CoachUp is a service that connects athletes with private coaches. Our mission is to help athletes reach the next level in sports + life.

As the nation's leading private coaching company, CoachUp has over 13,000 coaches across the country, in everything from basketball and soccer, to fitness and dance. CoachUp helps athletes find the perfect coach, and helps them get the most out of their ongoing training. CoachUp coaches rely on CoachUp to build their web presence, market their services, and manage their business. We are a community inspired by passion, big dreams, hard work, and a love of coaching.

CoachUp was founded by Jordan Fliegel, whose life was changed when his father enlisted the help of a private coach to help him improve in basketball as a teenager. Fliegel credits private coaching for his successful academic and basketball career at Bowdoin College, and for his professional basketball career that followed. Fliegel later became a private coach to have a similar impact on young athletes, and founded CoachUp to bring high-quality coaching to athletes across the country.

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"Reaching Another Level is unlike anything else in print, and ought to be tucked away in every gym bag."

- C. Michael Curtis, Atlantic Monthly
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CoachUp is spelled as one word, with a capital "C" and "U". The following are common misspellings of our company's name; "Coach Up", "Coachup", "coachup".