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I have been a coach for over 10 years in various sports. I have run the San Francisco Marathon and competed at Varsity Track and Cross Country in High School and College. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Riverdale, NJ
  2. Denville, NJ
  3. Montville, NJ

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles


In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 - 45 min practices with Coach Ryan.

Session Length: 45 minutes

$100 1 session + applicable fees

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Starter Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 practice with Coach Ryan.

Session Length: 55 minutes

$400 4 sessions ($100/ea) + applicable fees

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Beast Package(with discount)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 - 55 minute practices

Session Length: 55 minutes

$555 5 sessions ($111/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite (1/2sessions) Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

For those strapped for time. 10 45 minute practices with Coach Ryan. Can combine sessions to make a (2) 45 minute 1.5hr session length.

Session Length: 45 minutes

$1000 10 sessions ($100/ea) + applicable fees

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Marathon/Ironman/Bootcamp 10 session package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

15 session package with Coach Ryan. 45 minute session length Can be combined for 90 minute sessions and also used for online (skype/zoom) sessions between in person training sessions.

Session Length: 45 minutes

$2000 15 sessions ($133/ea) + applicable fees

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Online Running/Fitness Session
Online Training for a single athlete

Coach Ryan will help you with your goals and will do a weekly online session to help you meet your goals, stay motivated and improve in your sport.

Session Length: 30 minutes

$70 1 session + applicable fees

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  • University of Northern Colorado (CO)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Cross Country, Hurdles, Long Distance, Marathon, Middle Distance, Sprints

  • Breathing, Drive Phase, Gait, Pacing, Stride, Form


  • University of Northern Colorado (CO)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Cross Country, Hurdles, Long Distance, Marathon, Middle Distance, Sprints

  • Breathing, Drive Phase, Gait, Pacing, Stride, Form

More About Coach Ryan

Coachup coach since 2013. I work with youth through adults and have coached many athletes that have competed in track, cross country, triathlons, local 5Ks and Marathons as well as at the collegiate level. I have been successful at helping athletes complete their first marathon, make the college team or overall just help them improve their running form.

I have run a 4:30 mile, a 1:55 800 Meter and run a Marathon in under 4 hours. I was on a division I Track and Field team in college. All Conference high school athlete, 4 yr college letter winner in Track.

My sessions are very intense, but also a fun workout that will leave you sore and wanting more. Athletes will work on specific techniques and form drills. I enjoy working with athletes ew to the sport as well as seasoned runners and can help you with running form, core and overall fitness. I've worked with numerous college athletes to help them make the team and also set new PR's.

I am able to help you set goals and achieve them!

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Client Reviews

Coach Ryan was exceptional and so helpful for my track season. He also helped me gain confidence!

Ryan is the Gold Standard. He’s helped improve my son’s running form almost overnight and we look forward to continuing to work with him.

Review from Elodie (student): Ryan is a great coach. I feel that I have learned a lot and have taken what I have practiced and did it on the court. Everything is very useful and challenging.

Ryan is a great coach and really strives to help each individual athlete. I have never been a runner and have been training for the police academy and Ryan has really helped me with my form and endurance. He has taught me a lot about running and has definitely helped me improve to do better for the police tests. Highly recommended!

Coach Ryan engaged my 11 year old soccer player and kept him focused and working hard through the session. My son found the session challenging but left the session asking when he can train with Coach Ryan again.

Coach Ryan was great. He coached our son who's a high school track athlete (sprinter). Ryan is extremely knowledgeable, and customized each training session for him. Ryan really challenged him as well. He definitely helped our son get back in shape for track season. He is flexible on locations and times and has several tracks which he has access to. Ryan was also great with communication. We especially appreciated the follow up after each training session.

Coach Ryan is all the things that you are looking for in a trainer to help your kid achieve their goals. He is responsive, on time, professional, and has great knowledge of competitive sports. One of the things that impresses me the most is your follow up reports that are sent out the day after a session. This recap very helpful, sometimes they includes picture of the session. Extremely proffesional and highly recommend Coach Ryan!!

