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USATF Level 1 certified coach 8 time NCAA All American Student Athlete with 16 years of track & field experience. View all coaching experience

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Starter Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Symonne. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$70 1 session + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 session package with Coach Symonne. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$266 4 sessions ($67/ea) + one-time fee

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Extended Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Symonne. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$100 1 session + one-time fee

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

8 session package with Coach Symonne. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$504 8 sessions ($63/ea) + one-time fee

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Group Training
In-Person Training for up to 5 athletes

Group training with Coach Symonne. Please inquire about pricing for multiple sessions and groups larger than 5 athletes.

Session Length: 1 minute

$210 1 session + one-time fee

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  • Moravian College (PA)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Hurdles, Jumps, Middle Distance, Sprints

  • Baton Handoffs, Form, High Jump, Long Jump, Pacing, Passing, Running the Curve, Sprinting, Triple Jump


  • Moravian College (PA)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Hurdles, Jumps, Middle Distance, Sprints

  • Baton Handoffs, Form, High Jump, Long Jump, Pacing, Passing, Running the Curve, Sprinting, Triple Jump

More About Coach Symonne

16 years of track & field experience and knowledge. Including four successful years as a NCAA Division II & III All American student athlete, Lesley University Sprint Coach, and BMR High School Head Coach. My mission is to help athletes succeed on the track as well as in the class room.

Former NCAA Division II & III Track & Field athlete

8 time NCAA All American; sprints and jumps

Landmark Conference Champion 2010
Long Jump
100 m
200 m

Landmark Conference Track Athlete of the Year 2010

Record Holder
Long Jump
100m Dash
4x100m relay

Eastern Athletic Conference All Star, 2002-2006

MVP 2006

One-on-one sessions are customized to each athlete's specific event, needs, and goals.
*I am willing to travel to alternative training locations within a 40 mile radius.
*I also train athletes at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston, MA.

A general session includes:
Warm up
Event specific workout
Strength training
Cool down

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Client Reviews

Angel had a great time. He’s making sure to do his homework

My son is a high school sophomore currently competing in Indoor 55m hurdles. We started with Coach Symonne in the middle of the season, and she showed him the right technique to start (explosive start), to stretch and warm up, which he never learned from his high school track coach before. After few sessions with Coach Symonne, he has improved his time, and feel more confident in his hurdling skills. We are looking forward to continue with Coach Symonne to have him ready for the outdoor track season soon!

My son just completes his first training session with Coach Symonne. He is a sophomore in high school and ran track this past season for the first time. He had a good amount of success but really had limited coaching during the season. Coach Symonne was great with him and really made him feel comfortable during the session. She focused on the importance of a good warmup and put him through a number of drills with a lot of good instruction. We will be booking sessions throughout the summer with Coach Symonne and my son is excited to work with her as she helps him develop his skills on the track.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Simone was great. She made my daughter feel super comfortable right away. She also helped build up her confidence in just one session. We decided to book a series of lessons with her after our initial one. I would highly recommend her.

Coach Symonne is so great! We had a session with my 10 year-old daughter. She has such a fun and friendly manner for working with kids and taught my daughter some important running technique and skills that she hadn't gotten in her larger practice settings. My daughter really likes Coach Symonne and is excited to work with her on a regular basis!

Coach Symmone is fantastic coach. After one session my daughter feels much more comfortable jumping. Her individual workouts are tailored to exact what my daughter needs. Symmone has the exact blend of coaching and enthusiasm for each athlete she trains.

(no details provided)

Coach Symonne has been working with my 12 yo daughter for about a month now and we have already seen improvement in her form and technique. Every session is run very well and every session my daughter comes back smiling even though she is tired. Coach Symonne is also very supportive during the sessions and constantly giving feedback and high fives for a job well done. We would highly recommend Coach Symonne for anyone looking to improve their speed and form.

Coach Symonne is excellent and very positive with our daughter. If you want your young athlete to perform well and to his or her best potential - Coach Symonne is a perfect choice!

Coach Symonne is amazing! She immediately saw where my 18 year old son needed improvement and designs her sessions to meet his needs. She's incredibly knowledgeable and technical, yet she delivers her instructions in a straigtforward easy to understand manner. We just love working with her.

Coach Symmone has taught me so much and has greatly improved my skills at high jump and I have only trained with her twice so far! She gives awesome tips and shows me new exercises, warm up drills, and is exteremely patient when I am hesitant or confused when trying new techniques/ drills etc. She has taught me so much in so little time and I can’t wait to keep improving as the sessions go on. Would recommend to anyone, she is very kind, helpful and happy to help.

