, without worrying about losing money on a disappointing experience. If you end up less than fully satisfied with the coaching sessions you have contracted through CoachUp, we will reimburse you in full.

By the way, we offer this guarantee because our customers love their coaches. Seriously, our coaches have a 99% 5-Star Customer Satisfaction Rating!

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"CoachUp helped me connect with a great private coach: Cliff has an excellent reputation for a reason. He is attentive throughout the hour and thorough in his analysis of each client's needs. Cliff makes sure everyone gets better at the game while enjoying time on the court."

Jennifer Uhl, CoachUp parent