(no details provided)

Awesome personality
Very understanding and really know his thing
100% Recommended

This is an overdue review. He did not connect well with my son, unfortunately, and my son did not want to go back with him. My son said that Coach Ryan had him doing drills that did not challenge him enough. I'm not an expert at Football so I can't speak to that but this is unfortunate because this was my sons VERY FIRST one on one coaching experience and it was not a very good one so now it might be hard for me to get him to go back and try a new coach. Also, he called me Maria which was a little offensive considering my name is Vanessa and a lot of people from my ethnic/cultural background are named Maria. Also, he could have looked up my name on the CoachUp website but anyways, I'm sure he is a great coach but I guess it wasn't a "match" for us. Would have appreciated a little more thoroughness, communication and tailored approach to my son's style and skills considering we paid over $100 per session and he is one of the most expensive coaches on this platform. He gave me a general response when I asked him how my son was doing. Either way, I hope Coach Ryan works out for others. Have a nice day!

Coach Ryan really pushed me in the session and helped me understand some of the key concepts I needed to focus on

My 8-year-old son loved his running session with Coach Ryan! My son is a beginning runner and Coach Ryan was very encouraging and patient, helped him with his form (running as well as properly warming up and stretching), and gave him great pointers for his upcoming race and building strength and stamina. We are very excited and eager for our son’s next lesson with Coach Ryan!

My daughter (8) runs cross country and had her first session with Ryan this past week. She worked hard but had a really fun time doing it. Ryan was great at explaining technique in a way she could understand and we saw an immediate improvement both in her form and her confidence. She is looking forward to future sessions with Ryan.

Knowledgeable and effective training technique. Will book additional coaching sessions.

(no details provided)

My first training session went great! Coach Ryan specifically focuses on conditioning and strength. 👍🏻

Coach Ryan was great with my 7 year son. He made it fun and challenging at the same time. My son enjoyed his session.

Great first session with Ryan. He is very personable and easily established a good rapport with my daughter. He was on time and had training equipment set up when we arrived. By the end of our first session, I could see an improvement in my daughters running form.

Coach Ryan has great technique and builds a custom lesson to suit ability levels. Very personable and knowledgeable!

Ryan gives my son a terrific workout building stamina and skills for track. He is positive and motivating but tough which makes my son want work harder. We look forward to seeing continued improvement.

Coach Ryan is an excellent coach he really helped improve in soccer skills,and teaches me new techniques to use.

My 7 year old son had his first session with coach Ryan and loved it. Coach Ryan kept him engaged the entire time with really fun drills and my son learned a lot! He can't wait for his next session. I highly recommend coach Ryan and we will be using him for all the sports my son loves.

Very Good coach for running and basketball.

Coach Ryan is clearly going to bring my daughter to the next level in her quest to be strong and fast. I know this after just two sessions. She was already fast, but now she's had two of her hardest workouts ever with Coach Ryan, and she can't wait for more. He brings all sorts of tools and runs traditional drills as well as fun parachute sprinting things that keep my girl working hard but engaged. He focuses on the whole of strength and conditioning, reminding her that arms are just as important as legs for running, and we're all looking forward to how whole physical being will improve as she continues to work with Ryan!

Coach Ryan is awesome! My first session was one of the best workouts I've had- great for middle distance runners. Can't wait for my next session! Patrick, age 14

Coach Ryan was an excellent coach I would definitely recommend him. I'm a free agent for the CFL and I haven't been through a workout like that in awhile it was intense but helpful I definitely feel like I got better from that session and was told what I need to work on to increase my speed. I would definitely rebook great coach and great person

Ryan did a great job with my 10 year old daughter and gave her some good "homework". Looking forward to the next session!

Ryan was awesome to work with.

Coach Ryan was AWESOME! He worked with my two high school girls to girls on their soccer skills and they both really loved his style. He is both tough, but also very positive and motivating and made them want to work harder! We plan do do it again!

Our first session with Coach Ryan was great! He created an immediate connection and motivated my daughter to work hard. She really enjoyed the drills and pushed herself with Ryan's encouragement. She is already looking forward to her next session. We highly recommend him!