Coach Symonne was excellent. In just one session she provided advise and guidance for my 8 year old, which resulted in a tangible improvement in his next meet. She is patient, knowledgable and fun. My son can't wait until his next session!

Coach Symonne is great ! Her ability to verbalize what she wanted to see from my daughter was excellent. The improvement after only 2 sessions was amazing. We would highly recommend Symonne and hope to see her again soon.

My 16 year old daughter enjoys working with Coach Symonne. After the first couple sessions, she had already received valuable feedback and was able to focus on proper technique which has increased her times (and confidence) in the 100 and 200 meters. Symonne is upbeat and has a positive attitude and the sessions are productive. We highly recommend!

We had a blast. My six year old loved working with Symonne! He can't wait for our next session.

(no details provided)

Coach Symonne is an awesome coach. She provided me with weekly workouts every sunday just as promised. She adjusted my workouts to correspond with my team school work outs for a really good balance of what I needed to help improve my time. After a four week session with Coach Symonne my PR for my 300 dropped by almost a whole second. I’m definitely looking forward to working with her further in the spring!

Coach Symonne was a true professional with a fun personality!! I'm sure the tips, training, and exercises she provided will increase the time my daughter is trying to accomplish this upcoming season. Thank you!

Coach Symonne is very knowledgeable about track. She is also very accommodating in her times. She also understand how to convey in simple language what she knows which helps athletes take her knowledge and use it to make them better.

Great coaching

My 13 yr old son really enjoyed this session! Very patient and encouraging and most certainly knowledgeable. Very much looking forward to next week!

According to my son, "Symonne was very knowledgeable and had many drills to help me learn." She's a real pro!

Coach Symonne is really great. She's smart, understanding and really cares about my athletic well-being. Would recommend to anyone.

Coach Symonne really knows her stuff and is super enthusiastic about coaching. My son learned so much in just the first session. I know she can help my son reach the next level goals he has set for himself in the high jump.

Coach Symonne was an excellent coach. She immediately connected with my 11-year old son and set a training program in motion. The goal of doing a session with Coach Symonne was to set a system in place to improve my son's speed. I feel Coach did a great job of doing that - and my son is diligently doing the daily drills and other aspects of the program. I would highly recommend Coach Symonne.

Coach Symonne's feedback was relevant, accessible and actionable. She provided a holistic assessment – covering running style, nutrition, stretching and exercises. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her and give a 5 star rating.

(no details provided)

Coach Symonnie, was and is amazing she look young but yet more mature within the sport that on it's was great. Just from the first day of practice she was able to notice the problem and how I am able to fix it and I notice myself.

Coach Symonne was wonderful, even with just our first time with her! My son appreciated connecting with her, and not only learning techniques on how to improve his running style, but how to be a better athlete! He walked away from the session wanting to be a better athlete in what he ate, and how he would train. She is very personable, and her passion for "all things track/health related" did shine through. We will be setting up our next session very soon. Thank you Coach!

Coach Symmone is an extremely knowledgeable track and field coach. Furthermore, Coach Symmone is a skillful teacher who knows how to successfully guide track athletes toward certain improvement.

Coach Symonne is a great coach, she is very knowledgable and knows everything about track&fields. After one session I feel totally different with my jump skill. I have confidence to improve my vertical and horizontal jump working with coach Symonne. I highly recommend her!

I would highly recommend Coach Symonne! Even though my daughter is an experienced varsity track member, coach taught her many great new things during her first session. Not to mention her great attitude and how she went out of her way to make my daughter feel comfortable. Great Coach!

My daughter had a very productive first session with Coach Symonne. Coach Symonne is very knowledgeable in sprinting and jumping and was able to effectively show how improved technique would translate into improved performance. More importantly, she had a very positive and hands on approach that my daughter really appreciated. We will continue to work with Coach Symonne over the winter and spring and I am confident aht she will help my daughter develop the skills necessary to maximize her results. We definitely recommend Coach Symonne.

My daughter thought very highly of Coach Symmone and said "she definitely knows hers stuff". Coach Symonne worked with my daughter teaching her some form and techniques that she did not know, and she has been running track for 5 years. Also very important for the coach and athlete to establish a connection, we were very happy with the experience and looking forward to more sessions with Coach Symonne!!!

Wow what a workout! Lindsey loved working with you and we will definitely like to set up additional sessions!
We appreciate your help and skills. My son respects you a lot and that tells something.
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