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28 plus years of Track and Field (mid/ long-distance running and horizontal/vertical jumps). I teach basic technical skills that young athletes can build on. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Barton County Community College (KS)

  • 24 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Long Distance, Sprints, Middle Distance, Marathon, Jumps, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Triple Jump, Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, High Jump, Form, Baton Handoffs


  • Barton County Community College (KS)

  • 24 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Long Distance, Sprints, Middle Distance, Marathon, Jumps, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Triple Jump, Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, High Jump, Form, Baton Handoffs

More About Coach Tere

Coaching ages 4 to 22 for over twenty years. Currently coaching High School and USATF Cross Country and Track & Field (middle distance and horizontal jumps)

I typically work more with high school jumpers and runners. Over the fifteen years, a great deal of these athletes go on to compete on a collegiate level.

My personal professional and collegiate accomplishments are very minimal. Enlisting in the Army at a young age I elected not to compete. Today I hope to ensure that I help athletes have more options as a result of their hard work and achievements.

Track and Field host a great deal of events. After we figure out what you're looking for we'll select the manner that fits you best for learning. No two athletes are the same so sessions vary with this in mind.

With that being understood, basic session do follow patterns.

Define Success
Fundamental/ Technical Instruction
Event Training
Cool Down
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Client Reviews

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Coach Tere is great! He brings energy, enthusiasm and, most importantly, a ton of knowledge. He worked with both my boys on technique, mindset and gave them a great workout. Highly recommended!

Love Coach Tere! My boy said he’s inspiring, he has lots of fun equipment, nice and he looks orward to the next session!

Coach tere is one of the best coach I’ve worked with he got me to accomplish things I thought I couldn’t do and his coaching skills is one of the best because he connects with his clients.

100% I would recommend Coach Tere, I figured it's best to start with the morale of the story. I would give Tere 10 stars if I could. I sought out Tere for coaching to improve my 1.5 mile run time, running pain free and to improve with running mechanics. I was highly impressed with him from our first phone conversation by his knowledge, experience and passion for the sport. Time and time again Tere would analyze my gait, foot strike, cadence, breathing and overall running economy. He always had a focal point for each session which made it easier to incorporate the training into my individual training sessions. The training was also exciting as he used HIIT, beach/trail/track runs and open water swims to increase performance results. In a timeframe of 2.5 months I have decreased my 1.5 mile time from 11 minutes to 9:30 with room for improvement. I can also run for longer periods of time pain free during and after my runs. I am forever grateful for his dedication to me and my goals.

Coach Bandy is the real deal. As you can see, he has many positive reviews - they are speaking the truth. I came to coach bandy with horrible running form and in just 8 sessions I feel we have made vast improvements. It’s a work in progress, but I am happy with how far we’ve come. He has a lot of wisdom and running experience as he was in the Army for 20+ years and has coached high school students to state championships in cross country. He even brought out one of his athletes who made it to states to help push me and this guy was a machine! He made 4 miles seem like nothing. As of right now, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the training he’s provided for me and I hope we can hit my goals before I leave for training for the military. 5 Stars

Very knowledgeable and positive in teaching

Coach Tere was very knowledgeable, focused, and helpful during my first training session. He provided clear instructions on how I can improve my running, and gave great feedback as well. Excited to work with him again!

I'm active duty and realized I needed an extra push to prepare for my pt test. I was about 3 months out and had been suffering in pain for a long time from arthritis in my knees and was struggling to bring my run time down. I worked with Coach Tere 3 times a week and was able to shave over a minute off my run time! The best part was that after about 2 weeks of his expertise with HOW I was running and showing me various stretching techniques I was no longer in pain. Coach Tere is a wealth of knowledge and keeps the workouts fun and challenging. His sense of humor and enthusiasm kept me going at our 5 am start time. If you are looking to maximize your conditioning (ensure you pass your pt test) or are a seasoned athlete looking to take it too the next level this is the coach for you! I can't begin to express how grateful I am to his coaching and encouragement.
***Bonus...he helped condition me to maximize the sit ups and push-up portion of my pt test AND helped me release 12 lbs total (1/2 inch off my waist). I passed my test with flying colors. Thanks Coach, you Rock!!!!!

We were visiting Oahu for a few days and wanted to have a group session with an experienced running coach. We're glad we connected with Coach Tere and we had a great experience. He was very knowledgeable and tailored the session to our skill levels. We all benefited from his experience and left the session with tips that will definitely help us improve our running. Thanks for your time today, coach!

Today was my first session with Coach Tere. This is exactly what I needed. He is very professional and knowledgable when it comes to the ins and outs of running. He worked with me on my form, breathing, posture, and all around fitness. I left the very first session with concrete things to work on, as well as noticeable progress. I feel confident that I will be able to meet my goals. To top if off he is extremely personable and encouraging, and put me at ease within the first few moments of meeting. I knew a few minutes in that he was the coach for me and already have booked 10 more sessions. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their running.

I am extremely impressed by his knowledge, abilities and approach in coaching. The very first day I met him, I could already see his passion for coaching. My daughters 400m improved the very first day on the track. She was very surprised on how much improvement she had in such a short time - INSTANT GRATIFICATION. She's looking forward to improving even more, thanks Tere.

My first session with Coach Tere was great! We were on the same page regarding my strengths and weaknesses after his initial assessments and already felt improvements based on his initial coaching recommendations. I'm looking forward to future sessions to build on the progress we made in just one session.

Patient, encouraging and knowledgeable instructor.

Coach is the most phenomenal, unique, and throughout of all the sports I have done - and coaches i have had. The chance to work with, you have been the most motivating, hard core, and caring.
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