(no details provided)

Ryan gave my son a terrific workout building stamina and skills for basketball. We are very excited to work with him and follow improvements.

At our 1st session, Ryan was on-time, friendly, and professional. He organized a great practice for our son, worked him hard and motivated him. So far so good.

Ryan is great with kids. Positive and encouraging. My 11 y/o enjoyed his first session. I can tell he learned a lot, worked hard for it, knows what to work on next week, and is looking forward to his next session.

(no details provided)

Coach Ryan was able to inspire my 9 year old son to want to get better in soccer. Coach Ryan challenged my son at a level where he could succeed and feel confident. It's honestly the first time that he said he had fun after a practice session. My couch potato son said he enjoyed the exercising aspect that Coach Ryan incorporated into the soccer practice. He is so looking forward to his next session.

Coach Ryan was very encouraging. It was a tough workout and just what I needed. I look forward to another session to help improve my soccer game. I would definitely recommend this coach to friends and family.

Ryan was awesome - 5 stars! My son needed help improving his 60-yard dash time for an upcoming baseball showcase so there wasn't much time. Ryan worked within our parameters and in one lesson taught him proper form and pushed him hard for him to prove to him (mentally) what he is capable of. He then emailed us pictures along with a daily training routine and explanations, etc. Improvement is already apparent and we would certainly recommend him. Ryan is friendly, listened to what we needed and delivered a very focused session.

Ryan was a fantastic coach! I like coaches who don't just talk but really push you to start doing the work. I'm a total soccer novice and Ryan spent our session teaching me the basics (how to shoot, dribble, move my feet, headers, etc). I really enjoyed the physical activity and Ryan is a coach I definitely will go back to!

Coach Ryan was very nice and informative and taught new skills in 1 session. Great coach!

Coach Ryan did a great job assessing my son's running form and giving him exercises to strengthen some unused muscles. He also came up with a great training regimen for him to help him reach his goals in track. Great session!

After a rocky start with a different coach a couple of years ago..we gave coach up another try. I am so very happy we did! Coach Ryan took the time to call me personally before I scheduled our session-which is not the norm. I drove from Danville to SF and will gladly make that trek again because this guy is the real deal. He worked for a solid hour with my son whose sport is lacrosse. By the end of the session I saw a marked improvement in my son's speed and power. But the best part is that my son loved every minute of it and wants more!! If you use Coach Ryan for improvement in any area of any sport, you will not be disappointed!

My son had a great time practicing Basketball with coach Ryan! He can be shy at first, but Coach Ryan made him feel comfortable right away, and had him practicing hard with a smile on his face for the full hour. My son is really eager to do it again! I appreciate the prompt replies and thorough feedback from Ryan, and it is fun to see your child's confidence grow as his skill improves.

I had a great first session with Coach Ryan. I'm recovering from injury and he talked me through form and strength. He showed me where I should focus my effort and helped me understand what I can do to improve. With his continued guidance I know that I'll not only be back, but stronger and better than ever.

By the way we were so happy to learn of his improvement. I believe in his ability to achieve whatever he wants, he just needs to want to put in the required effort. He's in such a good mood after his workouts with you. And he really studied the photos. Thank you so much.

Coach Ryan is fantastic. My 12-year-old son has no soccer experience but really wants to learn. He had his first one-on-one session with Coach Ryan and it was great. Coach Ryan is very knowledgable, patient and enthusiastic. They covered a ton of ground in their first session, executing many drills and definitely broke a sweat. Most importantly, my son left feeling very confident and eager to practice and to continue. We're greatly looking forward to continued sessions with Coach Ryan!

It took my 11 year old son two sessions with coach Ryan to get enough confidence and the extra edge to make his school soccer team. Amazing. Thank you so much for your help.

Ryan did an outstanding job coaching and our 10 year old truly enjoyed the session!

My 10-year old son learned so much working with Coach Ryan. His confidence and skills improved after the first session. He's looking forward to working with him again!

(no details provided)

Coach Ryan is great!! He taught me the basics of soccer and I feel way more confident for tryouts now!! He is patient and pushes and encourages you which it good!!

