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Shannon P.

Semi-Pro Football Coach of Championship Team, Specializing in LB’s, DL, DB’s, OL & RB’s, but all positions welcome.


Columbia, TN





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Middle Tennessee State University (TN)

Coaching Experience

7 years

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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

My Coaching


Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Strong safety, Snapper, Slot receiver, Quarterback, Punter, Outside linebacker, Offensive tackle, Offensive guard, Nose guard, Kicker, Inside linebacker, Full back, Free safety, Defensive tackle, Corner back, Center, Running back, Tight end, Wide receiver


Zone coverage, Throwing mechanics, Tackling form, Tackling, Snapping, Run blocking, Punting, Pump fakes, Pass blocking, Man to man coverage, Kickoffs, Jamming, Inside leverage, Hand placement, Extra points, Dropping back, Directional punting, Cutting, Cut blocking, Catching, Body position, Blocking, Footwork, Route running

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Group Sessions

Yes; up to 4 athletes


Up to 50 miles

Session Duration

60 minutes

More About Me

I am in my second year as a private coach after gaining my first client in the summer of 2012. Chase Austin of Summit High School in Spring Hill came to me looking to become a top notch Defensive Back, specifically Cornerback. He went from just being on the team to starting on both sides of the ball his sophomore season and picked up a couple of INTs as a Cornerback on defense and a couple of TDs as a Wide Receiver on offense. There was nothing more rewarding than seeing the excitement on his face as he learned new things each week and became a better football player. His parents were astounded and excited as week to week they saw his development take hold and his play only get better! I am eager now to continue in the private coaching industry providing top notch instruction and developing the stars of tomorrow. I can coach any position even though my love is defense.

My football coaching career reads as follows:
• Two years served as a student assistant with the Middle Tennessee State University football program. Worked for Art Kaufman the Linebacker Coach my first season on the field and Les Herrin the Defensive Line Coach
• Coached Linebackers for the upstart Camp Lejeune Bulldogs Semi-Professional Football team at Camp Lejeune. As a member of the Gridiron Developmental Football League out of Memphis, TN, I helped build the foundation of a defense that would facilitate 3 shutouts during the season while allowing a league low average of 8 points per game. The Bulldogs finished 7-3 and made the playoffs in their first season but was eliminated in the first round.
• Coached Linebackers and Assisted with Defensive Line for the defending 2011 Semi-Professional Football BCS National Champion Nashville Storm. Team finished 12-1, won the first ever National Football Association USA League Championship and was defeated by the Racine Raiders in the Semi-Pro Football BCS National Championship game. The Storm finished ranked number 10 in the country.
• Served as the Defensive Coordinator, Linebacker Coach and Running Back Coach for the Harding Academy Generals middle school football team in west Nashville. Successfully transitioned the 6th grade junior varsity and 7th/8th grade varsity teams to a 4-4 defense after being a 50 defense team. The junior varsity team finished 6-2 after losing the first two in a row. The varsity team finished 5-1.
• Currently serving as the Assistant Head Coach/ Defensive Coordinator/ Linebacker Coach for the Grundy County Junior Jackets Middle School Football Program.

I am looking to grab as many clients this off season as I can and make a name for myself as a private sports coach. Also, everyone needs to know that not only will you get great private coaching but also you get a coach who is a registered recruiter for Global Gridiron Scouting which is the only football specific scouting agency in the world. I can help get you the exposure you want for college scholarship purposes, scouting opportunities with the Arena leagues, CFL, NFL, and Euro-Players Pro League overseas. Where else can you get everything in one stop!

I lettered in varsity football at Columbia Central High School in Columbia, TN in 1994 as a linebacker and fullback. I was a member of the 1994 Lions Bowl Champion Team.

Certification wise, I hold a Level A Certification earned through the Offense-Defense Camp network. I also plan to complete the Performance Enhancement Specialist certification for sports coaches and the TSSAA coaching certifications as well.

With any client, the first thing I want to do is evaluate and assess where the athlete is fundamental, technique, agility and conditioning-wise. From there I will form a program that can be repeated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that will attempt to strategically and intelligently enhance the athlete's overall development at the desired position in football. Each session would begin with a warmup and stretching, then progress to speed and agility drills, and then onto position specific grass drills. Once these areas have been touched on, we would work on the fundamentals of their respective position and any techniques associated with that particular position. Finally, the session will conclude with football-specific conditioning work with a bit of a military twist. Afterwards, I like to review the day with the athlete, talk about what they feel they did right or wrong then go into expectations for the next session. I also like to discuss and work on developing mental toughness for game day, mental focus, and building confidence in the athlete when it comes to their skills.

My sessions are open to youth ages 7-17 (middle school & high school), former college players looking to make the leap to the Pros, or Semi-Pro/Minor League players looking for a chance at the pros, maybe even a second chance!

You don't need a fancy facility to achieve the desired results. You just need a dedicated athlete, coach and a football field. There is nothing better than getting on the field and just going to work. Dedication, Commitment to Excellence, and Hard Work are the key ingredients to success!

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I am pleased to be writing this testimonial For Coach Shannon P. Our son has been learning from him for several months now. Not only has he drastically improved in his over all game position but also in agility and knowledge of the game. We have found Coach Potts to not only have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of football, but most importantly he understands how to communicate with his client in a positive and uplifting manner whereby they have fun while learning how to get better at the game. Coach Potts firmly believes in enhancing a players self esteem so they have a positive sport experience to carry with them into adult life. We highly recommend Coach Potts to any parent or player as a valuable resource to guide you through the oftentimes perplexing decisions you may be faced with as you encounter success in sports . Our sons experience with him will help him improve toward his football goals.

* This testimonial provided by Shannon.

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