Couch Ryan was great! After one session I already see improvement in my son’s speed. I would defiantly recommend couch Ryan to anyone.

Coach Ryan is GREAT! Yes it was hard the first day but he talks you through it and makes sure you get stronger throughout the session. I learned a lot of new things today about running and Im excited to learn more! Thanks Coach for absolutely everything. I'm looking forward for the upcoming sessions.

Coach Ryan hit the ground running with our 13 year old son and provided a great basketball workout covering many different skills; foot placement, reach, dexterity, speed, accuracy and focus. He ran great drills with high energy and was able to identify areas that my son needs to focus on and practice after the first session. He was easy to talk to and my son came away with specific skills to practice and improve on with direction from Coach Ryan. We've already signed up for more lessons! I highly recommend Coach Ryan.

Ryan was fabulous with my 7 year old son. By the end of the session, my son was exhausted but brimming with confidence!

Coach Ryan is an awesome coach and super knowledgable about gaining speed and proper body mechanics. We'll definitely keep going back to him!

Ryan spent the time to discuss my goals for training, give practical advice, suggested workout schedule and followed up with me to check on my progress. It's a fantastic experience & can't wait to book my followup session.

Best coach. When you come to him make sure your ready to work hard

My son had one lesson and he really enjoyed all the techniques and looks forward to his next lesson. He mentioned that Coach Ryan was super fun and nice.

Coach Ryan is awesome - he is super well organized and comes to each session prepared with a work out and pushes me to do each work out well!

Coach Ryan was awesome ! My son felt gr8 and confidant after the 1st session and looks forward to see him for more.

This review is from the aunt of one of Coach Ryan's students. He is always on time and prepared and my nephew has never worked so hard and been inspired after every workout to get better at his game and practice what he learned in his session. Coach Ryan is the real deal- supportive, focused and enables his students to get to their next level and work on the skills they identify. I would recommend to any parent or guardian that wants a great coach.

A good coach knows how to explain the mechanics of a sport. A great coach makes you passionate about that sport-- Coach Ryan is a great coach because not only is he well-versed in soccer and running, he knows how to explain it in a way that makes me want to be better at it. Learning the sport of soccer as an adult hasn't been easy, but Coach Ryan makes me feel confident and always pushes me to work harder. I know I couldn't do this without him. I'd highly recommend him for adult coaching, but I'm sure he's great with kids too. Very friendly, professional and fun.

My daughter loved her training session with Coach Ryan. What she thought was going to be a "painful" running lesson was fun and engaging. She game home beaming, and so proud of her progress after her first session. Thanks Coach Ryan!

So far, so good! 1st session with Ryan - he listened, put things into practical terms and helped make sure I knew "my homework" for our next to be its most effective! GREAT response time; he's on his game!

Coach Ryan is an excellent coach. Since beginning private coaching with Ryan my 8 year-old son and daughter have improved their soccer skills and game dramatically. He is motivating, knows the sport, an effective communicator, and a good listener. Each session is goal oriented, productive and fun. After each practice my kids had a better understanding of the game and more confidence in their abilities. Coach Ryan is a patient, encouraging and skillful coach that will help your kids achieve their goals and get to the next level. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal coach for their kids!

Coach Ryan has been a constant source of motivation for me throughout my running career. I joined my high school's cross country team having never run so much as a straight mile. Getting into shape for distance running was one of the hardest things that I have ever attempted both physically and mentally, but having Ryan for a coach helped my to drop my 5k times by a total of nearly seven minutes, getting me into the low 20's and still improving. He not only wrote up an excellent personalized workout plan that spanned the entire summer, but he continuously pushed me to get out every day and put in the consistent effort required to be an endurance athlete. In my weaker moments, he would take the time to listen to what I was struggling with, be it physical pains, mental doubt, or general frustration. Having run cross country himself, Coach Ryan had fantastic advice for all of these issues- tricks on getting rid of side cramps or shin splints, motivational stories of his own training and races, and explaining how various components of running work so that I would be able to train on my own. He even provided invaluable tips about what gear to use and what purposes it served, like training in heavy, supportive shoes and then racing in light weight flats to get the best possible times.
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